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Well-cooled for increased performance and efficiency Komptech GmbH introduces new, external and blockage-free cooling system for the Chippo 5010 C mobile chipper Cooling system blocked with fibres and dust particles, rising motor temperatures, drop in chipper performance - which chipper owners have not experienced these everyday situations? Komptech is using the Ligna trade fair in Hanover as a platform to introduce a newly developed, blockage-free and, with immediate effect, standard cooling system for the lorry-driven Chippo 5010 C mobile chipper. So the Chippo will stay cool whilst others run hot. Excellent weather conditions, beneficial contractual conditions and a chipper which efficiently utilises its performance potential over many hours - the perfect everyday scenario for contractors and forestry service providers when working with their lorry-driven mobile chippers. Deployment of the chipper is often very different in reality however. High operating temperatures of the motor often require the maximum capacity of the cooling system of the lorry. The high concentration of dust in the working area of the chipper is also a factor. The greatest risk is posed by small wood fibres trapped between the charge air cooler and the water cooler, lowering the cooling capacity of the lorry. The higher the engine temperature, the lower the power transferred to the chipper. If the final consequence is then the lorry engine cutting out because of overheating, the mood of the chipper operator is likely to sink to rock bottom. After all, it is on-schedule delivery of services, customer satisfaction and chipper cost-effectiveness which are on the line. External cooling unit replaces water cooler susceptible to blockages A newly developed cooling system for charge air and coolant cooling, an initiative of Komptech, represents a long-term remedy. With immediate effect, all mobile chippers in the Chippo 5010 C family are to be fitted with this blockage-free cooling system by the Austro-German manufacturer. The newly developed watercooled heat exchanger, fitted with fins, is a major component within this cooling system. From now on, it will no longer be located behind the charge air cooler but instead installed as an external unit outside the engine compartment directly behind the driver’s cab. Here the water cooler works safely protected from the elements, but remains easily accessible for inspection and maintenance work. A hydraulically driven fan supplies the external water cooler with fresh air from outside. When the Chippo 5010 C is in drive mode, the hydraulic controller only drives the fan in one direction. In chipper mode, the fan changes direction every six minutes, cleaning itself in the process.

Komptech and MAN collaborated closely in the development of the external water cooler The new, external water cooler was developed as part of intensive collaboration over several months between Komptech and commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN. The fact that the function and design of the external, water-cooled heat exchanger are tailored perfectly to the requirements of the Chippo towing vehicle is attributable to this joint development work. Furthermore, the MAN Commercial Vehicle Group is incorporating, without any modifications, the new cooling system of the Chippo 5010 C into its warranty and service program. Blockage-free charge air cooler ensures maximum chipper performance The second key component of Komptech’s new cooling system is the enlarged charge air cooler. This cooler replaces the original air heat exchanger of the MAN lorry engine. Its coarse-meshed cooling system is particularly permeable for dust particles and wood fibres. This prevents blockage of the charge air cooler and guarantees best possible air-heat exchange. Also, its undulating fins have a positive impact on the ruggedness of the new, coarse-meshed air charge cooler. New cooling system from Komptech improves cooling capacity by 20 percent compared to the conventional cooling system and reduces fuel consumption With the new cooling system (including the blockage-free, external water cooler and the coarse-meshed charge air cooler with fins), Komptech has succeeded in increasing the cooling capacity of the Chippo

towing vehicle by about 20 percent - and in sustaining this cooling capacity. In the future, the engine of the Chippo towing vehicle will also work under the highest of loading conditions within an optimal temperature range, and transfer the full drive power to the Chippo 5010 C mobile chipper over many hours. Despite maximum performance, fuel consumption will be comparatively low and offer the chipper operator a major plus as regards cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. The chipper owner’s exposure to the risk of loss of earnings, brought about by cooling related idle times, is reduced. There is no damage to the water cooler caused by regular cleaning and the cooler no longer needs to be replaced regularly. Overall, the owner of a Chippo 5010 C will need to spend less time on and pay less attention to the cooling system. The goal is production of the best wood chippings at the lowest cost “Komptech will continue to offer mobile chippers which generate the neatest, and hence the most profitable, wood chippings with the lowest cost overhead”, reveals Josef Heissenberger, founder and Managing Partner of Komptech GmbH. “We are therefore making no comprises in regard to cooling and are equipping as standard all lorry-operated mobile chippers in the Chippo 5010 C family with the new, external water cooler and the enlarged charge air cooler”, he adds. This new cooling system is another unique selling point of the Chippo 5010 C, making it far superior to comparable mounted chippers from other manufacturers. The Chippo 5010 C has been designed as a mounted variant and is powered by 484 HP lorry engine. A transmission system specially developed for this chipper transfers power from the MAN engine virtually loss free to the mounted shredding unit and ensures that the power generated arrives exactly where it is required. Screen basket quick-change system and two shredding modes are characteristic features of the Chippo family The aggressive feed system and the horizontally and vertically positioned rollers in the feed area are characteristic features of every mobile chipper in the Chippo family. They ensure uninterrupted and smooth material feed. Whilst the vertical rollers compress loose, bulky material and feed it directly to the chipping rotor, the horizontally positioned rollers prevent lateral turning of the trunks and chipping against the grain. Every Chippo works with two shredding speeds. At 400 rpm, the Chippo shreds wood trunks up to 750 millimetres in diameter. For shrubbery material, the load-dependent feed and the drum speed of 560 rpm guarantee maximum material throughput. Furthermore, Komptech has equipped all mobile chippers in the Chippo family with a screen basket quick-change system. Chippo 5010 C is also available as a lorry-driven four axle variant with crane cab The Chippo 5010 C is one of the latest additions to the familiar chipper family from Komptech. Since summer 2010, the Chippo 5010 C has been available from the Austro-German manufacturer as a lorrydriven four axle variant with crane cab. The additional fourth axle provides perfect weight distribution and guarantees that the operator is able to select all of the optional equipment of the Chippo 5010 C family without exceeding the total weight permitted by law.

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