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Perfect technology for the treatment of biomass

- The CHIPPO is on the march - Treatment of forest wood residue - Screen technology with stars

Issue June 2009

Table of contents CRAMBO Proves its Mettle at Hacking is Gerhard´s delight


The CHIPPO is on the march


Treatment of forest wood residue


Screen technology with stars


Treatment of woody biomass


Dear readers, The trend in crude oil pricing over the last 24 months, going from approx. 50 to over 140 USD per barrel, and back down to below 100 USD, has dramatically shown us the degree to which the global economy is dependent upon it. As Alan Greenspan stated in his memoirs published a year ago, the current problem in the West is that the global economy is dependent on potentially hostile oil and gas suppliers (OPEC states, Russia, etc.) who are utilising the increasing international demand and the technological dependency for their purposes and who are currently amassing untold profits. Money that is not available to the Western world, especially not to consumers. In addition, the political instability in the Gulf region brings with it massive risk potential. A comparably harmless terror attack on an oil pumping station would have unthinkable consequences for the oil market, not to mention any military conflict between Iraq and Israel, for example. An awareness process has therefore been initiated across the globe, but in particular within the EU, and independent of the climate problem of greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuels. This process must put an end to the dependency on oil and gas as soon as possible, at least on its current scale, so as to gain freedom from this dependency which is intolerable for the global economy. Unfortunately there is considerable resistance from some corners on national and international levels to this plan, formulated in the new proposal for a “Directive on the promotion of energy from renewable sources“ from the EU Commission, adopted by the EU bodies last December. In it, individual EU states are prescribed target values for the provision of energy from renewable sources to 2020 (see diagram). Renewable energy sources as a percentage of primary energy consumption



Komptech offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for the treatment of biomass that you can read about in this edition of Komptech News. Some of the products from this range will be demonstrated at Elmia Wood, the world’s largest forestry fair. Included here is technology for the treatment of wood trunks (new CHIPPO chippers family) and for the treatment of all kinds of forest wood residue and thinning leftovers and their processing into an energy source (using the slow-turning CRAMBO shredder and subsequent Easystar star screen).



39,8% 23%

18% 5,8%




1,3% 5,2%

Denmark Germany Finland France Great Britain Italy

state 2005 2

It is the treatment of all kinds of woody biomass as a renewable energy source in particular that would make up the predominant part in achieving the objectives proposed by the new directive, especially in densely-wooded countries in Central and Northern Europe (such as Sweden, Germany and Austria).


30% 28,5%


Komptech is of course consistent with this fundamental trend.




With its overall strategic alignment to the preparation of renewable energy sources made up of • wood waste • biogenous waste • refuse derived fuels (from household, residual waste, etc., high in calorific value)

On this note, I wish you the best of success at the fair and trust you will enjoy reading this edition.



As is generally known, the solution is two-fold – the sourcing of all available alternative energy forms and a considerably higher level of energy efficiency.

state 2020


20% 8,7%

Austria Sweden Spain

Josef Heissenberger

Our customers

CRAMBO stationary solution • electric drive for high efficiency and minimal maintenance • perfect integration into the process flow • optional isolated design: - protection of drive unit (minimal dust, better cooling) - space-saving integration of compact shredding unit

Crambo Proves its Mettle at Silver Springs Organics Hundreds of CRAMBOs are going about their daily work around the globe. Including in the US, where more and more customers are opting for efficient CRAMBO technology despite strong competition from giant high-speed machines. Greg Schoenbachler is the General Manager of Silver Springs Organics in Rainier, WA. Silver Springs opened a state-of-the-art composting facility in 2007. The facility uses a covered Aerated Static Pile (ASP) system with negative forced aeration to accelerate the composting process, coupled with biofilters to manage offensive odors. When Greg researched the processing equipment he would use for this new high tech facility, he took many factors into consideration. He wanted a machine that could be fed with a large frontend wheel loader, and would provide extreme reliability with low maintenance and operating costs, plus minimal environmental impact. Greg invited many manufactures to demonstrate their machines on his material in Rainier. Of all of them, the Crambo 5000 shredder was the only one that could take the input volume from his custom-made 12 yard loader roll-out bucket, without suffering breakdowns from

the metal and stone contamination in his material. Since Greg designed the facility to accommodate an electric machine, one very important consideration was the power requirements of the shredder. Because the Crambo’s torque is provided hydraulically, the electric version uses a lower HP motor than its high speed competitors, thus greatly reducing operational costs. The biggest advantages of the Crambo are its very low maintenance and wear part costs. Greg has confirmed that in 910 operating hours, he has only replaced two individual teeth due to breakage, not wear. All the remaining 134 teeth are original, and he estimates that the first entire tooth change due to wear will not be until around the 1100 hour mark. Since the first operating hour, the Crambo has maintained an energy cost per hour of approximately $15. Greg insists that he couldn’t have made a better decision for his operation, and he would do it exactly the same again. Silver Springs Organics has permits to process 120,000 tons per year of yard debris, pre- and post-consumer food waste, wood waste, land clearing debris, new construction debris, agricultural wastes, etc. 3

