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ABOUT ME “There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.” -Charles Proteus Steimetz. I strongly agree to this quote and follow the same. Being inquisitive in nature I’d say I love being acknowledged by new things. I analyse and observe with a perspective to live and learn. I’m patient with my work. I admire the fashion that has been existing and cannot wait to create more to be admired by others. I have major interests in learning lingerie and corsetry in Fashion. Also, I love desserts.



PROJECT BRIEF To find inspiration and direction from personal concepts and forecasts following a process that includes colours, silhouttes, patterns, textures and construction creating a range of collection.

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Inspiration - Cross Theme - Danger Attracts Client - Age 24-26 Trend - Dangerous Elite

• Mood - Powerful



A cross is a mark made to represent something incorrect, something dangerous, isn’t it? My symbolism to cross is to the women out there who are fearless and strong despite of the dangerous world where people have created terror in their soul against being independent and successful. My concept is to make the world perceive what it made the women feel .i.e.dangerous and also powerful. It steps forward to not conceal the distress but to obliterate it.

//D A N G E R O U S E L I T E// //DANGER ATTRACTS// ‘Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but be fearless when facing them.. this is what these women abide by. ~ I have chosen the age group of 24-26 yrs as women in that age are fighting to achieve what they have desired for. ~ These women are my inspiration to every women out there to fight for her purpose, her desires. ~ They ask themselves what can they do to make a difference and then they take that action, no matter how small,large or dangerous it is. ~ This is what defines them as a ’WOMAN’.

This is an ensemble composed of an extensively pleated crop top accompanied by a skirt highliting the quilting attached to the mushy kimono sleeves jacket with a fine black belt. The details of the garment are perceived in an attractively neat and stylish manner. Fabric used : South cotton and Ikkat. Elements of design : Pleats, quilting and front&back open kimono jacket.

FLOREAL PROJECT BRIEF To find inspiration and direction from personal concepts and forecasts following a process that includes colours, silhouttes, patterns, textures and construction creating a range of collection.

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Inspiration - Surreal Flower and Fluted Flourishes Theme - Floreal Client - Deepika Padukone Mood - Dreamy

Surrealism is known as something that is unreal, imaginary and philosophical. It leaves a strong impact whereas a flower exemplifies simplicity and subtleness. I have created a mixture of these extremes by blending two inspirations, surreal flower and fluted flourishes forming a theme ‘ Floreal’. Floreal is the eight month in the French Republican Calander known as the ‘Month of Flowers’. I found it very challenging and exciting to play with these extremes and make something creative against the odds.

‘ A rose is not simply a rose, it carries a powerful message to it’s recipient’.

f l o r e a l


Starting out as being the Liril girl and transforming into one of the most successful actresses in contemporary Bollywood cinema, Deepika Padukone is a force to reckon with.

Alternating between her ever-so soothing dimpled smile and not-to-be-messed-with fierce stance, Deepika has established herself as an unbeatable phenomenon in Bollywood.

Reflecting the mood ‘dreamy’, this garment has misty elements in the long panelled skirt. It comprises of three fabrics in different layers, top most layer with diamond shaped panels hand tucked to both the layers creates an illusion of coalescing with the same.The triangular shape of floral print contributes an ideally soothing touch to the skirt.Constructing a structured corset with opening in the sides completes the overall aspect of the design. Fabric used : Garden silk, shot silk, and chiffon. Elements of design : structured corset with side openings, 18 kali three layered skirt in variable shapes.

KALLISTA PROJECT BRIEF To create a composition by two or more elements devising a motif and following a pattern to it, i.e. making of boota, bel and jaal, subsequently contriving any product from it.

KALLISTA is a greek name that simply means ‘The most beautiful one’. The composition of fish scale, A hydrating wheel and A yellow bell orchid all together implies a mixture of creativity, spirituality, enhancement and healing nature. The positivity and the beauty exhaled by these elements is what I have shown in this project.




Embroidered jackets are more versatile than we think. Not only does it look attractive but is also in accord with a highbrow semblance. This is a Unisex jacket specifically designed for clients that abide by elegance and lucidity. The embroidery shows a composition of Fish scale, a hydrating wheel and a flower. It symbolises creativity, beauty and magnification. Heavy needlework commencing from the shoulder on the sleeve signifies Power and the elementary line above the hem of the sleeve shows simplicity and clarity. Fabric used - Corduroy. Embroidery techniques used • Thread embossing • Paani silai • Dabka work • Sequin work

AAR PAR ‘AAR PAR, It is a collection brought together to you by 11 neophyte yet enthusiastic designers. It means going beyond, something more than the reality. It is to create a world, one which is real and other the one we fantasise about. These are the two sides of the mirror. As the name suggests it does not restrict itself to boundaries. This collection likewise is a culmination of structural and loose silhouettes along with irregular patterns, which divides the reality and virtual world respectively. We wanted to bring to you something that blends both the worlds. Although the real and reel world are different yet connected. Similarly, our collection expresses the same through tiny details and unique perceptions.

INTERPRETATION OF THE THEME IN KHADI The theme talks about the real and reel world which a reflection of each other. Likewise, khadi is a reflection of the Indian culture. Khadi is known for its simplicity and comfort. We have interpreted khadi as versatile and comfort in a way which is not commonly used, by making our garments structures and giving it an asymmetric look.

It is a symmetrical garment with a structured crop jacket which has layering in them. The lower part is a dhoti skirt with minimal knife pleats in the center.

This is an asymmetrical irregular garment along with straight pants. The upper garment is fitted with loose flare at the bottom. The extended shawl collar is connected to the lower part of the garment. The hem is uneven and the double belt adds to the detail.

This is a jacket cape. It creates a triangular shape which is repeated in negative and positive forms, to show how the mirror creates images. The sleeves have long asymmetrical flare.

This a loose jacket dress with repeated triangular opening, creating a zigzag structure.

This is a loose jacket with panels stitching using faggoting in horizontal lines.

This is a looser ž dress with paneling attached using faggoting.

This is a skirt with a side panel and a tube top. The panel is asymmetrical and irregular, while the top is basic and symmetrical. The buttons adds to the tiny detail.

This is a tight fitted blazer which has a symmetrical overlap that resembles a double breasted jacket. The cuffs are long and extended till the elbow.

This is a tight fitted blazer which has a symmetrical overlap that resembles a double breasted jacket. The cuffs are long and extended till the elbow.

This is a tight fit jacket with the illusion of irregular shapes

This is a crop top along with cigarette pants and a drape at the side waist. The top has ropes going around the torso till the top in a rhythmic pattern.

ECRU PROJECT BRIEF To take an inspiration and focus on the construction and patterns of the garment, precisely semi traditional.

The word ecru is derived from the French word ecru, meaning raw or unbleached. It often refers to silk or linen in their unbleached state. Around the 19th century, the ecru color was regarded as beige color. Then, started in the 1950s, ecru was put as another color to let designers choose from a wider color palette. As a softer, warmer form of beige, ecru represents simplicity and serenity. It is often used to denote plainness. Ecru is basic, unpretentious, and does not command attention.

People who like Ecru lead clean, quiet lives. They are content and dependable people. Beige lovers have the ability to get along with everyone. In this look, the kurti has been constructed with one sided princess line leaving the other side plain with an elegant deep U neckline along with heavily pleated pattyala swirling inwards in a rythm. Fabric used : Brocade and japan silk.

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