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Reading This Online? Everything is hyperlinked. Just click to go places! Articles & Information Transport Hello and a warm welcome to the latest Useful Information issue of our Koh Chang Guide. Hidden Koh Chang: Dan Mai Koh Chang is a fantastic place to visit and The Loy Kratong Festival explore and it is our pleasure to offer you Useful Numbers this guide to help show you what to see, Activities: Contacts answer your questions and help you to get Activities the best from your visit. We hope that you have a wonderful visit Koh Mak, Koh Kood & the Other Islands to the beautiful islands of the Koh Chang Trat and the Mainland Klong Son Bay archipelago! The East Coast of Koh Chang Property/Business/Land For Sale Restaurants & Bars Accommodation Where Can You Find Our Guides? Koh Chang's Two Wreck Dives Maps Islands of Trat Province Koh Mak Koh Kood Trat Town Bangkok Trat Province Klong Son Salak Phet Koh Chang Koh Chang White Sand Beach North White Sand Beach South/Pearl Beach Klong Prao/Chai Chet Kai Bae Lonely Beach Bailan Beach The Koh Chang Guide magazine is Bang Bao published quarterly by White Sand Publications Company Limited, 222/12 Social Media Moo 4, White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat 23170. All content copyright 2001-18. All rights reserved. We welcome your recommendations, comments and suggestions. Tel:- 089 936 5621 - Thai Tel:- 081 919 8219 - English Cover: Thanks to - Jin Wongwittaya of Ciao Italian Restaurant Koh Chang


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Transport Reaching the Region By Air Trat Airport, owned and operated by Bangkok Airways, is located on the mainland 17 kilometres from the Koh Chang ferry. Bangkok Airways Flight Schedule Bangkok - Trat

Trat - Bangkok

PG301 Dep. - 08:20 Arrive. - 09:20

PG302 Dep. - 10:00 Arrive - 11:00

PG305 Dep. - 11:40 Arrive. - 12:40

PG306 Dep. - 13:10 Arrive - 14:10

PG307 Dep. - 17:00 Arrive - 18:00

PG308 Dep. - 18:30 Arrive - 19:30

Trat Airport

Islands of Trat Province


Car Ferries

Laem Ngop Laem Sok

Car Ferry Passenger Ferry


Car Ferries

Passenger Ferry

Koh Chang

Passenger Ferry

Koh Prao Nok

Flights operate from and to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport. Bangkok Airways also offer a minibus service to U-Tapao airport and then an onward flight to Samui or Phuket. Schedule changes are not uncommon so you might want to check or call 1771 for the latest flight times. The Koh Chang office of Bangkok Airways in White

Koh Lao Ya

Koh Ngam

ark eP

Koh Wai Passenger Boats

h Ko


g an



Koh Kham

Koh Kra Dad

Koh Mak Koh Rang

Koh Rayang Nok

Koh Kood SCALE: 1cm = 8km

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Sand Beach can be reached on 039-551-654/5 and the airport contact is 039-525-767/8. If you take the later flight and it is delayed in any way then don't worry - they hold the last ferry to Koh Chang to meet minibuses from the airport so you won't get stranded. Buses from Bangkok Probably the best way to get down to Koh Chang is by bus from either Ekamai - Bangkok's eastern bus terminal, or Morchit - the northern terminal. The frequent departures from both are detailed in the table provided.




Transport Buses: To/From Bangkok 99 Express (089-752-5732, 090-356-1092) Ekamai Bus Station to Ferries - 07.45 am, 09.00 am Ferries to Ekamai Bus Station- 02.00 pm (service also stops at Suvarnabhumi Airport)

Cherdchai Tour (02-391-2237) Ekamai to Trat 06.00 am 07.00 am 09.30 am 11.00 am 12.30 am 01.15 pm 02.00 pm 03.30 pm 05.30 pm 07.30 pm 08.30 pm 10.00 pm 11.00 pm 11.30 pm Morchit to Trat (via Airport) 8.30am 5.30pm


Trat to Ekamai 07.00 am 08.00 am 09.00 am 10.00 am 11.00 am 12.00 pm 01.00 pm 02.00 pm 04.00 pm 06.00 pm 09.30 pm 11.00 pm 11.30 pm Trat to Morchit (via Airport) 8.30am 2.30pm

