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4.1. NATURE • • • • •

Legislative initiatives in the environmental field Improving the mechanizms of public administration in the field of environment Environmentally friendly forms of economic management Maintaining biological diversity Kazakhstan and global environmental challenges


• Ensuring the right of every person to environmentral safety • Ensuring the right to health care, improvement of living conditions.


• Revival of culture and spirituality, and moral values. • Science and education


• Developing a civil society to exercise constitutional rights of citizens • Environmentally oriented development of economy • Social and youth policy







Development of Kazakhstan’s society through comprehensive solution of environmental problems, increasing social responsibility of every citizen, respect for democratic values and rejection of violence in any form. We are advocates of the free, democratic and strong Kazakhstan, living in a peaceful, equitable and environmentally sustainable world community.


1. The necessity of building an equitable dialogue in the country taking into account the interests of all sections of population and echelons of power, development of joint systemic approaches to address environmental and related to them social and economic problems. 2. The lack of a common policy approach to solving environmental problems despite the existence of a large number of non-governmental organizations and movements mainly focusing their activities on some specific areas or regions. 3. Environmental problems have no boundaries, and therefore it is necessary to use twice as much the huge international experience in addressing environmental issues and actively integrate into the international community of the green movement, which in many countries of the world has long been an influential political force. 4. The need to awaken citizens from political apathy and give them the belief that every individual can influence the decisions made to solve the pressing problems of the society and by concrete actions change the situation for the better. 5. Objective emergence in society of the force that will fight for the provision of basic human rights including the right to life, clean environment, drinking water, food, affordable housing, health care, education and employment.


1. Promoting sustainable development and welfare of Kazakhstan as a strong, independent, democratic and ruleof-law state based on humanistic ideals and values that were developed by the mankind over the centuries-old history basing on respect for human rights, environmental responsibility, freedom, justice, gender equality, pluralism of opinions and non-violence. 2. Forming and developing the Kazakhstan society, healthy not only physically but also morally. The society, in which the highest value is an individual, his rights and freedoms. The society, in which the state provides the conditions for a decent life, free expression of the will and favorable environment for every citizen. 3. Promoting green ideas as part of the national idea of Kazakhstan.

OBJECTIVES:           

Consolidation of all the stakeholders in the person of citizens and organizations concerned about environmental issues in Kazakhstan; Revival of culture and spirituality, moral values; Creating the system of environmental security for the population of Kazakhstan; Promoting partnership and mutual understanding between governmental agencies, business circles, the third sector, and scientists in their collaborative efforts and approaches to solving moral, environmental, social and economic problems; Developing and implementing the environmental policy of Kazakhstan; Developing the environmental awareness among citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Developing the system of environmental education in Kazakhstan; Public health protection in Kazakhstan; Creating the conditions for steady improvement of the quality of life of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, their living standards, access to education, health care and favorable ecological environment. Introduction of low waste and environmentally friendly technologies; Implementing in practice, rather than on paper of the system of environmental impact assessment and audit for the government decision-making; Building strong mutually beneficial international relations in the sphere of environmental protection for sharing best practices and active participation in solving global environmental problems.


The Green Party “Rukhaniyat” will pursue its goals and objectives through:   

Election of members of the party to the legislative and executive bodies of the country at all levels; Active awareness raising work, information campaigns among the population, mass media, non-governmental organizations, business entities, academic organizations and state structures; Strict compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Morality Ecology Justice Democracy Peace Respect of other people’s opinions Right to a decent, free and healthy life for future generations

Based on these principles, we, the Green Party “Rukhaniyat” believe that:          

Without moral, responsible attitude to the environment, the humanity cannot move forward. Therefore, cultural wealth and spiritual values, lofty ideals are part of the “green” policy and should become part of the life of every citizen of the country; The traditional national culture of our people incorporates the unique experience of centuries - old peaceful coexistence and compatibility with the surrounding world. We must return to traditional values using global best practices; The development of culture, art, the state language should go hand in hand with the development of state and society; The solution of environmental problems should be a priority in the domestic and foreign policy; Every citizen of the country as well as the community in general has the right to environmentally safe living conditions sharing personal and global responsibility to society and the environment; The social and economic problems of the society must be considered and addressed through the prism of ecological approaches; The raw material dependent mode of economy of the country needs to be re-oriented to the sustainable development based on the use of renewable resources. In the energy sector there should be a switch from the use of hydrocarbons to the active use of alternative sources of clean energy; Rich natural resources should serve to the benefit of the entire people of Kazakhstan, subject to compliance with international environmental standards; Community and the State must develop and implement the principles of democracy, social justice, respect for the opinion that differs from the official one, consideration of minority rights and the rule of law; We must protect the interests of not only present but also future generations - our posterity, those who are not yet born, and therefore cannot influence anything.

