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Nuts & Bolts

Welcome to KOKOON................................................ 3 Contact Us................................................................ 4

Returns & Exchanges............................................... 33 Delivery Schedule.................................................... 34 Sample Set Scheduling............................................ 35 Sample Set Etiquette............................................... 36 Receiving the Samples............................................. 37 Packing Samples...................................................... 38 Sample Set Sell-Off.................................................. 39

Supply List................................................... 5

Commission Now that I’m a representative, what do I do?........... 8 KOKOON Eligibility Requirements.............................. 9

Representative Discount ................................. 11 Commission............................................................ 12 Charity Participation Guidelines.............................. 13 Recruiting & KOKOON.............................................. 13 What should I know about recruiting?.................... 16

Hosting Proper Use of Hostess Benefits............................... 17 Rep’s Hostess Credits & Mystery Hostesses............. 18 Putting Together Hostess Packets............................ 19 Hostess Kit Display Ideas......................................... 20 Tips for a Successful KOKOON Party......................... 21 Fifty Guests in Five Minutes.................................... 22 Elite Hostess Club.................................................... 23 Trunk Show Checklist............................................... 24 Hostess Guest List Helper........................................ 25 Wish List................................................................. 26 Mailing List Form.................................................... 27 Potential Trunk Show Form..................................... 28 Sales Checkout Worksheet...................................... 29 Show Closure Form................................................. 30 Charity Event Closure Form..................................... 31

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Entering Orders in Oasis Logging In................................................................ 42 Getting Started........................................................ 43 Manual Entry of a New Client.................................. 44 Entering a New Order.............................................. 45 Payment Options..................................................... 46 Cash & Carry............................................................ 47 Hostess Credits & Elite Hostess Club Discounts......... 48 Exchanges............................................................... 49 Oasis Q&A............................................................... 51

Marketing KOKOON Central...................................................... 53 Creative Standards & Proper Use............................ 54 Best Practices.......................................................... 55 Social Media............................................................ 57

Past Best Practices........................................... 57 Business Cards......................................................... 62 Accessing Photos..................................................... 63 Mailchimp E-mail Invite How-To.............................. 64

Welcome to KOKOON You are one of a very exclusive group of women who have been invited to be a part of our company. We’re very selective and we invest in our representatives like no other company. Please take the time to read through everything in this manual. The policies and procedures are very important for you to know in order to run your business. In the following pages you will find some helpful resources, including some examples of what our other representatives have found helpful and some creative ideas. Choose and use whatever works for you. Just remember that everything is pretty simple and follows common sense. Once you get started you will find doing trunk shows to be like riding a bike... easy as long as you keep your balance! Please feel free to contact us or your Team Leader (if you have one) with any questions.


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Contact Us Your Team Leader: Amber Munson, Operations Manger For all show/party/event info and sample scheduling; inventory questions. 612-338-0476 ext. 13 Laine Sou Weinberg, Designer For design questions and new referrals. 612-338-0476 ext. 10 612-386-4487 cell Richard Weinberg, CFO All money matters. 612-338-0476 ext. 15 Jenny Porwell, Customer Service For shipping and supplies. Please allow 1-2 weeks for requests! For technical assistance, graphics, and help with marketing materials: Call 612-338-0476 ext. 16

KOKOON Headquarters: 2508 - 24th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406 Ph. 612-338-0476 Fax. 612-338-7935

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What Do I Need To Get Started? • • • • •

Your marketing and merchandising skills! A computer with internet access (of course). And a bit of computer savvy. We strongly recommend an iPhone or Android. A good ink jet printer, preferably color. 7-8 Big Rubbermaid bins with lids, to transport the samples.

**DO NOT USE THE SHIPPING BINS TO TRANSPORT SAMPLES TO SHOWS** They are great for shipping, but will crack every fingernail and they are too big to carry. Rep Stickers (mailing label size) printed with your info. Put them on everything; sales orders, preview photos, postcards… • Labels: Avery #8161 - 1”x4” – For use on Order Forms and envelopes Avery #8163 - 2”x4” - Brochure Labels (if you prefer a bigger label) • 1 full length mirror, (at least one) about $15 at Target. • A good calculator. • Postage and envelopes. Use colorful, fun envelopes for your hostess’s invitations. Keep some big envelopes and stamps on hand for sending ‘Sold Out’ merchandise to other representatives. Additional Items To Consider: • Lint rollers • A steamer, (most of our clothes don’t need any steaming or ironing). • Static Guard, Febreeze, safety pins and ribbon. • Tag Guns and barbs (go to order guns and barbs for ‘fine fabrics’. • Bags & tissue for ‘Cash & Carry’. • Clipboards - (8) colored ~ Helps speed up the check out process. • Checklist for Trunk Shows, Hostess Kits. • Open a Business Checking account, or at least designate 1 credit card as your business credit card. This helps you to keep your personal accounts separate from your business. • General office supplies helpful to your business. **We also recommend you keep a file system for your orders and a mailing list and email list of clients and hostesses** We Supply: • An ever changing, exciting product line! • The Samples. The sample sets are on loan from KOKOON. They are our biggest expense and they must work in an efficient way. • Shipping of the Sample Set. We pay for Fedex “Expressaver” service, which is their 3 day service. We do not pay for overnight or 2nd day service.


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• • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

2 lightweight garment racks. Starting Business Cards. Starting Hostess Cards. Web site. The Reps’ part of the website is KOKOON Central, where we communicate with you and you have access to marketing info. Access to marketing images on our accounts at and Credit Card processing. Representatives enter orders on our website, we pay for the processing fees. Invitations. We provide a standard invitation in a letterhead format that can be fed through a printer with the party info. Reps and hostesses can also upgrade to more personal invites if they choose. The reps also have access to a copy on the website that they can customize or use as an email invitation. We recommend Mailchimp, which is a free email blast service. Order forms. You will need to put your Rep Sticker on all copies of the order form in the Representative box. The last copy of the order form is also the client receipt. You keep the white copy for your records. Shipping to the clients. We don’t believe in making our hostesses deliver the show orders! We subsidize the shipping costs to keep it reasonable for clients. “Thank You” notes from you to your client along with a current photo line sheet in each box shipped. The current ATS report (Available To Sell). This is a guideline, not a guarantee. Delivery status changes daily…print an updated list before each sale. Sale Checkout sheet. You can download as needed. This is basically a worksheet for you to calculate the hostess credit and reconcile your party transactions. You will need this info when you enter your orders online. Representative support. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can contact us or each other about merchandising strategies, ways to build your business, customer service questions, etc. Much of that info will also be available on the web.

**We’re here to help you build a successful business!**

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s Commission


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Now that I’m a representative, what do I do? • Wear KOKOON every day!!! This I can’t stress enough. The representatives who wear the clothes every day are the ones who are consistently successful. You are a walking advertisement. • Get the word out! Plan your kick-off week and your own huge open house. Send invitations, flyers, and e-mails to everyone you know. If it’s an e-mail include attachments of our photos and a link to our website - use our pre-made MailChimp templates (see page 61). • Book as many shows and private appointments as you can when you have the sample set. • Coach your hostesses. They don’t know what to expect. Help them have a successful show. • Make your events exciting! Make sure there is a high energy level and your hostess is an active participant in trying on clothes. Consider raffle drawings. Have e-mail sign-ups, raffle sign ups, photo line sheets, Hostess Benefits cards out for people to see. Most people have never heard of KOKOON. • Next selling dates? Have a sign-up sheet at your events and let people know when you’ll have the sample set again. • Manage your time and treat your time with respect. • Communicate! E-mail Amber your show dates, locations, and hostess names as soon as you book your show! • Confirm a week ahead of each event with your hostesses. Did they send their invitations? How many guests are they expecting? If they didn’t send invitations out at least a week ahead of time, it’s probably not happening. • Confirm with Amber a week ahead of when you are expecting a sample set. E-mail or call Amber immediately about cancelled parties or a potential party move... it may help move a sample rotation. VERY IMPORTANT! • Set-up is easy. Just plan on arriving about an hour early to hang clothes, organize, and let the hostess make her wish list. Set-up clothing according to Display Procedures (see page 33), or in a way that makes sense to you. • BE’s contagious! • Get your Hostess in a KOKOON top or outfit! You want her greeting her friends in KOKOON. Remember to encourage her to be involved and try on clothes with her guests. • Consult the stock guide throughout the show so you know what we’re sold out of. • Do help customers with selecting and coordinating pieces... everything’s cuter on! But don’t be pushy!

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• Help your hostess with her selection and calculate the hostess credit. Use the party checkout worksheet (see page 26) as a guideline. • Repack the clothing neatly in reverse order.

After the Event: • Enter orders within 24 hours... or less! We sell out of things! Keep the white copy for your records. Make sure you entered things correctly. If you see a mistake, e-mail Amber the details. Do not attempt to re-enter. • Fill out the Show Closure Form online (see page 27) and send to Amber within 48 hours. • Thank You notes to your hostesses are always a good idea! • Exceptional Customer Service is a must! • GET ORGANIZED for your sanity and to be able to follow up with clients and hostesses! Keep all copies of order forms and keep detailed records.

