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2011 annual report

A Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President/CEO Dear Friends:

Diane Beastrom President and CEO

Fred Watkins Chairman, Board of Directors

In 2011, Koinonia continued on its course of growth, while upholding our high standards for providing the best quality of care for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). Our most robust growth has been in our vocational and career services, with the number of program participants increasing eight-fold since early 2010. To respond to the increased need for employment opportunities for people with I/DD, Koinonia moved our program into a 6,000 sq. ft. building in August. There, we provide career assessment, training, job development and paid work opportunities. The aim of our vocational and career services is to employ people with I/DD in meaningful paid work in the community. We are honored to be one of ten agencies in the state participating in the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities’ Employment First Initiative. Through this program, we are working toward employing an increasing number of individuals in the community. The Business Advisory Committee was established this year to help achieve this goal. Comprised of business professionals in the community, the committee assists with locating jobs for individuals and networking with potential employers.

Koinonia furthered its commitment to wellness this year, aiming to promote the health of both staff and the people we serve. We developed healthier, more accessible menus for all of the sites Koinonia serves. In addition, the Healthcare Services department offered three sessions of an eight-week nutrition class for residential staff members. Well-received by participants, the program educated staff on nutrition principles and practices. They learned how to better plan meals and make healthier food shopping choices—skills they can implement in their own lives and in their jobs, which involves food shopping and preparation for individuals. In 2011, Koinonia welcomed Melissa Majkut to our Board of Directors. We also established a VicePresident of Government Relations position, to advocate for and educate officials about issues important to Koinonia and the I/DD field. To effectively position ourselves for the future, Koinonia started an intensive strategic planning process this year. Engaging staff from all departments and levels, we identified areas for further analysis, potential and streamlining. Over the next three years, this process will benefit the organization in myriad ways, with the overarching goal to consistently provide superior care to the individuals we serve. As always our mission guides us, and we are grateful to those that support us and make serving people with I/DD possible. That includes our Board of Directors, generous donors and volunteers, and our hard-working, dedicated staff members. Thank you.

President and CEO

Chairman, Board of Directors

2011 Highlights Koinonia Farm breaks ground, offering individuals in our vocational and career services program opportunities for skill building, job readiness, community participation and paid work opportunities. A Vice-President of Government Relations role is established; 114 contacts are made with legislators or their aides throughout the year. President & CEO Diane Beastrom was honored as a recipient of the YWCA Women of Professional Excellence Award. Recipients of this award are selected for their professionalism and commitment to helping other women achieve. The Healthcare Services department offered three sessions of an eight-week nutrition class. The program taught residential staff how to improve nutritional practices, including planning, shopping and analyzing food labels.

2011 Highlights Gail McPeake, Director of Health Services, received a Healthcare Heroes Award by Crain’s Cleveland Business for Healthcare Advocate. Our signature CONNECTeon Luncheon reached maximum capacity at the Silver Grille in downtown Cleveland, where guest speaker “Rudy” Ruettiger inspired attendees. All program management and DSPs completed a fall prevention initiative. Daily exercise programs for people at risk for falls were implemented. Three new buses were secured through a grant awarded by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

Through a grant from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD), we successfully implemented the Employment First Initiative with the goal to place individuals in community employment.

2011 Highlights To accommodate for the program’s growth, vocational and career services moved into a 6,000 square foot building located at 800 Resource Drive in Brooklyn Heights. The Center for Day, Vocational and Career Services established a Business Advisory Committee. This group of professionals supports the work of the Employment First Initiative and assists with finding paid work opportunities in the community for individuals.

Our CBIZ Walk for D.R.E.A.M.S. raised over $35,000 exceeding the goal to “Raise the Roof ” on a greenhouse for Koinonia’s Farm.

Waiver Services added 8 new individuals served and opened a new 4-bed site in October.

