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Localized technical support Support Technico Commercial Business Development in China - Communication & Advertising in China - Prospects - Contract/Quotations review in China Market Expertise - Mechanical and electromechanical parts and subassemblies - Special machines

Method and Application Design support Definition and reduction of specific features on local market - Creation of drawings, redesign to cost - Adaptation to Chinese standards Industrialization

- Samples - Initial samples - Pilot lots

Support for technical purchasing

Support for starting manufacturing

Identification and assesment of the suppliers - Technical audit - Analyzing quotations/ RFQ - Qualified recommendation Complete management of supplies - Orders management - Quality validation - Certificate of technical compliance

Implantation of workshop - Cross renting of workshop surface - Recruitment of operators - Definition and implementation of manufacture ranges Assembly management - Definition and management of structured schedules - Assembly small units

Services Experts Expert Methods

Expert Industralization

Expert Process


Lines Installation

Study and design of line process

- Sheet metal - Welding - Foundry / Smithy - Complex assembles Surface treatments

- Assembly / disassembly - Compliance by an inspection body

Conduct of on-site projects Productivity organization - Learn manufacturing - GT - KAIZEN - 5S, etc..

Application design - Design review - Design localization

- Putting into service - Formation and development - Competence transfer - Construction manager

Changes / Adaptations - Intervention on different types of machines - Manufacturing of spare parts

- Pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical - Automation, internal logistics systems, robotics instrumentation Line Improvement - Design and implementation of process cells - Change of control cabinets - Automation (wiring and programming) Troubleshooting of all types of machines or industrial facilities: Engine powering, flow measurement, robotics, temperature control, detection, etc.

Industrial optimization and improvement Functional and method analyze

Technical audits and inspections

Production management Transition management: - Production responsible - Quality responsible - Technical responsible - Technical/Method

Audit and qualification Functional specifications - AMDEC - product - process

Process/equipments (QMS, EMS, etc)

Outsourced workshop per m²

Functional requirements

Functional optimization

- Control plan (QCP) - Achievement of control tools - AQL management

Functional test and validation

Workshop and production audit - Realization of SOP - Manufacture ranges - Control ranges Special tests

Project management

Functional validation

Optimization of costs

Improving Process

Rationalization and improvement of purchasing

Process improvement (5s, lean, etc) and operators’ training

Equipment changes Reducing of waste and waste of time (SMED, MDTM)

Optimization of flow and organization in workshop

Preventive and corrective maintenance

ERP implementation and migration

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Konaxis Technical Services  

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