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Site Analysis

The SITE is located at the Guanqian Road of west district in Taichung City, Taiwan, beside of the CMP Park Lane. The front of the site is the Calligraphy Greenway that is a landscape developed by the government of Taichung City.

Proposed Road The proposed road is planned under the Urban Planning of the West District of Taichung City. The both are planned to be one-way roads.


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Site Currently, the site is used for the parking lot and a park, CMP Block. It is surrounded by the tree. The front of the site is the Calligraphy Greenway.

High-Rises The skyline of the site is surrounded by the high-rise buildings for commercial or living that form a strong boundary for the site.

Calligraphy Greenway The calligraphy greenway act as a very important green for the Taichung City. It link the Taichung City from the National Museum of Natural Science to the National Museum of Fine Arts.Many cultural and art activities was held at this greenway.


Gongyi Rd.

Aly. 285,Zhongxing St.

Aly. 299 Taichung Port Rd.

Guanqian Rd.

Zhongxing St.

Existed Road The roads around the side are one-way traffic. It limit the circulation of vehicles in the design. 20


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