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12th Essential Medicines Recruitment Help yourself. Help others. Volunteer.


Essential Medicines, or EMed, is the voluntary wing of NUSPS. Our members are a dedicated group of people who plan, execute and take part in meaningful activities that give back to the society. These include pharmacy-related volunteer projects such as Medication Reviews as well as other ad-hoc projects involving interaction with young children as well as the elderly.

Our Objectives? - To be intermediaries between philanthropic drug houses and communities in need - To aid pharmaceutical companies and sponsors in identifying credible beneficiaries - To facilitate charities and welfare groups in sourcing medicines and supplements needed in their operations Page | 2

WHAT DO WE DO? Basically anything and everything that falls under volunteerism!

Public Education: (On left) Common ailments and its complications. (On right) Community Health Assist Scheme

Our past projects include a health zone and carnival program where we reinforced a healthy lifestyle in young children through games, an NUH program where we participated in activities such as the conduct of a mobile library for children and also the World Diabetes Day at NUS where volunteers manned blood pressure management stations and conducted counselling on lifestyle habits to the NUS population.

Public Education: (On left) Common ailments and its complications. (On right) Community Health Assist Scheme

Basic health screening and medication reviews with registered Pharmacists

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What do the different roles in EMed play? There are currently 4 different key roles in the Essential Medicines Committee namely: Publicity, Marketing, Operations and Voluntary Team. Their respective job scopes are listed below: Publicity Team  Advertising and promotion of all Emed activities (e.g. preparation of PowerPoint slides for publicity)  Visual documentation of the event and preparation of event’s publicity material (flyers etc) Marketing Team  Coordination of fund-raising activities  Sourcing of sponsorship for Emed events Operations Team     

Working with the Marketing Team to secure sponsorship items Liaising with the external agencies for the collection of sponsored items Ensuring the logistical requirements of all E-med activities Procure items required for Emed activities Maintain the Emed cupboard

Voluntary Team  Liaise with external organisations  Allocation of volunteer manpower and assigning job roles to the volunteers, so as to ensure volunteers all have a role and know what they are supposed to do.  Ensure that the residents/elderly signup for the event and that they are not left out (i.e. make sure that they get attended to during the event)  Looking out for other volunteering opportunities

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Why I should join Emed! 1) I want to have a more fulfilling undergraduate career.

Volunteering is always a rewarding experience, be it for the giver or receiver. 2) I want to interact with people.

As future healthcare professionals, we will be communicating with our patients on many different fronts every day. Volunteering will only serve to sharpen and hone our skills.

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Why I should join Emed! 3) I want to know my course mates better / I want to work with Pharmacists

Each team in every project would have a healthy mix of students from the different years of study. Joining Emed is a good opportunity for seniors and juniors to mingle. Also, during medication reviews, students also can get to engage in discussions with Pharmacists and these increase our awareness both in drug knowledge as well as pharmacy as a profession.

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The 12th EMED Committee The following are concise portfolios for the various positions in the EMed committee. Project Director - Steers the general direction of the committee - Chairs the EXCO’s meetings and represents the committee in external meetings - Acts as Liaison Officer between the Committee and PSS, NUSPS and other external organizations like North West CDC Assistant Project Director - Take over the Project Director’s duties in his or her absence - Acts as Liaison Officer between the Committee and the Pharmacy Student Body Secretary - Establishes and updates the committee’s Institutional Knowledge Archive - Reviews Meeting Agendas and vets Event Proposals - Draft up minutes and reviews them at every meeting to ensure every committee member is kept on task Treasurer - Manages the Committee’s funds and oversees the Committee’s Budget and Expenditure - Sets budget proposals for the Committee’s Events Marketing Wing Director - Manages the Marketing Wing in securing sponsorships for the Committee’s Events - Propose and execute activities that generate income for the committee to fund for its Events Publicity Wing Director - Manages the Publicity Wing in promoting the public’s awareness of the Committee as well as its events

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Volunteer Team Manager - Manages the volunteers for the Committee’s Events and assign them to various roles and responsibilities - Ensure the volunteers are clear on their roles and responsibilities prior to Events - Main contact person for the volunteers Operations Team Manager - Manages the Operations Team in ensuring that preparation for the Committee’s Events are kept in order, as well as to manage the Events as according to plan

Do contact the committee members should you have any queries with regard to the roles they played in the 11th EMed committee. Name


Contact Number

Email address

Neo Jun Kai

Project Director Deputy Project Director Secretary Treasurer Voluntary Team Manager Publicity Manager Marketing Manager Operations Team Manager Operations Team Manager


Ng Yali Shermain Loh Guek Leng Koh Pek Har Lim Mei Yoke (Stella) Loy Xue Ming Kristine Wong Lee Yong Yang, Irvin Tan Yan Zhi

93365918 81269199 97374581

92222365 96918887 91899144



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I would like to ask ‌ 1) I am in year 1. Why should I join? The bulk of applications every year usually come from the Freshmen. Freshmen year is the best time to try out campus activities while the workload is still relatively low. We need your energy and enthusiasm to make our projects a success! Also, it would be a good exposure should you decide to take on leadership roles in the future. 2) I am a senior. Why should I join? We understand that seniors are extremely busy with coursework and for the graduating cohort, FYPs. However we need experienced seniors in each team to guide the juniors when it comes to Medication Reviews as this require the use of MIMS as well as other drug references. It is also a good chance to practice communication and counselling skills and maybe put some drug knowledge to good use. 3) How much commitment do I need? The level of commitment required from each individual differs from projects and the role each person plays in the project undertaken so there is no clear cut distinction. You might be required to attend meetings but these are few and far in between. Besides, you get to decide on when you would want to chair the meetings for each voluntary team taking on a particular project for the month. Planning for events might seem daunting and exhausting but the workload will be shared with the other members of the committee. As for the participation in projects, it is normally held on weekend mornings not lasting more than half the day so you will still get the rest of the day to yourself after the event ended. Page | 9

Hesitate no more, join us NOW! Should you still have any enquiries, do not hesitate to ask! Neo Jun Kai (Year 3) Director, 11th Emed

Shermain Ng (Year 3) Asst Director, 11th Emed

We strongly encourage you to run for the available positions! Looking forward to welcoming you to the EMed family.

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