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WLPG Sparks (Linz): Catalysts for Discovery is a collaborative project between Write Local. Play Global, the international TYA playwrights network, and ASSITEJ Austria toward the creation of original 500 word monologues on the theme of creative catalysts. The selected pieces will be read by the playwrights at the ASSITEJ International Meeting which is being held from June 21-29, 2013 during the International Theater Festival SCHÄXPIR in Linz, Austria.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Playwrights should use the following 'prompt' as a starting point: Catalyst – a moment of discovery “A catalyst can set off a spark that leads to a new discovery, a new question or a new way of looking at the world. Write about the moment that a person encounters a catalyst – someone or something – that fundamentally changes the way they see the world. They may or may not be an artist, but the catalyst makes this person think in new, creative, ways.” Monologues must be written for children or young people. Submissions should be in the first language of the playwright and, if that language is not English, should be accompanied by an English translation Monologues must be a maximum of 500 words, including stage directions. The word limit does not include the title of the monologue, the name of the author or a short description setting the scene. Example of ‘setting of the scene’:  Time: the present  Location: a small hut in the mountains  Character: Fredrick, a mid-40s train conductor

ADJUDICATION: • Between 12 and 15 monologues will be selected to be read. • All scripts will be read by a screening committee, with final choices made by a committee whose members shall include one of the Write Local. Play Global. editors, a representative of the festival planning committee, and a playwright. • Preference will be given to emerging or up-and-coming writers. • Preference will be given to writers who will be in attendance at the event. Unfortunately, neither ASSITEJ Austria nor Write Local. Play Global. is able to provide financial support for attendance.

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Writers are encouraged to submit even if they know they cannot attend, as some scripts from writers not in attendance will be selected and read by either actors or other playwrights. During the festival, scripts will be read in the first language of the playwright. If that is a language other than English, the working language of Write Local. Play Global., please submit an English translation, both for the purposes of adjudication as well as to pass out to the audience at the event. Selected writers agree that their photos and scripts (as downloadable PDFs) can be posted on the Write Local. Play Global. website after the festival.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: To submit, please send, via email: • This Submission Cover Page (see below). • One PDF (preferred) or Word copy of the monologue with identifying information of the author. Title the document “NameOfMonologue_NameOfAuthor.pdf”. • One PDF (preferred) or Word copy of the script without identifying information of author. Title the document “NameOfMonologue.pdf”. • A short (200 word-max) biography of the playwright. • Submissions must be received by March 21, 2013 and should be emailed to us at . Decisions will be made by April 15, 2013. • If the playwright is not already registered with the WLPG, please go to and register (click on ‘join us’ at the top of the page – there is no charge).

SUBMISSION COVER PAGE Title of monologue Playwright Address City


Postal Code Country Phone

Alt Phone

Email Organization (if applicable)

Are you planning to attend the festival? Yes/No? Founders/Editors: Deirdre Kelly Lavrakas, Tony Mack, Kim Peter Kovac Email:


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