Tanakawee (02-391-2331) Ekamai to Ferry (Ao

Ferry (Ao Tammachat)

08.30 am


Tammachat) to Khao San

Ekamai to Trat 10.30 am 12.00 pm 04.40 pm 06.30 pm 10.30 pm Morchit to Trat (via Airport) 06.00 am 09.30 am 12.30 pm 03.30 pm 11.00 pm

11.30 am Trat to Ekamai 10.00 am 10.30 am 12.00 pm 02.00 pm 08.00 pm Trat to Morchit (via Airport) 07.30 am 09.30 am 12.30 pm 04.00pm

Buses take from four to six hours to get down to Trat or to the Koh Chang ferries. Most convenient are the buses run by Tanakawee or 99 Express that go directly to the ferry stops at Centrepoint and Ao Thammachat. Expect to pay around 275-300 Baht for your journey. If you get a bus to Trat, the nearest town to Koh Chang, you will arrive at Trat's bus station, about 1km out of town (See the Trat Map). Taxis will be waiting to take you the 20 kilometres to the Koh Chang ferry for about 300 Baht. You can reduce this to 50 Baht if you are prepared to wait and take a shared taxi. There are also minibuses that pick up from guesthouses around Khao San Road in Bangkok and travel directly to the ferry departure point at Laem Ngop. Bookings can be made from any of the scores of travel agents in this area. The buses typically leave at 7-8 am and take 5 or 6 hours. The trip costs around 300B including ferry crossing. Minibuses return to Bangkok at 11 am every day from Laem Ngop. There is also a minibus that leaves from the Ao Thammachat ferry arrival point for

Transport Victory Monument in Bangkok every hour. It costs 300 Baht. Note that it doesn't stop at the airport but on request, they will drop you off in a nearby part of Bangkok from where you can get a taxi. Buses from Suvarnabhumi Airport All the bus services that leave from Morchit bus terminal stop to pick up passengers at Suvarnabhumi airport's bus station. This is linked to the airport by a free white shuttle bus. The 99 Express buses from Ekamai also stop here. For departure times add twenty minutes to the Bangkok departure times in the timetable. Buses from Pattaya/Koh Samet Daily minibus services operate from Pattaya via Ban Pae (ferry port for Koh Samet) to the ferry departure point at Laem Ngop. The cost is around 500B from Pattaya or 400B from Ban Pae and the journey takes 4 or 2.5 hours respectively. More expensive services often use better minibuses - ask. Going to Laem Ngop the services typically leave Pattaya at 8am and pick up in Ban Pae at 11 am. A return service leaves Laem Ngop at 1pm daily. Public buses leave for Pattaya from Trat's bus station at 05.00, 09.30, 12.00 and 15.00 daily. It's a long hot journey and the minibus option is more comfortable. By Car Eastern Thailand and its islands can be easily reached by road and two regular car ferries operate to Koh Chang. There are two main driving routes from Bangkok, both around 310km long. The first route is to take Highway 3, the Bangna - Trat road. There is a quicker elevated tollway running above Highway 3. Continue until the Chonburi Bypass and here turn off onto Highway 344. Follow this road past Ban Bung and when you reach the Klaeng Crossroads turn back onto Highway 3 and continue on towards Trat. Alternatively, you can leave Bangkok on the Motorway that is a continuation of the Rama IX, Srinakarin road. This road goes onwards and meets Highway 344 where you can continue to Trat as detailed above.

Your Private Home on the Beach Resort-style Villas, Bungalows and Condos for Rent or Sale Waterfront Bars and Restaurants 2km long sandy beach Lots of sports and activities on water or land

Please call us for viewings and/or reservations tel: +66 (89) 474 4335, +66 (39) 555 144 e-mail:


Transport To avoid Trat and go directly to the ferry departure points turn right onto the wellsignposted Laem Ngop road about 20km outside Trat. If you're driving from Pattaya take Highway 36 which joins Highway 3 heading towards Trat shortly after Rayong. Travel to and from Cambodia If you're coming to Koh Chang from Cambodia then it is most convenient to travel to Koh Chang via daily minibus services from both Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville taking you directly all the way to Koh Chang (and also the other way round from Koh Chang travelling to Cambodia). Local travel agents can book the trip for you. These trips involve a full day's travel but they take you door to door. Don't forget cash and a passport photo for your Cambodian visa. Boats to the Islands Koh Chang A car ferry operates from Ao Thammachat on the mainland to Ao Sapparot on Koh