The Kazakhstan Green Party “Rukhaniyat” shares the Global Greens Charter - the document that was agreed upon by 800 delegates from the Green Parties of 70 countries of the world at the first Global Greens meeting in Canberra (Australia) in April 2001 and the “New Green Deal for Europe”. We declare that: 

   

The environment cannot continue to exist without responsible, cultured attitude on the part of each individual: without such an attitude, there is no future for the humanity in general. The concept of human culture includes the responsibility, awareness, liability, ability to answer for one’s deeds, show concern about the surrounding world and one’s family and people around; Culture cannot exist by itself, in a vacuum, because it is a system of material and spiritual values, created and being created by the mankind and constituting its spiritual and social objective reality; It is impossible to conceive a person apart from the nature and outside the society; A society only then has the right to a decent existence, when it shares common interests and values. These, for the society and the state, should be the interests of every citizen and respect for his/her fundamental rights. We are committed to staunchly defend the interests of life, to promote and do everything possible for building harmonious relationship between the society and nature in Kazakhstan. 3


Conservation, restoration and improvement of the environment are a priority for the Green Party “Rukhaniyat”. This process encompasses a wide range of activities: from the legislative initiatives in the field of environment to changes in human consciousness. We offer:

Legislative initiatives in the field of environment:     

To ensure greening of the Kazakhstan legislation by promoting legislative initiatives: the adoption of new laws, which would take into account the environmental interests of the society and the state; To initiate new legislation to meet modern challenges at the local and global levels; To provide a review of existing legislation for its conformity with the constitutional norms and international law, to identify outdated regulations and harmonize them by brining into compliance with international norms and agreements; To initiate the adoption of the proposals in the environmental field from all stakeholders - associations, movements, citizens of the country; To create a National Inventory of environmental problems in Kazakhstan with the active involvement of all stakeholders in order to determine accountability and identify effective and quickest ways for solving these problems.

Improving the Mechanisms of Public Administration in the Field of Environment      

To strengthen the control over the enterprises the activities of which have direct impact on the environment. To introduce the system of certification and regular mechanisms for motivating enterprises to actively use environment-friendly technologies; To develop and introduce the system of environmental audit of existing enterprises, including large mining industries with the participation of foreign investors; To launch the mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol and other international agreements on limiting hazardous emissions; Mandatory inclusion of contract clauses on environmental protection - and if necessary, to revise the contracts with major mining companies – they should have clear and stringent requirements to comply with the environmental standards; To strengthen the system of centralized state control in the field of environmental protection and natural resource use; To establish a National Public Council on environmental issues empowered to harmonize policies and actions in the field of environmental protection.

Environmentally Friendly Forms of Economic Management  

  

The agrarian sphere should become a priority sector in the country. It is necessary to develop the agriculture based on the exclusive use of advanced, environmentally friendly water-saving agricultural technologies; To revitalize the livestock farming as one of the traditional environmentally and economically viable forms of economic activity, the development of which will enable Kazakhstan to become a leading agricultural power and solve the issue of food security of the country, get rid of the raw-material oriented economy, revive arid lands, provide employment to the rural population; To restore leather industry and processing of wool on a commercial scale; To quit cultivation and use of genetically modified products; In all large cities and towns, to transfer the industry and transport to less harmful, and in the future, to alternative energy sources based on the use of the latest refinement technologies.