KOKOON Eligibility Requirements Candidates should have a strong fashion sense, love and wear KOKOON (most important!), feel comfortable merchandising and helping other women with fashion choices, have a large social network, be active in their communities, friendly and approchable, and be considerate of us, other reps and the samples, and be easy to work with. KOKOON is a fun and flexible way to earn extra income while building a stylish business! There are 2 ways you can become involved as a Representative for KOKOON: Sales Representative or Associate Representative. Sales Representative Position This is ideal for those who love the clothes and are interested in building a consistent and flexible business, looking for greater income potential, and a product line they would LOVE to be associated with. They have a creative, entrepreneurial spirit and the time, desire, and ability to build and sustain a fashion business. Initial Investment: $500 *Twice yearly Renewal fee: $150 Receives a Starter Package worth approximately $800 which includes your starting business cards, hostess cards, order forms, an assortment of Core Collection items, 2 lightweight garment racks, and access to all our marketing materials and technical support. We ask that Sales Representatives represent only KOKOON, and not any other direct sales companies. If you represent another direct sale company and feel it would not be a conflict, please discuss it with us.


s 9

We protect prospective client lists for 1 year until Representatives have had time to develop their business, and after that we protect their active client base to ensure they have a continued opportunity to succeed. Sales Representatives receive sample sets based on bookings, throughout the year. Commission: 20% commission with the ability to earn up to 27% commission through recruiting and mentoring, although we do not ever require anyone to recruit. We also offer monthly and seasonal sales incentives and occasional contests, as well as travel incentives to help our Representatives attend Sales Meetings. Hostess Credit 4 x’s per year. Rep Discount is 50% on all regular and sale items. Minimum sales: $15,000 per year. Don’t be daunted! Our trunk shows average about $1600/show in the spring and about $1900/show in the fall. Shows under $1000 are a rarity. Sales Meetings: Our Annual Sales Meeting and Recognition Ceremony is held in early to mid-January each year at various (hopefully) warm locations, and our July Fall Preview Party is in Minneapolis. We do not require our Representatives to travel, as we know you have many other expenses and obligations in your life, but we hope you will try to join us! Our twice yearly get-togethers are held in high regard by our Representatives and they are inspirational days filled with fashion, socializing, trend and marketing information, technical tutorials, and the best group of women ever! Associate Representative Position Ideal for women who love the clothes and just want a fun way to earn a little extra income and build a cute wardrobe, without much time commitment! Also a great option for women who work more than part-time, represent another direct sale product line or live in less populated areas. Initial Investment: $250 Twice yearly Renewal fee: $75 Receives a Starter Package worth approximately $400 which includes your starting business cards, hostess cards, order forms, an assortment of Core Collection items, 2 lightweight garment racks, and access to all our marketing materials and technical support. Show sample set for about 1 week, twice per year. Commission: 20% Receive Hostess Credit twice per year. Rep discount is 50% on all regular and sale items. May represent another direct sale product, EXCLUDING CLOTHING, if it seems to be a good fit between the candidate and KOKOON. (However, it is very costly for us to ship and lend out sets of samples, so we ask that you respect our investment and NOT sell other products during your KOKOON selling weeks.)

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This option is a great way to give representing a try, and you can upgrade to Sales Representative later if you like. Minimum sales: $3500 per selling week. Sales Meetings: (please see what these entail, above) Associates are invited to attend the Annual Sales Meeting and July Fall Preview Party, but it may be cost prohibitive when selling at this level.

Representative Discount Representative discount is 50% off all regular and sale priced merchandise. *Technically, there is no discount on the purchase of Gift Certificates* (When Representatives purchase gift certificates, it is part of their personal order, which they don’t receive commission on. Because of this, when a Rep is purchasing a Gift Certificate, you take a 20% discount on the purchase of the GC in lieu of commission on that item.) You may use your discount for personal purchases and purchases to help build your business; raffle items, donations, etc. You may NOT use your discount to purchase items for resale. This is grounds for immediate dismissal from KOKOON. 4 times per year a Rep may host her own show and collect the Hostess Credit. Commissions and Hostess Credits do not apply to Representatives’ personal orders. Do NOT enter personal orders as part of a show. They are entered as a separate transaction between the Rep and KOKOON. When you are entering your personal order, take a flat 50% discount on the entire order before the shipping charge. If you are redeeming a Hostess Credit or Gift Certificate or Rep Credit, take the credit then take your discount on the balance, and then add the shipping charge.

1) Total your order. 2) Deduct credits. 3) Deduct your discount. 4) Add shipping.

Any orders not entered correctly or not applying discounts correctly will be fixed and you will be charged the difference. Personal orders must be entered in the shopping cart as ‘PERSONAL’ and orders must ship to the home address on file for that representative.


s 11

Commission As a KOKOON representative, you make 20% commission on your sales. Commission checks are sent every other Friday. Commission period includes the previous 2 weeks, excluding the current week. Deadline for entering orders to make the cut-off for pay period is Midnight on the Saturday before payroll. • Your commission is based on your total sales which includes the guest and hostess spending (but excludes shipping, tax, discounts, hostess credit, merchandise credits, charity donations, and gift certificate redemptions. • You may have personal clients - you receive 20% off all of their orders, although there is no hostess credit for private clients or misc. sales. • There are no commission, hostess credits, or any other discounts or credits on the redemption of gift certificates. • There is no commission on personal orders. Commission deductions may include: • Past commission paid on a refunded item for any reason. • Incorrect application of discounts, credits, etc. • Incorrect use of our FedEx account or other shipping errors. • Shipping costs incurred by the representative’s incorrect data entering. Gift Certificates: Commission and hostess credit (if applicable) is applied to the purchase of a GC, never the redemption of a GC. **Reps who are purchasing Gift Certificates... Reps cannot use their rep discount on the purchase of GC’s. However, reps should be paid commission on the purchase of gift certificates. When reps purchase GC’s, they don’t show up as commissionable since it’s a personal order... so to compensate for this glitch, when reps purchase GC’s they take a 20% discount to make up for the commission. Charity, fundraising donations, or promo offers: These are deducted before calculating hostess credit and commissions.

s 12


KOKOON Charity Participation Guidelines All charity events must be cleared through the main office beforehand. You will need to submit the Charity Show Closure Form (see page 28), the organization information, and Tax ID if applicable. We need a charity donation form from the organization to make the donation, and a tax receipt afterward. Private charity events: A hostess may opt to have KOKOON donate 10% of their guests’ purchases to a legitimate charity or fundraiser in lieu of their 10% hostess credit and keep the elite hostess credit benefit if her show qualifies. (A 10% donation costs KOKOON double a 10% hostess credit.) During the following times, KOKOON will double charity donations to 20%: May 20th - September 8th or November 25th - January 31st KOKOON can accommodate up to 4 larger fundraisers per month such as charity fashion shows at the 20% discount rate. Please check with Amber on availability and book early. * There are no hostess benefits for public charity events. * We do not write checks to individuals for donations. * Commission is paid on the balance after donation, shipping, or any other credits, as always. * Silent auction donations: You may purchase items for silent auction donations using your discount and KOKOON will match your donation with an item of equal or lesser value, or a gift card. We must have a silent auction description form from the organization beforehand. Contact Amber to set this up.

Recruiting & KOKOON While KOKOON does not have a recruiting requirement, we also understand that our Representatives are the best testimonial we have. If you are someone who is interested in recruiting, it’s a greay way to boost your income! Share The Love, Share The Glory! If you love KOKOON, please share it! Building a team is a great way to earn Passive Income. Passive Income gives you the ability to earn money when you are not personally working. Think about all the hours you want (or are able) to work, and then think about what you can earn by helping other women grow their KOKOON businesses. KOKOON’s Recruiting Incentive Entry Bonus: *Receive a $350 Bonus Check when your Associate Represntative Recruit reaches $3500 (achieved in her first seasvon). (continued) KOKOON

s 13

*Receive a $1000 Bonus Check when your Sales Representative Recruit reaches $10,000 in sales (achieved during her first 6 months). *Entry bonuses are paid on time based on the original status of your recruit. Entry bonuses may be earned by current, active Associate Representaties and Sales Representatives who are in good standing and have met their own sales minimums. *If you HELP to recruit someone to KOKOON who was referred to you by KOKOON or an affiliate source (blogger, ad, mailing, facebook, promor, etc.) or you agree to Mentor a new Representative you are eligble to receive the Entry Bonus. *If YOU FOUND and Recruited someone to KOKOON, you are eligble to receive the Entry Bonus PLUS she becomes part of your Team. When you build a productive team, you can earn significant overrides based on your team’s sales and your own sales. Team Quarterly Sales Level 1 $10,000 - $50,000 Level 2

At Level 2, Your Own Saes Count Toward Your Team Sales $60,001 - $110,000 Level 3 $110,001 - $160,000 Level 4 $160,001 - $210,000 Level 5 $210,001 - $260,000

Your Own Minimum Quarterly Sales

Quarterly Override on Team’s Sales

Potential Annual Passive Income

















s 14


Qualifiers and Disclaimers *Level 1: You must be an active Sale sRepresentative and qualify with your own quarterly minimum sales of $6000 per quarter to receive quarterly overrides on your team members. There is no carryover from one quarter to the next. *No Double are eligible for overrides AFTER the entry bonus is paid, if qualifiers are met. ***At Level 2, if you sell a minimum of $10,000 per quarter, and your Team reaches a certain amount of quarterly sales, then your own sales count towards your team sales and you receive the overrides on your own sales as well. Please see the chart above. *How does that work? Let’s say you have 3 team members. At Level 2, if your sales and their sales combine to reach a total of $60,001 in on quarter, then you would receive a 4% override on your own sales as well as your team’s sales. You must have sold a minimum of $10,000 in that quarter to qualify, and there is NO carryover from one quarter to the next. *There will be no carry-over from one quarter to the next. Override checks will be calculated at the end of each quarter and will be sent as a separate check and statement about 2 weeks after the end of the quarter (the second pay period of the month). *’Quarter’ is a calendard quarter. January 1st - March 31st = 1st Quarter April 1st - June 30th = 2nd Quarter July 1st - September 31st = 3rd Quarter October 1st - December 31st = 4th Quarter *AFTER a candidate has already been through the interview process, speaking to her is considered a courtesy, not a recruiting process. We are very of respectful of our Representatives and we have a process to check a prospective Representative’s client light against our existing Reps’ lists to ensure everyone has a true opporitunity to succeed. Please be kind enough to speak to a propspective candidate just as you would have hoped when you were a candidate. It benefits EVERYONE in the company to grow and we do not put our reps in a position to undermine one another. The Candidate may have spoken to more than one representative and must name you as their recruiter on their application in order for you to receive credit for recruiting her. ASK HER to put your name as her recruiter on her application! In the even a cadidate has talked with more than one rep, she chooses her team leader based on who she feels was most responsible for helping her join the company. KOKOON

