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Hanko Designs Washi Paper Quilting Kits Washi paper quilting is based on a traditional Japanese doll making technique. All kits include patterns for cards shown on cover, chipboard, and foam. A bulk pack of chipboard/foam is also available. Note that the washi paper is sold separately. Please view our video on hankodesigns. com for instruction on these popular kits.

WPQ001 Original

WPQ003 Christmas

WPQ004 Holiday

WPQ007 Winter Wonderland

WPO008 Sweetheart

WPQ002 Bulk Pack

WPQ006 Basic

WPQ009 Friends

WPQ010 Home

WPQ013 Winter Greetings

WPO011 Baby

WPQ015 Winter Wishes

WPQ012 Wedding

WPFQ001 Dimensional

Washi Floral Art Kits With your favorite washi paper, create and bloom your flowers right before your eyes! A little bit of floral wire sandwiched between paper enables you to shape the flower just the way you want. Adhere embellishments to create your very own flower. Kits include patterns, instructions, floral wire, and stamen.

WFA002 Petal

WFA001 Bloom

Washi Paper Assortments

PC185 Earthone Metals (6x6”, 7 colors, 14 sheets)

PC100 Yuzen Paper (9x12”, 10 assorted)

PC189 Echizen Silver (6x6”, 10 sheets)

PC110, Yuzen Origami, (6x6”, 20 patterned, 20 solid color sheets) Also availabe in 4x4” size, item# PC120

PC188 Echizen Gold (6x6”, 10 sheets)

PC187 Plum Echizen Origami (6x6”, 10 colors, 20 sheets)

PC211, Two Tone White/Gold (6x6”, 8 patterns, 16 sheets)

NC212 Petite Checkerboard (6x6” 16 sheets)

PC210, Two Tone Red/Gold (6x6”, 8 patterns, 16 sheets)

PC191 Momi Washi Gold (6x6”, 10 sheets)

PC263 Momi Washi Silver (6x6” 10 sheets)

PC195, Two Tone Black/Gold (6x6” 8 patterns, 16 sheets)

PC192 Momi Champagne Gold (6x6”, 10 sheets)

2012 Washi Pqper and Paper Quilting Catalog  

2012 Hanko Designs Washi Paper and Washi Paper Quilting Catalog, Japanese Paper

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