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Koinonia of Springfield

K-372 ~ Nov. 4-6 Come as you are You are invited, Just “Come as you are”. Every day God offers that invitation to us. The invitation to draw closer to Him and to build that special relationship He wants with each of us. Too often we think that God is so far away from us and that we are forgotten and not loved by God. But His invitation is plain and simple “Come as you are”. That invitation comes to us without conditions, without judgments and is extended to each of us exactly where we are in our relationship with Him. No strings attached and all God asks of us is to trust Him, love Him as He loves us and listen to what He has in store for each of us. He calls us to be closer to Him so He can share His love and grace with us, to use our talents to serve Him and serve one another and to following in the footsteps of His Son to share that love with everyone around us. Some times that is not an easy thing to do. It means we have to let go of all those distractions in our lives and place ourselves in His hands. Our subtheme for the weekend “Come as you are” is a constant reminder of God’s unconditional love and His longing for growing our relationship with Him. This weekend, like all others, would not be possible without the prayers and support of the entire Koinonia community. We ask that you continue to pray for us as we prepare for K-372. We would also ask that you write a Wheat letter for the weekend. They are a powerful example of how all of you support us throughout the weekend. And I pray that as many of you as possible join us at the reunion on Saturday night. There is nothing more inspiring for the candidates to see then all of you present supporting all of us. Thank you for your prayers and support and I hope to see you during the weekend. I pray that God will continue to fill your heart with His grace and that you will always be open to His invitation just “Come as you are”

Joe Santillo, LD, K-372 8 Regent Court, Champaign IL 61820 (217) 232-1251

Team Roster LD-Joe Santillo ALD-Frank Lesko SD-Father Joe Ring ASD-Kathy Becker Music Director-Shelly Duvall

Sacristan-Cliff Shehorn Coordinators-Mark Becker and Doug Atwater Wheat Letter Coordinator-Carol Shehorn:

Maria Buck, Patty Kaiser, Sue Hackmann, Shawna Leady, Verdie McCann, Katie Mertz, Maggie Mucciante, Carol Shehorn

DASK-23 ~ Let the Son Shine In

Left to Right: Row 1: John Malay, Bonnie Flynn, Sheila Smith. Row 2: Ray Olszewski, Bonnie Robinson, Laura Davis, Karen Buckman, Lori Gonzalez, Dorothy Rasmussen, Father Dave Zimmerman. Row 3: Sue Hankins, Stephanie Newhouse, Marjie Gladish, Phelim McCabe, Patti Sands, Kelly Kothe, Mike Sgro. Row 4: Sheila O’Donnell, Jo Arttus, Bob Trimble, Ron Wakefield, Tom Schmidt, Bob Beyer. Not pictured: Deacon Patrick O’Toole

From Sheila ... The light was shining on DASK 23! God brought us all together for a beautiful sun shiny weekend at the Villa nestled among the fall-colored trees. The Holy Spirit’s presence was felt almost immediately as everyone settled in so comfortably together so quickly. God called us and we answered with a resounding “YES!” Thanks to everyone for their prayers, wheat letters and their attendance at the reunion. Thanks to Doug Atwater and

SJPK-II for combining our two separate reunions spiritually. Thank you to the team for all of your hard work. God bless the Koinonia/DASK family! Thank you, God, for giving me this opportunity to serve you. Sheila Smith Lay Director DASK 23

It is NEVER too early to prayerfully consider a weekend AND call about being a team member or candidate! November 2011 — Page 2

