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GPA Times December 2012 | issue 1

Gompers Preparatory Academy Student Newspaper

Sand to Grand: GPA’s Field Of Dreams by Vairon Perez

55 Years in the making Have you ever asked yourself how forunate you are to be able to play on a turf field? Some students have had to have to play on a dirt field for over 6 years. We should all learn the story behind the field so we can cherish what we have now. It has been over 55 years that GPA has dealt with a dirt composite field. Injuries after injuries, Gompers students have gone through too much. We have finally been rewarded with something we deserved half a century ago. All of the sweat, battles, and struggles we had to go through to get this wonderful field, makes it

A Hearfelt Holiday

even more important for us to understand the need to preserve it. It is up to us to keep the appreciation flowing through the middle school. We need to learn the history of our school, and never stop sharing our story.

December 11th, 12th, and 13th Gompers Preparatory Academy hosted its very own Glee Christmas show.

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Page 2: Gompers boy’s soccer team plays first game on the new field Page 2: GPA takes home thier first championship trophy Page 3: Tips on how to survive senior year Page 3: The Queen of Katwe visits GPA Page 3: Riveroll’s Review

Charging only $5 per adult; Students, families, and the community were all invited to watch what would be a

father’s under the Christmas tree.

heartfelt holiday production. The per-

Later on in the night, both JV and

formances consisted of enthusiasm

Varsity Glee dazzled the crowd by

and joy. Tara James wowed the crowd

coming together and performing

with her extraordinary soloist talent to

a musical number to the song “All I

the song “Teenage Christmas List” by

Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey.

Kelly Clarkson.

They immediately shifted everyone’s streaming tears of sadness, to wel-

The crowd was then moved to smiles

coming tears of the holiday spirit. GPA

and tears as 5 Junior Varsity cast mem-

really knows how to set the tone for an

bers performed

amazing holiday season.

“Bring Him Home

Santa.” The song refers to trading in all their gifts and toys in order to wake up

Page 4: GPA welcomes new field

on Christmas morning and find their

by Samuel Straughn, Senior


GPA Plays Their First Game on The New Field by Luis Lopez

G.P.A Wins First Championship by Samuel Straughn GPA boy’s basketball team takes home the trophy. It started with a sacrifice. The seniors on

tally as well. The team held a meeting

the boy’s varsity basketball team were

in which they decided TOGETHER that it

faced with a dilemma. The same day of

would be best if they were to sit out on

their tournament championship game,

the Six Flags trip and spend the whole

Before the game even began, the

was the same day of their senior class

day preparing for the game. Win or lose,

audience witnessed a great pre game in-

trip to Six Flags. They were faced with a

they would perform their best for the

troduction by the Director of the school,

decision. A decision that could either di-


Vincent Riveroll, as the Varsity soccer play-

vide the team or bring them closer than

ers ran on the brand new turf field. As the

ever. The goal was to have the senior

and the crowd exploded with cheers.

GPA’ players lined up, Tara James sang the

class get dropped off together on their

This same excitement and enthusiasm

national anthem. Minutes after that, the ref-

way back from Six Flags and take over

was consistent all the way through the

eree blew the whistle to signal the start of

the gym with a spirited crowd. But here’s

rest of the game. The game resulted in

the game. Ten minutes into the game the

the problem, what would be the point if

a GPA victory due to combined fam-

first shot was made by Rogelio Valenzuela.

the team did not play at their best level?

ily effort by all team members bringing

After a foul by #7 of the opposing team,

What if Six Flags were to drain them out

home G.P.A.’s first ever championship

Ernest Duran

passed to his teammate

and the teamed performed poorly? Or

trophy. The boy’s gameplay was great,

and he took a shot from the 25 yard line.

worse, what if someone were to suffer

but the crowd’s motivation was even

GOOAAALLL, #8 Rogelio V, was our first

an injury? These were obstacles they

better. The senior boy’s made a rough

player ever to score a goal on Gompers Field!

had to keep in mind; not only could this

sacrifice that turned out to be more than

La Jolla scored in the first half by player #10.

damage the team physically, but men-

worth it. So, in the words of Dean Carroll,

GPA boy’s soccer team plays their first game on the new turf field.

Minutes after that, Uriel took a shot from the

GPA won the opening tip off

“Goooooooooooooooooo Eagles!”

20 yard line and scored, leading the score 2-0. The referee whistled to end an amazing first half.

Most of the second half went by

evenly. La Jolla started to take control more of the ball as the game progressed. La Jolla scored in second half with the help of a corner kick by player #12 changing the score to 2-1. After a miscue by the GPA defense, the team retaliated by trying to score once again after the red card that cost Jordi B. to step off the field leaving the team with 10 players. Thirty minutes into the second half, Rogelio V. took a strong shot from outside the keepers box, after taking on three defenders, and ended the game with a victory score 3-1. Go Eagles!


Gompers Preparatory Academy demonstrates enthusiasm for the holidays in a BIG way. Enthusiasm demonstrates school culture, it brings up the “E” in REACH and shows how much we care about our school, our staff, and ourselves. One thing that we have done is decorate the school

with holiday spirit. When people come to visit our school the first thing that they notice and compliment us on is our school spirit. Director and our teachers show school spirit, by playing holiday music every morning as the students walk through the “Gates Of Wisdom.” Not only that, they dance! The enthusiasm that the teachers demonstrate to their students as they dance to Christmas songs every morning, cheers up every student to do their best throughout the school day. It also helps that we have, for the first time, a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with mini-diplomas and ornaments representing the colleges that our seniors have been accepted to. Let’s all remember how good it feels when we all show the “E” in REACH! - by Hugo Organes


How to Survive Senior Year by Victor Cardenas Senior year can be one the most intense years in your highschool career.