2011 Highlights For all of our sites, dietary services were streamlined and menus were developed that are easier to understand and offer heart-healthy recipes. We implemented an online learning management system through The College of Direct Support (CDS). This program provides greater accuracy and efficiency in providing training to staff and monitoring staff compliance. We received the Ohio Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award from the Ohio Psychological Association at their annual convention. Koinonia received the award for best practices in five areas: employee involvement, employee growth and development, health and safety, employee recognition and work-life balance. Our Day and Vocational Services department has been very busy this year. Census has increased from 136 individuals to 166.

residential services Whether it’s a cozy brick bungalow or a sprawling colonial on a wooded lot, what matters about the homes Koinonia serves is that they are just that—homes. The comfort, safety and personal touches any of us expect in a home are what individuals served by Koinonia experience. We care for individuals in residential group homes, supported living sites and host homes throughout Cuyahoga County. Individuals who live in the 21 group homes we serve benefit from living in small households with 24-hour support from caring, compassionate staff. Our supported living services provide care to individuals at 50 residential sites, where they choose where to live and exercise responsibility by paying their living expenses. Living with a caring and nurturing host home family is another option Koinonia offers.

day support Each weekday, The Center is bustling with rewarding activities in Koinonia’s day support program where socialization skills and learning initiatives capture the interest of those who attend. In this innovative program, individuals participate in walking club, enjoy pet therapy visits, explore creativity in art therapy, go on outings in the community, or just chat about the daily news. Socialization is always a focus for Koinonia; we make certain that individuals belong to groups organized with age and skill levels in mind. Koinonia provides transportation to and from The Center for individuals throughout Cuyahoga County.

vocational & career services Jobs are more than “just jobs” for individuals in Koinonia’s vocational program–they are sources of pride in both the work that is done and in paychecks earned! In our vocational and career program, individuals learn important and necessary vocational and social skills, which they apply to their new careers. Koinonia trains individuals to work in areas such as in custodial, clerical, packaging, document shredding, vending machine stocking, culinary production and more. The ultimate goal for our agency is to place individuals in jobs within their communities or within our agency where their talents can be best utilized.

individual focus dwayne Music is one of Dwayne’s passions. He lists his favorite artists: Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Bobby Brown, Nicki Minaj… To better enjoy his interest, he is saving up to purchase a stereo system—with money he earns working at Koinonia. “I like to work a lot,” explains Dwayne. “It makes me feel better and I have more money in my pocket.” He gains paid work experience through Koinonia’s vocational and career services program, which also provides him training and job development. “He gets excited with each and every paycheck,” says Loreen Simpson, a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional (QDDP) with Koinonia. “He is truly grateful for the opportunity to earn money.” “He is a great worker and has perfected several jobs since he has started here at vocational,” says Koinonia employment supervisor Jessica Taylor. “He is very passionate about his work and job performance.” Currently, Dwayne seals bags of cotton swabs, which is one job in the packaging contract Koinonia has with the company Humaneering. He seals about 2,000 bags each week! Dwayne lives in a home where Koinonia provides services. There, he is also encouraged to be as independent as possible, but he receives the support he needs. “We clean up the house every day,” he says, “and I know how to pack my lunch.” Staff assists him with tasks like shaving and doing his laundry. Dwayne also extends his help to his roommates. “Dwayne has a high aptitude for figuring out electronic devices,” explains Simpson. “He gladly offers his assistance to his housemates and staff to try and fix their electronic devices.” Whether at home or work, Dwayne is positive about his experience. “Koinonia makes me feel better,” he says. “I love it.”

