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Management team’s Resume Benjamin VIGNON Julien PENARD Jean - Bernard ANTOINE Olivier BES Christophe BRISSIAUD David TOOL Kevin CHOUVET Kristine LEE


Description of our activities For over eight years, KONAXIS Group has been providing effective support to European SMEs who wish to enter the Chinese market, to sell products or services, to produce small and medium series of critical parts, or buy products at the best quality prices. KONAXIS Group Limited is a Holding company registered in Hong- Kong. KONAXIS Group has three main activities managed by dedicated divisions: D2D TRADE for Trading-sourcing, KONAXIS Services for various expert support in China and KONAXIS-Tech for technical parts manufacturing.

Management team



Jean-Bernard ANTOINE CTO

Olivier BES CSO




Kristine LEE PMM

Employees Shanghai Office: 60 persons Shenzhen Office: 10 persons Outside China: 20 persons 2

Import-Export of standard, personalized and on catalogue in China D2D Trade is a filial of KONAXIS Group registered in Shanghai (capital of 1 million RMB). Within this division of KONAXIS, several B2B sites allow you to source a wide range of qualified products.

Description of our activities - Research and qualifications of suppliers (Audit) - Quotation and Negotiation of commercial contract - Sampling, production monitoring, quality control and inspections - Logistics Management

Promotional items

Media Events Items

Consumer Electronics

Raise Up your Communication

Wellness Products/Outdoor Furnitures

Equipments For Hotels

Solar Energy Products

LED Products

Security Products

Home Decoration Products

Office Stationery

LED Products (B2C)

Composite Decking Products (B2C)


Technical or business expertise in China Business and Technical experts for more than 10 years in China support SMEs in their operational start-up in China from technical and operational aspect.

Activities - Your business trip planner: Transport, accommodation as well as multiple services such as language services (Guide, Interpret, Translations). - Sourcing & Exhibition attendance: Selection of the best chinese suppliers, Quality control, Production process, Manufacturing projects, Purchasing. Endorse the company during business events such as meetings, forums, fares, exhibitions. - Marketing services: Organisation of events, Brand identity, Content creation (Websites, catalog and package creation), Realisation of advertising campaign, SEO, Public relations. - Production implantation and startup. - Audit and inspection: Process/equipements audit and inspection (QMS, EMS, etc.), Quality control by experts, Control Plan/AQL def, Projects management. - Technical services: Methods analyse, Audit and technical inspections, Production management - Improvement services: Reduction of the costs and Process improvement. - Expert services: Method expert, Industrialisation experts, Process experts.


Manufacturing of non-standard mechanical parts Specialized in the manufacture of technical non standard parts in China for SMEs worldwide. Our team of 10 Chinese and European engineers is expert in mechanical manufacturing method, workshop management, cost optimization, quality management (machining, forming, stamping, welding, mechanical assembly). Konaxis Tech is specialized in manufacturing of all kinds of mecanical and electromechanical parts and sub-assemblies for European SME’s. We are experts in production and workshop-management, cost reduction, assembling and quality control within our local workshops but also within our partnerships in China.

Our missions - To ease the access of european SMEs into the chinese market. - To produce mechanical outsourcing for : standard parts, sub-assemblies, machinery and special equipements. - To reduce the purchasing costs by conserving a high quality. - To manufacture in China with european standards of quality and services.

