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magazine 2/2010

Practice Hasta la vista, baby!


Emphasis on energy efficiency

The practitioner speaks

“It barely uses five litres!”

Quotes from the Cribus road show “Runs very smoothly, simple drum changing and extremely energyefficient.” K+E Kompost, Hamburg-Norderstedt

“Innovative machine; even difficult materials could be screened.” KBA, Bargenstedt

Only the most energy-efficient machines on the market will have a chance at success in the future. This was made clear to us on our Cribus demonstration tour throughout Germany earlier this year. A field report of a special kind.

“Top performance.” AHA Hannover

“Good solution, but expensive.” Schönmackers, Goch

”It fits.”

Schernthaner GmbH, Munich

“Difficult conditions and nevertheless more than 100 cubic metres throughput.” Lengel GmbH, Schwadorf


The expert speaks

Emphasis on energy efficiency

A manufacturer is always convinced of the qualities of his own machine. Whether customers feel the same way is another question. So we went forth to gather opinions from professionals about our new Cribus 3800 drum screen. The best way to do this is with a demonstration tour, a “road show.” On a trip from north to south through Germany, K+E Kompost and Erden GmbH in Hamburg-Norderstedt were the first stops. The first positive impression for them was how smoothly the machine runs, which is striking when one has to constantly

work with noisy shredders. In addition, criticism of our high price, but the the ability to change drums easily technical solution also pleased them. and high energy efficiency led to The easy accessibility was something a good overall impression of the that those at ? quickly accepted; they machine. At KBA in Bargenstedt, they also liked the four-wheel drive. In were particularly positive about the addition to the high investment cost, great flexibility in the innovative there was also a criticism that one machine; even the most difficult could not use existing drums, such materials could be reliably screened. as that in the Mustang. At AHA Hannover, they were impressed The people at Schernthaner GmbH by the “top performance” of the in Munich are men of few words. machine; the compost plant’s staff Their many years of experience led found the performance excellent. to a simple comment “it fits,” which At the Schönmackers Company in to them is high praise. Goch, we were confronted with their What all the tests revealed in

relation to energy efficiency made us especially proud: The electricallypowered version consumed less than five litres of fuel per operating hour. And all our professionals were very pleased with that.

The question we were presented with at the beginning of the Cribus project was how far we could go in developing mobile drum screens, and where there was potential for the future. Unfortunately, most manufacturers only look for a low selling price and not to lowest possible overall operating costs over the life of the product. This is what a new generation of mobile drum screens which not only offers improved screening efficiency, the use of high-quality materials, a wide range of applications with

screen which can be towed on a hitch. The Cribus 3800 is the first type of a new series of electricallydriven drum screen machines from Komptech. It offers a technology for mobile drum screening which has been developed and proven over decades. This technology has been brought to a higher level which better meets our customers’ needs.

appropriate flexibility, ease of use and reliability, but also the lowest operating costs. In addition to the acquisition costs, other costs, such as specific energy consumption, wear parts costs as well as maintenance and personnel costs have been considered. This type of calculation is coming to the fore with many customers. To sum it up, this is a calculation which includes how many cubic metres of material can be processed at the most reasonable cost. The Cribus 3800 points the way as the largest drum

Bernd Thielepape


Hasta la vista, baby! Even a Terminator would say that it is “extremely tough.” This is true of the universal waste shredder from Komptech.

robust shredding machine can be fed an inhomogeneous mix of materials with different impurities. A hydraulic system provides overload protection, and also protects against breakage It can sometimes be very difficult to from particularly massive extraneous handle waste from construction materials. The shredding size of the activities: they can be a mix of materials can be adjusted by simply waste wood, bulk waste, packaging changing the distance between the waste, all mixed with metals, drum and the counter-wall. The Komptech Terminator is available plastics and organic material. In order to develop, on the one in a stationary form for more complex hand, recyclable materials, and tasks, as well as in several different on the other side, materials mobile versions. And it is offered w h i c h c a n b e d e p o s i t e d a t with different shredding tools for landfills, treatment is necessary. different applications. It can be The first necessary shredding step employed in many different areas, is carried out by the Terminator, the which makes its ability to “terminate” slow-running single-shaft shredder everything that comes into the from Komptech. This particularly hopper.

Komptech is looking for: A company which would like to test one of our electronic drum screens for six months for free. You can expect up to 70% energy cost savings. Our Sales Manager, Erich Cordie, will discuss what we would like from you in return His mobile telephone number is +49 171 6810460. Or per e-mail

More business, brighter future

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