employee spotlight osiris ortiz, residential supervisor “I think there are things in life that are pre-determined,” says Osiris Ortiz, residential supervisor at Koinonia. “I think my being in the intellectual and developmental disabilities field is one of them.” Ortiz started his career in 1987 as a direct support professional (DSP). At that time, while institutional settings for people with developmental disabilities were waning, the field was still evolving. “Small meant 16 people to a home,” he explains. “Now it’s 5-8 people at the most.” Ortiz was on the front lines of the I/DD field’s evolution, which shifted from a reliance on restraints to deal with behaviors to prevention of behaviors, a technique he embraced from the getgo. “It went from being physical to teaching individuals they had control and the power to calm themselves down,” he says. He became a Cope instructor and later became a Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) instructor. Teaching crisis prevention to other staff is a point of pride for Ortiz. He relishes sharing experiences and tactics to help others in their jobs. “He’s very supportive of his peers,” says Candy Kelly, Director of ICF/DD. “He treats everyone—individuals we serve, peers, professionals—with respect,” says Kelly. “We’re all people and everyone needs to understand that,” explains Ortiz. “You can make an impact on the lives of people with I/DD by understanding who they are.” A favorite part of his job is doing activities with individuals— enjoying together the things they enjoy. Whether it’s going to the movies or Cedar Point, he loves to watch them smile and receive their positive feedback. “It is cool to make people happy,” he says. Kelly sums it up: “His heart comes right through with everything he does.”

volunteer spotlight John Carroll University “Students talk a lot about what they learned [through their volunteer experience with Koinonia]”, says Trace Patterson. She is Coordinator of Community-Based Learning at John Carroll University’s Center for Service and Social Action and has placed student-volunteers at Koinonia since 2009. Each semester, John Carroll students help with life enrichment classes, such as “Healthy Living” and “Budgeting your Money.” “The students become aware of things that had never crossed their minds before,” explains Patterson. “I think they grow spiritually through service and interaction with Koinonia individuals because they no longer see them as people with disabilities.” For many of the students, volunteering at Koinonia is the first time they have interacted with people who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. They may not be sure what to expect or are hesitant about how to act. “The difference between where they start and where they end in terms of understanding and embracing people whose life experience is different than their own is remarkable,” says Patterson. John Carroll sees the transformative potential of volunteer service for more than just its students. “We seek to establish relationships that are mutually beneficial,” explains Patterson. The volunteers provide one-on-one assistance for the individuals in the life enrichment classes, giving them the chance to interact with and learn from new people. A John Carroll University student-volunteer assists an individual in Koinonia’s life enrichment class. Photo by: Taylor Horan

family focus

individual focus

ron scarton


“Koinonia provides the service I was looking for,” says Ron Scarton, who is the brother and guardian for Donna. Up until about four years ago, his sister had always lived with family. But Scarton saw a need for her to be on her own, to gain independence while still receiving important support. “It takes the stress off the families knowing you have someone watching out for your sister, or loved one,” he notes. “Koinonia takes care of her so she can live her life.” “Now when I see Donna, she is in a hurry to get home—to Koinonia,” says Scarton. “She likes living with her friends.” With her two roommates, she attends dances, goes shopping and makes social visits to friends at different houses. She also enjoys swimming at the local recreation center. “Staff lets the women do what they need to do and if they need help they give them a hand,” explains Scarton. So, for instance, Donna does her own laundry and cleaning but has assistance with shopping. Scarton is pleased with the staff, sharing that one “treats them like they’re her own family.” “She is phenomenal,” he says. “And so are the other staff.” Likewise, Scarton is impressed with the homes where individuals live. “They are nice,” he says. “It’s not like 40 years ago and people with disabilities went to an institution. At Koinonia, they are part of the community.”

If you visit Room 1 at Koinonia’s day support program, you are likely to be greeted by the expansive, sincere smile of Patsy. “She is always happy every single day,” says Jenn Scharon, a direct support professional who works in Room 1. “Patsy jokes with everybody, and she’s always laughing.” Patsy has difficulty speaking, and “she relies on staff to relay messages for her,” explains Scharon. “I wanted to help her do it more independently.” Scharon took on the project of creating a communication booklet for Patsy with pictures and words relevant to her life; she can point to a picture or word to help get across what she wants to say. Scharon also put the booklet together as an assignment for her PATHS class through Koinonia–a training program for people who support individuals with developmental disabilities. When asked how she feels about this new booklet, Patsy points to “happy.” Using the booklet, Patsy shares that she loves beading jewelry and making cards with Dera, a direct support professional that cares for Patsy at the apartment where she lives with another individual. “She makes cards for everybody,” adds Scharon. “And then she gets everyone to sign the cards.” Patsy indicates that Koinonia makes her feel happy, too, and says simply that it’s fun. That’s one of the aims of the day program. “We make it a fun, happy place they can go to,” says Scharon. “It’s important they have a place where they can go with friends to interact.” Direct Support Professional Jenn Scharon works with Patsy, using a communication booklet she created for Patsy.


