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crambo universal shredder for green waste and wood universal application flexible particle size robust and Insensitive to contraries machine for wish


Highlights  igh throughput with H general-purpose use  ggressive feed with long, A counter-rotating shredding drums Variable particle sizes through simple screen basket change Insensitive to contraries Slow-running operation minimises noise and dust emissions

Crambo versatile The Crambo is capable of shredding of wood in all of its various guises - from branch and shrub prunings with a high leaf fraction to rootstocks weighing several tonnes, from untreated pallets to waste wood intermingled with contraries – everything is shredded to the set particle size. The Crambo enables easy adjustment of the output particle size, by simply exchanging the screen basket to instantly


get a system with the required shredding action. This key benefit lets users make the ideal particle size and type for subsequent processing. In practice: Today, untreated pallets for a biomass heating plant with the 80 mm screen basket. Tomorrow, green waste for composting with a 250 mm screen basket. The day after tomorrow ...





Treated/untreated waste wood

Green waste – woody biomass

Root stocks/forest wood residue

Specialist applications

When shredding waste wood, the wear-resistant surfacehardened teeth provide a high level of resistance to contraries.

A high throughput of bulky vegetation is made possible with a generously dimensioned feed area, a folding hopper and counterrotating teeth.

If a root stock fits into the shredding area, it will also go through.

The innovative shredding concept provides a wide range of application possibilities. Established applications are shredding bio-waste for composting, shredding market waste and food/ kitchen waste for fermentation, and preshredding roofing fabrics for further treatment.

Counter-rotating shafts, together with the special shape of the teeth, produce a perfect feed, even for fractions with high board content.

Blockages from wet material and high grass content are practically impossible. The teeth clear the screen baskets on every revolution.

The highly effective tooth power offered by the hydraulic drive, the intense motion of the material and the insensitivity to embedded stones all make the Crambo ideal for this application.

Crambo universal shredder for green waste and wood


Inside the machine Engine

The Komptech brand stands for quality, reliability, and value-retention. That means that we use only the best components, from the engine to the output conveyor.

 ngine completely enclosed to minimize E noise Efficient, self-cleaning cooling system Large access panels to simplify maintenance

The Crambo is powered by a modern Caterpillar速 engine. The complete muffling of the engine compartment reduces noise emissions to a minimum. With load-dependent rotation speed regulation (constant power control), the hydraulic drum drive ensures that full advantage is taken of the engine output. The clearly laid out function keys make operation simple and reliable. Control electronics continually monitor the operational status of the machine, and intervene to protect the machine should a breakdown occur. Reversing programs precisely adapt the shredding process to the material, and the clearly laid-out control panel makes work simple and sure.



Flap and fold system for filling hopper


02 Shredding shafts with aggressive toll elements

03 High performance Caterpillar速 diesel engine



04 User-friendly operator console with on-board computer

05 Swivellable screen basket cartridge


Hydraulic Always the ideal combination of power and speed through constant power control  eversing programs for self-cleaning and R to fit the material



Clear, easily understood control panel

Folding hopper for simple loading

On-board computer monitoring of operating status

 ide output channel with excellent access W to output conveyor Output conveyor incline steplessly adjustable

Crambo 5000 d  ll-in-one unit with loading crane on A 4-axle lorry Driven by the lorry engine


Machine for wish The Crambo can be tailored perfectly to its application using a range of equipment options. Central lubrication simplifies maintenance. Wireless remote control enables operation from the frontloader cabin. A towing hook, remote-controllable track or trailer give it on-site mobility. To remove metallic contraries, operators can choose between a head magnet with hydraulic position control, or a magnet drum with ejection conveyor.

Optional available: Overhead conveyor magnet/ magnet roll Central lubrication Automatic feed device Radio remote control Watering device

Crambo universal shredder for green waste and wood


shredding unit

Highlights  xtremely large feed area E measuring 2000 mm in width and 2820 mm in length Slow-running tool elements produce no fine fractions  ariable particle size V spectrum by selecting the right screen basket  uick-change system for Q screen basket and teeth New armored teeth for low wear and maintenance


shreds anything In the generously dimensioned shredding area, two 2820 mm long counter-rotating shafts provide active feed. The teeth seize the material and press it in a cutting/ splitting action against the cutting edge and screen baskets located underneath. Slow turning (rotation speeds up to 40 rpm) results in a lumpy shred initially.

The material does not exit the shredding area until the particle size matches the hole size of the screen basket, enabling the quantity of shredded material in the desired particle size to be maximised. There is no additional generation of fine fractions, and overlengths are reduced to a minimum.




Shredding drum


Screen baskets

Newly developed bearings keep the massive shredding drums securely in place, even under extreme loads. Even stronger planetary gears boost drive train life, for dependable service through thousands of operating hours. The shredding drums can also be optionally armored at areas susceptible to wear, for additional protection.

With their optimal profile the dropforged wear teeth guarantee prologed service life whilst retaining consistent functionality.

Screen baskets are tailored to the cutter and are available in sizes most commonly used in practical applications. To replace, activate the button to swivel the screen basket cartridge out hydraulically. Remove the screen basket halves from the cartridge and replace with another screen basket. Swivel in again to continue working.

