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Christmas In Poland

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ADVENT – waiting for the birthday of Jesus Advent is the time of waiting that lasts 4 weeks. During this time we do not go to parties and we do not listen to loud music. We pray a lot and visit poor and lonely people who don’t have families. We help them as much as we can. We collect food, toys and clothes to make presents that we give all the people in need just before Christmas. Thanks to our gifts they can have beautiful Christmas, too!

During Advent we bake the Christmas gingerbread – „piernik”. „Pierniki” have different shapes: hearts, stars, animals, Christmas tree, angels and Santa Claus. We also spend much time on making decorations: paper chains and garlands, figures of Santa Claus, stars, angels. We make and send Christmas cards to our relatives and friends. And just before Christmas we go to the supermarket and do the shopping. We love buying presents and ingredients for Christmas dishes!

Christmas Eve – the most important day In the morning we decorate the Christmas tree with baubles, chains, angels, stars and lights. Sometimes we use nuts and almonds and „pierniki”. Then we prepare 12 dishes – one for each of the 12 apostles. We do not make dishes with meat. When the first star appears on the sky, we sit at the table. We share holy wafer – it’s a special wafer we can buy before Christmas. Sharing the wafer means we forgive each other any hurts that happened last year. Then we have the meatless supper. We usually eat fish (carp, herring), beetroot and mushroom soup, pies with mushrooms and cabbage, kutia (cereal with honey, raisins and almonds), pasta with poppy seeds, stewed fruit. What we eat during Christmas Eve depends on which part of the country we live in. There is always one more plate on the table for an unexpected visitor that can come to our house on Christmas Eve. After the meal we sing carols. Children and adults get presents from Father Christmas. We unwrap the gifts – it is always a joyful moment! At midnight we go to church to attend the mass called „Pasterka” and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

25th and 26th of December – two days of Christmas The first and the second day of Christmas in Poland are not as important as the Christmas Eve. On 25th and 26th of December we go to church to pray, eat a lot of meat and visit our relatives and friends. We spend much time with our families. We go for long walks, play games and talk a lot. We also sing carols and watch Christmas programmes on TV.


„pierogi” (pies with mushroom and cabbage)

„kutia” (cereal with honey, raisins, almonds)

„kluski z makiem” (pasta with poppy seeds)

POLISH CAROLS „Przybieżeli do Betlejem”

„Gdy się Chrystus rodzi”

„Gdy śliczna Panna”

THIS PRESENTATION WAS MADE BY: Dawid Kowaliczek Weronika Kapusta Milena Grochowska Natalia Balicka Kaja Brzezińska Klaudia Bieleń Kinga Gawrońska Cezary Napieralski Marek Czelny


Christmas in Poland  

Christmas customs in Poland

Christmas in Poland  

Christmas customs in Poland