Our knowledge/know-how - Manufacturing warehouse : Machining, Cutting/Bending, Assembly. - More than 30 partners in China for over the last 10 years: Surface Treatment, Forging, Fondry, Mechanical Welding, Sheet Metal Work, Plastic Injection, etc. - 10 years experience in terms of mechanical and electromechanical production and critical assemblies in China. - A multi-national team including 10 method technicians and mechanical engineers. - A very high knowledge: Plastic, Sheet metal work, Forging, Foundry, Mechanic, Microtechnic, Automatism, etc. 5

Benjamin VIGNON Benjamin Vignon, 37, founder and CEO of Konaxis Group in China, designs all the strategies for the group. He works mainly on the sales and marketing strategy, the synergy between different business activities and the company’s organic growth. As a former director in Northest Asia for Epta Group, a European leader in the provision of equipment and high quality services for commercial refrigeration, he was behind the group’s major industrial development in Asia. He has mastered the concepts of logistics, international multi-modal transportation and customs issues, thanks to his position as financial controller and business manager within the transportation division of the SDV Bolloré Group in Seoul. Benjamin holds a Master in Foreign Trade and International Finance from the University of Le Havre, and a Master of Asian Economics from the GSIS of Korea University. In addition to French, English and Mandarin, Benjamin speaks fluent Korean and Spanish. His multi-disciplinary experience in Northeast Asia (14 years) makes him an excellent partner for all issues related to implementation and market penetration in Asian markets.

Julien Penard Julien Penard, 30, is the CFO of Konaxis Group since its incorporation 6 years ago. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics and International Business from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and a Master of Finance from the University Paris 2 Panthéon Assas. Julien speaks native French, fluent English, Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese. He is responsible for: - reporting the financial position of the company - preparing budgets and monitoring their performances in collaboration with the directors of each department - writing business plans as decision support for major investment projects - optimizing the management of capital sources and their utilization, with a view to profitability and risk control - managing the organizational aspects (setting up a working method and reporting) on all ​​ the activities of the Group He also carried out varied missions for a long period in Asia (Korea and China) as a buyer and sales representative,which allowed him to gain a comprehensive view of how different departments function within a company in Asia. His multi-disciplinary experience in Asia (7 years) allows him to provide expertise on all issues relating to financial arrangements, accounting practices and structure organisation in China.


Jean-Bernard ANTOINE Jean-Bernard ANTOINE is Chief Technical Director at KONAXIS Group in Shanghai. He supervises all technical, quality and operational issues related to manufacturing. He also acts as a Senior Expert for SMEs that start up factories in China and for SMEs that need to optimize their operations in China (lean manufacturing, Kaizen, 5S, etc). He is the former Vice GM of Xianda MERSEN, a pressure vessel factory of more than 600 employees in south of Shanghai,former GM of Mingrong Electrical Protection (Ferraz) in Wenzhou with more than 300 employees, and GM of INOFORGES China in Suzhou with more than 30 employees. Jean-Bernard managed and set up many industrial facilities and projects (up to 10 million euro) in China for the last 15 years. He holds an Engineering Master in Mechanical from Lille University, and speaks and reads fluent Chinese at professional level. His language skills and on-hand experiences in China allow him to bring an expert vision on almost all industrial and operational issues related to low cost countries and China.

Olivier BES As the Chief Sales Officer of Konaxis Group, Olivier BES is in charge of developing, organizing and managing all of the sales activity. Made of around 20 experienced sales, the sales department has been blessed with exponential growth since 2009. Through his 14 years’ sales experience, Olivier acquired strong and wide knowledge in the managing and commercial fields. He started his career working for 3 years for Canon, and managed to be ranked as a top salesman. Olivier was then recruited by ITN for 3 years as a commercial engineer, where he is in charge of selling EPR solution to big accounts such as Total, Cogema or France Telecom.He then goes to China where he developed in 2004 an international negotiation structure. This experience brings him a strong knowledge of international trade practices and the local market as well as a perfectly mastering of Chinese language and culture. Graduated with an Associate Degree in Industrial Maintenance, a Bachelor in International Trade and a Master in Management, Olivier possesses all the necessary skills to succeed in his role as CSO. His interpersonal and communication skills, as well as his international experience makes him an outstanding asset to the development of Konaxis Group. 7