Types: Sickle teeth: general purpose use, aggressive feed Hook teeth: armoured, for waste wood Planing teeth: for waste wood, wet waste, with a long serice life New: Sickle teeth with carbide armoring

Options for biomass processing These features make the Crambo the ideal biomass machine, especially where coarser particle sizes are the order of the day, and where metal, stones, and soil make life difficult for fast-running shredders.

Bio cutting unit This cutting unit is ideal for preparing woody biomass for use as fuel. Countercut teeth inserted near the central cutting edge give an efficient cut, for finer shredding and the right output particle consistency. The new special surface hardening gives long life.

Fine particle separation For input material with fines, for example forestry residue, a star screen deck in the output channel with its own ejection conveyor removes undersizes. Mineral and some organic matter remain at the shredding site, and the fuel quality is higher without an extra work step.

Crambo universal shredder for green waste and wood


mobile & Stationary

Highlights  ll mobile versions can be A transported without special authorisation  witch from the transport S position into the working position immediately O  n-site mobility possible with towing or automatic feed device (option)  he right chassis for every T surface and application

Crambo Mobile Mobile technology – getting from A to B quickly and easily. But also getting ready for operation on site quickly: Unload, open up, power on – and start working. Komptech has mastered the art of building mobile high-performance machinery, with a unique ability to adhere completely to precise dimensional, weight and emission tolerances.


The Crambo offers a selection of hook lift, tri-axle chassis or steel tracked versions. On the hook lift version, towing or automatic feed device options provide manoeuvrability on site. With its airsprung axles and automatic feed device (option), the Crambo trailer version offers the utmost in mobility. The self-propelled steel track version, with extra wide threebar track baseplates, is ideal for soft ground or unstable terrain.

Highlights  lectric drive for high E efficiency and minimal maintenance Perfect integration into the process flow Optional isolated design:

- Protection of drive unit (dust protected, better cooling)

- Space-saving integration of compact shredding unit

Crambo Stationary If mobility is not needed, electric drive is the best solution from the viewpoint of operational efficiency. With their energy efficiency, virtually maintenance-free operation, and control benefits, electrical drives are the solution of choice – especially for large-scale plants with long operating times. A stationary Crambo can be tailored perfectly to site conditions.

Besides the standard stationary frame, isolation of the drive unit from the shredding unit can also be specified as an option. This way the drive unit is protected from dust and can be installed easily and accessibly in containers or in a room of the plant. The compact shredding unit can be integrated into the process flow without taking up too much space. The shredder can be filled from all sides.

Crambo universal shredder for green waste and wood


technical specifications




5000 d

Engine Diesel motor: Power: Power electrical motor:

CAT ® C9

CAT ® C13

CAT ® C18

via lorry (MAN)

242 kW/330 HP

328 kW/446 HP

429 kW/583 HP

353 kW/480 HP

1 x 160 kW

1 x 200 kW

2 x 160 kW

max 38

max 36

max 41

Shredding unit Drum rpm: Drum length (mm):

max 36


Drum diameter (mm):


Loading heights Loading heights (mm):

Hook: 2465

Discharge heights (mm, 10°-35°):

Hook: 1365 - 3665

Trailer: 2930

Trailer: 1890 - 4125

Track: 2906

5000 d: 3500

Track: 1805 - 4105

5000 d: 2420 - 4720

Dimensions transport position/working position (Conveyor belt 35°) L x W x H Hook (mm):

6840 x 2470 x 2650 / 11870 x 3350 x 3820

L x W x H Trailer (mm):

8120 x 2500 x 3255 / 12430 x 3350 x 4290

L x W x H Track (mm):

6495 x 2855 x 3155 / 10900 x 3350 x 4260

L x W x H 5000 d (mm):

9640 x 2555 x 4000 / 14040 x 3170

Weight (dependent on equipment) Hook (t):

~ 19.2

~ 20.3

~ 21.2

Trailer (t):

~ 21.4

~ 22.4

~ 23.4

Track (t):

~ 24.6

~ 25.7

~ 26.6

5000 d (t):

~ 35

Throughput Throughput benefit (t/h): (dependent on material)

up to 45

up to 60

up to 100

up to 60

Options Drum armored, sickle teeth armored, hook-shaped teeth, planing teeth, bio cutting unit, screen baskets 80/100/125/150/180/250/300, radio remote control, central lubrication, fine particle separation, transferring magnet with swinging arn, magnetic pulley etc.



3665 mm (35°) 1365 mm (10°)


3820 mm

11870 mm (35°) 12690 mm (10°)

2465 mm

3350 mm


4125 mm (35°) 1890 mm (10°)


5000 d

3170 mm


4105 mm (35°) 1805 mm (10°)

10900 mm (35°) 11700 mm (10°)

4260 mm

3350 mm

2906 mm

4720 mm (35°) 2420 mm (10°)

3500 mm

14040 mm (35°)



4290 mm

12430 mm (35°) 13250 mm (10°)

2930 mm

3350 mm

Crambo universal shredder for green waste and wood


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