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By Kong Po Ying, Becky 2014

Endless dreams‌

Create your own unique


Let’s Go Outside!

Grow up

Pick me!

Dancing happily!

Game time: Find the pattern

Game time: Find the difference

Light fades‌

Colours of a Local Community

Black-and-white is old. But this small community is still thriving like the youths.

The artistic and peaceful side of Sham Shui Po‌

This self-portrait is taken by my dear friend Mak Ka Yan @ JCCAC

Coming Back to the Colours of Love

The glowing white

I want to grow old with you

Make a vow of the everlasting love

The Origin

of Creations

Love is on my hand

He, who adds colours to my life, makes my dreams more beautiful. He gives me the lens which I use to capture every precious moment. Thanks for guiding me home, to a safe harbour where two connected hearts rest.

The colourful dreams we dream  
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