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Photos: Ben White


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Field day wrap-up, highlights and new products Ben White

Josh Giumelli


If you didn’t make it to a single field day this year don’t despair, in this report Farming Ahead brings the field day news to you! Avoiding the sock salesman and missing the lifestyle pavilion Josh and Ben scouted for all that was new or interesting in farm machinery and equipment. Sit back and let the tireless machinery team take you there. All quoted prices are GST inclusive.

POWERED LUBRICATION OPTIONS Greasing machinery can be a tiresome job if greasing points are difficult to access or require significant volumes of grease. Powered options offer one-handed operation and were on display from two grease gun manufacturers, Alemlube and Macnaught.

Tracking well: Saving readers the legwork of field day attendance, the Kondinin Group machinery team, researched and photographed 50 pieces of new or notable machinery, including the imposing Claas Lexion 750 harvester sitting on tracks at Dowerin Machinery Field Days, Western Australia.

Alemlube also offers battery-powered grease guns with two options on show at recent field days.

Macnaughts, BG100 battery-powered grease gun for bulk and cartridge grease. Priced at about $600, the Macnaught unit comes equipped with a spare 1300 milliamp hour, 12 volt battery and a one-hour fast charger in a carry case. Pumping out about 100 grams per minute, a fully-charged battery can pump out three 450g cartridges at 34,500 kilopascals before recharging.

30 Farming Ahead October 2010 No. 225

On the right, the Alemlube EL series 18V cordless grease gun, pumping out 80g/min and can handle four cartridges before recharging is required on a 75-minute fast charger. Field day price $795 and $395 respectively.

Price: $600 CONTACT

The 870AN grease gun, on the left, is powered by a 14.4 volt battery and delivers 140 grams per minute. Weighing in at 3.2 kilograms, the 670AN comes with a one-hour fast charger, spare battery, long grease gun flex hose, heavy duty coupler and plastic carry case. Recharging is required after eight 450g cartridges.

Macnaught: (02) 9567 0401


Alemlube: (02) 9938 2999

©Kondinin Group Reproduction in whole or part is not permitted without permission.


FREECALL 1800 677 761

THE GASON PARAMAXX The Gason Paramaxx was on display at AgQuip, Gunnedah, New South Wales, with 38 Paramaxx units mounted to a Gason bar in three rows. The Paramaxx features a fullfloating parallelogram coulter frame with down-pressure controlled by a hydraulic ram. Sowing depth adjustment is via the pin through the tine, allowing it to be raised or lowered as required. Price: Depends on the width and specifications of the machine ordered. CONTACT

Gason: (03) 5352 2151

HORWOOD BAGSHAW 2000 AIR CART AND COMPACT SCARIBAR Targeted at smaller operations, or those requiring a three-metre transport width and two-metre track width, Horwood Bagshaw exhibited the 2000 series A-frame mounted airseeders. Airseeders are available with the option of two,1000-litre bins or alternatively configured with one, 1000L and one 1500L bin in a ratio closer to a 60/40 split for those that like to apply seed and fertiliser at these proportions. Using the same compact Scaribar frame, tines can be spaced at 178 millimetres, 225mm, 250mm or 333mm. Tines are available with a breakout of 34 kilogram force up to 300kgf.

GASON VHD CGE SLASHER RANGE Gason has recently introduced a line of very heavy duty (VHD) slashers ranging from two metre single rotor to the Delta wing 4.5m folding slasher. Price: $10,780 for 2m model up to $51,851 for 4.5m model CONTACT

Gason: (03) 5352 2151

Tine specification and layouts are available for broadacre models from 5.8m–8.8m while controlled traffic specific models are available in 5.8m–8.5m. Pricing of the mounted airseeder starts at $34,650 plus a two-bin controller costing $14,300. Indicative pricing for bars starts at $70,400 for a 5.8m unit with tines at 333mm spacing to $82,500 for a 7.9m model with 178mm tine spacing. CONTACT

Horwood Bagshaw: (08) 8561 6200

AUTOFARM SYSTEM FROM GPS AG The Autofarm Paradyme system from GPS-Ag was on show at both AgQuip and Dowerin field days as the replacement for the outgoing Autofarm A5 system. Some of the features on the Paradyme are common to the A5, including the dual GPS antennas and RTK base antenna. But the Paradyme sees the addition of a wireless antenna (for CORS network access) and a phone antenna, for remote servicing and diagnostics in areas with adequate mobile phone coverage. The Paradyme is teamed up with one of two display units from Autofarm; the 300 millimetre touch-screen Integra (inset), the 165mm touchscreen Edge or the Raven built Viper Pro display. Price: $25,000 CONTACT

GPS-Ag: 1800 211 884

Farming Ahead October 2010 No. 225


Field day wrap-up, highlights and new products  

If you didn’t make it to a single field day this year don’t despair, in this report Farming Ahead brings the field day news to you! For more...