s 15

What should I know about recruiting? No one is ever required to recruit, but there is a very nice opportunity for those who do. Building a team is an excellent source of passive income. KOKOON is virtually unknown and all areas of the country are wide open for development. We don’t allow recruiting speeches or pressure tactics. Your personal testimony about your experience as a Kokoon representative is the most powerful and desirable recruiting tool we have. If you love it and know someone who would be a good fit for KOKOON, please pursue a private discussion with h er. Be discriminating. We certainly will be. We are very selective with all candidates. We are looking for women who LOVE OUR CLOTHES, wear our clothes, are friendly and nice, honest, easy to work with, and can manage their own business properly. Think QUALITY over QUANTITY. • Is she located in an area that can sustain a Kokoon business? • Is she a boutique shopper? Does Kokoon fit her style and the price points she is accustomed to? • Does she dress and present herself in a manner that other women are drawn to? • Is she friendly and outgoing? • Is she the type of person who will be easy to get along with in business? • Is she a positive team player? • Is she able to advise other women with fashion choices? • Is there too much crossover between existing representatives’ client base? • Does she agree with our business philosophy and values? • Does she have the ability to market her own business? • Does she have enough social contacts and involvement in the community? Your Responsibilities as a Team Leader: Team Leaders should be a friendly, supportive, welcoming voice. They are not managers. Do not hound your team members about sales. When a new Rep is starting, make yourself available to show them the ropes. Try to help them with their first show if at all possible. Tutor them on order entry, ATS, customer service, marketing and hostess coaching. Anything you can do to help her get off to a positive start. Be a Mentor. • Connect on a personal and social level; if your team is local, try having coffee or cocktails on a regular basis. • Share information and tips. You will find you will benefit from your team members and their experiences just as much as they do from you. • Even if your team is scattered across the country, remembrances like birthday cards, dropping a personal note of encouragement; can help build a sense of community.

s 16


Proper Use of Hostess Benefits Your hostesses are the key to the success of your business and ours. KOKOON offers VERY GENEROUS Hostess Benefits; it is the best selling tool we can offer our reps to build their businesses. The hostess benefits are designed to make it easier for you to attract a core group of hostesses who are YOUR GALS who consistently host exclusive KOKOON shows. The benefits reflect your hostesses’ commitment to you and KOKOON. Keeping that in mind, please follow these simple policies: Private, Exclusive (no other vendors) KOKOON Show: * Earn a Hostess Credit of 10% of your guests’ purchases in free clothes. So, if your show is $2,000, you get $200 in free clothes, and you are not required to purchase more than your credit. * Get a 30% discount on anything over your credit on the day of your show including sales items. * Get first pick of new limited edition designs. (We add new pieces all season long!) * Get special discounts on end-of-season sample sell-offs. * Become part of our Elite Hostess Club if your show totals $1,000 or more - get a 30% discount on all items (including online only items) for 6 months after your show. Guest Hostess (at your home) * You may offer to have guest hostesses at your home, but there is a minimum of 5 show orders to qualify. The Guest Host may get the Hostess Credit on her guest’s purchases. * They do not qualify for an additional discount at the show and they do not qualify for the Elite Hostess Club 6-month discount. Private multi-vendor shows (privately hosted, not a public event) * If the KOKOON sales total reaches a minimum of $1,000, you may choose to offer your hostess the same benefits as if it were an exclusive KOKOON show. * If the show totals less than $1,000, then the benefits are the same as a GUEST HOSTESS: Minimum of 5 show orders, hostess may get 10% of guests’ purchases as a hostess credit, no additional discount, no EHC = Elite Hostess Club. * Make sure your hostess knows ahead of time what the difference in benefits are. Public Selling: * No hostess benefits. Private Appointments: * No hostess benefits. Charity Events: * See the Charity Participation Guidelines (page 10). Mystery Hostess: * Please see Rep’s Hostess Credits (page 15).


s 17

Rep’s Hostess Credits & Mystery Hostesses Sales Representatives may host and earn their own Hostess Credits 4 times per year. • We recommend showing once during season kick-off and once during the high selling time each season. • The rep may collect hostess credits from hosting her own open house for up to a 2-day maximum selling period. Associate Representatives may host and earn their own Hostess Credits 2 times per year. **Mystery Hostess: • This is when you raffle off the hostess credit or split it up between a few raffle winners. • If you choose to offer a mystery hostess, it must be in lieu of one of your own Hostess Credit opportunities. • They do not qualify for an additional discount at the show and they do not qualify for the Elite Hostess Club 6-month discount.

s 18


Putting Together Hostess Packets Here are some examples of what other Sales Reps have put together to help their hostesses have a successful show. In general, you will want to confirm a hostess’ event right after she books it with an e-mail letting her know you have reserved a set of samples for her event, confirm the date, time, location, etc. Design an e-mail invitation that she can simply forward to her list of friends. Attach the hostess support documents (see below). Follow up with paper invitations (you print these for her), colorful envelopes, and the hostess support documents. Some reps put these all together in a cute folder to create a Hostess Packet. Hostess support documents can include: • • • • • • • • •

Tips for a Successful KOKOON Party. (page 18) Fifty Guests in 5 Minutes: A memory jogger to help her think of whom to invite. (page 19) Elite Hostess Club Information: Let them know about their benefits. (page 20) Hostess Guest List Helper: To help her manager her reminders and RSVP’s (follow-up e-mails and PHONE CALLS right before her event are crucial). (page 22) Hostess Wish List: Send this along to let her start thinking about her favorite pieces. (page 23) Include a few line sheets. Include a few order forms for friends who can’t attend but may wish to order. Invitations: Use either our standard ones or a custom one. Colorful envelopes: May sound silly, but they work and are much more easily noticed in a sea of bills and junk mail!

Here are some other examples of things you and your hostess can use to keep organized during and after events: • • • • •

Supply checklist. (page 21) Wish List: Very helpful to provide these to guests on clipboards while they shop. (page 23) E-mail or Hostess Sign-Up Sheets. (page 24) Hostess Benefits Cards. (KOKOON Central) Potential Trunk Shows: To help you keep track. (page 25)


s 19

Hostess Kit Display Ideas It’s a really good idea to create Hostess Kits for your first-time hostesses as they may not necessarily know what to expect. Here is a great example of one that Tracey Hartje put together:


Start off with a fun folder like this one from Office Max. Include cohesive-looking Hostess Support Documents inside. Either leave them plain or use clip art to customize. Also include some line sheets, hostess cards, your cards, and invitations and envelopes. Tracey finished it all off with a cute paper clip and followed up with a matching thank you note to the hostess.

s 20


s Tips for a Successful KOKOON Party By KO KO O N Representative Dena Pavone in MA

• Be excited about the line!

• Send invites out with enough advance notice so people can put the date on their calendar. 10-14 days is usually good timing. • We recommend inviting at least 30 people. On average, we expect that about 1/3 of your guest list will be able to this will ensure a good turnout. Tell your guests to bring a friend! The more the merrier! • Suggest to your guests to wear or bring a tank top (in any color) for trying clothes on. • Consider sending a last-minute reminder e-mail, phone call, or text - it’s so easy to forget dates with our busy schedules! • It’s best to put the clothing where there is good light! Keep the clothes at a central location in the house. Guests love to be able to shop and socialize at the same time. It’s much more fun to watch other people modeling their pieces. • 2-4 hours seems to be the perfect amount of time for an Open House. • Wear a current KOKOON piece. • Remember, “It’s cuter on!” - encourage your friends to try on lots of pieces - especially with things they might not pick out themselves. • Serve light refreshments - coffee, soda, water, wine, snacks. Guests don’t usually eat much when trying on clothes, so don’t agonize over the menu! • I will arrive at least 45 minutes before your event so everything is ready when your guests arrive. This will also give you a chance to get a sneak preview of your favorite pieces!


s Fifty Guests in Five Minutes

Relatives & Friends 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Co-Workers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Neighbors 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Spouse’s Co-Workers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

School Friends 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Home Shows You’ve Attended 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Religious & Social Contacts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Places You Do Business 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Contacts through Children 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Anyone Who “Owes” You a Favor 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


s Elite Hostess Club

Become a KOKOON Hostess and you’ll become a part of something really special! (And no, this isn’t your typical home shopping experience!) Get free clothes! Receive 10% off your guests’ purchases as Hostess Credit. (Example: Total Sale = $2,000, so Hostess Credit = $200 in free clothes!) And, hostesses are never required to purchase anything over their credit.

