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科技管理 (MOT) ; 开发工业领导能力

Date 日期

19th & 20th October 2013

Venue 地点

Berjaya Times Square Hotel No. 1, Jalan Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

For Further Enquiries, Please Contact: Ms Kok Li Kuan 郭丽群 (IMLD) Address

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: Lot PT 21144, Jalan Sungai Long Bandar Sg Long, Cheras 43000 Kajang, Selangor : 603 9019 4722 ext: 109 : 603 9019 1095 : :

Competition is one of the major forces that shape today’s global economy. “Being competitive” has been the primary goal and crucial determinant of success for individual, company, industry and the nation. It is also one of the most hotly discussed topics in this fast changing world. But, what does “being competitive” really mean to an individual, corporate leader or policy maker? How can this undeniably critical personal, group or national asset be attained? As industries become more technology-driven, it is imperative to grasp its importance and impact on industrial development. An effective management of technology, particularly its development and implementation is often seen as a strategic tool for determining one’s competitiveness in an increasingly technology-pervasive world economy. Today, the nexus between technology management, competitive advantage and industrial leadership demands more focused attention than ever before. Hence, this Master-Class on Competitiveness “Management of Technology and Development of Industrial Leadership” will examine the key areas directly related to competitiveness so as to better equip participants to confidently move forward in their respective challenging fields. 竞争力是塑造现今经济的主要动力之一。无论是个人,机构,工 业还是国家, “竞争优势”已成为他们的主要目标,也是成功的 关键因素。当然,在这个万变的世界里,这也是其中最受讨论性 的话题。但是这对于您,以个人,企业领导,及决策人,究竟是 带着什么意思?又如何才能达到竞争优势? 如今工商界都变得越来越靠科技驱动,显然科技的重要性是无可 否认的。在这个科技为主的经济里,有效的科技管理尤其是开发 和实施科技,都被视为一个能扭转竞争能力的战略工具。 今天,科技管理,竞争优势及领导能力之间的关联都备受关注。 因此,这个课程提供一个机会让我们了解关于竞争优势的关键范 围,以便更充分装备自己向具有挑战性的领域前进。 Target Participants 对象 Business leaders, SME managers, researchers, policy makers & academicians 商业领导人, 中小型企业, 研究员,决策者, 学者

 To provide opportunity for participants to learn from

experts/peers through participative learning and knowledge sharing  To provide a unique occasion to interact with key business

leaders through social networking platforms  To benefit from emerging technologies and new markets  To effectively respond to the changing needs and growing

complex business environment  To forecast technological change  To apply proven principles and practices of technology

management in enhancing leadership development  提供机会与专家和同行互相学习和分享知识  提供平台与各位领袖互动交流  如何从科技融合及新市场中获取利润  有效地应对日新月异的需求和日益复杂的商业环境  预测科技的变化  应用科技管理培养领导能力

Course Fee 课程费用: RM 1,500 (includes refreshments, lunches, closing dinner, and certificate upon completion)

Language Medium: English 授课媒介语:英语

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Closing Date 截止日期: 20th September 2013 (2013年9月20日)

Payment Options 付款方式: 1) Check 支票 2) Interbank Transfer 户口转账 Payment in Name of 户口名字 : UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN Account No 帐号

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: Public Bank

Y. Bhg. Dato' Hafsah Hashim has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of SME Corp since March 2005. She is also Board Member, Council Member, Advisory Panel and member of various esteemed organizations. Her other notable positions include Vice President (Asia and Oceana) in International Small Business Congress (ISBC) Steering Committee, resource speaker in various international forums on SME development, and Co-Chair on Business Ethics among ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Economies. For her commitment and contribution to the country, the private sector PERDASAMA bestowed her with the Anugerah Tokoh Ketua Eksekutif in 2012 and the Honorary Fellow of AFEO (Asean Federation of Engineering Organisations) in 2010. In addition, the Malaysian Government awarded her the Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) in 1994 and the Excellence Service Award in 1993 and 2000. She also received the Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) from the Penang State Government in 2006.

Prof. Benjamin Yuan is a professor of Institute of Management and Technology at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. He is also an International Collaborative Partner (ICP) of UTAR. Prof. Yuan has rich industry experience especially in the United States, having worked in Silicon Valley and Boston for many years after graduating from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Returning to Taiwan in the 1990s, he became one of the pioneers for developing the science park and incubator in Taiwan. Prof. Yuan specializes in research related to technology forecasting and foresight, innovation and R&D management, industrial economy and development. He plays an important role in many incubation associations, eg, Honorary Chairman of Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI), Councilor of Chinese Society for Management of Technology, Honorary President of Chinese Business Incubation Associatio (CBIA). He has established a strong working relationship with industry, and is an expert on the China market.