Maintaining Biological Diversity    

To realize wherever possible the principle of “You can only borrow from nature”; To do utmost to preserve the environment and mineral resources for future generations through active implementation of new energy saving technologies, wide use of renewable energy, conservation of deposits and minefields, transition from the raw material-oriented economy to high-tech industries; To restore the natural balance in the existing zones of environmental disaster; To increase the area of protected lands, create new nature conservancy zones, parks and reserves, to improve the mechanisms used for protection and control over their activities, to develop conservation management based on the best international practices; 4

  

To increase the number of environmentalists by improving the system of specialized training in educational establishments of the country. To enhance the professional prestige and motivation of young specialists; To maintain biodiversity through introducing the mechanisms aimed at preserving rare species of flora and fauna, and the ecosystems. To join international agreements in the field of biodiversity; To strengthen the fight against poaching.

Kazakhstan and Global Environmental Challenges     

To ensure the implementation of Kazakhstan’s obligations assumed under international environmental agreements; To refuse from providing the territory of the country for any toxic waste disposal; To secure the interests of the country when sharing the trans-boundary rivers and reservoirs; To actively participate in international projects and programs designed to restore the natural resources of Kazakhstan; To actively share experiences and implement nationwide the successful projects that have regional or global environmental impacts.


The Green Party “Rukhaniyat” believes that it is possible to change the world around us by personal changes in each member of the society. The personal moral, spiritual revival and development are not just a result of upbringing and education but these can be also achieved through renewing and changing a person’s attitude to himself/ herself and to his/her needs and desires. We offer:

Ensuring the Right of Every Person to Environmental Safety  

      

To ensure that the entire population of Kazakhstan should have access to quality drinking water which is an essential prerequisite of good health and long life. The problem of providing the population with quality drinking water should become a key priority for the entire country; In big cities, to implement programs of air purification that envisage complete gasification of the private dwelling sector, use of gas as fuel for transport vehicles, modernization of heat power plants, introduction of European emission standards for vehicles, development of clean urban public transport as a basic means of transportation for city residents, improvement of motor transport traffic management; To implement recycling of materials through constructing waste disposal facilities; To abandon the idea of building nuclear power plants in favor of developing and building a network of hydropower plants, and active development and deployment of alternative energy sources (wind, solar); To restore rivers and water reservoirs by settling political disagreements between countries of the region as well, through finding a balance between the interests of the community and a State’s obligations on the international arena; To introduce the system of joint public and state environmental control over the activities of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries, including foreign military bases on its territory; To carry out rehabilitation activities in the areas with historical contamination, including those resulting from the activity of the USSR military-industrial complex, under wide government and public control; To ensure the rights of citizens of the country affected by environmental and technological disasters for treatment and rehabilitation; To think over and organize free access of population to public recreation places for leisure and organized tourism.

Ensuring the Right to Health Care, Improvement of Living Conditions       

By struggling against bad habits and addictions, advocacy and promotion of healthy lifestyles to make every member of the society alter their attitude to their own health based on informed decision making; At the state policy level to encourage the pursuit of greater physical activity, physical education and sport; To improve the health sector, by including increased access to free health care. To reform the primary health care system and to restore the system of preventive medical examination of the population. To develop a comprehensive program of maternal and child health care; To ensure that the conditions should be available for the development of alternative forms of medicine and for implementation of the latest achievements in this field; To improve the system of provision with medications and health-resort treatment for those categories of the population who are in need of them; To raise the prestige of medical profession, to increase the salaries of health workers; To expand the list of diseases covered by the basic benefit package, to expand the quota for free treatment of the citizens living in areas of environmental concern; 5

   

Rejection of tobacco smoking, alcohol and drug use, along with adherence to healthy lifestyles should be encouraged economically and morally on the governmental level; To consistently comply with the law in the field of rights of the disabled people, to introduce international standards and to improve legislation in this area; To increase the responsibility of the employer for ensuring safety at work and for preventing industrial injuries; To observe strict sanitary standards of food safety, including the spheres of food production, food imports, catering services. Unconditional refusal from genetically modified food products.


We believe that culture plays a crucial role in the process of building an environmentally minded society. The foundation for future transformations is the revival of culture and spirituality, and moral values. Spiritual values constitute an integral part of the “green” policy. Kazakhstan culture incorporates the unique experience of centuries-old peaceful coexistence and compatibility with the surrounding world. Only through transformation of perception, through culture, it is possible to change one’s attitude towards the world. We offer:

Revival of Culture and Spirituality, and Moral Values.