SJPK-2 ~ Come to the Table From Doug ... Dear Koinonia Community, When it comes to saying thank you for the love and support we felt on Ss. James and Patrick Parish Koinonia-2 in Decatur, I am deeply humbled. My first mention must be of the Holy Trinity as it was God’s aspiration that made this all possible. We did indeed “Come to the Table” - a bountiful and rich table of plenty. God the Father created the weekend and loved us through it. Jesus set the banquet with His Precious Body and Blood. And the Holy Spirit bolstered us to come, witness and share. There were so many high points; the self sacrifices exhibited in your avalanche of wheat letters. We were blessed with a splendid, musical reunion with one couple traveling four hours round trip simply to show love. One unique high point was the privilege of joining our reunion with that of DASK-23. During the reunions an exchange of wheat letters from the respective Lay Directors was read emphasizing how each weekend was frequently holding the other up in prayer. It was so beautiful to witness our larger community bountifully rises to the occasion of dual weekends! We were all grateful for the myriad hours of behind the scene support by the many that was capped by the tireless service of our small but mighty Wheat Team whose numbers were whittled in half by sickness and work conflict. If I were to begin naming Left Side: Right side: names I would only embarrass these aweRow 1: Nicky McCammack, Stacey AtwaRow 1: Jo Trombley, Kathy Becker, some people; but God knows who they are Row 2: Carolyn Stewart, Bonnie Aydt, ter, Barb Curtis. Row 2: Martha Smith, Judy and His blessings will flow! Grossman, Michael Grossman Row 3: Brent Van Dolah, Steve Stewart, Tears weld up in my eyes on several occa- Jan Gatlin. Row 4: Ryan Atwater, Betsey Row 3: Shelly DeVall, Diane Harding, Doug Atwater. Row 4: Sam Fortner, Deacon sions but in particular as I beheld SJPK-2 Herald, Dan Ballance Greg Sullivan. Not in the picture: Father Center: Our Lord’s Table of Plenty was truly a serving group. Counting our John Burnette, Kate Malkamaki Pastor and Deacon already at the altar, our small group of 23 was able to supply the 2 On behalf of everyone on SJPK 2; I send our heartfelt gratiLectors, 8 Eucharistic Ministers and 2 Gift Bearers as we shared the 8:30 a.m. Sunday mass with the congre- tude to you all! God’s Blessing and Peace be upon you, gation at the St. James worship site. We truly have been emboldDoug Atwater, ened as the body of Christ to serve our parish, city and world! Lay Director, SJPK 2, Decatur

Last weekend in 2011:

 K-373, Dec 2-4, LD Alma Mandeville (217) 522-278,7

November 2011 — Page 3

From Mikki ... November is a month with lots to celebrate. For we pay homage to our saints on all Saints Day, honor veteran’s on Veterans Day and are blessed by a bountiful table on Thanksgiving. It is also the month that past lay directors will elect members from the community, for filling the Koinonia weekends in

2012. I ask that we all consider and pray for individuals to fill these months. You may submit nominated names to me and I will gather them all up for the election. Past lay directors will have the election at Lincoln Library’s Bicentennial Room (3rd floor) on Nov. 13, from 2-4 p.m. I also want to make a brief reminder that for those attending reunion, that we should all be gathered in the basement no later than 6:45 p.m. This allows ample time for any special reunion announcements and to sign the gift list.

There should also be no more than 2 gift presenters in the circle when we greet a weekend participant. I always feel sorry when someone only has one person who greets them, and then another person has a line of people greeting them. If you have not signed up for the person, then please wait to greet them when we have the socialize time. Wishing all a November filled with many celebrations, Mikki Koinonia of Springfield Chairperson

From the Koinonia News Editor: Is there anyone out there? At the great risk of being “blunt” I must ask this question of the Koinonia of Springfield community:

Is there anyone out there?

Hello, is there anyone out there? From the lack of attendees at reunions; both parish and Villa Maria I am starting to wonder. Are we a community in name only? Currently, 371 e-mail addresses reside on our G-mail Koinonia account, with a smattering of “snail mail” members. Granted, not everyone can or will attend reunions but you would think that at least a decent number could show up. Apparently SJPK only boasted 15 or 16, with 20-25 at the Villa last weekend. Many times it is allot less than this.

numbers AND their participation. Should we not look at the direction that Koinonia is heading toward, which is parish-based weekends and accept the reality that Koinonia of Springfield (Villa Maria-based) is no longer viable? Too many factors work against us: rising costs, aging membership, lack of appeal to younger people “Koinonia is so 70s!” Plus, there is so many more choices now then in the past.