Prof. Dean Kashiwagi is the Director of Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) at Arizona State University (ASU), USA. He is also an adjunct professor at UTAR. In 20 years, he has delivered 1,600 services valued at US$5.8 billions, has funding totaling US$12.8 millions, and delivers services based on utilizing expertise and transparency instead of management, direction and control. He has transformed Dutch procurement and service delivery, increased ASU revenues and discovered a method to apply concepts of Buddhism from our personal lives to the delivery of services. He is a leading worldwide expert in the best value approach and is currently assisting the US$14 billions hydroelectric power generation project in the Congo.

Y. Bhg. Dato' Hafsah Hashim 在2005年三月就职马来西亚中小型企业机构的行政总 裁。她也在许多著名的组织中担任董事会成员,理事会成员及顾 问小组。例如,她是国际中小企业(ISBC)指导委员会的亚洲和 大洋洲副主席,也在许多国际论坛中扮演中小企业发展的演讲嘉 宾,以及东盟经济共同体(AEC)商业道德的联合主席。在2012 年,私人领域通过PERDASAMA协会颁发 Anugerah Tokoh Ketua Eksekutif 以感谢她对国家的承诺与贡献。在较早的2010年,她被 授予东盟工程组织联合会(AFEO)荣誉院士。不仅如此,马来西 亚政府在1994年颁发了护国有功勋章(AMN)和1993及2000年的卓 越服务奖。在2006年,她也荣获槟州效忠勋章(DSPN)。

袁建中教授 是台湾国立交通大学科技管理研究所的教授。他也是 拉曼大学的国际合作伙伴(ICP)。袁教授具有丰富的商业经 验,尤其是在美国。他于美国纽约州立大学水牛城毕业后在矽谷 和波士顿工作多年。在1990年代,他回到了台湾。他成为科技园 和育成系统的开拓人之一。袁教授擅长于技术预测和前瞻,创新 与研究管理,工业经济和科技发展等研究。此外,他在许多企业 育成协会中扮演着重要的角色,比如亚洲创业育成协会(AABI)的 发起人之一,中华民国科技管理协会委员,中华创业育成协会的 发起人及创会理事长等等。不仅如此,袁教授在中国市场是个专 家,也建立了一个强稳的商业关系。

Prof. Dean Kashiwagi 是美国亚利桑那州立大学(ASU)履约质量学习研究中 心(PBSRG)主任。他也是拉曼大学的兼任教授。在二十年内,他 已提供价值58亿美元的服务及128万美元的研究经费。另外,他 以专业知识和透明度提供服务,而不是管理,指挥及控制方法。 他改变了荷兰采购和提供服务的方式,增加ASU的收入,也发现 了一个利用佛法观来提供服务的方法。而且,他以最有价值性的 方式来带领世界各地的专家。目前在刚果,他协助共值140亿美 元的水力发电的项目。

Management of Technology 科技管理 Day 1

19th October 2013 (2013年10月19日)


Dealing with the changing business environment 应对不断变化的商业环境


Refreshments 茶点


Managing technological change: technology foresight & forecasting 管理技术变革: 科技前瞻和预测


Lunch 午餐


Understanding Kondratieff Waves and innovation cycles 了解Kondratieff Waves和创新周期


Refreshments 茶点


Exploring the different MOTs (USA, Japan, Taiwan and others in Asia) 探讨美国,日本,台湾和亚洲的科技管理模式

Developing Industrial Leadership 开发工业领导能力 Day 2

20th October 2013 (2013年10月20日)


Leading through strategic planning - New markets & new sources of competition 利用策略规划领先 - 新市场和新的竞争来源


Refreshments 茶点


Leading through technology management - R&D, innovation & patent management 通过科技管理领先 - 研究与开发, 创新和专利管理


Lunch 午餐


Forum 企业会谈 (Panelists to be confirmed)


Refreshments 茶点


Closing ceremony and Business networking 闭幕仪式

Cancellation Policy 取消政策 Written request for refund received before or on 1st October 2013, less 15% administration fee. Cancellation request after 1st October 2013 will not be eligible for refund. Substitute attendees are most welcome. 欲取消报名,必须以书信并在2013年10月1日前或当天交于我们,费用将 扣除15%行政费退还。如果您在2013年10月1日后取消报名,费用不予退 还。若您不能出席,欢迎替换其他代表,我们不额外收取费用。

Disclaimer 免责声明 IMLD, UTAR reserves the right to amend Program, if necessary. 拉曼大学在特定情况下,有权更改该课程及任何讯息。

Master-Class on Competitiveness "Management of Technology and Development of Industrial Leadership"  
Master-Class on Competitiveness "Management of Technology and Development of Industrial Leadership"  

The master-class provides opportunity for participants to discuss the role of technology and technology management in sustaining competitive...