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7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Stroller


How Will You Use the Stroller? ■

Taking to jogging? A jogging stroller makes running easy without sacrificing comfort.

For trips to the mall or grocery store, a collapsible model offers simple folding mechanisms.

Towing two children instead of one? A double stroller seats two, side-by-side or tandem!


Choosing Additional Features ■

Many of today’s strollers come with additional convenience features for parents.

Additional storage puts groceries, diapers, or toys within reach.

Other strollers come with beverage holders or iPod connectivity and speakers.

Find strollers that offer features that suit your lifestyle.


Keeping Your Child Entertained ■

Older infants and toddlers do need to be kept busy.

Some strollers offer on-board toys to keep curious hands off store shelves while you shop.

Look for strollers that are easy to use while still offering your child stimulation during long trips.


A Stroller That Grows ■

The best strollers are adaptable. You can adjust height and other features as your child grows!

Many strollers allow you to have your infant facing you or the outside world.

Models that grow with your child can save you money, as you won’t have to replace your stroller again and again.


Strollers That Seat Two ■

There is a great range of tandem strollers available now that weren’t on the market ten years ago.

Today’s options allow you to seat two infants, toddlers, or one older sibling and one infant.

Choosing a tandem or side-byside stroller with the flexibility to grow with your kids helps make trips outside much easier.


Is the Stroller Portable? ■

Umbrella-type strollers are ideal for older infants who can sit up on their own.

These strollers typically collapse with one simple movement, making it easier for you to load into your car.

Lightweight, these strollers are easy to move from the car to inside your home.


Consider the Price â–

Strollers range from $20 to $500, though higher prices are not always indicative of quality.


Consider your budget when shopping for a stroller, then compare product reviews for models within your price range.


Different types of strollers come with different costs, owed to their differing features.


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Description â–

Choosing a stroller for your children can be challenge with all of the different options on the market today. Doing proper research ahead of time ensures your stroller offers the ease of use and convenience you and your children deserve.


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