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The Drawing Machine

Tsuen Wan as Pedestrian City


ŝŐͲnjĂŐ^ƉĂĐĞ Diagram above was shown the changes of density of people along the route

Tilt View

Diagram at the left was shown that the technique of Godard using during the video was captured. The Red route was more emphasis on the pan view to represent the action images with the form of respiration spaces and zig-zag spaces along the route. The Blue route was emphasis on the track view technique to capture the continuous action images in the spaces.

The drawing above were using the drawing machines of the capture technique of Godard - pan, tilt and track. By using the drawing machines to draw the action images of the city, we can discover the differences of the city with the normal perspective view of our eyes. We can using this method to observe the spaces form by the action images in the city.



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portfolio_201201 ncku