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Here at Koleksiyon, we believe that design is about a dialogue, about possibilities rather than solutions or end results. Koleksiyon design is rooted in simplicity, originality, passion, enthusiasm and creativity. A sense of realism and clarity pervades the objects designed and produced by Koleksiyon. Products that are forever fresh and new. Koleksiyon’s regard for the past ensures their quality, its eye to the future guarantees originality. In the modern world, the success of individuals, families, institutions, communities and nations can only be measured by what they contribute to a better world. We apply the Earth’s resources in a responsible way to create designs that are original, accessible and enduring. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many architects, designers, customers, dealers, suppliers and competitors who share our enthusiasm for a better world.

A sketch inspired from a contemporary play staged in Istanbul.


Criticism, aesthetics and politics in design

Koleksiyon is fully aware of the powerful forces that shape the world’s economies. However we also believe that the most important indicators of change are not financial but social. These are much more sensitive indicators than mere numbers so it is essential that we maintain a global perspective on the way that societies change over time.

also remember that we are not in competition with it. We should remain humble as part of it and respect its unbreakable laws. It may be time for us to redefine our relationship with it, as a demanding spoiled child should change its relationship with its parents. We may need to reconsider what we understand by the term Mother Nature. To develop as adults a co-dependent relationship with our These are the forces that drive our own mother. communications and strategies as well as shape the world in which we live and work. We dot pay Koray Malhan undue heed to what our competitors are doing, Brand Director but focus instead on people and societies. Our 20.04.2011 long term vision derives from changes in these areas, giving us a consistently fresh insight into the market and ensuring that we do not compete exclusively on price, but with new ideas. The capabilities we have developed over the past few decades carry with them the burden of responsibility for future generations. It is right that we should be proud of the things we create, but we should also remember they originate in Nature and many of them are not renewable. When we create something today, we take away the potential to make something of it in the future. So we must ask of each object we create this question; is it worth it? Civilization may well be defined by mankind overcoming the forces of Nature, but we should 5



For many years, the guiding principle behind Koleksiyon’s office designs has been the new culture of work. Beyond the basic demand for office furniture the brand has focussed on the ideas that have shaped the culture of the new century, a culture in which the workplace has become a more clearly defined arena in which men and women can realise their potential through what they do. This self-evident development has in turn been driven by a competitive environment which means companies are dependent on the knowledge and creativity of individuals to survive.

channelled to create the sorts of offices that attract people to work for them and help them to be happy at work. That is why we at Koleksiyon invite contributions to the creative process from each of our stakeholders; designers, architects, space planners, journalists, editors, customers and their representatives. Our new designs are developed as part of the open culture defined by Umberto Eco, when he pointed out that the contemporary approach to creation is not fixed by the creator, but can also be reinterpreted, as it is by jazz musicians. When we design new products for the modern world, we understand they need to be created with the input of architects, designers and customers, each of whom has an essential and active role to play. It’s less about me, more about us.

The harsh realities of the marketplace are also obliging companies to compete with imagination and innovation. The human is central to this in a way unprecedented in the history of working life. The two old notions of individuality and being part of a crowd are now merged into a new system, where the relation of individuals in a community is re-organised. For many years, decisions on how to buy light fixtures, floor and wall finishes, furniture, accessories, plants and so on were taken on the basis of cold purchasing logic. Now, the climate has changed dramatically. Companies work with renowned architects and interior designers to help them create their workplaces. Their combined resources are 7



Porcelain Factory.

of Design, the Brera Academy

Her designs are displayed today, in

of Fine Arts in Milan and Milan

many museums all around the world.


During the last couple of decades Alev


Siesbye has developed in one of the

From 1990 to 1995, he was

best ceramists in Denmark. Her taut

the head of the Department of

bowl, howering on their tiny feet with

Architecture at the European

glowing glazes and pinging sounds

Institute of Design.

have long been admired.

In 1978 he established Studio di Architettura Luca Scacchetti, where

Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye was born

Now Alev Siesbye brings her art into

he collaborates with architects, city

in 1938, in Istanbul, Alev Ebüzziya

everyday life and onto the table with

planners, historians, engineers and

Siesbye has worked on sculpture

her new glass series for Koleksiyon


between 1956-58 at the Istanbul

called “Tigris”

State Fine Arts Academy and has

Scacchetti still writes articles

worked in ceramics at the Füreya

on the history of architecture;

Workshop. In the years that followed,

architectural design methods and

she continued her work at The

the relation between these methods

Istanbul Eczacıbaşı Ceramic Factory

and industrial design. He also ,

and at The Danish Royal Porcelain

participates in many conventions

Factory in Copenhagen.

and conferences in Italy, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the United States.

