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Social Cooperative “KoiSPE Corfu - New Horizons”

Networking Actions As a mental health unit KoiSPE Corfu New Horizons is an active member of a well established community mental health network that replaced a big psychiatric asylum that was based for more than a century on the island and closed down a few years ago. √ KoiSPE “New Horizons” participated in numerous conferences, scienti�ic meetings and workshops to present his achievements but also to transfer experience and expertise in local, regional, national and European level. √ KoiSPE was Greece’s good practice in the Social Entrepreneurship in EU (2003 – 2009) according to European Social Fund (ESF). √ ESF also selected a KoiSPE – Corfu employee on behalf of Greece to participate as a success story in a video entitled “The European Union. Investing in people”. (

KoiSPE was the leader of the establishment of a network called “Corfu Social Carta”. The purpose of the network is to encourage and reinforce the understanding and solidarity between public services, NGO’s and the Social Cooperative that participate. More speci�ically: - Participates in program underwriting Action Aid.

- Collaborates with Special School (EEEEK) of Corfu Island. - Supports the Church Mess.

- Supports the Association of recipients of mental health services "VISION".

√ KoiSPE is a coordinator in a project called “Local Actions and Social Integration for Vulnerable Groups” that is being funded by the Greek Ministry of Labor. A main action in that project was a transnational cooperation between Greece and Germany.

Parking Services

- Supports Special Education Center "The Bee".

- Supports the social project of the Organization "Smile of the Child". KoiSPE Corfu New Horizons is the most developed and awarded Social Cooperative in Greece, with 90 employees and more than 230 bene�iciaries.

Chr. Tsirigoti Square, Corfu, 49100, Greece ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 22000:2005 +30.26610.25277

Production and distribution of bakery & confectionery products

Social Economy in Greece “KoiSPE Corfu - New Horizons”


he �irst Social Cooperatives in Greece were created as an effect of the Greek Psychiatric Reform that started to take place during the 90’s.

Social Cooperatives of Limited Liability (abbreviation: KoiSPE) were implemented by the law 2716/1999. They are aiming to the socio-economic inclusion and professional integration of individuals with psychosocial problems, contributing to their rehabilitation and economic self-suf�iciency. They have sustainable economic activities (i.e. agriculture, industrial, craft-based, touristic, commercial) and they are mental health units under the umbrella of the Ministry of Health.

All KoiPSE recently created the Panhellenic Federation of KoiSPE (abbreviation: POKoiSPE). Should you like to �ind more about the KoiSPE please visit the:

Social Cooperative “KoiSPE Corfu – New Horizons” is an innovative form of cooperative action that promotes the inclusion of people with mental health problems, health professionals and individuals in the society, based epon the principles of cooperation and solidarity. KoiSPE Corfu was established in 2005 as a Social Cooperative giving training options and occupational horizons to people with mental health disorders. It operates as a productive, educational and social enterprise but also as a mental health and social care unit. Today it creates job opportunities for different socially vulnerable individuals and tries to invent sustainable solutions in occupational and social needs. 224 members (individuals and schemes) are participating in KoiSPE – Corfu. Among them, the Ionian Islands Region, the Corfu General Hospital, the Ionian University and the Municipality of Corfu. General Assembly, Supervisory Committee and Executive Board are collaborating in the management of Cooperative. A Managing Director and a Financial Manager are achieving sustainability goals, and a well structured Scienti�ic Committee deal with goals in the �ield of psychosocial rehabilitation in general and occupational options speci�ically.

KoiSPE Corfu specialized employees consists of people from socially vulnerable groups, professionals and trainers that provide high quality services and products. KoiSPE is certi�ied in ISO 9001 and HACCP procedures.

Today, the Social Cooperative employs sixty �ive (65) people from socially vulnerable groups and twenty �ive (25) health professionals and trainers, which brings the total workforce up to ninety (90) employees. Furthermore KoiSPE Corfu regularly implements educational programs and sessions under the title “ Get prepared for work”. Programs are designed by the scienti�ic and managerial staff following assessmend of participants’ needs.

“KoiSPE Corfu - New Horizons” actions: 1. Outdoor and Indoor Cleaning Service. The cleaning service undertakes the cleaning of houses, enterprises, organizations. It carries out interior and exterior space cleaning and decontamination operations.

2. Environmental rehabilitation and Management Service. Environmental management and restoration service carries out landscaping operations in houses, enterprises, organizations. The services offered are mowing, pruning and planting, milling, lawn setting, trees and branches transportation. 3. Production and distribution of bakery and confectionery products. The bakery workshop is situated in Corfu Town. Bagels, bread, �inger food and pastries are produced there and sold in the store on a daily basis. The bakery also supplies Koispe’s activities, the student restaurant, the solidarity network and individual clients.

4. Catering Services. Catering Services are offered to private and public organizations, coffee breaks, welcome drinks, christening parties. Conferences are organized by the crew, in the place chosen by the client. Catering services supply food, meals, pastries, beverages drinks. Extra services such as decoration and music selection are available to satisfy even the most demanding clients. 5. Parking services in the commercial center of the city. In the center of Corfu Town, behind the Psychiatric Hospital, there is a 900 square meters parking area, that can accommodate up to 50 cars. Short and long term parking services are provided on a daily basis. The area is fenced, well- lit and �ire safe.

6. Café Lunatico in the area of Ionian University. Lunatico Café is situated in the center of Corfu Town. It is very popular among university students and teachers. It serves �inger food, coffees and drinks. There is free wi- �i and cable TV. Music and theatrical shows are often set in the area. 7. Cafeteria in the area of Town Hall. Town Hall Café is set inside the town hall buiding. Its very popular among employees but also simple citizens. It serves �inger food, coffee and pastries that are produced at KoiSPE’s bakery.

8. Development of an Environmental Park KoiSPE initiated the development of an environmental park to cultivate, produce and distribute organic products. The business plan provides the cultivation of citrus trees as well as running two greenhouses. In parallel, koispe planning to develop a small laboratory standardization products (oil, kumquat, etc.). It also plan to operate a selling point in the street market in the center of Corfu Town. Finally, in collaboration with primary and secondary education will be implemented training sessions for students on issues related to the development of alternative organic crops.

KoiSPE Corfu - New Horizons  


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