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Konstantina Evangelou Born in 1976, in Larissa, Greece Studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where she graduated from in 2002. She has been working as an architect ever since, participating in various projects in Larissa and Thessaloniki. Cofounding member of the creative group Beforelight that engages in artistic experiences with the use of light. -efficient knowledge of AUTOCAD, ARCHICAD, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP,IN-DESIGN, Microsoft Office -fluent in English -beginner in Spanish and Turkish

tel: +030 6932394276 e-mail:

Selective Works architecture - single family house, Nea Politia, Larissa, 2013 - two family dwelling, Akarnanias str, Larissa, 2011 - educational facilities Plato, Katerini, 2010 - ideas for Pinios River, Larissa, 2005 - apartment, Agioi Saranta, Larissa, 2004

Selective Works light design - QR-esque, Alaca Imaret, 4rth Biennale of Thessaloniki, 2013 - Oh My C.A.D. Filikis Etairias Street, Thessaloniki, 2013 - Under a Different Light, Pitaki str, Athens, 2012 - On/Off, Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Makedonia and Thrace, 2011 - Serial Bulb Killer, 2nd Biennale of Thessaloniki, 2009 - Trace, C.A.C.T., Thessaloniki, 2008 - I See No Sea, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki, 2008

Single family House Nea Politeia, Larissa proposal 2013 A two storey house, where the living spaces, kitchen and dinning are located on the ground floor. The volume of the first floor projects over the ground floor veranta providing shelter from rain and sun. The garage, storage and other utilities are located at the basement.

double dwelling Akarnanias str, Larissa design and supervision 2011 This three storey building was designed to facilitate two different households in a very small site. One residency occupies the first floor while a duplex home develops on the second and third level. The balconies and the staircase tower are made of raw concrete.

educational facilities, Plato Katerini proposal 2010 This complex includes all levels of education, a nursery, primary and high school. The facilities include a library, kitchen and dinning as well as a multi purpose hall.

ideas for Pinios River, Larissa, 2005 competition 2005 Proposal for several, small scale interventions where people can walk, relax or exersize, on a free flowing plot similar to that of the river bank

Qr-esque, Alaca Imaret, 4rth Bienalle of Thessaloniki multimedia installation 2013 Using the contemporary form of QR codes to create an arabesque effect. Each sqare consists of a unique code that can link you with different snapshots of the neighborhppd of Alaca Imaret and the people living there.

Under a different Light, Pittaki street, Athens light installation 2012 Beforelight invited the residents of Athens to bring their old lighting fixtures, repair them and install them out, on the street, reclaiming an old dark alley and bring it back to life.

On/Off, Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Makedonia and Thrace, Thessaloniki light installation 2011 Closed inside a transparent box there are light bulbs of different type and colour. People can create their own light enviroment by choosing which one/ones they want to turn on.

Serial Bulb Killer, 2nd Biennale of Thessaloniki light installation 2009 What can you do against a wall of lightbulbs?

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