In 1969, in Copenhagen, she established her own workshop and


then in 1987 moved it to Paris. Ebüzziya, between the years, 1975-

Luca Scacchetti was born in 1952 in

90 has worked as a designer at

Milan. After he graduated from the

The Rosenthal Porcelain Factory in

Department of Architecture in Milan

Germany and since 1984 continued

Polytechnic, he taught at various

her work in Copenhagen at the Royal

institutes like the European Institue 9

the Koleksiyon brand was born and

traditional Turkish tea glass and

went on to touch the lives of many

“raki” glass as well as completed

around the world with its high-

the Bodrum Bakraz Houses project

quality and innovative designs. The

which made it to the finals of the

quality of Malhan’s designs, his feel

World Architecture Festival, one

for the craft and his work ethic have

of the world’s most prestigious

rendered Koleksiyon a major force in

architecture competitions. Malhan

contemporary design scene.

has been honoured with a number of national and international

With its first store in İstanbul

awards including the Ministry

Nisantası, Koleksiyon set the trend

of Environment’s “Environment

Faruk Malhan, the founder of

for the emerging urban lifestyle of


Koleksiyon, was born in İzmir in

the eighties. Because of its growing

1947. After completing his high

product range Koleksiyon centralised

Since 1972, Malhan has been

school education in Izmir College

all production facilities in 1988.

applying his ideas and designs to

and Izmir Ataturk High School, he

The firm continued to invest in new

spearhead Koleksiyon’s development

attended the Faculty of Arcihtecture

technology, providing employment

as a business. Hi trademark is

at the Middle East Technical

for 400 people in Tekirdağ and

a synthesis of the intellectual,

University (METU). His education

contributing significantly to the

sociological, aesthetic and practical

included training by professors from

Turkish and European economy.

aspects of design, marking him

Bauhaus, including Fritz Janeba,

Under Malhan’s leadership Koleksiyon

out as the foremost designer and

providing him witha solid grounding

has continued to pioneer new ideas


in design and architecture.

in the furniture sector over the past


four decades, becoming one of the Faruk Malhan embarked upon

leading brands in the domestic,

his career in a metal workshop in

office, education, tourism and health

Ankara in 1971, the same year in


which he graduated from university. It is out of these humble beginnings

Most recently, Malhan has

and years of effort and devotion that

reinterpreted the design of the 10

He founded his own studio “ReichertDesign” and started to give design lectures in 2004 at the Aachen University of Applied Science. He then accepted the offer from the University of Applied Science Schwabisch Gmünd in 2007 to become part of its faculty. GERHARD REICHERT

His areas of expertise are office


furniture design, interiors, lightening Gerhard Reichert was born in

units and industrial and medical

Eckhard Hansen was born in

Ravensburg, Germany in 1962. After

products. He is also an active

Germany in 1940. He started

graduating from the University of

member of several design juries as an

practicing furniture design and

Applied Science Weingarten with a

expert, advisor and member.

production in 1976 and, in 1982,

degree in Mechanical Engineering, he

he founded Swiss Design where

continued his education in integral

he produces his own designs.

design at the SADK Stuttgart. During

Hansen has received many awards

his studies he started working for the

from the Design Center and has

Siemens Design Center.

worked for international companies such as Comforto(Germany), Sita

He developed a new modular-car-

(Switzerland), Allsteel (USA) and

systems for SKODA in cooperation

Dyna Mobel (Spain).

with the Fraunhofer Institute. He worked as the project manager at MH

He is best known for his “24 hour

Design Engineering in Switzerland

chair” and “Automatic Synchron

and Germany between 1993-1997.

Mechanism” that enables the chair to automatically adapt to individual

In 1997 he was invited to Milan by

body weight. He owns various

Michele De Lucchi to work with him.

international patents and copyrights. 11

wide range of areas from furniture,

Design7even companies. He became

lightning and industrial product

the design project manager of

design to experimental research

StudioXRoss Lovegrove for nearly two


years between 2004 and 2006.

In 2010, WertelOberfell opened a

In 2006, together with Gernot

second studio in Munich.