Christophe BRISSIAUD As the Chief Procurement Office of Konaxis Group, Christophe BRISSIAUD leads and manages the company’s purchasing department, the coordination and cooperation with numerous partners and the follow-up of orders undertaken by his twenty buyers. Christophe started his international career in Gabon, as a Section Engineer at Multis Company, a subcontractor for Total. Thereafter, his career leads him to China where he first worked as a Buyer for FM Logistic. This experience brought him a global overview on the buyer’s work, and taught him China market’s Do’s and Don’ts. After two years working for FM Logistic, Christophe became Purchase and Quality Manager for Bermad Company. During those three years, he realized a quite handsome success by obtaining about 50% reduction on the purchasing prices of all the projects he managed. As a result of those years in China and his genius in language, Christophe now is quite fluent in Chinese. Graduated with a Master’s degree in Sciences of Societies and their Environment specialising in Asian Trade at the Political Science Institute, he also obtained a Bachelor of Marketing and Industrial Negotiations (IDRAC), and a Bachelor of Environmental Science (IET). His expertise, his dynamism and his persuasion power, make Christophe a key element to Konaxis Group’s strategy.

David TOOL As Chief Human Resources Officer for Konaxis Group, David TOOL provides leadership in developing and executing human resources strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the company. He is also in charge of legal and office administration issues. Though he majored in Automation, David showed a deep affection for liberal arts since childhood. He launched his career first in the publishing business, working as a writer and editor for a English-learning book publishing company, and then the managing editor at another publishing firm. Later at 24 years old, David started his own business in the real estate leasing industry. He gained extensive overall company management experience in running the agency, and learned how to operate various functions, like HR, sales and marketing, after-sales, accounting and law. During this period, he learned how to better manage people, how to better delegate tasks, and how to recruit and retain talents… David first joined Konaxis Group as a reporter and editor, later an editor-in-chief. In 2011 he was promoted to HR&Legal manager thanks to his communication and problem-solving skills and comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations and strategies. David excelled in this position, and therefore he was promoted to the role of CHRO at Feb. 2012. 8

Kevin CHOUVET As Web Marketing Manager at Konaxis Group, Kevin CHOUVET is dedicated to improving online marketing strategies and creating marketing plans in support of the sales team. He leads a talented team of editors, designers, SEO specialists and collaborators from all over the world. He is in charge of building websites, catalogs, newsletters and other graphic contents as well as managing all the daily department issues. Graduated from INALCO Paris majoring in Japanese and Marketing, Kevin first experienced how to handle web marketing issues through his stint as an assistant for a top design company in Tokyo. He gained a thorough understanding at how to achieve outstanding results. Kevin started at Konaxis Group as Web Content Manager in 2010, from which position he managed both in-house editors and several collaborators located all around the world. Thanks to his satisfying work, Kevin was soon promoted in 2011 to Web Marketing Manager, a position entails stronger leadship and management skills and wider responsibilities, of Web Marketing department, a department playing vital role in the organic development of the company.

Kristine LEE Kristine LEE, as Product Marketing Manager of Konaxis Group, is in charge of building strategic marketing plan, selecting & customizing product lines tailored to clients’ target markets. She leads a multinational and energetic team which brings diversified perspectives to the company’s marketing strategies and operations. Kristine started her career as a Media Reporter, and after that she joined a UK-based market research company, Synovate, as a Researcher covering South-East & East Asia markets. Based on her experience in marketing area, she is recruited by global publishing company McGraw-Hill Education as Marketing Executive, executing one successful marketing campaign after another to increase brand awareness of business publications. She was graduated with a Master of Science in Luxury Management and Marketing from EMLYON Business School in France and obtained a Bachelor of Art in Mass Communication from SOGANG University in Seoul, Korea. She holds certificate of Journalism from Georgetown University and American literature from New York University.


Konaxis Group Shanghai Rep. Office 8-EFGH FL, Yujia Building 1336 Huashan Rd, Shanghai, China Tel: (+86) 21 6252 2731 Fax: (+86) 21 6252 2731 (ext. 8052)

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