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My name is John and I am writing to you to thank you for my life. I have a developmental disability. It is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it something I should apologize for. It is just part of who I am. Like everyone else I am good at some things and not at others. I am fortunate because I am connected to an organization that treats me with respect, encourages me to be me and supports my right to be treated as an individual.

Koinonia is my partner. I make my own choices, just as a grown man should and the folks at Koinonia help me make it happen. My life is pretty good. And, busy. I like staying busy. Because I am so fortunate, I also feel the need to give back.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I volunteer at Holy Family Home, usually helping out with the laundry. I also go once a week to Pleasantview Care Center to visit with some of the residents who don’t have family and I’ll help out when they ask. Just my way of giving back for all that I have.

On Saturdays I bowl in a league called Friends Forever. We’re not the greatest, but we have a good time. There is always lots of laughing and teasing. I try to attend as many baseball games as I can in the summer. You ought to hear my imitation of Tom Hamilton. Pretty darn good, if I say so myself!

Of course, my life isn’t all play. Like most people, I have a job. I work five days a week at a job I am good at. I like my co-workers and the folks who run the place. But my favorite part of the day is quittingtime. See that’s when, in between my volunteer work, I get to spend time with my roomates, doing chores together and just being out in the community. On the weekends I spend time with my girlfriend. Yeah, I got a girlfriend! A really pretty one, too! It’s great to have someone to care about and have them care about you.

I have a life that many people with a disability never get the chance to have. Too many are lonely, sad and pass the time not doing much of anything. My life today is what it is because of Koinonia and people like you who support it. I am just one of many Koinonia helps live a full and happy life. We all know that is possible because good people like you care enough to be a donor. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for my life. Your contributions make life worth living for so many.

Partnering with people who have developmental disabilities to achieve healthy, fulfilling, enriched lives. Koinonia serves the individual. Each unique. Each valued.


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Holiday appeal 2013  
Holiday appeal 2013  

Read about John and the day to day life he is able to live since partnering with Koinonia