Get a discount! You receive a 30% discount on anything you purchase over your Hostess Credit including sale items. Get cute clothes! KOKOON is a completely unique clothing design company, known for offering limited editions and new designs every few weeks. It’s like having access to a private design studio. Hostesses get first pick! Get extended benefits! Our hostesses are special! When you host an exclusive KOKOON show and sell at least $1,000, you get an ‘After-Party’ discount good for 30% off all regular priced merchandise for 6 months after your show. There are always new limited editions being introduced and only hostesses get a discount! What do I have to do to host? Invite at least 30 people - generally about a third will attend. A friendly follow-up phone call is the best way to ensure attendance. Make sure your show is an exclusive KOKOON trunk show. Get ready to have fun while trying on clothes with friends! We make it easy! We provide invitations and an e-mail invite along with all the information you need to host a successful party. No “Presentation” We believe our clothes speak for themselves so we don’t do any formal presentation or sales pitch. Your friends just try on clothes, shop, and socialize! You don’t deliver orders! Orders are delivered directly to the client’s door for a $5 flat shipping fee no matter how big the order is. KOKOON is affordable! A lot of style, a lot of exclusivity, and easy on the pocketbook. Our selection changes constantly so there are always new special pieces and most are limited editions.


s Trunk Show Checklist




Clips/Safety Pins






(2) Calculators


Raffle Tickets


(8) Clipboards


Business Cards






Order Forms


(2) Folding Racks Minimum


Hostess Cards




Photos or Picture Book




Tagging Gun


Cash/Check/Order Form Folder




Current Stock Guide


White Out


Hostess Packet


Extra Tags


A Few Back-Up Hangers


Extra Order Forms (for people who cannot attend)


s Hostess Guest List Helper

Invited Guests

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KOKOON Sales Check-out Worksheet Date of Show: Representative: Hostess Name: Address: Phone: E-mail:

Total Guest Purchases


Subtract all merchandise, credits, promos & gift card redemptions

- ($


Subtract shipping fees

- ($


Show subtotal


10% of Subtotal = Hostess Credit ***


Add Hostess’ order


Subtract her hostess credit

- ($

Hostess subtotal Subtract 30% Hostess Discount

Hostess Balance Due Add hostess’ balance to show subtotal = Trunk Show Total


$ - ($



$ ***$


KOKOON Show Closure Form You must fill out this form ONLINE and submit to Amber within 48 hours after the event has ended. Links can be found on the sidebar on KOKOON Central for faster access. You may keep a show “open” for up to 48 hours after the event has ended - this gives the hostess an opportunity to earn hostess credit on those residual orders. After the party is closed, no additional orders may be applied to the party. KOKOON policy requires all events to be closed within 48 hours. This includes fundraisers and open houses. Questions you’ll be expected to answer:

Date(s) of event:

Sales Rep:

Show Code:

Does show qualify for our Elite Hostess Club?:

Hostess Name (only list ONE):

Show Total, less shipping & any discounts. List Hostess Order separately. (Ex: $1500 + $400):

Hostess Credit Total:


We will keep this information on file. If your hostess qualifies for the Elite Hostess Club, Amber will e-mail you the EHS discount show code. For your hostess to use her EHS for the next 6 months, you must use this show code in the “notes” section for each of her orders.

s 30


KOKOON Charity Event Closure Form You must fill out this form ONLINE and submit to Amber within 48 hours after the event has ended. Links can be found on the sidebar on KOKOON Central for faster access. KOKOON policy requires all events to be closed within 48 hours. This includes fundraisers and open houses. We will not make donations without receiving this form. Was this a private charity event with a hostess and does she qualify for the Elite Hostess Club? Her event must have been exclusively KOKOON with no other vendors, must not have been a public selling event, and must have reached a minimum of $1,000 in sales. Questions you’ll be expected to answer: Date(s) of event:

Sales Rep: Show Code:

Name, address, & Tax ID # of the Organization (I.E. Where do we send the check?):

Show Total (including hostess’ order), less shipping & any discounts, GC, MRC, etc.: KOKOON will make a donation in lieu of the Hostess Credit and discount. Donation Amount: Please submit a donation form from the charity organization. Donation Organization Information and Tax ID:

Was there a Hostess? Hostess Name: Does she qualify for our Elite Hostess Club?

We will keep this information on file. If your hostess qualifies for the Elite Hostess Club, Amber will e-mail you the EHS discount show code. For your hostess to use her EHS for the next 6 months, you must use this show code in the “notes” section for each of her orders.


s 31

s Nuts & Bolts

s 32


Returns & Exchanges * All cash & carry sales are final. Be sure to have your clients try on their cash & carry items before purchasing! * Ordered items: Exchange or Credit * SALE ITEMS may be exchanged or receive a credit. No cash back on sale items. * Charity event purchases may be exchanged or receive a merchandise credit. No cash back on charity event purchases. Full price items: If your client needs a size exchange, received an incorrect item, or would like to exchange for a different style: • You may offer an exchange or merchandise credit within 7 days of receipt of goods. • We will send the replacement along with a prepaid return envelope that they can just drop in their mailbox. We do not refund money except in these circumstances: • If we cannot fill something in an order your client has placed, her credit card will be credited back. • If your client will not be purchasing from us again or insists on her money back, you may offer her a credit card refund WITHIN 7 DAYS of receipt of goods. Sorry, but we absolutely cannot accept returns after 2 weeks, unless it is a quality issue (NOT normal wear and tear). Clothes must be unworn with tags in place - unless it was a quality issue, of course. * Our return policy is clearly written on the purchase order, packing list, and thank you note. This is our company return policy. If you choose to service your clients outside our return policy, you may do so as a part of your business, but KOKOON will not be involved. For example: A client has an item from a previous season that she would like to exchange for a new item, OR she insists on a refund after our 2 week window. You may choose to buy that item from the client, sell as cash & carry, and pay for the amount of the exchange yourself. Or you may offer to try and sell the item as cash & carry and give her the money when that happens - it’s up to you. If the customer requests an exchange, we try to push the order through ASAP. They are not expected to wait an additional 4 weeks, if at all possible, but this does depend on production. KOKOON will supply a postage paid return envelope along with the new garment. They simply drop this envelope in a mailbox. The customer does not need to pay an additional shipping fee for a replacement order. If the client prefers a credit, she may either mail back to KOKOON or request a return envelope from KOKOON. The representative will need to enter a new order in Oasis, which will generate a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. That RMA number will go on the outside of the envelope. Upon receipt of the merchandise, a MC (merchandise credit) will be issued or the amount paid, less any discounts.


s 33

Delivery Schedule Most of our clients are very happy with how quickly they receive their order. Please keep these things in mind: • We do not mass-produce our clothes. • Everything is made in small batches. Even our core pieces are only made about 100 at a time. So, styles and sizes will sell out and sometimes we have to wait for production. • We do everything we can to fill an order. If we have sample yardage here, we’ll make one. If we can cut one down from a larger size, we do that. We ask that all reps quote an approximate 4-week delivery window. This means from the time the order was entered and correct payment processed! This is approximate, and not a guarantee. Many orders (or part of orders) will ship within 2 weeks. However, we offer so many different styles that a 4-week window can sometimes be necessary. PLEASE NOTE: Orders go into our queue once YOU CORRECTLY ENTER the order along with CORRECT PAYMENT. If payment doesn’t go through, the order doesn’t go into the queue. Once payment is processed, the order goes into the queue to be filled. Check the stock guide for additional information. For example, certain styles or particular sizes/ prints within a style may be in the process of re-cutting, or there may be a production issue, which is beyond our control and may cause a longer delivery window. Let your client know this so they can make an informed decision. If a particular size/color/style is a long delivery, offer to contact the client when it arrives at our warehouse to see if she would like to order it then. This provides an opportunity to open dialogue with her again and show her what’s new. She will appreciate the great customer service! We charge a flat $5 shipping and handling fee, no matter how much someone orders. We subsidize this cost... it costs us far more than $5 to ship the garments. We will not ship one item at a time (unless the order only consists of one item), but if a large part of an order is ready early, (say, 3 items out of 6) we will ship what’s ready so your client doesn’t have to wait a long time for the whole order. Clients appreciate being able to wear the clothes as soon as possible. We design and develop each style exclusively for KOKOON. Many different steps go into producing each garment and this takes time. All our manufacturing is done in the US. We support small, family owned companies who manufacture ethically. Sometimes production problems arise that we cannot control. Fabrics may come in damaged, prints may run out form our vendor, trims may be hung up in customs, a shipping company loses a production box, etc. We will notify you as soon as possible in the event that we find out information that may affect your clients’ deliveries. Three weeks into the delivery cycle of each order, KOKOON will evaluate pending orders and determine which are at risk of being late. If we feel that we won’t be able to create the garment in time, we will let the rep know what the customer’s options are. We will offer refunds or marchandise credits (customer choice) for those items we are unable to fill.

s 34


Sample Set Scheduling We lend sample sets to our representatives trusting that each representative will be considerate of the value and meaning of those sample sets. Each sample set is worth upwards of $20,000 and it’s very expensive to ship a set of samples. You do not have to work all the time, but you do have to be committed to selling during the time we have allocated a sample set to you. We don’t make any money unless a sample set is producing significant sales in an efficient manner. How much am I expected to sell? • You must have a minimum of 3-4 trunk shows booked consecutively (1.5 - 2 days allowed between shows) in order to justify our shipping costs and sample set allocation time. • An average trunk show is consistently $1,600 - $1,900. • A reasonable expectation is that a sample set should be able to produce a minimum of $5,000 per week. • We expect each representative to book as much business as possible during the time they have been allocated a sample set. • If you are being shipped a set of samples, there must be a 6 week break between times you have the sample set. Communication: • Consistent, timely communication with Amber (along with bookings) is the key to sample set allocation. • Any show bookings, changes, or cancellations MUST be e-mailed to Amber right away. Even changes of show dates within your allocated dates are important... this may mean the difference of whether or not we’ll send you new samples or not. • Certain dates will sell out during busy selling times. Always check with Amber on your show dates - she will let you know if you need to move a show date. • Sample set availability may sometimes be determined by other booked dates from other reps near your area. • * TIP: Many reps will plan their selling dates for an entire half year at the start of the season, then keep Amber updated on bookings and changes. Confirm with Amber: • Before Amber ships a set of samples to you, you must confirm at least 3 exclusive KOKOON show dates, hostess names and locations, and that the invitations went out.