Oberfell, they founded the Wertel Oberfell platform in London which works in a wide range of areas


including furniture, lightning, industrial product design as well as

Gernot Oberfell was born in 1975 in

experimental research pieces.

Germany. Oberfell studied Industrial Design at the KĂźnste Stuttgart State

In 2010, Wertel Oberfell opened a

Art Academy during which he was

second studio in Munich.

a visitor student at the Glasgow Art School for one year. JAN WERTEL He completed his degree in 2004 and did internships at Renz Heller’s

Jan Wertel was born in 1976 in

Graphic Design Office, Fraunhofer

Germany. He graduated from the

Institute IPA Stuttgart Vaihingen and

Industrial Design department of the

with the architectural model designer

Kunste Stuttgart State Art Academy

Uwe Brodner.

in 2004.

After graduation, Oberfell started

During his college years, Wertel

to work in the Lovegrove StudioX as

held internships at Carpenter Braun

the Design Project Manager, and in

and the Metalsmith May Studios. He

2006 he founded the Wertel Oberfell

then started to work as a freelance

platform in London which works in a

designer for the Industrial and 12


Malhan has been the General

Birim, Delta and Derin.

Manager of Koleksiyon Contract

Awards and Exhibitions:

& Office since 2008 managing

- 2001 YAPI - Turkeybuild Istanbul

the entire product portfolio of

2011, Booth Design Award,

the brand. In addition to creating

Honourable Mention

his own designs, he works closely

- 2001 İston Kiosk- City Furniture,

with Koleksiyon’s partners from

Honourable Mention

international design studios to ensure

- 2005 Design Turkey / Interior

a consistent approach is taken to

Design Awards 2005 Polo Garage: The

product design and development.

best store in Metrocity Shopping Mall,

Koray Malhan was born in Ankara in


1972. After attending the Industrial

- 2005 Interior Design Exhibition,

Design department at Mimar

Turkey and Germany

Sinan University, he completed his

- 2007 “Ilk in Milano” Exhibition,

degree in furniture design at the


Ravensbourne College of Design and

Turkish Touch in Design

Communication in London in 1995.

- 2007 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Up until 2000, he worked on design

at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara

projects at Koleksiyon, after which


he became the brand and product

- 2007 “Re-tabure” Exhibition

manager of the company for the

sponsored by Maison Francaise


Design Magazine

following two years. 1982 – 1986 Graduated from

- 2007 “Block” Exhibition

Since 2002, Malhan has been

Marmara University, Faculty of

- 2010 “Her şey eskizle başladı / It

supervising the development of

Fine Arts, Department of Industrial

all started with a sketch” Exhibition,

design projects, collaborations

Product Design. 1994 Founded

Design Park

with foreign designers and studios

own design studio “Özden Design”.

- 2010 Design Turkey Awards, Office

and been responsible for brand

Collaborated with companies such as

Furniture Category, Superior Design


Vestel, Polo Garage, Gilan, Gizia, 3M,


Burger King, Bilgili Holding, Garanti, 13

Their principle clients include: Antonangeli, Caimi Brevetti, Crédit Agricole Asset Management (CAAM), Eurizon Capital Sgr Spa, eDePadova, Koleksiyon, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Nemo-Cassina, Poltrona Frau, Olivetti, Rubinetterie Teorema, Slide, Serafino Zani. They won the Red Dot Design Award in 2007, Design Turkey SEZGİN AKSU

2008, Good Design USA 2008 and Adi


Design Index 2003 (Battista, Koala Sezgin Aksu was born in 1970 in

- Caimi brevetti), 2009 (Kaleidos –

Marco Penati was born in Milan. After

Turkey. He studied in the Akademie

Caimi brevetti), Italy.

receiving his diploma in Industrial

der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

Technology, Penati worked and

(Germany), Les Ateliers, Paris

Sezgin Aksu also lectures at the

co-operated with many designers

(France) and with Silvia Suardi in

Istituto Europeo del Design (IED),

like Castiglioni, Zanuso, Colombo,

Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and

the Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti

Mendini, Branzi, Munari, Mari in the

Seviglia (Spain).

(NABA) and the Istituto Superiore di

70s and 80s.

Architettura e Design (ISAD). The designer started his professional

He founded the SIGLA Design Studio

life in the Studio of Michele De Lucchi

with architect Patrizia Scarzella and

and worked there for nearly 10 years.

Marina Bani in 1997.

