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EVERY AGENCY WANTS TO DO IT, AND NOW YOU CAN AFFORD TO. Reduce response time, increase personnel efficiency

effectively. Complete with dispatch of emergency

and save lives with KOLOGIK’s Regional CAD

response to events or incidents based upon the

(Computer Aided Dispatch) Interoperability (CAD-

closest available resources, KOLOGIK provides

to-CAD) Solution. CAD-to-CAD allows PSAPs

a secure and seamless exchange of information

(public safety answering points) and Emergency

between multiple disparate CAD systems and

Communications Centers to share, coordinate and

other applications.

jointly respond to emergency events quickly and


        

Create, forward and collaborate on Calls For Service Regional situational awareness with closest available unit dispatching Consolidate across agencies while maintaining jurisdictional controls and policies Retain existing systems and standard operating procedures AVL integration across agencies for regional mapping Common Regional Operating Picture (CROP) situational mapping Increase personnel productivity and reduce response times Respect of existing cross-agency agreements API integration using web services

HOW IT WORKS CAD-to-CAD allows agencies across multiple jurisdictions to operate on their own systems, according to their own requirements and practices, while allowing the seamless, selective exchange and sharing of data.

ABOUT KOLOGIK KOLOGIK creates technology-based solutions for

Today, we are a leading source for secure retrieval

data interoperability by making it possible for

of data managed, controlled and stored across

multiple sources of intelligence to effectively speak

multiple servers. The applications for our patented

to one another.

technology are expanding to industries where shared, private data is vital. Our applications are

Our solution-based approach to business is not

being used throughout the United States. These

only at the root of what we do — it continues to

include E-citations, mobile applications to federate

set the standard in the technology industry.

criminal history searches, incident reporting, booking applications, and CAD-to-CAD integration hubs.


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WEST COAST OFFICE 7150 SW Hampton St. Suite 130 Tigard, OR 97223

CAD to CAD