revenue $23,556,548

53.9% ICF/DD group homes $12,701,769 36% Waiver Services $8,479,521 6.7% Day & Vocational Services $1,583,507 2.1% Transportation $502,472 1.1% Grants & Fundraising $259,857 .1% Other $29,422

expenses $23,076,744

88.7% Program-related 11.3% Administrative $479,804

Revenue in excess of expenses




Percent of Revenue



Cash & cash equivalents Accounts receivable Other current assets Total current assets

$682,833 $1,762,352 $297,494 $2,742,679

Accounts payable Accrued compensation & related taxes Other current liabilities Total current liabilities

$217,396 $1,697,057 $818,641 $2,733,094

Property & equipment, net Other assets

$5,468,501 $2,137,254

Long-term debt Other long-term liabilities Total Liabilities

$5,090,391 $159,938 $7,983,423

Net Assets


Total assets


Total liabilities and net assets

koinonia foundation Revenue $7,970 Expenses $3,050 Net income $4,920 Investments $992,855 Net Assets $992,855


donor honor roll The word koinonia is a Greek word meaning “community/fellowship.” It was chosen as our name back in 1974, and today, as then, the significance of this word remains powerful and representative of the work being done at Koinonia. We are grateful to our donors who share our mission of service that we provide to individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Their donations to our Annual Fund, Therapeutic Treatment Fund, sponsorships of programs and special events, and tributes in honor and memory of family and friends are invaluable to us and are deeply appreciated. It is with gratitude that we present Koinonia’s Honor Roll of Gifts received from January 1 through December 31, 2011. We thank you.

In Honor of 10 or more years of consecutive giving Anonymous Mildred & William C. Barnard Diane & Robert Beastrom Laura Becka Angela Bennett Beverly Butler Ronnie Chambers Phyllis Chisnell Aretha Crawford Brenda Escayg Steve Fluharty Danielle Focareto Frances Garrett

Linda Goshay-Smith Dera Grier Janine Harris Robin James Geraldine Keator Joseph & Elizabeth Kilbane Dr. Anna Koo & Robert Yui Kelly Maloney Barbara Mays Nicole McClellan Joseph & Helen Miller

Lina Monteleone Linda Moskus Marian Noch Dorothy Parks Latricia Rustin Lisa M. Sepulveda Angelina Spencer Sultanas of Mahdi Caravan, No. 142 Diana Talley-Miller Father John M. Tezie Kristen Todaro Virginia Worthy

Donor Gifts Gifts of $1,000 to $4999 Diane & Robert Beastrom Geraldine Keator Melissa Majkut Fr. John M. Tezie

Gifts of $500 to $999 Anonymous Timothy Alberts Nicholas Alexander Jody & Bob Curry Nancy Disbrow Gulchin A. Ergun Joshua D. Gordon Barbara Jarjisian Joseph & Elizabeth Kilbane

Ethan McPeake Clarence Moore Carol Morton Edward Siegel Fred A. Watkins

Gifts of $250 to $499 Mary Alice Arbeznik Darlene Battle Sheree Carroll Melody & Anthony Coniglio Randle Davis Danielle Focareto Lisa Hofmann Gina Kerman Dr. Dennis & Teresa Kowalski Michelle & Mark Lastovka

Patricia Maultsby Gail & Steve McPeake Joseph & Helen Miller Lina Monteleone Carriann Pafford Tomica Palmer Christine Piazza Lauren Plagens Dave W. Roberts Thomas Smalley Dr. Gerald & Eileen Strauss Diana Talley-Miller Tamla Varner Catherine A. Veverka Joann Watterson Karen Wojtala