In 2001, together with Silvia Suardi,

Penati still works as a manager

they founded the AKSU/SUARDI

in SIGLA, teaches at the Instituto

Studio in Milan and started working

Europeo di Design in Milan, and

on interior design projects for private

writes satirical novellas about

houses and public spaces, exhibition

thedesign world.

design, industrial/furniture and graphic design. 14

The Studio’s clients include; Antonangeli, Caimi Brevetti, Credit Agricole Asset Management (CAAM), Eurizon Capital Sgr Spa, eDePadova, Koleksiyon, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Nemo-Cassina, Poltrona Frau, Olivetti, Rubinetterie Teorema, Slide and Serafino Zani. The AKSU/SUARDI Studio received many awards such SILVIA SUARDI

as the Red Dot Design Award (2007),


Design Turkey (2008), Adi Design Silvia Suardi was born in 1967 in

Index (2003) and Kaleidos – Caimi

Studio Kairos was established by the

Italy. She completed her University

brevetti (2009).

engineer and architects Giuseppe

education in Italy and Spain at the

Manente and Abramo Mion in Milan

Universities of Politecnico di Milano

Suardi, who works with many

and Seviglia.

international magazines, has

in 1980.

published two books entitled ,

Kairos in Classic Greek means the

Suardi began her career in the Studio

“Michele De Lucchi: Dopotolomeo”

right point, the right place, the right

of Michele De Lucchi and worked

(Skira) and “Marco della Torre. Il

time and the right degree.

there for approximately 10 years.

progetto per l’arte”, (Logos).

Studio Kairos is active in the fields

In 2001, together with Sezgin Aksu

of construction, decoration and

she founded the AKSU/SUARDI Studio

She also lectures on design and

industrial design and its clients

in Milan which works in a variety of

exhibition design in various schools.

include B&B Italia, Colombo Design,

areas from interior design projects

Comune di Venezia, Dada, Dolomite,

for private houses and public spaces

Fincantieri, Herman Miller, Molteni

to exhibition designs to industrial/

& C., Murakoshi Japan, Nordica,

furniture and graphic design.

Poliform, Boffi and Varenna.


as an industrial designer. Pentagon

exchange program.

Design has a wide range of clients including Hackman, Littala, Cembrit,

Suomela graduated from the

Kesko, Orthex, RAY, Oras, Tikkurila

Industrial Design Department in 1998

and IDO Bathroom. The designer

and became one of the founders of

holds a consultant certificate of

Pentagon Design.

Design Start, received in 2004, and speaks Finnish, Swedish, English and

He still works as the Design Director


in the same company which offers services to a wide range of clients


including; Hackman, Littala, Cembrit, Arni Aromaa was born in 1972 in

Kesko, Orthex, RAY, Oras, Tikkurila, IDO

Finland. The designer received his


degree in Industrial and Strategic Design from the Helsinki Art and Design University in 1998. He also completed a Business Administration program in International Design at the Helsinki


Economical School in the same year and took lessons in the Department

Sauli Suomela was born in Finland

of Industrial Design at Schwabisch

in 1969. He graduated from the

GmĂźnd Design University for six

Hyvinkaa Art School in 1990.

months as part of the student exchange program.

During his Master’s degree in the Helsinki Art and Design University

He is among the founding partners

he had the opportunity to study in

of the Pentagon Design where he

the Milano Technical University for

works as the General Manager and

six months as part of the student 16

seating as director for product development and engineering at Wilkhahn and as director for brand and product development in SamasGroup (brands like Drabert, Martin Stoll, Sitag, Viasit, Sch채rf and Fortschritt). Iglseder and his design team have received many famous design awards. He is owner of more HEINRICH IGLSEDER

than 50 patents and copyrights. In 2006 he founded H.I.Tec GmbH where

Heinrich Iglseder was born in

he produces electromechanical

Salzburg, Austria in 1957. After

sensors and products for

graduating from the Technical

international brands like Royal

University of Munich as Dr.-Ing.

Appliance Int. TTI-Group (China),

in 1986 he started his career as

Camfil (Sweden), Vileda (Germany)

scientist and professor for space

and others. He developed the swivel

engineering at the universities of

chair platform Gala for Koleksiyon.

