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INCIDENT REPORTING EVERY AGENCY WANTS TO DO IT, AND NOW YOU CAN AFFORD TO. KOLOGIK ‘s Incident Reporting technology eliminates much of the time and pain associated preparing incident reports, while ensuring those reports are more complete and accurate than ever before.


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Captures live dispatch details and creates initial report Sends initial report to officer’s inbox in real time Person and vehicle tag information search capability Smart Forms, which capture specific fields based on the type of incident Wizard, which guides officers through the process and validates each form Electronic Signatures Intelligent routing, which sends reports to appropriate parties for review and approval Electronic markup, which allows supervisors to reject reports Creates follow-up reports and attaches field interviews or new contact records Compliant with NIBRS and UCR reporting standards Seamless integration with Record Management, Jail Management and Case Management Systems

HOW IT WORKS KOLOGIK’s Incident Reporting technology records the details from each dispatch call, creates an electronic record of the incident and stores it in the corresponding officer’s inbox. At shift’s end, KOLOGIK’s Incident Reporting makes filing reports easy — it’s just a matter of adding a detail or two, as opposed to starting from scratch with a pile of handwritten notes. Intelligent report routing makes everyone more efficient – and much more likely to follow proper review, approval and follow-up procedures.


From arrest to prosecution, KOLOGIK’s Incident Reporting service facilitates case assignments to investigative officers and gives supervisors the ability to track cases and monitor the progress of each investigation.

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Incident Reporting  
Incident Reporting