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Kohen Judd for Fairphone -The 20 year plan, a working document: 20 Years being the time period in which we have enough scope to Identify a classic. -20 Year guarantee. -Durable frame - materials such as high chrome steel which can be polished etc. -Easy to open and service - easy for technicians to run diagnostics. -Self monitoring - throttling of performance when servicing is needed. “Your phone is now due for a service.� -Modular where appropriate - ie separate SD cards for user vs system data. -Multiple ports for increased conectivity.

Post tooling; hot extruded section + machined billet.

First test fit with components.

Speaker & front camera cluster

PCB in rail system.

Screen with mic cluster.

Thanks - Kohen

Fairphone: Concept, Ideation Phase  
Fairphone: Concept, Ideation Phase