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Welcome Kombat Federation was established in 1992 by Steven and Selina Moore specialising in teaching karate to children from four years of age to adults. Kombat Federation is very much a family run business, with all members of the family involved with teaching and admin. Kombat Federation started off with just one small club in Walsall and has now expanded to many areas of the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Worcestershire. Now reputed as being one of the countries leading karate associations. Kombat Federation have a team of highly trained Karate Instructors who are all, 1st Aid Qualified, Enhanced DBS Checked, and are Minimum Level 3 English Karate Federation coaches. All hold NSPCC Child Protection in Sports certificates. Kombat Federation specialise in teaching karate to children four and above. Classes are exclusively for children. Adults are welcome we offer several classes which over 16's can attend. We will always strive to offer a safe friendly environment to train in, offering the best coaching skills to its students. In return the student will be expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner, respecting the training area, sensei, fellow students and parents at all times.

Founders Steve & Selina Moore


Our philosophy We believe that every student who trains with Kombat Kids should be taught Karate of the highest standard. Following technical standards set out by Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan in Wado Ryu Karate. All students have the opportunity to compete at domestic, National and international tournaments. All students whatever their ability after a period of 4 to 5 years of continuous training have the opportunity to take their Black Belt 1st Dans. Students with special needs such as Dyslexia, Autism, Aspergers etc are all given the opportunity to train alongside their peers enjoying and thriving in their Karate training. Parents can watch all classes at all times, we have an open door policy of teaching children.

Providing a safe, caring, disciplined environment, where each student is nurtured to develop the correct attitude and behaviour. All students are required to follow the correct etiquette in the dojo, bowing on entry and leaving, wearing a clean ironed Gi, behaving with respect and discipline at all times. We provide an environment where all students who apply themselves, practice regularly, listen in the classes and care about their own standard of karate will become competent Karateka. Gaining a Black Belt 1st Dan is not the end of the learning it is the start, where the basics and fundamentals have been ingrained through repetition and training. As students progress with their training, building a strong decent

character, learning humility, discipline, respect, sacrifice, and being diligent in their karate training is the aim. Showing respect to their art, understanding that karate is a lifelong study not something to be mastered in a few years of study.


Chief Instructor/ Association Head

Steve Moore 5th Dan

Association Head

Selina Moore

Meet the team

Senior Instructors

All instructors hold the minimum qualifications - Enhanced CRB Checked - St John ambulance 1st Aid Award - NSPCC Child Protection in Sport - Kombat Federation certified kata and Kumite Referee - Level 3 Coaching award

Jamie Donaghy - Moore 4th Dan

Paul Cicarella 4th Dan

We have an excellent, professional, caring team of instructors who all strive to instill students with confidence, discipline, humility, and competent Karate techniques.


Mandy Stuart 3rd Dan

Jagdish Shoker 3rd Dan

Ricky Evans 3rd Dan

Stuart Crane 2nd Dan

Max Brazier 3rd Dan

Alex Rowley 3rd Dan

Anisha Mistry 3rd Dan

James Stuart 3rd Dan

Lyle Moore 3rd Dan


Club policy All new students must hold Kombat Federation membership and a valid licence on their fourth lesson. A student cannot train under any circumstance unless a licence is applied for on their third lesson. We are a members' only club. This enables us to maintain the high standards set and only train fully committed students. A licence form will be issued to each new student, on becoming a full member which will affiliate the student to Kombat Federation who are affiliated to the English Karate Federation. There are no false promises given, your child will become a competent karateka if they train regularly, students will learn to be more assertive and will receive high quality tuition to reach their martial art potential. Students are expected to practice in their own time to pass their gradings and will only move forwards in their karate training by working hard in the classes, attending courses, listening to their sensei and following their advice.

All students have to train for a minimum of five years to be eligible for a Black belt 1st Dan grading. All students who pass a Black belt grading before the age of 16 years are classed as junior Dan grades only. Students have to be over 16 to be considered for a 3rd Dan grading exam.

