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Description KoinStage customized Three-phase five wire 24 channels XXX. Equipment housed in a plywood flight case enclosure,with recessed Socket and Switchgear panels for mechanical protection. 24 channels has separately by 24 pcs 16A 3pin socket and 3 pcs 10A universal socket, it can protect the power case very good.400A connector, there are yellow/green/red/blue/black color.Equipment has a main switch and separate switch,protect overload and short circuit. This type of XXX Applicable to event lighting Audio/Video and Led wall applications.

Specification Flight Case Input Output Breaker Meter Wire Plug Working Temperature relative humidity

13U,14inch wheel,fireproofing,quakeproof,LED lighting at the top inside 400A camlock,3 phase 5 wire(5 colors),63A 5pin socket AC380Vinput AC220Voutput 24 channels 16A 3pin socket and 10A universal socket with indicator light main breaker, air switch (Delixi) ampere and voltage meter copper busbar main wire, inflaming retarding,terminal fixed with Screw glue with 400A camlock plug, 16A 3pin plugs,63A 5pin plugs 0℃-45℃ +40% - +80%

Atmospheric 0.8-1.6 pressure Working environment well-ventilated, non smoke dust Weight 85Kg

Power distribution box info  

Power distribution manufacturer from China.

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