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Executive Summary 1

A Quest

Firm Profile 2 An Innovative Design Practice

Design Approach 3 Alignment of Values

Principals & Organization 4 The People Make the Difference



We work together with our client to provide ever-improving service. This team approach to our work will supersede traditional departmental organization and create a true customer focus.


Executive Summary, We never stand still, teaming up with our client and partners to redefine patient care. As the laws and policies changing, emerging science and progressive solutions are transforming healthcare industry. Coping with the evolving nature of patient care industry, healthcare providers must grasp the new opportunities and position their facilities to deliver nothing less than the best patient care experience. We understand business challenges at this time, and the know-how to provide viable solutions to move forward with effective strategies customized for our clients. Kohan Architecture’s healthcare designers, researchers and consultants are re-imagining operational efficiencies, quality and safety. We conduct tough leadership based on viable research to plan environment that streamline patient care flow and enhance the industry standard one leap at a time. We are among few firms that bring best practices services in this industry as we are amused with providing innovative solutions to our healthcare industry partners. We offer amalgamated design disciplines including architectural, structural, engineering, and environmental and interior design teams to make integrated design delivery executable. In just this certain approach, we believe a team can offer custom tailored solutions to each and every project led. The Kohan Architecture team experience includes Planning and design of health care facilities. Focusing on providing architectural/ consulting services across the healthcare industry from offering full architectural services to needs assessment and unconventional architectural services such as process mapping, computer simulation, streamlining operations and staff analysis, allows us to better understand problems, while looking for solutions. Our services don’t stop only at designing the most beautiful/comforting spaces but help our clients to continue providing the best heath care, save money and keep developing. We would like to hear from you for any patient care project in horizon. I also would like to contact you so we can schedule a meeting to discuss our servicers in more detail. I look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully we can meet soon. Kind Regards,

Mohsen Ghoreishi, CEO



We provide timely, professional, effective and efficient service to all of our customer groups and constantly identify the key needs of our clients; assess how well we met those needs, continuously improve our services, and measure our progress.


Kohan Architecture is a full-service architectural practice based in San Francisco, California, with satellite offices in San Jose; and Los Angeles. Partners at Kohan Architecture are noted for their quality of design excellence & technical expertise. And developed a diverse portfolio of different size projects in healthcare secter. In the 2013, we diversified to undertake work as architect team on wider spectrum of healthcare developments and labs especially in the state of California. The principals have had the privilege of collaborating with some of the world’s most acclaimed architects on such prestigious projects as Wake Med-Heart Center, Carolina Medical Center Pediatric & Rehabilitation Services, RWaleigh, NC, and the William Osler Health Centre in Ontario, Canada, Sandilands Rehabilitation Center, Nassau, The Bahamas and UCLA Health System medical office buildings in Southern California.



Under the progressive leadership of our principals and directors, we are continually upgrading our design, project management and technical expertise to maintain a competitive advantage within the dynamic architectural field and an evolving global technology & science.



Full Architectural Services Focused on Healthcare Facilities, Including but limited to:

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• • • • •

Site Selection and Assessment Planning and Master Planning Programming & Simulation Modeling Feasibility analysis and Concept Design Design Stages and Construction Documents Construction Administration/ Observation Computer Visualization and BIM Investigation, evaluation, consultation, and advice

Peer Review and Report Complete Interior Design services Structural/Engineering Coordination Equipment Planning and Coordination Project/Program management

Patient-Centered Healthcare Facilities • • • • • • • • • • •


Hospitals and OSHPD projects Behavioral Health Facilities Outpatient Services Laboratories Freestanding Emergency Departments Ambulatory Surgery Centers Diagnostic Imaging Facilities Equipment Upgrade Medical Homes and Wellness Centers Dental Offices Virtual Care Centers

OUR MISSION At Kohan Architecture, we believe our success is a direct result of our ability to deliver top quality design solutions. We conduct our business with integrity and trust, and take pride in our professionalism, we work hand in hand with our clients to provide innovative but realistic work, expand our market & business.

