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Petroleum Engineering: A Promising Career for Graduates Petroleum engineering is an extremely rewarding industry, especially for young graduates. The companies are always in the lookout for skilled engineers. Coupled with a good training program, a degree in petroleum engineering can easily get you a high paying job in this booming oil sector. The more skilled you are, the more you have the opportunity to excel and earn in this industry. Since the oil companies are continuously raking in profits, they are seeking qualified individuals to help them with innovations in this field. A specialization in a particular area is highly preferred in the industry. Jobs like finding the oil reserves, determining how much can be acquired and finding what level of quality and state it has, retrieving the oil from hidden reserves etc. put you in a highly challenging and interesting career prospect. Petroleum engineering also includes transportation activities. It comprises of transporting oil from the extraction point to other facilities like shipping and distribution centers, manufacturing plants etc. Having a good taste in science and mathematics is highly recommended for a job in this industry. Understanding the basic methodologies involved in the upstream and downstream processes makes the work quite easier. A comprehensive understanding of computer programs used in the industry will help you lot in your job. Most of the institutes offering a degree in petroleum engineering in India do not provide essential practical training sessions to the students. This is the main reason why students turn to institutes offering specialized training programs in the oil and gas industry, after completing their graduation. Some of these institutes are known to offer excellent training facilities collaborating with some of the top oil companies in the world. KIER aims to train the best of minds and transform them as readily employable upstream Oil & Gas professionals by giving clear guidance for every student, providing a good mix of theory and practice, making use of the latest technology and an overall focus on quality. Learn more on Upstream oil and Gas training courses & Koliyot Institute of Energy and Research. Visit

Petroleum engineering a promising career for graduates  

Skilled professional are always in demand in the oil and gas industry. If you are a graduate with genuine interest in petroleum engineering,...

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