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Україна, м.Львів вул. Володимира Великого 33 Тел / Факс (0322) 97 12 09

Ukraine, Lviv, Volodymyra Velykogo str.33 Tel / Fax (0380322) 97 12 09

р/р 26006017028 в ПЦ ПАТ "КРЕДОБАНК" м. Львова, МФО 325365, ЗКПО 13810924

Commercial scientific and engineering firm "Composite" together with its strategic partners for over 20 years operate in accordance with high standards of the construction industry. The main areas of specialization: Buildings design : civil and industrial; capital construction of houses, hotels, industries and recreational objects; reconstruction and conversion of offices, hotels, factories, individual housing; acquisition and supply of building and finishing materials. We work openly and transparently. We have many recommendations of various customers - from individual persons to the merits of the government. Flexible individual approaches for the work with the clients allows us to have more than 20 years practice under the slogan: We perform any work, related to construction activities! Specialists of our company and its partners are working in good faith. These consists of engineers, architects and designers in different industries, foremen, highly skilled craftsmen, workers of various specialties. We offer to consider our company for the participation in your projects, accounting our extensive experience in quality work of the different complexity buildings. We promise to exact compliance with contractual obligations, flexible and prompt resolution of the problems, arising in the process, the highest satisfaction of the customer requirements. We hope for long - term and fruitful cooperation. Let me present for you our company (, e-mail: Number of employees: - engineering staff - 18 persons, workers 100-150 persons. On the market - from 1992 year. Experience in other regions of Ukraine (relocation). The main areas of work: design and construction and repair, finishing and decoration (state license number AB 555090) offices, hotels, 200 - 5000 m, industrial and factory premises in 1000 - 12000 m, apartments, stores 50 - 500 m, homes 150 - 650 m. With best regards - Company head

Оleg Machuga

A. OFFICE BUILDINGS 1. Ukrtelecom – Morshin city 2. Ukrtelecom – Rava Ruska, Brody, L`viv cities 3. Spring water factory office “OSKAR” – Morshin city 4. Insurance company “Universalna” - L`viv city, UPA heroes str., 65 5. Office building - L`viv city, Yefremov str., 32а 6. Internation Solomon University Kyiv city, Sholudenko str., 3

1.Hotel complex “Grand Rezort” in Lviv region 2.Restaurant “Grand Rezort” in Lviv region 3.Pension “MORSHYN” – Morshyn city 4.Beauty salon “IMPERIYA” – Morshyn city 5.Fast food on 150 places – Lviv city 6.Restaurant “Княжий Львів” – Lviv city

1. 42 Apartment house in Baranivka city, Zhytomur region 2. 12 Apartment house in Boryslav city, Lviv region

3. Cottage in Morshyn city 4. Cottage in Morshyn city 5. Flat in Lviv city 6. Cottages

1. 2. 3. 4.

Sewage treatment plant (reconstruction) - Morshyn city Sewage collection (reconstruction) – Morshyn city Spring water factory “OSKAR” – Morshin city Jeans factory, with area 12 000 m2 Lviv region

THANK’S YOUR FOR ATTANTION ! This is only a small part of fotofixation of the results of our work. We perhaps that cooperation with your companies get us a possibility to create the most number of the engineer and architectural constructions