MISSION STATEMENT We will realize this vision through our commitment to the following principles: • Service Excellence, We will provide timely, professional, effective and efficient service to all of our customer groups. • Continuous Improvement in Measurable Ways, We will identify the key needs of our customers; assess how well we meet those needs, continuously improve our services, and measure our progress. • Employee Development, We understand that the professionalism and drive of our people are the most important factors in the quality of the service Kohan Architecture provides. We will hire talented people, increase their skills through training and experience, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth within the company. • Ethical and Fair Treatment of All, We are committed to forming relationships of fairness and trust with our clients, the user groups and all beneficiaries of our designs, and services. We will conduct our business according to the highest ethical standards. • Teamwork, We will work together to provide ever-improving customer service. This team approach to our work will supersede traditional departmental organization and create a true customer focus. People at all levels of the organization will participate in decision-making and process improvement.


At Kohan Architecture, we fully support and promote integrated design delivery, and evidence-based design within our practice and our projects. We also strive to ensure that all aspects of our business have the least harmful effect on the environments.

composing spaces that respond to environmental conditions and

address client’s needs. Whatever a project size or budget, we strive to create places that enrich the way people work, enjoy and heal. We direct our energy towards an architecture born of human needs that responds to physical, social, and economic circumstances. We are not vendors of fashionable trends, but believe that good design defines our environment, because truly innovative design is a source of inspiration to those who live it every day.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY We believe the design process is an collaborative/investigative approach rather than linear/ isolated series of tasks. At the very first stage understanding the specific goals and objectives of our client and establishing a mutual reading of the project is essential. This primary team work approach will be followed as design progress to the level that the synergy would streamline the process. We try to visualize the project from the user-group’s point of view and then ine tune it to fully conforming to the program, budget, schedule and to also satisfying the local, state, federal and industry recognized standards, codes and regulations. architects, engineers and interior designers is the beating heart of the design that make it green, lean and alive for the years to come.


Among the important elements in our design philosophy are: • Our client is our team member. • Each step in the design process is based on the selective investigations of idea and solutions. • We advocate Lean/integrated project delivery, which entails deep collaboration between all involving parties. • We basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible outcome. • We incorporate proven green building principles into the design process.


Architecture is the art of . . .


INTEGRATED DESIGN DELIVERY Building professionals are concerned about improving the quality, safety and eliminating waste, as strategies for responding to the current economical and global challenges. Integrated project delivery is not just another project delivery model; it is a way to transform the entire project delivery team into a high-quality, highperforming system. Collaboration between all parties involving with a project from a designer to the end-user is the essence of this approach, which differentiate it from the other traditional methods. We at Kohan Architecture believe that: • Less waste gains more. • Become a leaning organization requires relentless reflection and continuous improvement as a team. • Status quo is never acceptable. • Lean is about inspiration and empowerment, which not only delivers better projects by wiser decision making but leads to satisfaction for all. • Lean is about developing principles that are right for all the parties to achieve higher performance.

" WE

TEAM UP WITH OUR CLIENT" to redefine patient care


Buildings use resources such as energy, water and raw materials, generate waste, and emit potentially harmful atmospheric emissions. At Kohan architecture we design in collaboration with our client to implement all objectives of sustainable design usually in innovative ways. It is our policy to: • Ensure that regulatory requirements are met and, where feasible, improved upon. • Purchase and use environmentally responsible products. • Reduce waste through reuse and recycling programs. • Ensure the responsible use of energy throughout our business, including conserving energy, improving energy efficiency, and giving preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources, whenever feasible. • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and the public. • Promote environmental awareness amongst our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner. • Encourage suppliers, contractors and vendors to act in accordance with our environmental standards. • Monitor the implementation of the policy by carrying out periodic audits of compliance and introducing remedial measures when appropriate. Years of experience gained by working with leading environmental consultants, we take a holistic view to building design, which incorporates proven green building principles into the design process.


evidence-based design A large and growing body of evidence attests to the fact that physical environment impacts stress, patient and staff safety, staff effectiveness and quality of care provided in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Basing healthcare facility planning and design decisions on this evidence to achieve the best possible patient, staff and operational outcomes is what evidence-based design is all about. Evidence-Based Design (EBD) is the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible outcomes. At our client’s request, in KOHAN Architecture we flow these eight steps: • Define evidence-based goals and objectives. • Find sources for relevant evidence. • Critically interpret relevant evidence. • Create and innovate evidence-based design concepts. • Develop a hypothesis. • Collect baseline performance measures. • Monitor implementation of design and construction.


principals & organization

Kohan Architecture is a firm led by seasoned professionals, who have worked in the industry for the average of 20 years. They have provided senior leadership and insight to clients in different roles. They bring a depth of knowledge about the physical make up of healthcare facilities from having had a seat at the table with user groups to help them develop a strategic approach to their plan that addresses their needs for present day as well as projecting into the future.



