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Kong-Lu Portfolio//2017-2018


HI, I’M KONGLU. My hometown, SUZHOU, is an ever-changing city, integrating the old and new. I’m familiar with change, and I like change


Model-making skills 01 INTERIOR DESIGN OF A SIMPLE UNIT photo-realistic renderings of the interior 02 COMMUNITY DESIGN overall building on the site with some landscape design 03 A MEDIUM-RISE APARTMENT BLOCK making a model using Revit 04 ICE CUBE space & surrounding design

basic skills 05 BASIC SKETCH 06 TEXTURE MONTAGE cut, paste and mix match Research-making skills 07 RESEARCH ON A MODERN DISIGNER Kazuyo sejima 08 RESEARCH ON AN ASIAN DESIGN Tibet autonomous region

model-making skills

01 interior design of a unit


model-making skills

02 community design


model-making skills

03 a medium-rise apartment block

1 2

model-making skills

04 ice cube

1 3

1 4

1 5


(c) (a)


(a)Interlaced cubes & 2nd floor safety railing (b)South view (c)East view (d)Top view





[1] 1st floor plan (a)Spiral staircase (b)ice cream counter 1 (ice cream balls) (c) ice cream counter 2 (ice cream cone) (d)refrigerator (popsicle) [2] 2nd floor plan (e) Eating seats


(e) [2]

basic skills

05 sketch skills

1 9

basic skills

06 texture montage

2 2

Research-making skills

2 3

2 4

Konglu portfolio-EDITED  
Konglu portfolio-EDITED