Our customers Gerhard Ronsberger had to wait a long time, but finally it was time. At a demonstration last autumn, he saw the CHIPPO 500 from Komptech in action and everything was sorted out “this machine was built for me”. The machine was delivered by Thurnbauer, Komptech’s sales partner for chippers in Southern Germany. Thurnbauer is a distributor for Finnish manufacturer Kesla, specialists in wood harvesting machinery, and a master dealer for agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere, the powerful models from whom represent ideal drive machines for the CHIPPO 500. Gerhard Ronsberger’s machine is also configured accordingly. The tractor is a brawny John Deere 8430 rated at 350 HP and a Kesla Foresteri 7000 serves as an extended arm.

The best feeder “Just look at that feed“, says Gerhard Ronsberger, pointing to an entire apple tree as it disappears trunk first into the CHIPPO. Following the trunk is the

Hacking is Gerhard’


Our customers unwieldy top of the tree, compressed orderly and aligned by the combination of vertical and horizontal feed drums. “There is no long stopping, stuffing or anything else necessary here, the CHIPPO feeds itself and I am already getting new material – after all, I want to finish as well“, smirks Ronsberger. Time is an important factor for him because he often visits more than one customer in a day.

The neatest wood chips But for Gerhard Ronsberger, the quality of the wood chips is more important than the high throughput. “No machine hacks more neatly than the CHIPPO. Customers quickly get used to neat wood chips where I work with the CHIPPO – this makes it difficult for others to get a foot in the door.“ There is no pulling the wool over his eyes in terms of the quality of wood chips - after all, Gerhard Ronsberger has been in this business for fifteen years and has “gone through“ more than one chipper in this time. He attributes the high level of quality to the large, open rotor and a far-reaching

blade advance. The power necessary for a far-reaching advance is delivered to the CHIPPO with a reduced drum speed of 400 rpm, and the machine therefore has a markedly higher cutting force than comparable machines. “This is why I cut large wood chippings that do not crumble so easily and that can be transported away quickly by the open rotor. Nothing stays in the system – this would cause higher fine fractions and, as a result of friction, braking of the rotor. Wood chippings of size G50 (corresponding to ÖNORM M 7133) or coarser are increasingly being requested by customers. So why hack everything finer wasting energy?

Equal to all requirements The economy of the CHIPPO reveals itself at the filling station - “My tractor has a 680 litre tank and can hack for a long time. Even if I really take the machine through its paces, fuel consumption barely increases to over 45 litres per hour“, reports Gerhard Ronsberger. With a high advance, 80 mm screen basket and neatly stacked wood trunks,

a fill volume of 150 cubic metres per hour is possible. Conditions are rarely this perfect, however. Gerhard Ronsberger has just returned from a job in neighbouring Czech Republic. “Maintenance of forestry roads, meaning mainly shrubbery and smallword. Here I choose the higher drum speed and switch on the variable feeder controller. This way I can attain high throughput with this material”. In addition, the rotating, vertical feed drums prevent blockage of the bulky shrubbery and provide precompression for precision hacking. Gerhard Ronsberger is looking optimistically to the future. “The demand for wood chippings is increasing continually, but there are also more service providers out there than before. Those looking to stay in business need accurate calculations. After exhaustive testing, I opted for the CHIPPO 500 from Komptech. Put simply, it enables me to produce the best quality at the lowest operating costs”.

