Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2015 Catalogue

Page 171

Wolf Boewig Dispatches from the heart – Reporting Violence When hatred whorls across a continent, it envelops people, daily life, it cuts off limbs, flattens villages, burns down buildings, and pushes hard against hope, belief. It is difficult to imagine the degree to which the world can turn upside down, and most of the time those of us not amidst or recovering from such destruction, don’t. We should. Not because it’s pleasant. Not because it’s easy or righteous. But because it’s the truth Between 1998 and 2007, writer Pedro Rosa Mendes and photographer Wolf Böwig reported on the West African wars. Their work was published in leading magazines worldwide and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. In an innovative melding of mediums, they teamed up with 15 of the world’s most celebrated graphic storytellers to create a visually-arresting and powerful film that shares stories of daily life and survival during the wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and Ivory Coast. The animation reporting violence does not attempt to lighten the dark. The legacy of Charles Taylor will reverberate for generations with such complex layering and scaffolding that it is impossible to quantify. Black.Light Project and its animation (reporting violence 25.20”) aims at creating synergies and a transcontinental dialogue that goes far beyond of what traditional war correspondence can achieve. Photography, journalistic reports, graphics and popular comicbook style merge into one homogeneous non-linear storytelling, creating a new publishing medium of its own.