s 35

Sample Set Etiquette * Save all the plastic garment bags to re-bag. * Save extra hangers to replace broken ones! All samples should be treated with kindness. • Please be considerate of your sister reps! • This includes trying to pack the set in a way that someone else would like to receive it. • Communicate with the next rep, especially if it’s a quick handoff between shows and you didn’t have time to put everything in perfect order. • NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE, don’t ever just throw the samples in a wrinkled heap. • Take the time to get the set in order and packaged properly before shipping the set to the next rep. Please follow this simple order: • Tops first: Sleeveless, Cap Sleeve, 3/4 Sleeve, & Long-Sleeve. • Cardigans • Sweaters • Skirts • Pants • Dresses • Outerwear Other useful tips: • Hang all samples on the hanger in the correct direction (hanger hook points to the right sleeve of the garment). • Group the samples together 5-7 at a time and bag them as a group. • Fold them accordion style into the bins. They stay very nice and mostly unwrinkled that way. • Keep up with marking the tags “C&C” as items sell out and get moved to cash and carry while you have the sample set. • Also mark on the tags helpful information like “No XS,” etc. • Tidy up the samples. Wash off make-up stains, brush off deodorant stains, sew on missing buttons, etc. • While we encourage everyone to try on all the samples, reps may never use samples for their personal wardrobe. • Many reps will include e-mails from Amber with information on sold-out styles, etc. in the shipping bins if the sample set is already bagged up and they can’t mark the tags. Then the receiving rep has the information they need to mark the tags. • Save hangers from C&C sales. You may need them to replace broken hangers. • Throw a dryer sheet in the sample bins to keep samples fresh!

s 36


Receiving the Samples Representatives are responsible for the sample sets - this includes having a safe place to have samples shipped to. Unpacking: • Samples are already on hangers and it’s very quick to hang them up. • Most of the clothes will not need any ironing or steaming if they were packed properly. Just hang and let them air out. • SAVE THE PLASTIC GARMENT BAGS - do not rip them!!! You need them for re-packing. • The shipping bins stack inside each other when you open the flaps. • The shipping bins are not for transporting the samples to shows. They are great for shipping but awful to carry; they cut into your hands and break your fingernails. • You need to buy about 7 Rubbermaid (or similar) bins with lids. They will be easier to carry and have rounded handles. • *TIP: If you’re in an area with a stationary sample set that rotates around to a group of reps, you should each buy a bunch of bins, mark them with your names and just square up on bins at the end of each season. Checking in the set: • When receiving the set, put the set in display order: Tanks to Short-Sleeves to Long-Sleeves to Bottoms to Dresses to Sale. • Double-check the sold out list to make sure your tags are properly marked. WHY? • It helps you immediately familiarize yourself with the set, especially if you haven’t had a show recently. • Also, you will find it a good reference during busy parties when someone is looking for a specific size. • Not to mention the accountability part at the end of a party when making sure you have everything when packing up (or checking the next day). Display order: • This is really only for checking in samples. Once at the show, put the samples in an order that makes sense to you. It’s only in order for the first 10 minutes anyway!


s 37

Packing Samples Packing up: • Hang all samples on hangers in the correct direction (hanger hook points to the right sleeve of garment). • Make sure all samples have sample tags on them. Safety pin if you need to. • Do not crumple up samples or hang them inside-out. • Again, tidy up the samples: wash off make-up stains, brush off deodorant stains, sew on missing buttons, etc. • A dryer sheet included in each sample bin helps keep them fresh smelling. • We encourage you to put the set in some type of order, i.e. tanks to short sleeves, to long sleeves, to cardigans, to dresses, to pants, to skirts. • Bag the samples in groups of about 5-7 garments per bag. • Lay samples in bins in accordian style, alternating where the head of the hangers lie. Try to lay them in the lengthwise direction - you’ll be able to fit more in the bins. • Make sure your C&C (if you have any) is separated from the sample set & vice versa. Mark a sheet of paper and lay it on top of the separated category so the rep unpacking the bin will know what she is looking at. * To everyone: Please be reasonable with your expectations. • During busy seasons, one rep may have a party ending at midnight and may have to hand it off to another rep early the next morning. Or a rep may be working right up to the minute of a FedEx pickup. The receiving rep should budget time to arrange the set. • If you haven’t had time to do a proper job of organizing, please give the receiving rep a heads up so she knows what to expect.

s 38


Sample Set Sell-Off Please read the rules carefully!

At the end of the season, there will be a short time when the samples can be sold off at discounted prices. Amber will notify reps of the exact dates for sample sell-off. * Clients get 30% off marked prices! * Elite Hostess Club Members get 40% off marked prices! * Reps get 60% off marked prices! Discounts are off the MARKED PRICES - no additional discounts apply. (For example, reps get 60% off, but do not get an additional rep discount on the balance.) If you’re using a GC, HC, or RC, it must be redeemed BEFORE taking the discount. This includes all regular and sale priced merchandise. This only applies to pieces in your possession. Look over pieces carefully - all pieces sold AS IS. ALL SALES FINAL. NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES, NO EXCEPTIONS. NO HOSTESS CREDITS OR BENEFITS APPLY. Sales must be arranged separately with clients, not as part of a show. Sample sell-off purchases must be entered as separate orders from any other purchase. For example, do not combine sample sell-off purchases with regular ordered merchandise. Sample sell-off purchases may only be entered during the specified dates. * Sample sell-off sales do not count toward any sales goals or contests or incentives. * We will not ship sample sets to have them sold off. * Reps who are in possession of sample sets due to working a round of shows will have the first opportunity to sell off that set. * Reps in areas with stationary sets of samples will all need to cooperate to offer the sale opportunity to their clients. * A rep must have been selling a minimum of 3 months and have had at least 2 rounds of shows before being able to sell off samples. * Associate Reps are not eligible to participate. For clients: Enter “SELL OFF” in the Company and Hostess Code sections of the shopping cart. For EHC members: Enter “SELL OFF” in the Company and Hostess Code sections, but make a note of the valid EHC code in the discount notes. For reps’ personal purchases: Still use “PERSONAL” in the Company and Hostess Code sections, but enter “SELL OFF” in the discount notes. You may take discounts as a lump discount off the total purchase. Any mistakes will be corrected and you will be charged the difference.


s 39

Sample Sell-Off FAQ’s Q. Can we “Save” some samples for certain clients? A. You can offer to try, but there’s no guarantee that a certain sample will still be available in a particular set, or that the condition of a sample would be the same as before. I suggest keeping a list of requests and see which you can accommodate when the sell-off begins. Q. Why are you doing this? A. Our sample sets are huge and we have a lot of them. We prefer to sell off sets rather than pay for extra shipping just to have to warehouse and re-inventory everything. Q. Will a certain style be on sale next season or year if the sample is on sale now? A. Not necessarily. All the basics will be full price again, and some of the limited editions may also be full price. That’s a decision we make season by season as we evaluate the line and relevance of each piece. Q. What if I still have shows booked during the sample sell-off dates? A. You may still do your shows and just sell off the samples when you’re done. Q. What if a different rep has a sample that my client wants... can I do a product search? A. I wouldn’t recommend it. We won’t exchange or give merchandise credits for any sell-off items and there’s no guarantee that a particular sample will be exactly what the client envisioned or that it will be in the condition that she wants.

s 40


s Entering Orders in Oasis


s 41

Logging In • Oasis is most effective through Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Google Chrome and Safari are not compatible. If you notice that your screen does not match the screenshots in this guide, it’s most likely an incompatibility issue and you should switch browsers. • The easiest way to reach Oasis is through from the Oasis link, or you may go here and bookmark it:

• Your first step in accessing Oasis is to log in to the system using your username and password. • Once you have successfuly logged into the system, the Oasis main menu will appear.

s 42


Getting Started • The System Dashboard is the starting point. The Daily Dashboard provides quick links, most of which you don’t need. • Dashboards can be changed using the Options button. • Using the CRM DASHBOARD dropdown menu at the top left of the screen, select Personal Preferences and configure. • On the Detail page, make sure the e-mail you want your clients to use is listed as Work Email. • On the Address information page you will see KOKOON’s address. The phone number you want your clients to use should be entered in the first phone number option. • Once you have completed this step, you will not be asked again.


s 43

Manual Entry of a New Client • • • • • •

Go to the Customer-Management dropdown at the top of the screen. Select Search Account & Contacts. Select the Add New tab on the right. Account Category will be Customer. Company Name will be the customer’s first and last name. Fill in the blanks, leaving Caller-id & Marketing Source blank and skip the tax codes. • Type should be left as a new Account. • Select Create New Account tab. • You may start a new order by clicking NEW QUOTE/SALES ORDER found on the left side of the screen.

s 44


Entering a New Order • Go to the Orders & Purchasing tab at the top of the screen. (You may also enter through CUSTOMER.) • Choose Quotations & Sales-Orders. • Click on Alt & Q: New Order tab on the left side of the screen. • Search for a customer by entering her name in the search boxes on the left. All possible matches will be listed. Click on her account number to continue. • Click Select a Quotation/Order Type. • Choose Start a new blank quotation and Advanced Quotation/Order Entry. Then click Proceed. • Make sure the button on the far left side of the screen is set to Sales Order, not Quotation. • On the order header you must adjust: Promotion: Also known as party code. These codes are assigned by Amber when the party is booked. You can find them on the Oasis calendar under Task Management. Select PERSONAL for personal orders, MISC for orders not attached to a show, EXCHANGE for exchange orders, or REFUND for refund-only orders. PO #- Which is the number on the order form. • Enter the style number in the model #/description search box. Click the magnifying glass. All styles are entered as the style-color-size Certain styles, like J1868, have too many color options to fit on the page. To narrow down the selection enter J1868-W to pull up J1868 in White. • Enter 1 in the quantity of the proper color/size. • Scroll down & click the Process Selection button. • Shipping must be entered as a line item. In the model #/description box, enter SHIP. Put 1 in the quantity. • Once all styles are entered, proceed to the payment tab.


s 45

Payment Options • Click on the payment tab to process the payment. Payment processing defaults to AUTOMATIC AUTHORIZATION. Do NOT use Manual Authorization. • Set terms to: Pre-Pay • Enter the payment type (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx), CVV code (3 digit code on back, AmEx is 4 on front), and name as it appears on the credit card. • If your client uses 2 forms of payment, you can enter that by adjusting the amount and using the primary card/secondary card options. • PROCESS PAYMENT. If it goes through, a window pops up with PAYMENT SUCCESSFUL message. Hit SAVE CHANGES.