’s delight



The CHIPPO is on the march Drive Performance:

via lorry diesel engine (MAN) with special power take-off drive 353 kW / 480 HP

Cutter / rotor Length: Diameter: Feed width:

Feed height: Drum rotation speed: Number of blades:

1000 mm 1050 mm 1000 mm 1610 mm with vertical feed rollers 750 mm 400 and 560 rpm 12

Loading heights Fill height: Length of feed table: Discharge height of conveyor belt: Discharge range:

1910 mm 2400 mm ~ 4,7 m 20 m

Transportation dimensions L x W x H (without conveyor belt): 8215 x 2550 x 4000 mm Weight (without conveyor belt)

< 26 t

Throughput (dependent on material):

to 220 m3/h

Everywhere the new Komptech CHIPPO 5000 C direct has been demonstrated so far, the census of opinion has been unanimous - here is a machine that is virtually unbeatable in regard to mobility, working comfort and cost-effectiveness. The new model is a mounted variant driven directly from the lorry. A TGS 6 x 4 lorry from MAN delivers a drive power of 353 HP / 320 kW. The CHIPPO module sits directly above the two rear axles powered, guaranteeing traction in virtually all conditions. If deployment on extreme terrain is planned, a 6 x 6 variant with a front axle powered with Hydrodrive can be chosen as an option. The operator sits in the comfortable lorry cab on the converted passenger seat. The large window panes provide the operator a perfect view, enabling full concentration on working with the powerful Epsilon crane. This is also necessary because the machine has a huge appetite as a result of the efficient power transmission.

Special gearing for maximal power A key component of the new CHIPPO 5000 C direct is certainly the special power take-off drive, developed 6

by Komptech in collaboration with a manufacturer of gearing mechanisms. The gearbox, designed for a rating of up to 700 HP, sits directly in the drive train running from the diesel engine to the axles. This makes the full power of the lorry available for working with the hacker.

Two hacking speeds The shredding speed is adapted to the material on the CHIPPO. This means higher rotor speed and hence higher cuting frequency for smallwood and shrubbery, or reduced rotation speed but higher cutting power for trunk wood. Control gear on the rotor delivers the two speeds. A pushbutton on the operator console is used for switchover. The active feed system, taken from the CHIPPO 500, is also suitable for high performance of the chipper rotor. The large rotor diameter of 1050 mm makes possible an inlet opening of 750 x 1000 mm. If shredding of trunks greater than 750 mm in diameter is required, the lorry-mounted, foldout wood splitter (option) is called into play. Next to the machine, on ground level and in perfect view of the crane operator, the trunk is placed into the mounting and split using a hydraulic splitting wedge. Not even the trunk

Technology length presents a problem - the Chippo has a 2400 mm long feed table that can be extended to 3300 mm using the fold-out table extension. This effectively prevents the tilting over of trunks.

EFFICIENCY is paramount After the feed mechanism and the chipping rotor, the discharge system is the third component that differentiates a CHIPPO from the competition. Three generously dimensioned screw conveyors ensure uniform flow to the blower. An adjustable blower rotation speed allows precise tailoring to the requirements. The speed can be reduced for light wood chips easily tossed. This reduces power consumption and the wood chippings are post-shredded less due to the blower. Energy usage is even more efficient when the conveyor belt option is used instead of the blower discharge. This discharge variant guarantees homogenous, pelletised wood chippings and requires up to 50kW less drive performance. The bottom line is perfect wood chip quality at the lowest price. Energy usage is on average 0.4 litres of diesel per cubic metre of wood chippings. This then yields an operating time that can not be achieved by any tractor-pulled chipper. The CHIPPO 5000 C direct is available today and represents another addition to the CHIPPO family. More family members are planned for 2010 - this is when the variants with mounted motor are launched.

CHIPPO 7000 Mounting

Hacker mounted on 4-axle lorry

Drive Power rating:

Caterpillar速 C18 diesel motor 522 kW / 710 HP

Cutter / rotor Length: Diameter: Feed width: Feed height: Drum rotation speed: Number of blades:

1000 mm 1050 mm 1000 mm 1610 mm with vertical feed rollers 750 mm 400 und 560 U/min 12

Transportation dimensions

L x W x H: (without conveyor belt)

9200 x 2550 x 4020 mm

Weight (without conveyor belt)

32000 kg

Throughput (dependent on material):

to 300 m3/h


CRAMBO - Dual-shaft wood shredder

Treatment of forest wood residue It is widely recognised that wood is a CO2-neutral energy source and more wood regrows than is used. This makes it ideal for recovery – and targets for recovery in biomass combined heat and power systems have been raised accordingly. Fuel from woodlands play a significant role, but woodlands do not automatically equate to fuel. New strategies and solutions are needed to be able to meet the increase in demand forecast for woody biomass. One of the development focuses at Komptech is the treatment of woody biomass for energy recovery – in particular the shredding and subsequent conversion into usable fuel.