Gifts of $100 to $249 Anonymous Anonymous Theresa Alexander Michelle Artale Maureen Ashdown Mildred & William C. Barnard Rita Barnes Laura Becka Nancy Borchert

Ronnie Chambers Pam Chetnik Phyllis Chisnell Janet Christopher Michael J. Cleary Michael Clegg Drs. John & Mary Clough Nicole Codner Marion & Donald Connerton Janet Corbo Beverly Crumble Darla Culp Lorie Davenport Rob de la Cruz Martha DiLorenzo Jamal Edwards Brenda Escayg Kathleen B. Fenner John Flannery Maria Florio Doula Gaitanaros Benitha S. Garrett Hugh Ginley Wanda Gleske Linda Goshay-Smith Dera Grier Thomas J. Harmon

Cynthia Harris Todd Hays Jo Anne Hernandez Ilene Hessler Charlie Hill Shelly Hodge Nina Holliday Lisa Horgan Doris M. Jarmusik Rachel Jarrous Ken & Norma Kaczmarek Candice Kelly John Kikel John & Lois Kilbane Dr. Anna Koo & Robert Yui Lawrence Krakovsky Junelynn Kwasniak Evan A. Langholt Dave Laubenthal Vanessa Lee Barbara Lemke Shemale Lumpkins Kelly Maloney Michael Mancuso Pat McPeake Frank Molski Vittorio Monteleone Betty Jo Mooney

Lenora Moore Linda Moskus Frances O'Hearn Rosemary Orlando Dorothy Parks Tiffany Poole Richard Prokopius Joel Reikowsky Don Remenapp Lawanda R. Robinson Victoria Rojack Sandra & Dr. Allan Rosenfield Latricia Rustin Terry Safranek Don Schuele Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Scott Lisa M. Sepulveda Georgia Shabazz Elizabeth Shutelock John Shutelock Loreen Simpson Darrin Smith Janice Smith-Morrison Theresa Swinehart Kristen Todaro Marcella Tomko Laura Trotter

Jason Umstot Gena Underwood Tori Valentine Laura Van Dyke Shawn Vaughn Cory Wade

Gifts to $99 Anonymous Emmanuel Akateh JulieAnna Anders Ralph Angelori Cindy Ankrom Carolyn Anthony Gary & Maureen Arbeznik Alaina Arbogast Curtis Arthur Vinson Austin Reginald Auzenne Barbara Avallone Jan Babbit Kiley Backus Andrew Banas Treva Bane Amanda Barney Christine Barni Marlene Barry Glorene Bartley

Michael Bartunek Claudia Bement Colleen Bennett Celeste Beohmerle Mary Bezik Shonda Billingslea Georgiann Bodle Cheryl Bonk Chivon M. Booker Steve Boukis Lisa Bound Kimberly Brown Tyneshia Brown Alexis Bucciere Sandy Buchanan Elizabeth Burton Sheila Burton Brodie Butland Beverly Butler Holly Byrse Jacquila Cannon Ann Caresani Denorah Cavor Terrence P. Clancy Fran Clark Jane Coil Yvonne Conwell Cherie Cook Judith Cooper

Aretha Crawford Lizabeth Crisp Robert Crook David Culp Anne Cummings Latasha Cummings Michelle Cunningham Arleen D'Annunzio Daniel Dannunzio Derrick Daulton Veronica Davenport- Wilson Stuart Davis Ethel DeJovine Theresa Delaportes Rose Demko Raquel Dichoso Jane Duffy Mary Eberhardt Tricia Elin Kathy Fenix Raychele Fitzgerald Steve Fluharty Salvador Font Carline Ford Adrienna Frazer Debra Freeman Helen French Irma Fretz