s 46


Cash & Carry Cash & Carry refers to items that your client may take home with them at the party rather than waiting for a shipment from KOKOON. Standard forms of payment are acceptable, but because the client has the opportunity to try on the garment at the show, all sales are final on C&C. Cash & Carry is entered in Oasis 3 ways: TOPS - Includes sweaters, cardigans, camis, etc. BOTTOMS - Includes pants, skirts, or half slips. DRESSES - Includes long tunics and slips. • Enter “1” quantity for either TOPS, BOTTOMS, or DRESSES. Change the price from $1 to the value of the garment, then click PROCESS ITEM. In the notes, type the style number. COMMIT LINE CHANGES after each “note” is entered. If you skip this step, it will not save your notes. • How do I enter notes? Once added to the cart, look for the square gray box to the left of the model number. It is below the order header icon that looks like a paper/pencil. Click this box. This opens a larger white box below the style. For example: Your client purchased J7173P Frenchie Skirt for $69, J2648 Mesh Crew for $60, and J5118P Splendid Dress for $109. Enter as: 1-BOTTOMS @ 69 / 1-TOPS @ 60 / 1-DRESSES @ 109


s 47

Hostess Credits & Elite Hostess Club Discounts Hostess Credit (HC) is usually 10% of the guests’ purchases - not including shipping charges, any discounts, or the hostess order. For Exclusive KOKOON Shows (no other vendors), a hostess may take a 30% discount off the remaining balance of her order, AFTER the Hostess Credit has been applied. No discount on shipping. Elite Hostess Club (EHC) membership is earned when the exclusive KOKOON party reaches a minimum of $1,000. If that goal is achieved, the hostess receives an EHC discount of 30% off any full priced merchandise for the next 6 months after the show. Do hostess orders count towards the earned Hostess Credit? No. However, you may include the hostess’ order in the $1,000 minimum. Does KOKOON recognize joint hostesses? No. Because of how our hostess rewards program works, we are typically only able to issue benefits to (1) host UNLESS the party exceeds $2,000 in which case we can acknowledge both women and issue EHC membership to both. Entering Hostess Credit: (10% of guest purchases) Enter HC10 into the search box. Enter “1” in the quantity and adjust the price to the value of the credit. Then process item. For example, a $100 hostess credit would be entered as: 1 HC @ -$100 Entering the Hostess Discount: (on the day of show, the hostess receives a 30% discount on balance of order after the HC is applied) Enter HD30 into the search box. Enter “1” in the quantity and adjust the price to the value of the discount. Then process the item. Entering Elite Hostess Club Discount (30% discount for 6 months with qualifying party): Enter EHC into the search box. Enter “1” in the quantity and adjust the price to the value of the credit. Then process the item. For example, a $42.56 credit would be entered as 1 EHC @ -42.56. Put the EHC code (issued by Amber after you submit your Show Closure Form) in the notes. No discounts on shipping. EHC discounts are applied AFTER all other discounts are used with the exception of Merchandise Credits. What if my client does not use all of her Hostess Credit immediately? We encourage all hostesses to use their earned credit within 3 days of the show. If she does not do so, she forfeits the 30% Hostess Discount on her order balance. The hostess credit itself can be reserved, however, if you purchase a hostess certificate for her - it is valid for 1 year, however she still loses the HD30 opportunity. To do this, enter HC10 and adjust the price to the full value of the credit. Enter PHC (purchase hostess credit) for any unused credit. Balance on the order will be zero. Save changes.

s 48


Exchanges When an item does not work for your client, she has 7 days from the receipt of goods to notify the rep & select one of the following options. *This 7-day window applies to rep exchanges as well. 1. Exchange for a different piece, return envelope provided by KOKOON upon request. 2. Return to KOKOON for a credit, return envelope provided by KOKOON upon request. 3. Return to KOKOON for a refund, return shipping paid by client. All merchandise returns should go back to KOKOON they should not be accepted by a representative. What type of credit is issued? • Merchandise Credit is used when the original item was purchased outright, issued for the price paid on the garment. • Hostess Credit is used when the original item was purchased strictly with Hostess Credits, issued for the full value of the garment. Redeeming Credits: HC’s are applied BEFORE any insider discounts (like EHS or SR50). MC’s are applied AFTER any discounts. Start by verifying the original order. How was the garment purchased? Any discounts used? Even exchanges are easy to process, but when you incorporate various discounts please contact for help with processing.


s 49

1. Exchange for a different piece, returning the original to KOKOON: a. Start a new order for the client. b. Enter “-1” (negative 1) in the quantity of the item she is returning. c. An RMA (return merchandise credit) is generated - please write that number in the notes. You may either request a return envelope for her or the customer may choose to mail it back herself, to KOKOON 2508 24th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406 (in either case, have her write the RMA # on the outside of the package before sending it back). Please specify in the notes which option is preferred. d. COMMIT LINE CHANGES e. Enter “1” in the quantity of the item she is purchasing. f. If there is a price difference, the total will be reflected in the order. g. If it ends with a negative balance, you may purchase 1 credit (PMC) for the balance. Change the dollar amount to the value of the credit. g. If a balance is owed, proceed to the payment page. h. Save changes. No shipping charge for exchange orders. 2. Return to KOKOON for a MC or HC. a. Start a new order for the client. b. Enter “-1” (negative 1) in the quantity of the item she is returning. c. An RMA (return merchandise credit) is generated - please write that number in the notes. You may either request a return envelope for her or the customer may choose to mail it back herself, to KOKOON 2508 24th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406 (in either case, have her write the RMA # on the outside of the package before sending it back). Please specify in the notes which option is preferred. d. Enter “PMC” or “PHC” in the style search. You will purchase 1 credit for the value of the piece she is returning. This credit will not be issued until we receive the piece back. e. Save changes. 3. Return to KOKOON for a refund. a. Start a new order for the client. b. Enter the style number, with “-1” (negative 1) in the quantity. c. An RMA (return merchandise credit) is generated - please write that number in the notes. The customer MUST mail it back herself, to KOKOON 2508 24th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406. We do NOT offer return envelopes for refunds - it is the customer’s sole responsibility to ship it back to us. d. Save changes. e. Once received by KOKOON, we will issue a refund. This return must occur in a timely fashion, or we will default to a MC upon receipt.

s 50


Oasis Q&A Can I make changes to an order? You can edit an order in Oasis yourself only if... 1. A payment has not been applied. 2. The phase is listed as New Order. If these conditions are not met, changes must go through How do I track orders? • Go to Customer-Management. • Search Accounts-Contacts. • Enter client’s name, click “Search”. • If you scroll down you will see: Sales/Purchasing: Which will list the order numbers & the status. Purchase History: Lists all styles ordered by your client. • If the status says partially shipped, click on the Order ID number. This will pull up the order you entered. • If you click Pack & Ship in the middle of the order screen, it will show what is left to ship. It also shows the date the other items shipped.


s 51

s Marketing

s 52


KOKOON Central Many of the documents in this manual will also be available on KOKOON Central. KOKOON Central is a blog created exclusively for KOKOON sales representatives. It allows for us to easily communicate with you about all of the latest KOKOON news, tips, and reminders. Everything you need (including links, photography, archives, documents, and more) will be available on KOKOON Central. NEW REPS: Please e-mail for your username and password. To change this password, sign in and click Profile on the left sidebar. Scroll down to NEW PASSWORD, and enter your password twice. To download & view KOKOON documents, sign in, view the site, and click DOCUMENTS. You will see the documents in list view. Right-click to save the documents and choose either “Save Target As..” (on Windows) or “Save Link As...” (on a Mac). If you’d prefer to preview the documents before you download, just click the link normally - a left-click.


s 53

Creative Standards & Proper Use The KO KO O N logo is available in a variety of sizes in the ‘DOCUMENTS’ section of KOKOON Central. In the event that you need to re-create the logo: • KOKOON can either be font Bernhard Modern (K O K O O N) or Californian FB (KO K O O N ). Other suitable substitutes include ‘Georgia’, ‘Calisto’, ‘Garamond’, ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Aldine’, or ‘Hoefler Text’. • When used in marketing materials, use all caps with one space in between each other. Do not use Bold. • ‘boutique without borders’ is suitable in any of those fonts as well, but we prefer all lowercase letters and it may be italicized. Sample:

KOKOON boutique without borders

• Reps may use KOKOON in their e-mail addresses. • Reps MAY NOT use KOKOON on bank accounts, checks, for ordering purposes from any business. Reps may not operate as a business named KOKOON. • Reps should use their own name on all business accounts and “Bill to” and “Ship to” information.

s 54


Best Practices Marketing: Let’s face it, EVERYTHING you do is marketing. From the way you present yourself to the way you treat your clients and hostesses, you are building an image for yourself and KOKOON. Business Cards: They are absolutely the most effective business card out there. They’re a great conversation starter. A couple reps said they spread them out on the table at shows so people can look through and grab extras for friends. PHOTOS: The BEST marketing tool is the photography, and very inexpensive to use. Tammy orders 4x6 photos, punches a hole in the corner and attaches a ribbon, and hangs the photos on the hangers of the pieces in order to help clients visualize the “look.” This provides instant help to clients looking through the racks and brings the clothes to life. She leaves the photos on the hangers for the next show. Amy loads a digital frame with the model photos and displays at shows. Cheryl orders the photos and keeps a “Brag Book” or Look Book in her purse at all times and shows it like a little catalogue. Very simple and effective. Easy Teaser for Upcoming Shows: Lisa takes a few Moo minicards and punches a hole, ties with a ribbon, and gives to hostesses. They’re so cute and the hostesses have extra cards to give to potential clients, and an effective way for hostesses to show people how cute the clothes are; get guests excited about the show. Kelly brings a ribbon board to shows with her to display the photos. It’s easy to switch out and pople love looking at it; it creates a beautiful, simple display. Some reps travel with extra racks and/or dress forms to create a more inviting display; less cluttered. * We’ve discovered small, white racks from Target’s Dorm Series. $10 bucks each, lightweight... you can’t put too much on them, but you can have 6 to 8 of them and separate the line very nicely, creating more of a boutique display. It allows shoppers to spread out a bit more and you can create categories and displays with the clothes. Plus, they come apart and you can put them all in a duffle! San Juanita had a great way of handling requests from other vendors for her shows: She doesn’t let them sell antyhing at her shows, but she will let them have a display with their business cards out if they have a raffle set up. Each guest can choose to enter or not. The vendor gets the benefit of collecting potential client’s info, and her guests get the benefit of possibly winning extra stuff at her show without cutting into sales.