Forest wood residue as the base material As well as timber, woodland residue is also suitable for fuel production. In order to slow down already spiralling prices and competition between energy recovery and material recycling, woodland residue should also be used for recovery. Woodland residue is the collective name for treetops and

branches that accumulates when harvesting timber and for root stocks that accumulate during uprooting. Including root stock, woodland residue makes up about one third of the total mass of trees (irrespective of tree type) and is regarded as being on a par with wood chippings in regard to legislation and grants. But woodland residue has a high volume compared to its weight, so transportation of unshredded material should be kept to a minimum. Shredding must take place as close as possible to the clearing area. Because of the presence of contaminants, mainly stones, only slowrunning shredders can be considered in the long-term. They also offer clear benefits in terms of product quality. The Komptech solution is simply called CRAMBO Forest. Using a modular system, the CRAMBO with bio-cutter is mounted on a semi-trailer chassis, a three-axle chassis, on steel tracks or onto a fouraxle lorry, with slewing ring if required. Loading is via a mounted crane with grab.

Technical details CRAMBO Forest Motor (diesel motor) Model: Number of cylinders: Power rating:

Caterpillar® C18 6 429 kW/584 HP

Loading heights Fill height: Discharge height: Fine particle discharge height:

4000 mm up to 5000 mm up to 2600 mm

Transportation dimensions L x W x H:

9100 x 2470 x 4000 mm

(without tractor-trailer machine)


(without tractor-trailer machine)

~ 32 t

Shredding tools Number of screws: Length: Diameter: rpm: Cutting elements: Screen basket hole size (mm):

2 2820 mm 610 mm max. 40 min -1 134 80, 100, 125, 150, 180, (250, 300)

Option Separation of fine fraction:

Star screen deck 0/15...30 mm

Crane Load moment: Swivel range: Max. range: Unladen weight:

Epsilon E165Z95 153 kNm 425° 9,5 m 3165 kg


(dependent on material)


up to 75 t/h

Deploying the CRAMBO Forest The CRAMBO Forest is mainly used in stockyard and processing areas located near forests and woods. Extend out the supports, fold out the conveyor belts and the machine is ready to use. The combination of the 9.5 metre crane range and swivelling chassis creates a high degree of flexibility when feeding and when discharging shredded material. Everything is under control from the crane â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from the positioning of a root stock several tonnes in weight to all of the machineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s functions. Everything that fits into the large (2.8 x 2.0 m) shredding area - root wood, tree trunks or branches - is shredded. Two counter-rotating shafts with robust teeth seize the material and press it in a cutting/splitting action against the cutter bar and screen baskets located underneath. The slow turning action (rotation speeds up to 40 rpm) shreds the wood into small chunks and the material does not exit the shredding area until the particle size matches the hole size of the screen basket used. This means the quantity of shredded material in the desired particle size is maximised. There is no additional generation of fine fractions and overlength fractions are reduced to a minimum. Additional benefits of this shredding technique are the high degree of tooth resistance to damage caused by contaminants and the low noise and dust emissions.

Fine fraction separator option When shredding root stocks, forest wood residue and green waste, soil, needles and leaves can reduce the quality of the shredded usable fraction for recycling and increase transportation costs at the same time. Using the fine fraction separator option, one operation is sufficient to minimise the fine fraction in the output. The separator is standard on the Forest version and optionally available on other Crambo models; it is only evident from outside by an additional, swivellable discharge system at the rear. A star screen deck, integrated into the discharge duct and with CLEANSTAR cleaning system and adjustable screen section, carries out the separation work. The results are impressive: up to 40% by weight of material less than 15 mm is separated off as a fine fraction.


MULTISTAR - Star screen technology

Screen technology with stars Komptech star screen technology is the best route to defined fuel. A fine fraction, a medium fraction and a coarse fraction are produced in one screen operation. The medium fraction generally represents the usable fuel fraction. The rotating stars knock any adhesions off the screen material as it passes through the screen segment. For woodland residue and root stocks in particular, this guarantees a high quality of usable fraction since soil, sand and stones are separated off as fine fraction. The coarse fraction is made up of overlengths which are shredded again. Particle size is governed by the size of the star screens. Fine adjustment is carried out with the rotation speed of the stars. Besides biomass and waste wood, the star screen is also highly capable when screening bark, compost, biowaste and residual waste. This is because the screen decks are cleaned continually by the patented CLEANSTAR cleaning system, avoiding problems with adhesion of wet material and wrap-around. Virtually all customer requirements are addressed by our well-positioned 10

product range. The spectrum of mobile technology ranges from the simple EASYSTAR screen deck which, in conjunction with shredders, represents an ideal solution for mobile treatment, to the compact MULTISTAR M3 and L3 (M2, L2: 2-fraction screens) mobile star screens, right up to the high performance XL and XXL screen machines. Stationary, precision-designed 2, 3 and 4-fraction screening units are also available â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all combining innovation and attention to detail.

