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What have you learnt about technologies from the processof constructing this product ?

when I began the topic, I did not know how to use photoshop at all becauseI had never used it before and also I had never used blogger or flickr but as I started useing them i began to learn how to use them properly. All the tools were new to me as I never had used them before but it was kinda easy to learn becauseit is not difficult at all as you will get used to it .

In Photoshop I learned to use many tools such as the croping toolbut the only time I really used it a lot was when I started my evaluation becauseI needed to crop parts of my front cover,double page spread and my contents of the best tools that I learned was the blending options part I used this alot and used this for every layout that I did. The options that I learned during the contruction was the gradient tool that I used for two of my product and I thought it it was one of the best tools to use during the construction. However I also learned how to use the eyedropper tool and I found this very helpful as I kept on switching colous around and it was very easy to learn becauseall you had to do was click on the colour you wanted on any product that was open in photoshop and you will get therefor use the color for the text layer.I found that the Eyedropper tool very helpful for geting colous that you need on other images that were opened in Photoshop and with out this it would of been very difficult to get the exact colour that you wanted to use. I learned how to use the eraser tool when I needed to erase the back round of my front cover image and it was quite difficult at first becauseif you made one mistake, you would of have to redo the it again from the place you started, however I figured out how to use it properely and this was becauseI thought to myself that I needed to keep my hand steady on the mouse so I could do it all neately. I learned how to use the magic selection tool and this was very help full when you wanted to

get rif of somethong on a image however I used this tool to get rid of the back round of the imagesthat I didn't want and this tool made it very easy becausewith the eraser it would of been very difficult to use. For some tools I took a long time to figure out what places they were in such as the gradient and this was becauseI was new at the whole photoshop programme and I couldn't learn every tool in one lesson so therefore I had trouble with all this and I needed all the help I could get from my teacher. I found the gradient tool very effective and very helpful becauseit made my double page spread and contents page very efrective and interesting. I mostly used black and white colous on the gradient tool becauseI thought they were the only two colous that would fit in with the text.

The image billow shows all the side bar tools in Photoshop :

Blogger was a very useful for me becauseit was a way of storying all my media work and my evaluation of the work I did. However at first I didn't know how to use blogger but it wasn't very difficult to learn as it's similer as some other social networks and I got used to it becauseI used it all the time. It allows you to edit your posts at anytime if you are not happy with it and also I found the portfolio sections very helful as I knew where to look for some of my work and also space out my work.

I found Flickr very helpful for analysing the front covers,double page spread and the contents page becauseit allowed me to to put notes on the imagesetc . What I also found very helpful is that it alowed me to blog all the image or front covers to blogger . I learnt to use al the action tools on flickr (e.g. add a note ) and these were really good for evalauting or analysing front covers or images.

what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product ?  

what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product ?