DiSheila Fulks Adriana Gabor Frances Garrett Cathy Gaudio Tammyelle Gholston DeShannon Gibbons Davette Golphin Beth Good Sharon Goodrum Kathleen Gorski Jerri Grant Catherine Gray Erin Green Detesha Greene Angela R. Gregg Betty Gregovich Ingrid Grohola Christion Gullatt Carol Harnett Janine Harris Craig Hasel Tiffany Henderson Tressa Hill Norman Hives Asia Hobson Diana Holliday John Hubbell Danielle Hudzinski Gina Huffman

Ester Hughes Kate Hunter Sarita Hunter Santo Incorvia Dr. Terence Isakov Robin James Mike Jarvi Bernice Johnson Valerie Jones Alex Kariotakis Jamie Kearney Kevin Kelley Landia King Peggy Koesel Ann Koons Jim Kornelakis Kathleen Kraft Richard & Mary Kubiak Rachel Kurtyka Jacqueline LaRue Dominique Laster Terri Lastovka John Lavelle Tessie Lekas Louisa Levitt Tracy Logan Jessica Love Shannon Lumpkin Gregory Luscher

Craig Majkut Patricia Marcuz Candice Markle Jacqueline Martin Paul Matia Kathryn Matt David Maxim Barbara Mays Trevor McAleer Nicole McClellan Luvennia McCoy Mary Beth McDonald Daquita McDowell Jack McFadden Audrey McGhee Sue McGregor William McGregor Hugh McKay Alice McPeake Ellen McPeake Laura McPeake Joseph Meito Maechelle D. Menefee Mary Merritt Tonya Merriweather Joseph Miksa Kelly Miller Sandra Mistur William Moll

Christopher Moore Matilda Moran Marianne Morgan-Bey Jamar Moultrie Kyle Mraz Mweke Mwambo Maryann Myers Sharon Narine Brenda L. Natola Bill Neczypor Karen Nickerson Donna Niro Marian Noch Eva Novak Gail Novak Bonnie Nutt Ellary Oliver Osiris Ortiz Mary Pagonakis Frank Palkovic John Parkowski Gary Parsons Jaylene Paulus Judy Perry Noreen Piazza Melissa Pillari Cynthia Pinter Elaine Pinter Teameica Pippens

Bill & Ethel Poulos Linda Powers Jauhara Primm Tabatha Raby Natalie Rauf Sylvia Redding Jermaine Reid Jaime Reidinger Sharon Reidinger Tracey Reidinger Carol Reynolds Alexandra Roberts Eugenia Robinson Eric Romero Rosemary Russo DeAnn Sakacsi Judy Santa Maria Lori Savko Norbert Schmidt Christine Serio Eileen Sherman Paula Siefert Margaret Sikon Gail Sikula Adrian Smith Peter Smith Nancy Smudz Heidi Spaeth Angelina Spencer

Felix A. Spittler Robert Sprague Chris Stavrapoulos Angel Steel Susan Sterling Shantale Stevens Ted Strenkowski Bill Sullivan Molly Sullivan Joseph Suster Cher Sutkaytis Toya Talley Jessica Taylor The Hohman Family Trust Nicholas Thome Jessica Thorne Raymond Timko Erik Toth Teena Turnage Tracey Turnbull Mary Vasilakis David Visocky Tina Vogel Cathy Warner Consuela Williams Rochelle Williams Crystal Wilson Donna Winfield Stacey M. Wolfe

Virginia Worthy Shannon Wright Lisa Yim Barbara Young Crystal E. Young Lucy Jane Young Noelle Zaffle Mary Ann Zapior Charles Zepp Kendra Zusy

Gifts from Businesses & Organizations Gifts of $5,000 and above Anonymous CBIZ

Gifts of $1,000 to $4999 Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP Dollar Bank First Merit Bank Howard, Wershbale & Co. Kaiser Permanente Key Bank Knights of Columbus #4130 McKesson Medical-Surgical

Michael Carter Group Ohio State Landscaping Omnicare, Inc. The Fedeli Group The National Telephone Supply Co.