Always unclogged thanks to CLEANSTAR The screen units are continually cleaned by the patented CLEANSTAR cleaning system. Each star has a wearresistant cleaning finger that clears the screen gap to the surrounding stars on each rotation. In contrast to competing products, our machines prevent both material wrap-around and adhesion caused by wet material. Perfectly tailored solutions are available for any application area, enabling low-wear and thus very economical, work.

Technical specification



Drive Power input: Drive diesel generator:

12 - 27,5 kW

46 kW





48 kVA

60 kVA

60 kVA

100 kVA

6700 x 2500 x

11500 x 2550 x

11400 x 2550 x

12850 x 2550 x

13700 x 2550 x

2700 mm

4000 mm

4000 mm

4000 mm

4000 mm

6350 x 4000 x

13000 x 11000 x

12950 x 6500 x

16200 x 6500 x

17000 x 6500 x

4000 mm

4100 mm

4000 mm

4000 mm

4000 mm

approx. 4500 kg

to 17000 kg

Machine dimensions Transport position L x W x H:

Working position L x W x H:

Total permissible weight:

approx. 18000 kg approx. 21000 kg approx. 26000 kg (dependent on equipment) (dependent on equipment) (dependent on equipment)

Screen segments Screen range L x W: Screen area:

6000 x 1000 mm





6 m2

coarse 2,45 m2

coarse 4 m2

coarse 5 m2

coarse 6,38 m2


fine 4,1 m2

fine 7,25 m2

fine 7,25 m2

fine 11,13 m2

L x W coarse screen:


2132 x 1138 mm

3200 x 1250 mm

4000 x 1250 mm

5100 x 1250 mm

L x W fine screen:


3591 x 1138 mm

5800 x 1250 mm

5800 x 1250 mm

8900 x 1250 mm

Oversized particle discharge height:

3600 mm

4100 mm

3200 mm

3000 mm

3600 mm

Medium particle discharge height:


3200 mm

to 3600 mm

to 3600 mm

to 3600 mm

Fine particle discharge height:

3300 mm

3200 mm

to 3200 mm

to 3200 mm

to 3200 mm



> 5 m3

approx. 7 m3

approx. 7 m3

approx. 12 m3

Filling width:


> 4000 mm

3600 mm

3600 mm

4000 and 5800 mm

Feed hopper

(fillable on both sides) Filling depth:


1675 mm

1000 - 1650 mm

1000 - 1650 mm

800 - 1800 mm

Loading edge height:


2800 mm

3500 mm

3500 mm

3700 mm

Screen sections (standard) 3-fraction

UP: 0/10...25 mm FP:

FP= fine particle

OP: >10...25 mm

MP= medium particle CP= coarse particle



0/10...25 mm

0/10...25 mm

0/10...25 mm

MP: 10...25/

MP: 10...25/

MP: 10...25/

MP: 10...25/

60...80 mm

60...80 mm

60...80 mm

or UP: 0/30...50 mm OP: >30...50 mm



0/10...25 mm

60...80 mm


UP= undersized particle

UP: 0/60...80 mm CP:

OP= oversized particle

OP: >60...80 mm

>60...80 mm

>60...80 mm

>60...80 mm

>60...80 mm

to 250 m3/h

to 120 m3/h

to 180 m3/h

to 250 m3/h

to 400 m3/h

Throughput (dependent on material)





Treatment of woody biomass

Green waste, wood trunks or root stocks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Komptech has the right fuel solution for any raw material: Production of fuel from woody biomass and green waste We strongly believe in the case for high torque, slow speed shredders, flexible star screens and, where required, highperformance turners for the efficient production of renewable fuel.

CRAMBO Forest Wood shredder

Multistar L3 Star screen

Preparation of woodland residues The Forest is the name we give to a variant of the CRAMBO wood shredder tailored perfectly to this job. Features include semi-trailer, loading crane and fine fraction separation.

Production of wood chippings Komptech is introducing a new generation of mobile chippers under the CHIPPO name with a product range that fulfils every need.

Komptech GmbH KĂźhau 37 A-8130 Frohnleiten [t] +43 3126 505 - 0 [f] +43 3126 505 - 505 [e] 12

topturn x

Compost turner

chippo 500 Drum chipper

INPRINT Publisher: Komptech GmbH; Editorship: Andreas Kunter, Josef Heissenberger, Joachim Hirtenfellner; Photos, Layout & Graphic: Alexandra Gaugl;

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