Kombat Federation are also proud to have had 5 students in the EKF England National Kumite A Squad.

In the past 25 years Kombat Federation have had 1000 students pass their black Belt 1st Dan, 280 Black Belt 2nd Dan, 26 Black Belt 3rd Dan's, 3 Black Belt 4th Dan, 1 Black Belt 5th Dan.

Rowdiness, a bad attitude and over zealous fighting will not be tolerated, all students will be taught to control themselves and to always think of how their actions can affect others.

Many students who have gone on to achieve the rank of Black belt have various Special Needs, namely: Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Karate is a recommended activity which helps kids with Dyspraxia.

Bullying both verbal and physical will be dealt with severely, and will result in loss of membership. On completion of the fourth week of training, if the student is suitable they will have the opportunity the become a full member of Kombat Federation.

Kombat Federation cater for all abilities of student, many children who lack confidence or who are bullied or may have learning difficulties attend classes on a regular basis and train alongside their friends and grow in confidence gradually through the training and grading process.

Regular technical advice and tuition form top Japanese Wado Karate instructor Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to watch the classes at any time. Parents who are interested in their children taking part in karate classes can come along to any of the beginners classes advertised and will receive a very warm welcome from Steve, Selina and the team.


Our success Kombat Federation are affiliated to the English Karate Federation (EKF). The only governing body for karate in England that is recognised by the British Karate Federation BKF, the World Karate Federation WKF and the International Olympic Committee IOC. Which means a high standard of tuition, safety, and opportunity has to be provided for all abilities of students. Kombat Federation are also affiliated to Wado Kai England, who are directly affiliated to the Japanese Karate Federation based in Tokyo Japan. Students can attend selections for European Championships held once per year and World Championships held in Japan every 5 years. The JKF Wadokai is an internationally renowned Karate organisation consisting of 1350 branches within Japan and 250 groups outside Japan. Kombat Federation are very proud to have had students selected for the following International Karate Competitions: European and World championships.

2005 Federation European Wadokai Junior European Championships England Japanese Karate Federation Wado Kai World Cup Tokyo, Japan Japanese National Championships Tokyo Japan

2006 Federation European Wadokai European Championships Reading

2007 Federation European Wadokai European Championships Sweden

2008 Federation European Wadokai European Championships Romania

2012 Funakoshi Cup Poland

2013 International Open Wasquehal France

2014 Junior World Karate Federation European Championships Portugal World University Karate Championships, Montenegro Federation European Wadokai European Championships Reading

2015 International Open Wasquehal France Japanese Karate Federation Wadokai World Cup Nagoya Japan Federation European Wadokai European Championships Hungary

2016 European Karate Championships Montpellier, France World University Karate Championships, Portugal Federation European Wadokai European Championships Belgium

2017 Reyjavic International Games Iceland Federation European Wadokai European Championships Italy ENGLISH KARATE



FEW European Championships Hungary 2015

World University Karate Championships Montenegro 2016

FEW European Championships Belgium 2016

FEW European Championships Belgium 2016

FEW European Championships Belgium 2016

Reyjavic International Games Iceland 2017

FEW European Championships England 2014

FEW European Championships

Japanese National Championships Tokyo Japan in 2005

Japanese Karate Federation Wadokai World Cup Tokyo Japan 2005

Federation European Wadokai European Championships Romania 2008

Japanese Karate Federation Wadokai World Cup Nagoya Japan 2015

Sweden 2007





Becoming a member Training and Membership Costs The first 5 Karate sessions are FREE approx saving £25. Parents are not under pressure to join our club as soon as they walk through the door, as parents ourselves we know that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to make your mind up when choosing a new activity for your child, you are given adequate time to choose whether kombatkids is the right club for you.