Whats New for Lunch? by Jesus Martinez

12th grade year is the final year of your high-school, with the inclusion

Wonder what is going on with our new

of highly anticipated 12th grade activ-

lunch? Well, me too. So, I did a little inves-

ities, it is without a doubt it’s difficult

tigating and found out some interesting

to remain focused on the primary ob-

things going on in our GPA kitchen. I met Mr.

jective of senior year. Here is a list of

Zamarano, our school’s chef, and discovered

some of the major obstacles awaiting

all that he does for our school. I was inspired

your senior year, and some strategies

to ask him a few questions and thankful that

to overcome them.

he was able to take the time for an inter-

Work intensity: Always remain focused during class, as key points, or necessary

view. Here are some of the exciting things he

material may be given out in order to assist with homework. If you have access to

shared with me.

tutoring, make sure to always ask questions about anything you’re confused about. Procrastination: Don’t go straight to your big assignment, instead start out with

Can you tell me a little about your pilot pro-

small assignments, or something simple as writing a small reflection as to why


you believe that procrastination is a problem.

Mr. Z: We run a test kitchen, not only with

Colleges/scholarships: If there are any opportunities for learning more about

new recipes, but also testing new equip-

the college application experience, take advantage of it.

ment. We work with locally grown organic

Employment: You may need to find extra hours to invest on school-work. Always

vegetables, and new cooking methods that

use your time effectively, even that which is given during school time.

will help develop recipes that can help the

Have fun: With all of the hard work throughout the year, you will always have to

rest of the school district. We run 207 kitch-

find time for yourself. This is essential to maintain yourself in the senior experi-

ens and the recipes have to work for the


whole community.

The Queen of Katwe by Dulce Pelayo

What is your favorite meal to cook? Mr. Z: I like to cook roasted turkey; I love fes-

Phiona Mutesi is an inspiring 15 year-old young lady born and raised in the

tive kinds of meals. For the holidays, in addi-

slums called Katwe in Kampala, Uganda. She has defied all the odds, and has

tion to roasted turkey, I also like to cook ham

never let her demographic determine her future. She is now titled the “Chess

and sweet potatoes.

Queen of Katwe.” This title has not come without sacrifice. We were thrilled to have her visit our very own campus. Phiona was here on Monday joined by

What does it take to run the kitchen?

her coach Robert Katende to share her story of triumph. The students at G.P.A

Mr. Z: It takes many, many, years of experi-

were moved by her extraordinary life and all the miraculous events that led

ence. I have worked in many places, includ-

up to her passion for chess.

ing Sodexho-Marriott for 12 years and with the health care system for another 10 years. I have also worked for Country clubs as well as other local establishments. How can students help? Mr. Z: By providing feedback for the food. I’m very approachable, and students can come up to me with suggestions anytime. Also, let us know what we are doing right.


Riveroll’s Review “If you had one holiday wish what would it \ be?”

The Sandlot by Vairon Perez - continued from pg. 1

6th Grader Christopher Duran:

Throughout 55 years, Gompers has been plagued with the curse of violence. This

“For Earth to be peaceful.”

school wasn’t safe for anyone, not for the teachers that worked here and especially not for the students. This school was full of upheaval every day, fights everywhere,

7th grader Anthony Saly:

learning was not happening. Students were afraid to come to school, hence the

“For nothing bad to happen in the world, just

school being known for its tremendous absence rate. If you think the absence rate

world peace.”

was bad - you should’ve see the suspension rate.

Overall, many have forgotten how bad this school was. Maybe that is a

8th Grader Esmeralda Martinez:

good thing, but in order for us to appreciate everything we have now, especially this

“Peace and families together.”

field that is a great blessing, we need to know our roots and know the kind of deep hole we climbed out of. This field isn’t just a field, this field is a dream come true and

9th grader Daniel Soliver:

it has made our blood that we spilled not be in vain.

“To get the Galaxy S3.”

Please don’t let the appreciation die and don’t forget to thank Director every time you see him!

10th grader Aaron Brisco: “Get a job.” 11th grader Ashley Peralta & Rogelio Velenzuela: “Valentines...” 12th grader Clayton Keomanivong: “For my stepdad to come home safely from Baghdad.” 12th grader America Lepe: “To get to see my parents again.”

I Soar Like An Eagle by Raymundo Morales

Waking up early morning, We rise with the sun as the sky turns its first shade of blue. I’ve been here before it’s an everyday routine, Just dealing with struggles as I spread my wings. It’s not easy being me, you’re expected to soar high But what happens when you can’t even reach the sky? Their stares put you down, As I fly through the night, I think and think this might not be right? What’s the purpose of flying, when a million clouds blind your eyes? But as I keep flying I get to the right path Which is the path that will make me soar into victory? It’s been there all along Just hard to see, now that the clouds are gone Sun is shining down on me. My path is clear I spread my wings I fly at the highest point The way it should be.

Period Two - World Literature - 12th grade Newspaper Staff Cesar Morales Chelsea Bass Dulce Pelayo Edwin Garcia Elvis Soto Hugo Organes Ignacio Calzada Vargas Jeffery Phoummavong Jesus Martinez

Joann Scott Jorge Ortiz Ramirez Jose Solis Juan Lara Luis Lopez-Rodriguez Manuel Valdez Omar Garcia Raneshia Duncan Raul Berriozabal

Raymundo Morales Roberto Yong Salvador Campos Samuel Straughn Simitrio M-Lopez Tara James Teanna Wiley Vairon Perez Victor Cardenas

GPA Times December: Issue 1  

This is Gompers Preparatory Academy's first issue of the GPA Times. Enjoy!

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