s 55

Janice puts together a VIP Preview Party for former Hostesses. This is a GREAT idea... at the beginning of each season send them a personal invitation to preview (and shop) the line. Monica organized a private fashion show in her home to preview the collection for her hostesses and VIP clients. I might add she had her best season ever. Ann uses text messaging the day before and also will leave voicemails on the day of a show to ensure attendance. Lots of positives to talk about; so many things that set us apart: • GREAT designs • Limited editions • Made in the US • Direct shipping to clients • Easy exchange process • Hostess Rewards (amazingly good and simple) Hostesses: The bottom line is this: Hostesses are the key to your entire business. The more effort you put into your hostess prep the better results you’ll have. Tammy Rohde provides her hostesses with a complete hostess package that has a big impact: Provide them with a nice, organized set of materials in advance. • In a cute C&C bag, I place the party hosting tips, 50 friends, 10 invites rolled up with cute ribbon ties around for them to hand deliver to friends and then their requested amount of folded invites with cute envelopes for them to mail out. I typically include some seasonal candies in the bag too. I hole punch one of my KOKOON Moo cards and tie it to the bag with cut ribbons and deliver this to their house. • Making the prep and invites easy for them to get out (I think evite has worked beautifully for me and my hostesses). • Hostess coaching is key to getting them involved in trying on clothes and encouraging others to o the same. • I think you need to use photos and a clever, stylish email to ask people to host. Also give them only a few dates to choose from. Your time is more valuable if you are really booked up and busy. Chris uses this hostess helper system: 1st Email - Quick Synopsis, 2nd Email - Save the Date with 1 picture and short words, 3rd Email - 3 pictures with short words (sent out the week before) Lisa emails expiration dates to her EHC hostesses for their 6-month expiration to get them to shop more and book another party to keep the benefits rolling.

s 56


How to get hostesses/book shows: Highlight the exclusivity of the line, the limited editions... photos of cute pieces that will sell out. Provide only a short window of time to book shows. Qualify your hostesses: Make sure it is worth your time. Is it an exclusive KOKOON show? If not, some reps will turn it down. Make sure the hostess understands the DIFFERENCE in hostess benefits from an exclusive KOKOON show to a multi-vendor event and include the correct hostess benefits in the hostess package ahead of time. Fundraisers: Charity Events/Fundraisers can be a really good way to market yourself and KOKOON. Make sure it is your target demographic and go into it as a marketing event, not a selling event. Kelly Breedlove participated in a fashion show (exclusively KOKOON) at a very exclusive country club in VA. This was a lot of extra work, but she had a captive audience of exactly the correct demographic who had never heard of KOKOON. A prime opportunity to market herself and KOKOON. Maybe it was a coincidence, but Kelly had her best year ever after that.

Social Media • Share links to our website: • Check the KOKOON Facebook page and encourage clients to “like” us. • Follow KOKOON on Pinterest and re-pin our model photos. • Instagram yourself and clients in KOKOON clothing and post with #KOKOON tags. • Follow Laine’s Blog:

Some Past Best Practices Nicole: 1. I send an email to my customer base letting them know that I appreciate their business 2. A special thanks to all hostesses and a recap on what is coming - (example: the next season’s line, any hostess specials, booking a party, etc.) I like to specify that I am targeting Feb. 15th through the 28th so that gives them a time frame to look at. 3. I like to supply my hostesses with several invite templates: evite, hard copy, and one I have designed. They choose which is best for them or a combo. Send the invite only one week prior to the party, otherwise it might get lost in the shuffle. A must is reminders, reminders...this really seems to make a difference in the amount of people who show. 4. After the party a note to thank the hostess. 5. Some suggestions that I have adopted: - Stickers with your address, phone, and email on the order form...or business cards. - Bags for the cash & carry items. - Keeping a log of orders - follow-up if need be. - I have offered to bring something for the party... most hostesses have declined however I like to offer.


s 57

6. Know your clothing line and what looks best on what body type. Encourage people to try many items that they are debating on. Try to get your guest to come out of the changing room so we can all see... this is a huge help for me. Others will try something on that they thought they would not like. 7. Give honest feedback. If I do not like it, I usually let a friend give feedback first. Then I will give mine. I find people really appreciate me letting them know if it doesn’t fit right or I don’t necessarily like the colors on them. However, there is a fine line of not talking someone out of something they may like. 8. Not so successful: - Multi-vendor parties: This is very popular for Christmas and I found it to be difficult to sell in that environment. - Friday nights: Never have been too good for me. Nicole’s sample letter to client: Happy New Year!! It’s hard to believe we are into a new year and in my case, Kokoon is talking spring clothing. I suppose spring will be here before we know it and we’ll want to add some new sassy clothing to our wardrobe. First, I want to thank all of you who have hosted a party for me and many of you have hosted several parties. It is greatly appreciated and it keeps me “working” and having fun with each new clothing line. We now have 2 additional reps in the Virginia area so I am able to keep the clothes close to home. This is great for me and my loyal “Kokooners” who continuously want to buy new items as they are introduced throughout the season. However, I am going to try to have my Spring parties between Feb. 18-28. This will enable you to take advantage of the hostess receiving 15% vs. the normal 10% towards your purchase. Example: If you host your party in Feb. and your total is $2,000, this will give you $300.00 towards your clothes. If Feb. does not work for you I will also have the clothes in early March. If you would like to view the spring line we now have a much improved website for you to see what is currently available at Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in having a party and I will forward you an invite you may use or the evites seem to work well too. Again, thank you all so much for loving Kokoon as much as I do. Corrine Invite/Hostess Suggestions: 1. Timeline: - Suggest a guest list of 40. - Send out invites to hostess 3 weeks prior to party. - Follow-up on RSVPs 10-14 days prior to party. - Finalize attendees 5-7 days prior. - Confirm with hostess 2 days prior. - Send thank you note after party. 2. Bring pads, pens, and clipboards for people to write “wish list” items. 3. Purchase colored bags for C&C items. 4. Bring Kokoon corporate info with me in case I need to contact Amber or Laine about an item in the stock guide. - Create “follow-up” log on returns and exchanges.

s 58


5. Picture book with ribbon - I print off the current pictures of the line, put them in plastic sleeves, and tie the pages together with a bow. I place it on the coffee table at the Trunk Show so people can look through it. Many times clients will ask me where a certain piece is. 6. Bring a friend on invite - I put on every invitation to bring a friend and you will be entered into our monthly raffle. 7. I collect email addresses for as many clients as I can. I use the email addresses for an email campaign that I send monthly/bimonthly to my clients. I use the campaign to communicate raffle winners, new introductions to the line, and the new website. For free email marketing service, see Other ideas: Wardrobe with clients - Help clients get the most from their existing wardrobes. Tell them to bring a few items from their closet to work with the new samples. For Hostesses, offer to come early to merchandise the line with items in their closet. This adds a bit of personal shopping to your business that can help increase sales. Birthday Club - Send a birthday card/postcard to a special client or regular host with a personalized note. This could include a gift certificate or a discount percentage off a purchase in the month of their birthday. It’s a good way to establish a more personal connection with a client and makes a host feel special. This could be a sign-up sheet at your parties, or an e-mail with regular clientele. Look Book for core pieces - An easy way to always have a way to show KOKOON off with new clients and friends. Also great to have if you don’t own many core pieces/colors. Make this at Keep Informed - Reversible skirt a must, also goes with reversible Spanx. Time Management/Booking Parties - Don’t let hostesses pick dates, tell them you’re open for this week, and let them know you’ll be booked quickly. Call and check up the following week with less available dates than before. Or add a week, saying the first week booked up quickly and now is the chance to get another date. Focus on Private Appointments - Some clients need your time and attention or may feel more comfortable having private appointments with no crowd around. Always Make KOKOON an Exclusive Show! - We’ve learned that booking shows with other vendors never makes it a special KOKOON show and sales back up that mentality. Bring a friend or potential host to a party - This helps with faster checkouts and they can model clothes too! Make hostesses try things on with clients - Don’t let them just make drinks/dote on food items. Bring your own lamps/mirrors/special things to help with lighting & dressing rooms.


s 59

Karen 1. Encourage hostesses to invite at least 40 people. The rule shows that only about 1/3 will show up. This will give you enough people to have a successful show! 2. Also, always send a paper invitation, even if you have e-mailed them. Reminder calls the day before are also especially helpful. People forget! Michelle 1. Encourage hostess to over invite. Email her the “How to come up with 50 People in 5 Minutes” as early as possible. 2. Mail Thank You cards re: appreciation for business or hosting a party (find Thank you cards that fit what we do, “cute, for ex: Lady dressed up, fun.” 3. Place mirrors where all guests can see people try on the clothes 4. Hostess cards...I hole punch and tie a ribbon and have them hanging on a cute figure in dress with hooks coming out from the top (in an umbrella fashion). Kind of hard to explain, however it increases curiosity of what it is. I also try to hand out after writing up an order. Emi 1. Email Addresses, Email Addresses, Email Addresses... at every party, I try to get everyone’s email addresses. I have found that this is a great way to send reminders, info about upcoming parties, new line sheets, etc. I have gotten several parties off of it. Joy 1. Organization is key to planning a party - When sending the hostess her invitations, I put together a folder or hostess kit for the party. I include: - Invitations I have printed for her to mail out - Envelopes for her to use (if she wants them) - Party Tips for the Hostess - Extra line sheets so her friends can see the product line ahead of time! - I either mail it or drop this off at their home several weeks in advance so they have everything they need to get their invites in the mail and plan for a successful evening. 2. I also like my buyers to know how much I appreciate their business. I put the pink copy of their order form in a cute envelope, which says Thank You. It also helps them keep track of their information in case they need to contact me regarding exchanges, etc. Dena 1. Raffle - I hold a monthly raffle where I pick 1 client from that month to win a $50.00 KOKOON Gift Certificate. You can be entered in the raffle (3) ways: Bring a friend, Buy (3) or more items or Book a Trunk Show. 2. Small gift for booking party - I have given out nail polish and most recently Bath & Body Works hand cream as a thank you for booking a Trunk Show. 3. Hand out Hostess Benefits cards at checkout - I give everyone a card at checkout so they have the information on hosting a Trunk Show & they will usually tell me if they’re interested at that time. 4. Holiday/Birthday Wish List - I have this list available for people who either like a lot of things or just want to write them down to give to someone as a gift idea.