Mohsen Ghoreishi CEO Mohsen has 22 years of experience in the architectural profession with a wide range of building types and projects, specializing in master planning, space planning, design, and Construction Management and Administration of Healthcare facilities. As CEO and visionary, Mohsen brings experience and expertise in working with complicated local government and private sector to his work. His dedication for such projects brings new light to public and private building operation, building construction management and administration.

Education Bachelor of Architecture University Of North Carolina at Charlotte Master of Architecture Urban Design & Planning Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Industry Affiliation American Institute of Architects CA. Preservation Foundation American Healthcare Assoc.

Wake Med-Heart Center, Raleigh, NC

Carolina Medical Center Pediatric & Rehabilitation Service,

Articles & Publication California Dental Associates (CDA), 2013, 2014 S.O.L.A , Lima, Peru, 2013 Architecture and Culture through the eye of history Traveling in Architecture A close look at Buildings and, its architectural history Sustainable Design In Healthcare, A Closer look. At Sustainable Design A closer look at Courts Operations Clerk of Court Dilemma Planning Court Facilities

• Wake Med-Ambulatory Surgery Raleigh, NC

• Carolina Medical Center-Pediatric Emergency Department Charlotte, NC

• Carolina Medical Center,

Rehabilitation Services For Children Charlotte, NC

• Union Regional Medical CenterOutpatient Center Monroe, NC

• Union Medical Center-OR & CAT Lab Renovation Monroe, NC

• Carolina Medical Center, OR & CAT Lab Renovation Charlotte, NC

• Western Wake Medical Center, Interior Renovations Cary, NC

• Privately held Medical/Dental offices North & Southern CA


Union Regional Medical Center-Outpatient Center, Monroe, NC

Wake Med-Ambulatory Surgery Raleigh, NC

Union Medical CenterOR & CAT Lab Renovation

Western Wake Medical Center, Interior Renovations

• Mohsen completed while at Freeman White Inc.


Mohsen is a results-driven professional with extensive experience leading people and project teams, administering multi-million dollar budgets and providing administrative direction to the healthcare providers.



James Lemoine Principal architect James’s background includes the production of over 200 property condition assessments,(PCA) budget monitoring, construction administration, design/ construction document development from over 25 years as a project manager designer and coordinator of a large diversity of projects in California, Hawaii, Texas, Connecticut, New York, Georgia and the Philippines.

Education BS Environmental Design Cal Poly San Luis Obispo California Teaching Credential Industry Affiliation American Institute of Architects

One SanSome San Francisco, CA

Articles & Publication

One Market San Francisco, CA

• Caesar Chavez Elementary School

• One Sansome

• Evergreen Village Center

• One Market

• Madonna Plaza

• Denver Mariott

• Park Hyatt

• Program Facilities for Advanced

Oakland, CA

San Jose, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Beaver Creek, CO

• Clark Naval Air Force Base Additions and Renovations

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA Denver, CO

Tactical Fighter for Lockead Martin North & Southern CA


Evergreen Village Center San Jose, CA

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, CO

Denver Mariott Denver, CO

Madonna Plaza San Luis Obispo, CA

• James completed while at All West, VBN, MDM, McClier & CDS.


Qualifications range from initial design, final production, construction coordination, administration and due diligence/property assessment of several types of building construction from 1 M to 200M construction / acquisition budgets. Responsibilities have included coordination and management of construction documents for several types of institutional projects as well as the administration of multiple high security defense projects. He has managed multiple consultants in the creation of construction documents for facilities with 1M to 200 M construction budgets, including hospitals, public/private schools, hotels, mixed use developments and multi-family developments. Construction administration has been provided for personal care homes, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, tenant improvements and mixed-use developments.



