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Messenger of modern world - Websites Long time ago, the only mode of transport possible was Human Messenger. Men were sent from one ruler of the state to the other to send messages to each other. It used to take days, weeks and even months to communicate with each other. People had to wait so long to get replies from the other end. Life was tough, almost impossible as compared to the current pace of life. Businesses still existed even during those times, but those businesses were only local. They were only supposed to serve little areas and earn their living out of it. There was no concept of globalization or even nationalization. As technology grew and postal system came into existence, it became easier for people to communicate with each other and at the same time for businesses to reach people. Then came the time when Media was born. Radio, television, newspapers and magazine were the very first medium for the businesses to reach enough audience. But even these best mediums, brands could only gain regional popularity or maybe national popularity. Globalization was still a new concept and it looked quite impossible to people. Beyond this what happened took the entire concept of brand building many folds forward. World Wide Web came into existence. For a single user, it was huge ocean with tons and tons of information. Hence, the name Information Era came into being. But then another problem came up - how would individual users find out what they want in this massive ocean of information. There had to be some way to manage all this information, with this search engines were born. Without search engines, the whole concept of Internet is useless because without these the users would get lost in the internet with no knowledge of where to go. Google turned out to be most used and the best search engine in the long run. Websites became a new identity of every brand in this virtual world. Where advertising on television and radio was so very expensive, building a website that would need very little maintenance over time was a much better idea to reach the target audience. Hence, almost every brand started building websites. These websites were published on their advertisements on television, on the packages, on hoardings, print media etc. These were the initial or rather traditional ways of diverting traffic to the websites. Search Engine Optimization was born with these search engines. People obviously realized that the higher they show up on Google, more popular they would be, hence a number of algorithms were discovered to rate higher on the search engines. These days Website development companies all over the world also provide SEO optimization along with building an attractive website.

Current time is the era of social networks. Facebook, twitter, youtube etc. are few of the most used social networking sites. These sites are like clubs where people meet, chat and catch up with their friends and families. Advertising on them means a jackpot for any business owner.

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Messenger of modern world - Websites