Likewise we can determine whether Karate training in our classes is suitable for your child by offering trial lessons. If an individual instructor feels that a child is not going to benefit from training in our classes you will be advised to maybe bring them back when they are older, when they are more mature and can respond to the instructions and discipline expected in the classes. Unlike many clubs there are no contracts to sign, or direct debits. If after joining a student decides they no longer want to train just notify the association that the student is leaving and the student or parent has no comeback from the association. Training with is not an expensive activity, once you have joined there is no equipment needed other than a sparring kit, which doesn't need to be worn until Yellow belt and above (Approx 1 years training). The only things that are paid for are the class fees, grading fees and a yearly licence fee, there are no other hidden costs. Class fees range from £5 to £6 per session depending on the experience and grade of the instructor you choose to train with. Class fees are paid by the half

term in advance (amount of weeks to that half term x the class fee) NB A family with 3 children training, there is no charge for the third child. NB For parents with 2 children training in a single class there is a £10 discount applied each half term saving around £60 per year. NB For parents with 2 children training in a double class there is a £20 discount applied each half term saving around £120 per year. Club Membership is £40 for the first child joining, £30 for the second child joining and £20 for the third child joining which includes a quality Karate Suit with a White belt, and embroidered association sew on badge, a Kombatkids pencil case containing pen, ruler and a pencil and an A5 Membership wallet to keep your paperwork in. The licence fee is £47 per year, this ensures that the student is covered with personal injury insurance and is registered with the governing body for Karate in England, the English Karate Federation. It is mandatory for gradings and is required for participation in all competitions. The licence is renewed on a yearly basis. It is the students or parents responsibility if under 16

years of age to make sure that the licence is valid to attend classes and gradings. This also covers students for continued membership to Kombat Federation. Membership and licence is non refundable. Every student receives a licence booklet which contains a full grading record up to 7th Dan, a record of courses attended and an oath of responsibility that is signed by the student. As the student moves through the grades the licence is signed and stamped with our official association stamp. Gradings are held four times per year. March, July, October & December. The grading fee is £35 per grading per student, this includes the grading examination by your own club instructor, your licence being stamped with your official grade, a quality certificate with the students name written in calligraphy and a quality Karate belt awarded by Kombat Federation Schools. When a student has undergone approx 18 months training and above, the student will then attend a course grading lasting three hours costing £40, this includes


the tuition from our senior instructors and the grading exam. NB For families with 3 siblings or more there is no Grading fee for the 3rd or 4th child. All students who reach Yellow Belt and above (after approximately 1 years training in Karate lessons) will need to purchase a quality full sparring kit comprising of boots & mitts and a Gum shield costing ÂŁ30. This is an essential item to make sure that both students are protected adequately to avoid injuries. NB Students are only allowed to wear T Sport or Adidas Sparring kits which are featured on our web site no others are allowed. NB All children start off training for 1 hour per week. When children reach the grade of 8th Kyu Yellow Belt, students are expected to train for a minimum of 2 sessions per week to progress through the grading system. This will be in an intermediate or advanced class with their own instructor.


The Japanese connection In 2002 Sensei Steve 5th Dan and Sensei Paul 4th Dan started training regularly with Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan. Sakagami Sensei is one of the original Japanese instructors who started teaching in Europe in the 1970’s and was fortunate to train under the founder of Wado Ryu karate Grandmaster Ohtsuka 10th Dan Meijin. Steve and Paul have trained weekly under the tuition of Sakagami Sensei for over 14 years, focusing on studying Wado Karate to the highest standard. Kombat Federation are also afilliated to Wado Kai England, Sakagami Sensei is the President and founder. Sensei Steve is a Wado kai England Kata coach, preparing athletes to compete at European and World level.

All Steve’s and Pauls Dan grades are registered at the JKF headquarters in Tokyo Japan. All instructors train regularly under Sakagami Sensei and are also graded by Sakagami Sensei for their Dan grades. Sensei Steve, Selina and Sensei Paul have trained for the last 13 years in Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu a traditional weapons system covering the weapons of Bo, Sai, Kama, Tekko, Tonfa. Sensei Steve, Selina and family attended the Wado Kai World cup in Japan 2005 and in 2015.