Bremen and Tokyo and was coinvestigator of three space missions to the moon, low Earth orbit and Mars. Since 1996, he transferred his scientific knowledge to industrial developments and spin-offs for Vorwerk and Miele. Since 1999, he designed and developed several successful products in office furniture and


Green Innovations


all of our wood and metal painting processes, employing the most advanced techniques in the western world. No chemicals of any sort are used in the lacquering and epoxy coating processes, all paints are water based and soluble. Dust is removed at the point of production on the wood manufacturing line, ensuring it is not in the atmosphere for people to breathe in. Instead it is used along with all other wood waste to heat the factory. Carbon monoxide from this process is filtered in a five step process to ensure there are no final emissions. Waste from the factory is categorised in 20 different ways to be recycled by specialist contractors in the most efficient way. Other waste products are filtered using one of two biological and chemical filtering systems on site. The output of these filtering systems is collected by companies registered to the Ministry of the Environment.

Over the last five years, all of Koleksiyon’s investments have been guided by a well defined sustainability strategy. We believe this goes beyond introducing green manufacturing techniques and requires us to question the processes and conventional wisdoms of the industrial age and develop a new perspective. The first step is to question the very need to make something in the first place so that each new product is by definition both new and necessary.

These systems ensure that manufacturing areas remain clean and healthy for all of our colleagues, that products are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous throughout their life cycle and that our production processes are totally safe for As well as these long term considerations, we the environment. are also committed to developing immediate solutions as part of our vision of a sustainable This is in turn achieved by only selecting the right future. Over the past five years, we have changed raw materials from managed and accredited 19

resources including sustainable agricultural forests in Belgium, Germany and Italy. Plastic resins are chosen for their recyclability and, wherever possible, we use recycled resins. Our commitment to the environment starts with the design process, so that each product is designed from the outset to be easy to dismantle and recycle. In the last year alone we have invested ₏1.5 million in these processes and are committed to an ongoing programme of investment in new techniques, technology and materials. Our latest project is to produce clean energy for our manufacturing plant and have already erected a pilot wind mill scheme that will ultimately exceed our need for energy, taking full advantage of the hillside location of the factory. Koleksiyon has received a number of environmental accreditations including ISO 18001 ISG for health and safety of all workers, ISO 14000 for Environment, and ISO 9000 – 2000 for quality systems thanks to the SAP systems management which manages all processes from purchase, to planning, production, sales and so on.





The ideas from Koleksiyon Contract & Office reflect contemporary business life in all its richness and sophistication. Our workshop approach to creativity ensures a completely free working environment. With an exclusive product range which includes the designs of Studio Kairos, Faruk Malhan, Koray Malhan, Gernot Oberfell, and Jan Wertel, Koleksiyon offers solutions for project partners including designers, experts, contractors, and investors. Whether you are looking to specify or purchase for executive offices, workstations, meeting rooms, receptions, contact centres, administrative buildings, business centres, banks, hospitals, hotels, or recreational facilities, Koleksiyon can help you to create spaces where people are free to realise their dreams. Koleksiyon Contract & Office furthers its design, production, and commercial oppurtunities through global operations in exports, imports, and joint ventures. 23



British American Tobacco, Project by Yalın Tan & Jeyan Ülkü Architects



British American Tobacco, Project by Yalın Tan & Jeyan Ülkü Architects

Siemens, Project by SeyaĹ&#x; & Net Architects

Fatih College, Project by Zambak Architects

Philips Headquarters, Project by Sistema Ltd

Toyota Headquarters, Project by Kg Architects

Roche Headquarters, Project by Zoom Tpu Architects



Zaman, Project by Zambak Architects



Güzel Sanatlar, Project by Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects

Güzel Sanatlar, Project by Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects

Istanbul Foundation For Culture and Arts, Project by 212 Architects


Trump Towers/Interiors, Project by Brigitte Weber Architects


3M Headquarters, Project by Arif Ă–zden Architects



EFG Hermes Headquarters, Project by Gensler

Finans Bank, Project by Yunus Engin Deniz & Esin Sezginer Architects


EFG Hermes Headquarters, Project by Gensler


Turkish Notary Association, Project by Muum Architects



Genel Energy, Project by Murat Artu

Fatih College, Project by Zambak Architects


Turkish Notary Association, Project by Muum Architects


Toyota Headquarters, Project by Kg Architects



SAP Headquarters, Project by Yalın Tan & Jeyan Ülkü Architects

Notes and Sketches:


Š Koleksiyon, 2012 Ref No 001/05/2012 Print May 2012 45


Koleksiyon Furniture May-June-July 2012

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