Gifts of $500 to $999 Avalon Foodservice, Inc. Barney Advisory Group Booth's Pub Bulldog Office Products Classified USA, Inc. Cleveland Waterproofing Combined Federal Campaign Cuyahoga County Mayor's Secretaries Association Emerald Necklace Garden Club Hudecek Cement Contractors, Inc. King Group Meritech, Inc. Mutual of America NSL Analytical Service Inc. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP Ray Fogg Corporate Properties Relmec Mechanical LLC

Sievers Security Sultanas of Mahdi Caravan, No. 142

Gifts of $100 to $499 Applebee's - Westlake #421 Assumption Church Benefits 1 Group/Advocare Blue Ribbon Meats, Inc. Butler Woodcrafters Inc. Claddagh Irish Pub Cleveland State University Golubski-Deliberato Funeral Home Happy Hills Day Care InfoCision Management Corporation Longhorn Steakhouse/ Darden Restaurants Moscarino & Treu, LLP Parma Firefighters Local 639 Philadelphia Insurance Companies Retired Irish Police Society S & S Fire Extinguishers Inc. St. Paul Ladies Philoptochos Society Temple of Praise The Human Resource Department, Inc.

Today's Business Products Transitions Unlimited True Light Missionary Baptist Church Vitamix Corporation

Gifts to $99 AlphaGraphics Art On Wheels, Inc. City of Independence Father's Love Ministry Florio Brothers, Inc. Lentz Asociates Inc. Mayfield Women's Club Plavecski & Associates Inc. The Union of Poles in America

Foundation Gifts and Grants Gifts of $5,000 and above Ohio Department of Transportation Safigan Family Fund

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999 Key Bank Foundation

Gifts of $100 to $499 PNC Foundation The Lubrizol Foundation

Gifts to $99 Progressive Insurance Foundation

In-Kind Donations Marlene Barry Michael Bartunek Darlene Battle Diane & Robert Beastrom Laura Becka Lawana Benjamin Beverly Butler Judy Carnes Sheree Carroll Denorah Cavor Janet Christopher Jane Coil Vic Collova Melody & Anthony Coniglio Jody & Bob Curry Derrick Daulton Martha DiLorenzo Nancy Disbrow Jane & Tim Duffy Brenda Escayg Wanda Gleske

Carol Harnett Craig & Peggy Hasel Doug Hoder Lisa Hofmann Nina Holliday Katherine Hollingsworth Rudy Kandrack Candice Kelly Landia King Evan Langholt Melissa Majkut Patricia Marcuz William McGregor Gail & Steve McPeake Ethan McPeake Lina Monteleone Carol Morton Linda Moskus Sharon Narine Carriann Pafford Christine Piazza Ruth Pieplow Carol Pietrowski Lisa Sepulveda Elizabeth Shutelock Carol Smith Diana Spradling Robert Sprague Susan Sterling

Diana Talley-Miller Kristen Todaro Jason Umstot Tori Valentine Joann Watterson

Businesses & Organizations In-Kind Donations Ampco System Parking Angelo's Diner Beckers Donuts & Bakery Brielle's Coffee & Tea Room Butler Woodcrafters Inc. CDW Government Inc. Chick-fil-A Chobani Yogurt CinĂŠCraft Productions, Inc. Cinemark Valley View Cleveland Browns Cleveland Metroparks Columbia National Group Complete Onsite Restoration Experts Country Pure Foods Cuyahoga Community College

Dollar Bank Dunkin' Donuts Fairview Park Dunkin' Donuts North Olmsted Einstein Bagels Embassy Suites Emerald Group Credit Union, Inc. Emerald Woods Golf Courses Finish Line Binderies, LLC Freeway Lanes Heavenly Ham Herman Textile Window Fashions Hughie’s Audio-Visual & Computer Cleveland Liberty District Baptist Association Lowes - Ridgepark Square Memphis Kiddie Park Natalie's Styling Salon Olmsted Falls Garden Club Petitti Garden Centers Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant and Club Playhouse Square POV Communications Ritz-Carlton Cleveland

