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The “Terminator” - the solution for any kind of waste The single- shaft shredder “Terminator” is built as mobile and stationary version – new shredding unit UF (universal- fine) for even more economical waste treatment Frohnleiten. The “Terminator” from Komptech was built specifically for this purpose. As a slowrunning single-shaft shredder, it can be used for all types of waste. Applications with drum/opposing comb system variants range from coarse pre-crushing to defined shredding. The continuous cutting gap adjustment allows tailoring of the produced particle size to subsequent treatment stage. A hydraulic drive with load-dependent speed control ensures maximum motor performance on mobile machines. An electro-mechanical drive for highest efficiency is offered on stationary variants as an additional option. The advantages of the “Terminator”: • able to shred the most difficult materials • sturdy, contrary-insensitive pre-shredder • four shredding units for perfect configuring for to the job at hand: U for Universal UF for Universal Fine F for Fine XF for eXtra Fine • variable particle size by adjusting cutting gap • continuosly variable speed regulation • optimum utilisation of power with hydraulic drive • broad range of mechanisation and configuration options Due to these attributes nearly every material can be shredded: • bulky refuse, waste wood, building material waste • household waste, residual waste • commercial waste • materials like all kinds of tyres, paper rolls, residual textiles, fridges etc. New: The “Terminator UF” The “UF” shredding unit makes the Terminator a perfect waste shredder. When this unit is integrated into a Terminator, the result is a machine that is virtually unbeatable in terms of costeffectiveness. “UF” stands for “Universal- Fine”, and the name is not accidental. With it, virtually all municipal and commercial waste can be shredded, from household waste to special tyres with thick wire cable reinforcement. This is possible with the combination of drum form and hydraulic drive. On encountering resistance, the hydraulic unit responds with an increase in torque and, at the same time, the entire tooth force is concentrated only on the engaging tooth thanks to the distribution of the teeth. Hardly anything stand up to this. But if it does, the hydraulic overload protection mechanism prevents damage to the tools and the drive. Attachment with central bolts ensures the solid teeth do not become loose. The drum tooth can be used 3 times, plating prolongs service life, and easily exchangeable wear rings protect the body of the drum – all factors which minimize costs due to wear. The Terminator, type 5000, has ample power – the rating of 328 kW on the mobile machine (200 kW on the electric variant) is sufficient for a throughput of up to 60 tonnes per hour. Benefits of the “Terminator UF”: • wide range of applications in the waste sector • high shredding force • variable degree of shredding by adjusting the cutting gap • contrary-resistant shredding unit • high cost-effectiveness • cost-optimised overall package

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