s 60


Make dressing rooms a communal dressing room (simple way: set racks up in an L shape), this way no one is trying on things alone. Ask past hostesses who can’t book this time if you can contact the clients who came to their shows for potential hosts. Pick guests/clients to model throughout the night, this keeps people excited and everyone can see a new outfit. Have multiple clipboards for checkout. Have the host or bring a friend to help with faster checkouts. Change your outfits throughout the night - this makes everyone feel like you’re one of them, change in the community dressing room with them. Make a party a girl’s night out - build up the theme, have a special theme, or go out afterwards. Have a take-away marketing postcard - can be with checkout and also by food. Always appear as a busy sales rep to hostesses. This makes people appreciate your time more, take you more seriously, and less shows cancel. Add an extra week, if less response, and say it’s because you’ve booked the entire first week.


s 61

Business Cards

We LOVE! We set up an account that everyone can access and customize your own business cards or projects. They are very reasonably priced. The BEST THING is their minicards. We can’t recommend them enough. It’s like carrying a little mini portfolio around with you and they are a great conversation starter. To use:

s 62

1. Contact Amber ( to get the username & password. 2. Sign in to, and in the upper right hand corner, click on Account. 3. Click Unfinished Projects. 4. In the Fall 2012 box, click ‘Finish’ in the bottom right corner. 5. The model photos will have already been loaded in. Just add your details, click Next Step, preview the design and check for errors, choose your quantity, and click Add to Cart. Check out with your own shipping & billing information and you’re good to go!


Accessing Photos We have put together a gallery of photos on Shutterfly that you can use to make prints, photo books, invitations, and anything else your heart desires – even iPhone cases! The link for our Shutterfly Gallery is easily accessible on KOKOON Central under ‘Photography’. To create a photo project, click on ‘Order prints’ (see below).

You’ll go through and choose which prints you’d like to order by checking boxes in the top left corner of the photos. If you don’t select any, it will assume that you want them all. Then click ‘Order prints’ and it will guide you through the rest of the process. You will need to set-up your own account with Shutterfly to maintain your account and to keep your billing and shipping information private. If you would like to order something other than prints, click ‘Order prints’, but then instead of choosing photos you’ll want to click ‘Change product’ at the top. From there a dropdown box will come up asking you to choose what you want to create (i.e. photo books). Once you’ve chosen, you’ll add the photos you’d like to include, and click ‘Order prints’ to continue with logging in or setting up your own Shutterfly account.


s 63

KOKOON E-mail Invites Customize & Send E-mails to Clients and/or Hostesses with First time users must set up a MailChimp account. To set up a MailChimp account: 1. Go to 2. Click the SIGN UP FOR FREE button. 3. Create an account by entering an EMAIL, USERNAME, and PASSWORD, then click CREATE MY ACCOUNT. 4. You must then check the email account you just entered. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Click ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT in this email. 5. Type the letters seen in the spam checker. Then click CONFIRM SIGNUP. 6. Sign-in by entering the USERNAME and PASSWORD that you just created. 7. Enter in your information to customize the account. 8. Click IT’S EMAIL TIME to enter your account. Downloading MailChimp Invite Templates: 1. Navigate to the ‘Documents’ page on KOKOON CENTRAL. 2. Scroll down until you reach the section that says ‘MailChimp Invites’. 3. To the right of the invite you would like to download, there is a link that says [HTML]. Right-click this link and choose ‘Save As’. 4. Another window will appear where you may choose the download destination of the file. Choose your Desktop or Downloads folder since the files are easiest to locate in these locations. 5. Click ‘Save’. Your file will download. {Note** - The file extension for these invites will be ‘.html’. This is the ONLY file type that can be uploaded as a MailChimp template. Do NOT try and upload any other file type. IT WILL NOT WORK.} Uploading MailChimp Invite Templates: 1. After you login to MailChimp, click ‘My Templates’ on the left side of the webpage. 2. On the next screen, choose the option that says ‘Import Template’. 3. On the next screen, first give your template a name. {Note** - You must always name your template or things WILL get messed up.} 4. Next, click ‘Browse, and find your template and click ‘Open’. 5. Next, select ‘Upload’. 6. If uploaded successfully, the next screen will load all of the templates that you have uploaded.

s 64


Creating A List: Before you can add contacts you will need to create a list. 1. On your home dashboard, click ‘Lists’ at the top of the webpage. 2. On the next screen, click ‘Create List’ on the left side of the page. 3. Another option will apear in the center. Click the blue button that says ‘Create List’. 4. Some text frields will appear for you to fill. First, name your list. 5. Enter who your emails will appear from. {Note** - Do not use your email address for this step. Use a recognizable name. Example - “Jane Doe @ KOKOON, KOKOON: Jane Doe, Jane Doe with KOKOON, etc...} 6. For ‘Reply To Email’, enter your business email address. 7. Leave ‘Default Subject’ blank. 8. The ‘Permission Reminder’ is how people got on your list. this will be specific to the list you create. {Examples** - 1. “You love KOKOON and KOKOON loves you!” 2. “It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you! Come back! We miss you!” 3. “I offer exclusive information to my most loyal clients!”} 9. Make sure all boxes are unchecked. 10. Click ‘Save’ Your list has been created! {Please reference screen shots on the following page}


s 65

Importing Contacts (Please reference screen shots on next page) There are two ways to do this. You can enter subscribers manually by hand or you can upload your contacts through a ‘.CSV’ / ‘.XLS’ file. {Note** - If you will be uploading from a file, you will need to EXPORT a ‘.CSV’ or ‘.XLS’ file of your contacts from your email service provider. Every service is different and has their own process of doing this. If you are unsure of how to do this, please reference your email provider’s HELP or FAQ sections.} In general, most email service providers will have an area for your contacts. In this area there will more than likely be an easy to access option to Export the contact. As long as the file has the ‘.CSV’ or ‘.XLS’ extension, it can be imported into MailChimp. 1. Click ‘Lists’ at the tope of the dashboard page. 2. Click the gear button to the right of the list you recently created. 3. In the dropdown menu on the left-side, choose ‘Import’ or ‘Subscribe’. {IMPORTANT** - Choose ‘Subscribe’ if you want to enter an email address manually to the list. A new window will come up where you can enter the subscriber’s information and save it. If you want to import via a saved file on your computer, choose ‘Import’ and move on to the next step.} 4. On the next screen choose ‘Import From File’. 5. A new window will appear. Click “Browse” on the right side of the page. 6. Locate your file on your computer and click ‘Open’. 7. Make sure ‘Auto Update’ box is checked. 8. Click ‘Import List’. 9. On the next page, your list will appear. (This may take a few minutes). 10. Click ‘Skip unnamed columns’. 11. Columns with information such as names and emails will have a dropdown menu and two buttons. From the dropdown menu, choose the appropriate name for the information contain within the column (First Name, Last Name, etc...) then click ‘Okay’. Repeat this until all of the columns with information are accounted for. 12. Click ‘Done’ when finished. {Note** - You will be brought to a new page. Simply exit this page by clicking ‘Dashboard’ on top. your list will upload. If there are a lot of contacts, it may take a few minutes to finish.}

s 66


Creating/Sending A Campaign (Please reference screen shots on next page) 1. On the left side of your Dashboard, click “Create A Campaign”. 2. Choose “Regular ‘Ol Campaign”. 3. On the next page, choose the list you would to send the campaign to. 4. On the next page, enter a name for your campaign. 5. The “Email Subject” is what will appear in the subject of the receiver’s email. 6. The “From Name” is your name associated with KOKOON. {Examples - “Jane Doe: KOKOON Sales Rep” - “Jane Doe with KOKOON” - “KOKOON: Jane Doe”} 7. Reply to email address is your business email address. 8. Check “Personalize The ‘To:’ Field”.


s 67

9. Leave all other boxes and spaces as they are and choose “Next Step: Design”. 10. On the next page, select “My Templates”. 11. Next, choose the template you would like to use. 12. On the next page, customize the information in the body of your template. When you are finished, choose “Next Step: Plain-Text”. 13. Choose “Next Step: Confirm” at the bottom of the page. 14. This is the final page before sending. All boxes should appear green. Click “Preview & Test”. If your invite looks how you would like it to, click “Send Now”. Your invite will send immediately. Congratulations! You’ve just sent a campaign! Viewing Reports Once you send your campaign, you can monitor various statistics about the emails. These include people who opened the emails, people who followed any links in the emails, who didn’t open them, etc. To view these reports... 1. Click on “Campaigns” at the top of the web page. 2. On the next window, there will be a table of your campaigns, click “View Report” under the specific campaign you would like to view the report for. This is a great way to begin understand what works when sending email invites and what doesn’t! Use this information to try new things and get creative!

s 68



KOKOON P&P Manual. Updated - June 2013.