To propose the “green” idea as a basis of Kazakhstan’s national idea for wide public discussion among the citizens of the country;  To develop a National Program of Comprehensive Development of Culture based on common human values and national traditions, which will provide for the development of culture, art, the state language and address the challenges and demands of today;  In the upbringing of the younger generation to go back to traditional values and concepts such as kindness, mercy, morality. Moral purity, respect for their own and other peoples’ traditions, for any labor, careful attitude to the environment, love of the Motherland, concern for others, not indifferent attitude towards public interests, humanism, priority of family values, rational attitude to consumption, responsible parenting, intolerance to corruption should be part of the national character of each citizen of the country;  To educate the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism aimed at honest labor, ethnic, class and religious tolerance, sustainable development and environmental outlook;  Recognizing the role of traditional religious faiths, we call for tolerance towards people of other faiths and beliefs, as we are all citizens of one country and building our common future;  Instead of the prevailing nowadays, Culture of Desires that is inherent to a consumer society, it is necessary to promote through education, training and propagation the Culture of the Needs that is characteristic of the societies of a higher level of development, which implies a rational, responsible attitude to one’s own needs, environment and society;  To maintain with solicitude the natural and cultural heritage of the country, increase the number of historical and cultural reserves, historic areas in different parts of the country;  To increase funding for culture at the level commensurate with the world standards and to introduce tax preferences for institutions of culture and cultural figures;  To introduce advantageous tax conditions for corporate philanthropy, patronage of art and literature, charity;  To increase the number of cultural institutions, to raise the prestige of professional artists by providing them with decent living conditions;  To return the possibility of free visiting by schoolchildren and students to cultural institutions thus making it part of the general education program;  To digitize the library and museum stocks of the country and provide free access to them via the Internet to educate young people;  To translate classical and contemporary highly artistic literary works into the state language and the languages of the peoples of Kazakhstan, to provide constant replenishment of library stocks;  To develop and support contemporary art, which allows a fresh look at pressing problems of the society;  To shape environmental ethics and behaviors through active implementation of environmental education programs incorporated into the educational process at schools;  To develop eco-tourism in every way possible to preserve the unique historical and natural areas and to foster patriotic upbringing of the younger generation. 

Science and Education 

To increase funding and provide all possible support to science, to restore the status and prestige of the National Academy of Sciences;


     

To ensure consolidation of efforts and sharing of experience with the academic and research communities of the leading countries of the world; To support environment-oriented research programs; To invest into advanced technology, inventions and discoveries in the field of ecology, to provide them with financial support; To develop and implement environmental education at all levels and stages of the learning process; To introduce the system of environmental attestation for the managerial personnel of state structures, manufacturing and agricultural enterprises; To create and maintain a unified environmental database accessible for the general public.


Only a truly strong civil society is capable to influence the government, to express the interests of all, at the same time taking into account the minority opinion as well. Interests of the society should be the interests of every citizen and respect for their fundamental rights. We offer:

Developing a Civil Society to Implement Constitutional Rights of Citizens   

    

To strictly observe the principle of the rule of law; To ensure that the principle of real separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers should be working; To protect and exercise rights and freedoms of every citizen in reality, which is reflected in observing the presumption of innocence, rejecting persecution of dissidents in any form, refusing from the punitive attitudes and practices of law enforcement agencies. Further humanization of the law enforcement system and bringing it into line with the international practice, the penitentiary system reform, and prohibition of torture; To ensure free and unhindered activities of independent media by bringing legislation into line with international standards; Not to limit the rights of women by providing them with equal opportunities for professional and civilian fulfillment; To struggle uncompromisingly against privileges, bureaucracy, corruption and nepotism. The officials, even of the highest rank, must feel the needs of their fellow citizens and be in similar financial and social conditions so that to be guided not by personal interests but by the interests of many people and the society; To ensure involvement of all citizens in the processes of discussion and decision-making of the matters that may directly or indirectly pose a threat to their life and health; To create conditions for wide public involvement in solving problems of environmental protection.