Rudy International Rybicki & Son Funeral Home Sculpt Wellness LLC Sounds of Hope Project St. Albert the Great Catholic Church St. Michael Catholic Church St. Therese Church Timothy J. Riley, Attorney at Law Trader Joe's - Westlake

In Memoriam In Memory of Ann Kikel John Kikel In Memory of Ayhan Ergun Dr. Gulchin Ergun In Memory of Beverly Ann Nau Theresa Swinehart In Memory of Dr. William and Kathy O'Hearn Joseph & Helen Miller Frances O'Hearn

In Honor of Jody Curry Colleen Bennett

In Memory of David Corman Betty Jo Mooney

In Memory of Martin Kilbane John & Lois Kilbane

In Memory of Franklin Sherman Eileen Sherman

In Memory of Maurin McPeake Ethan McPeake

In Memory of Grace A. Villari Betty Jo Mooney

In Memory of Patricia Smith Lisa Sepulveda

In Memory of Irene Kay Betty Jo Mooney

In Memory of Peggy Kilbane In Honor of Michael Crook Hugh Ginley Robert Crook Richard & Mary Kubiak In Honor of In Memory of Sam Serio Olaf Weissfuss Christine Serio Marion & Donald Connerton

In Memory of Jimmy Boukis Jo Anne Hernandez In Memory of Joseph M. Cooney John Lavelle In Memory of Leo Arbeznik Mary Alice Arbeznik In Memory of Marcia Tarsitano Betty Jo Mooney


In Honor of Alexis Taylor Link John & Lois Kilbane In Honor of Alice Hessler's Birthday Ilene Hessler In Honor of Emma Jean Cook Maryann Myers

In Honor of Laura Serio Christine Serio, Parent In Honor of Mary Ostrander Don Remenapp In Honor of Mary Traina Terry Safranek

In Honor of Patty Corbo Janet Corbo In Honor of the Quirarte Family Pam Chetnik In Honor of Steve Santa Maria Judy Santa Maria

where we’re located THE CENTER FOR DAY, VOCATIONAL & CAREER SERVICES brooklyn heights


garfield heights

maple heights


solon parma olmsted twp. middleburg heights broadview strongsville north royalton heights Group Homes, ICFs/DD The Center for Day, Vocational & Career Services Supported Living sites

oakwood village independence seven hills

2011 Board of Directors Fred A. Watkins Chairman Todd Hays Secretary/Treasurer Kate Fenner Josh Gordon Melissa Majkut Ethan McPeake

PRESIDENT/CEO Diane Beastrom

2011 VICE-PRESIDENTS Jody Curry VP of Institutional Advancement & Communications Nancy Disbrow VP of Human Resources David Laubenthal VP of Physical Resources Carol Morton VP of Finance Jason Umstot VP of Programs & Organizational Learning Joann Watterson VP of Government Relations

2011 DIRECTORS Candy Kelly Director, ICF/DD Services Gina Kerman Director, Quality & Regulatory Compliance Kathy Kraft Director, Organizational Learning Mary Beth McDonald Director, Waiver Services Gail McPeake Director, Health Services Lina Monteleone Director, The Center for Day, Vocational & Career Services Erik Toth Director, Information Systems

Koinonia Homes, Inc. 6161 Oak Tree Blvd., Suite 400 Independence, OH 44131 Phone: 216.588.8777 Fax: 216.588.5670

The Center for Day, Vocational and Career Services 1200 Resource Drive and 800 Resource Drive Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131 Phone: 216.741.6659 Fax: 216.741.6838 Koinonia's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #72214

2011 business advisory council John Flask Flask, Kusak and Company Chris Goebel Lakefront Lines Mark Hancock Humaneering Inc. Eliesa Mendeluk Family Member Charlene Paparizos CMP Communications

6161 Oak Tree Blvd, Suite 400 Independence, OH, 44131 Ph: 216.588.8777

Koinonia Homes Inc. 2011 Annual Report  

Koinonia Homes Inc. 2011 Annual Report

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