Sam Foroutani, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP PRINCIPAL architect

Challenging projects need creative solutions, and Sam has an eye for design that delivers remarkable architecture. Sam has more than 20 years of experience in architecture, primarily in healthcare. Sam’s in-depth knowledge of the field and his ability to assess, analyze and understand the functionality of a project allows him to create innovative and highly effective client solutions. His understanding of healthcare systems and operations serves as an astute foundation for his design-focused

Education B.S. in Architecture National University of Iran Master of Architecture Urban Design & Planning National University of Iran Industry Affiliation American Institute of Architects National Council of Architectural Registration Boards US Green Building Council The Center for Health Design Canadian Architectural Certification Boards Articles & Publication Building and Materials, 1st& 2nd edition, Introduction to Construction Site management, 1st edtion Housing and Sustainable Development

William Osler Health Centre, Brampton, ON

UCLA Health System, South California Clinic

• UCLA Health System,

• Sequoia Hospital projects:

• UCI, SCB Lab,

• New 100 bed, Rand Memorial

Medical Office Buildings, Thousand Oaks, CA Porter Ranch, CA Redondo Beach, CA Irvine, CA

• VA Healthcare, BIM Database, Palo Alto, CA

• Chinese Hospital:

Expansion (Schematic Design) CT Scan Replacement New Roof-Mount Generator Office Building, TI, San Francisco, CA

New Outpatient Oncology New Sleep-Disorder Dept. Two Cath-Lab Replacement Redwood City, CA

Hospital, Freeport, the Bahamas

• William Osler Health Centre, Brampton, ON.

• Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Nassau, The Bahamas


Sam understands the balance of form and function, and has a passion for bringing all the elements of a project together. His experience in master planning, functional planning, including working with user groups in programming, FF&E detailed room/equipment plans is an infinite asset to KOHAN Architecture. Sam is able to build and guide top-performing architectural teams and function as a technical resource for codes, architectural documentation, construction practices, scheduling and budget management. Adept at communication with client, contractors, consultants and internal departments to ensure the design translates client needs and wants into creative, effective and efficient design solution.

William Osler Health Centre, Brampton, ON

• Rand Memorial Hospital, Freeport, The Bahamas

• Family Clinics,

The Bahamas Family Islands

100 bed, Rand Memorial Hospital, Freeport, The Bahamas Raleigh, NC

• Women’s Clinic,

Gynecology Obstetrics Social Programs Nassau, The Bahamas

William Osler Health Centre, Brampton, ON

• Tehran Hospital, Tehran, Iran

• Geriatric Hospital, Tehran, Iran

Revised Master Plan, Schematic Facility Plan, Expanded Geriatric Hospital New and Expanded Acute Intermediate and long-term Adult Mental Health Units, New Detox. Programs Bldg., New Children Mental Health Unit, Nassau, The Bahamas

• Sam completed the listed projects in colaboration with different architects.


• Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre,

How we conduct your project

At KOHAN, project begins as a self-contained design studio assembled for a commission, bringing together an array of seasoned professionals, including engineers, OSHPD experts and interior designers. This tight-knit, diverse team collaborates directly with our client, as a team member, to establish an indepth understanding of the project goals that will fulfill the program. Studios are led by a Principal, who takes an active role in every aspect, working in creative interactive collaboration with the client over the project. Principals routinely fill the project architect/manager role on a design team and conduct the team. The Principals’ experience is enhanced by a dedicated group of associates and the invaluable resources, who are responsible for creating and maintaining quality and consistency in specific aspects of Kohan Architecture’s practice. This personal attention and teamwork ensures the successful design, documentation and quality control of the client’s program.

WE CARE? In KOHAN’s hands, a healing environment is architecture before being a project. We’ve built a team that knows the value of design and works to balance the artistic with real world considerations.

KOHAN Architecture’s expertise and experience encompasses a solid and insightful system to support our clients’ success. We look forward to the chance to help you achieve your goals.

We understand that the design process establishes character, personality and brand, highly influences and often determines public perception, and significantly impacts project value and success. We are careful to craft a design solution that interprets the client’s objectives in terms of the visual quality, character and presence of a project.

Our clients are unmistakably KOHAN’s most valuable asset. We challenge ourselves constantly to demonstrate our appreciation to our clients through efficient, competitive and professional service. We focus on developing quality relationships that last for many years by providing project solutions based on the client’s objectives.




Why Choose Us?

Joining partners at KOHAN Architecture have earned a reputation in the architectural industry for consistently great design in healthcare industry. We are relationship-based and our success rests on our commitment to collaboration. Our practice is a business but it is also a family. KOHAN offers an unparalleled combination of creativity and pragmatism, with a practice that exists at the interface of design and progressive development. It is our understanding of both that drives our success.

KOHAN ARCHITECTURE 100 Bush Street, Suite 1500 San Francisco, CA 94104 415 . 348 . 0008


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