Before pointing fingers Paradoxically, parish Koinonias are largely striving and growing but in the Springfield metro area finding enough LDs, team members and candidates has become an increasingly harder task. And before “pointing a finger” (since four point back) I must admit that in terms of evangelizing and recruitment have myself fallen short. It is easy to sit back and criticize others but much harder to look in the mirror.

Is our group viable?

The harsh reality

So this begs another question: how viable is Koinonia of Springfield, as an organization now? A “handful” of ready and willing members does not and can not sustain a group in the long haul. We need only look around us to other worthy entities such as the K. of C. Councils, to name one, who suffer from lack of membership

With this being said, it is time to deal with the reality before us; the number of Villa Maria weekends, in the interim, need to be cut back to 6 or even 4. Too many current members keep repeating, either out of choice or not. Not enough new members are filling the ranks. At one point, in my opinion, a member can

and will probably become “burnt out” and drops out of the picture. I can name many.

Alive and well If all of this sounds “ultra negative” and thus biased let me also say that the message of the Good News of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is very much alive and well. Koinonia of Springfield historically has performed an excellent service of delivering his story to Central Illinois and the world at large. Koinonia as a lay movement is NOT going away or dying. But in the same breath it needs to adapt to changing times. Now I’ve spoken my peace and suspect that many share my viewpoint. This is my challenge to the community. So this is a call to action; a metanoia of a sorts. I invite fellow Koinonians to open a line of dialogue to discuss the concerns expressed in my article. Please send, via email, your pro or con letter(s) meant for publication. As newsletter editor I will do my best to accommodate each one. I also reserve the right not to publish any letter that fails to express, in the spirit of Christian fellowship, constructive suggestions or criticism. Bill Callan Koinonia of Springfield Newsletter Editor

Editor’s Note:

November 2011 — Page 4

For those who would instead like to submit a private response (not to be published), they may do so to Mikki:

Lay Director Nomination/Selection On Sunday, November 13, past Lay Directors will meet to select eligible members within the community for Lay Director leadership for the year 2012. The meeting will be held at Springfield’s, Lincoln Library (326 S. 7th) from 2-4 p.m. in the Bicentennial Room on 3rd floor. All members of the community may nominate someone, however only past Lay Directors may vote from the selected nominations. For someone to be eligible as a Lay Director, they must have been on two weekends as a team member and given a talk on one of the weekends. If you would like to nominate someone, please contact Mikki Buhl.

Editor’s Note:

Just remember, no Lay Director, no team and subsequently no weekend. Not everyone is “cut out” to be an LD but prayerfully consider being one.

Koinonia of Springfield E-mail address: Frequency of publication per year: 8 Retreat Months: March, April, May, June, Sept. Oct. Nov., and Dec. Weekend basic cost: $100 per weekend

2012 Weekends Weekends in 2012, others to be announced at later date • SJVK-5 St John Vianney (at Villa) March 2-4, 2012, LD John Barrett, (217) 496-2452 • STALK-15 St. Aloysius (at parish) March 9-11, 2012, LD Tom Paoni, (217) 528-4185 • April: 2 weekends at VM (tentative) • May: TBA • June, Sept, Oct., Nov. and Dec.

List of Officers:

• Chairperson: Mikki Buhl, (217) 527-1912, • Vice-chairperson: Ruth Atwater, (217) 429-3954 • Secretary: Kathy Paoni, (217) 528-4185 • Treasurer: Cathi Blickenstaff, (217) 753-2512 • Newsletter Editor: Bill Callan (217) 502-2033,

November 2011 — Page 5

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