Kombatkids represented Wadokai England Karate Do World Cup in Nagoya Japan 2015

Sensei Steve 5th Dan England Kata Coach Interviewed by the BBC West Midlands

Students being interviewed by Radio WM before going to Japan for the World Cup

4 Bronze Medals from a World Championships not a bad days work!

Selina, Lana & Anisha supporting WKE England squad.

Students training in Tokyo Japan.

Isaac and Callum taking joint Bronze Medals in Kata.


Fundrasing in the community Kombat Kids are always keen to get involved within the local communities, and are not afraid of doing their bit!.

Kombat Kids raised £1802 for Sport Relief in 2012 and then once again raised £1871 in 2014.

Sensei Steve has cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats raising £1500 for the Walsall Manor Hospital MRI Scanner Appeal, and has also completed the London Marathon to raise £1811 for Mencap.

£1041 was raised for Birmingham Childrens Hospital through the Finlays Big Bandage campaign in July 2014.

Kombat Federation have also raised £480 for Children in Need, and £75 for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. Selina Moore (Association Secretary) has completed the Great North Run in Newcastle raising over £700 for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Instructors also raised £1500 for Birmingham Childrens Hospital & Brain Tumour Research by having their hair shaved in 2015.

2015 Movember £1082 raised for Brain Tumour Research

2016 Finlay church memorial course £1315 Brain Tumour Research

2016 Sensei Steve cycled Yoxall to Manchester in 11.5 hours £1595 raised for Brain Tumour Research

2016 wear a hat week Brain Tumour Research £2284

2017 3 Peaks Challenge for War Child


The competition scene Kombat Federation enter 12 to 14 competitions per year held in this country. Students have the opportunity through a selection process to compete at European and World level. Area Squad training sessions are held 5 times per year open to all students who are 5 years red belt and above. If you look at the website under the competition section you can see the results for the past 10 years and the gallery page has thousands of pictures of our students success at all levels of competition.


FAQ Q. How much are the lessons each week? A. 5 free lessons for all new students - saving £25 to £30 in lesson fees. cost of classes per session/per student £5 to £6. Q. How much is the membership to join the club, what is included? A. One off payment membership price £40 for the 1st child, £30 for the 2nd child, £20 for the 3rd child Includes Karate suit, membership pack - Karate badge - pencil case, lapel pin badge. Q. Do the students need a licence to do karate? A. Yes the Karate licence is £47 renewable yearly - provides insurance and a grading record. Q. How often are the students gradings and frequency? A. Gradings are held 4 times per year March/June/October/December costing £35 includes grading exam - certificate - Karate belt. Q. Can parents/carers watch the lessons? A. At 99% of our classes we encourage parents to watch, unless the school policy doesn't allow this. Q. What do the students wear initially to take part in the classes? A. Tracksuit bottoms/joggers and a t-shirt, also a drink is needed for the break, the class is done in bare feet. Q. Does the association enter tournaments? A. Yes we enter domestic tournaments in both disciplines of Kata and Kumite (Fighting). We also enter international tournaments, at home and abroad, namely Japan and Europe. If students go on to serious competition they can undergo selections for a European Championships each year, and a World Championships held every four years held in Japan. Q. Does the association offer specialised squad training sessions? A. Yes we offer twelve 3 hour sessions focusing on Kumite and Kata held in the Walsall/Bromsgrove area. Q. What age can students start training in Karate? A. Any time after the age of 4 years. Q. Are all the instructors DBS checked? A. All instructors are DBS checked, and are appointed St Johns ambulance First Aiders. Q. Do you offer adults classes? A. Yes we offer an adults only over 30's class on a Tuesday evening at the Great Barr Hub

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