Environmentally Oriented Development of Economy               

To encourage “green” job openings; To carry out tax policy changes leading to a reorientation of the raw material-intensive economy to high-tech production with high value added; To ensure further growth and development of small and medium-sized businesses with special support for enterprises producing environmentally friendly products and opening the “green” jobs; To streamline the tax laws and reduce the tax burden in order to improve the working conditions for small and medium sized businesses, to create favorable conditions for the charity; To encourage establishment of production and use of recycled materials; To promote the process of switching production to safe technologies, production of environmentally friendly products, rational and environmentally safe land use; To adopt a government program to support power production projects based on the use of renewable energy sources; To work out and put into operation the technologies and mechanisms leading to reduction of energy losses during its production and transportation; To actively implement energy-saving technologies in housing and utilities sector as well as in other sectors; To make wide use wherever possible of secondary resources, to develop waste processing production; To implement the technologies of safe storage and processing of industrial waste and products; To ensure producer responsibility for the finished product throughout the entire cycle - from the manufacture to disposal; To refuse, if possible, from disposable/single-use goods in favor of production of goods designed for long-term use and modernization; To fully support introduction of energy-saving technologies at manufacturing facilities; To fully support establishment of waste-free or low-waste technology-based industries; 7

   

To make use of modern environmentally friendly agricultural technologies; To restore soil fertility and the humus soil in the areas of traditional stock breeding, provide measures to protect soil fertility; To ensure the conditions for natural reproduction of endangered species of flora and fauna as a result of human intervention; To ensure the rights of use of national resources for the future generations.

Social and Youth Policy        

   

     

To fight against unemployment, address the social security problems, pension coverage for the so-called “selfemployed” population, provide conditions for re-training, professional re-orientation in compliance with market requirements; To return to the system of free secondary and basic higher education; To improve the system of welfare for war and labor veterans, the aged people, people with disabilities, low-income citizens; To actively contribute to the processes of integration and social adaptation of repatriate settlers (Oralmans) and internal migrants; To streamline the legislation regarding the adoption of orphans, a preferential right of adoption should be granted to citizens of Kazakhstan, introduce other forms of custody of the orphaned children; To support the activities of the youth wing of the party; To develop environmentally-oriented ideology of the youth and streamline the youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; To develop and launch the program of political, economic and social adaptation of the youth; to establish active cooperation with the youth and youth organizations and their involvement in social activities, including environmental protection.


Constructive and fruitful cooperation with all interested citizens and organizations countrywide irrespective of political views, social status, ethnicity or religious affiliation to make it possible for them to contribute to the society development and to find the ways out of the cultural, environmental, and civilizational crisis; Active international cooperation with the global green movement; Getting an observer’s status to be followed then by a full membership in the European Green Party; We call to renounce any violence. Therefore, our activities are limited by peaceful methods only. We do not exclude the possibility of resorting to force but only in the cases when endangered are the country’s independence, its territorial integrity or global security.


Consolidation of all sound and caring forces of the society for developing an environmental approach to the further development of the country and society; Increase in the number of supporters and adherents of the Party through the campaigns and propaganda work by using all legitimate means; Adherence to the principles of human rights based on the recognition of their rights to life, clean air, water, food, environment, housing, medical treatment, education and work; Adoption of principles of the public relations in the country that are based on people’s right to be heard by the authorities and the right to influence the government; Development and implementation of the approaches to building the national economy designed not to harm the nature and human relations and to leave natural resources and a healthy environment for future generations; Adherence to the principles of international relations based on settling problems between states and peoples by peaceful means only, with mutual respect and mutual support.


We encourage all concerned citizens to participate in the development of the environmental approach to further development of the country and society!


We propose to develop a comprehensive program of development of Kazakhstan, which will be based:

On the revival of culture and the society of true spirituality founded on the fusion of universal moral values, the best national traditions and best practices of successful countries. 2. On the introduction of the system of national policy principles that determine a common environmental approach and include:  Principles based on the real priority of human rights to life, clean air, water, food, clean environment, housing, medical treatment, education and work;  Principles of the public relations in the country that are based on people’s right to be heard by the authorities, the right of citizens to influence the government;  Principles of the national economy based on the maximum preservation of the environment, natural resources and humane relations for future generations;  Principles of international relations based on joint settlement of issues between states by peaceful means only, with mutual respect and mutual support.

We encourage all our citizens, regardless of political views, social status, religious affiliation or ethnicity to make their contribution to the development of our country and to propose ways out of this situation, not to fall into the cultural, environmental and civilizational crisis.


Rukhaniyat Party platform eng  

Rukhaniyat Party platform eng

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