Chang. Ao Thammachat is 9km from Laem Ngop and 17km from Trat Airport. A second ferry, now named Cenferry, goes from Centrepoint, 3 km up the coast from Laem Ngop. Times and prices are as per the table. On arrival, share taxis wait to take passengers to the various beaches. White Sands Beach (Hat Sai Khao) is 50B, Klong Prao is 60B, Kai Bae is 80B, Lonely Beach costs 120B and Bang Bao is 150B. NB - In the quieter season, these taxis will often not leave until they are full unless you hire the whole taxi for 800 baht or even more. It is expensive but there is no point arguing - pay or wait. Koh Mak, Koh Kham, Koh Kood & Koh Wai It is now easy (at least in the high season from October to May) to get boats and speedboats from Koh Chang to the other local islands. Bang Bao Boat and Kai Bae Speedboat both offer a daily service from Koh Chang to these islands. They can all be booked through local travel agencies. And there are ferry services to Koh Mak and Koh Kood from the mainland that operate year round. Krungthep Limousine run a

Transport minibus service that connects Trat Airport with the ferry ports for Koh Mak and Koh Koh Kood. Transfer costs are between 500 and 700 Baht. To be sure to get there the same day then they recommend that you take the first flight during the low season or the first/ second flight during the high season. Koh Chang Ferry Timetable Ao Thammachat (039-555-188)

Cenferry (086-304-2726)

06.30 am - 19.00 pm Every 45 minutes

06.00 am - 19.00 pm Every 1 hour

Prices (One Way only) Car: 120B Person: 80B

Prices (Return) Car: 180B Person: 160B

Koh Mak/Kood Ferry Timetable NB: October to May ONLY Nor Nou Kai Bae Speedboat - Out Koh Chang 09:00 Koh Wai 09:30 Koh Mak 10:00 Koh Kood 11:00 Tel: 081-982-29870

Nor Nou Kai Bae Speedboat - Back Koh Kood 11:00 Koh Mak 12:00 Koh Wai 12:30 Koh Chang 13:00 Tel: 081-817-6832

Bang Bao Speedboat - From Koh Chang (2 times daily) Koh Chang - 9:30, 12:00 Koh Wai 9:50, 12:20 Koh Mak 10:20, 12:50 Koh Rayang - 10:40, 13:10 Koh Kood - 11:20, 13:50 Bang Bao Speedboat - From Koh Kood (2 Times daily) Koh Kood 9:00, 12:00 Koh Rayang - 9:30, 12:30 Koh Mak 10:00, 13:00 Koh Wai 10:30, 13:30 Koh Chang - 11:00, 13:50

Koh Mak/Kood From Mainland Laem Sork - Koh Kood

Koh Kood - Laem Sork

Koh Kood Express: 12:30 daily - 350 Baht


o i t c A g n i t Exci

at Siam Royal View in Klong Son Bay! Beach Club & Restaurant ● Delicious European and Thai ● Cool drinks - fine wines


● Scenic Beachfront / Sunset Dining ● Huge infinity-Edge Swimming Pool ● Kilometre

long beaches

Golf Course – 9 hole par 3 ● Golf

gear available for rent

Watersports Center ● Windsurfing,

Sea Kayak, Stand-Up Surfing ● Snorkeling ● Paddle

Koh Kood Princess: 12:30 daily - 350 Baht Boonsiri Catamaran 10:45, 14:20 A bus service connects to

Koh Kood 09:00, 12:00 Bangkok and Pattaya

From Laem Ngop

From Koh Mak

Panan Speed Boat Tel: 087-614-7641 13:00, 16:00

Costs 450B (50 mins) 09:00, 13:30

Leelawadee Speedboat 10:30, 14:00

Costs 450B (50 mins) 08:00, 11:30

Suan Suk Boat 11:30, 15:00

Costs 450B 10:00, 12:30

Yacht Marina ● Park ● Day

your boat safely, or rent a boat with captain or Half Day Boat Cruises

tel: +66 (89) 474 4335, +66 (39) 555 144 e-mail:


Transport Getting Around Koh Chang On Koh Chang, white share taxis run between all the beaches as far as Bang Bao and the ferry terminals from 6 am until late evening. They can be flagged down anywhere and used to travel around the island. If you are planning to return to your hotel late at night don’t rely on the taxis since evening services are a bit erratic. Either book a taxi yourself or take advantage of the transport services that are increasingly being offered by many of the hotels, bars and restaurants on the island. Alternatively, cars, motorcycles and bicycles can be hired from many hire firms and resorts around the island. Roads are of variable quality and there are some dangerous hill sections. If you are an inexperienced motorcycle rider then think carefully before hiring a motorbike. Every year the island has quite a few road deaths and many visitors have their trip spoiled by a motorcycle accident. If you don't wear a helmet the local police will be waiting to fine you. Leaving Koh Chang When leaving the island from any of the main beaches wait anywhere on the road about 45 minutes before ferry departure and share taxis will stop and pick you up as they pass taking you to the ferry departure point. If you are travelling to Trat airport then you can book a minibus that will take you directly to the airport. Book this on 039-516-005 or 086-563-8889.


Travel Agencies On Koh Chang you will find that you can book transport and island activities at any of scores of little travel agents. But how can you know which ones are reliable? Don't worry, there is one way. Travel agencies in Thailand can apply for official recognition through the Tourist Authority of Thailand (T.A.T.). After paying a deposit and passing a review the T.A.T. issues them with a license number. So ask your travel agent for their T.A.T. number. Then you can be sure that they are licensed and in the event of any difficulties you can contact the T.A.T. A well-established White Sand Beach travel agent with TAT accreditation and a good reputation is Island Net (Tel: 086-721-4179). In Lonely Beach Jungle Fresh Travel is a reliable Travel agency. Aurora Travel is a Klong Prao based travel agency with over ten years experience who organise trips, tours and accommodation on KohChang, Koh Mak, Koh Kood and Cambodia.

Useful Information


Useful Information Our website is packed with information on Koh Chang. We update it regularly so if you can't get a copy of our printed guide you can still get hold of a wealth of Koh Chang information. We also provide room bookings as well as featuring properties and businesses for sale on the island. Also, you can read or download interactive PDF files of all of the latest copies of our guides and maps so that even if you are outside Thailand you can stay up to date on Koh Chang. For those of you on Facebook joining our Group - The Koh Chang Guide - is a good way to stay up to date with events on the island. Koh Chang Guide App Some helpful people have now created a Free Koh Chang Guide App that is available for iPhone and iPad at the Apple Store. It takes the form of a clickable map of Koh Chang that gives you information about and ratings on hotels, restaurants, shopping, things to see & do and help info. Climate Southeast Thailand only really has two seasons, a dry period that runs from November to May and a wet season from June to October. Temperatures are coolest from November to December with daily maximums averaging around 30C. Just before the wet season, this can rise to the high thirties. It can rain heavily in the wet season but rainfall is by no means constant and sunny days are still common. All the resorts and


facilities on Koh Chang remain open and this can be a good time to visit for those seeking a quieter holiday. The busiest time for visitors to the region is December to April. Tourist Information There is a Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) office in Laem Ngop. Information on Koh Chang National Park can be obtained from the National Parks offices in Laem Ngop or from their offices at Koh Chang. Health & Medical Facilities Koh Chang International Clinic, part of the Bangkok Hospital group, (039-551-555 or is located on White Sands Beach. They are open 24 hours a day. Service is good but it costs. There is a small hospital in Koh Chang just south of where the mainland ferry arrives (Phone - 039 586 131/160). Klong Son, Kai Bae, Klong Prao and Bang Bao also have small clinics. Trat has two large hospitals. Bangkok Trat Hospital is a private institution, which has excellent facilities and is recommended, especially to those with travel insurance, in the event of any major accidents or emergencies (039-532-735). Trat Hospital is a government run institution and offers generally good treatment, but longer waits. (039-511-040/1). The region has some Malaria although cases are extremely rare. Dengue fever is also a slight risk. The locals don't take prophylactics but the choice is yours.

Useful Information Increasingly people are using their holidays in Thailand to have dental work done. Dentists here are as good as in the rest of the world and charge a fraction of the prices in Europe and the US. Now you can use the Koh Chang Dental Clinic or Baan More Fun Dentist in Trat to get your teeth healthy. Contacts are 086-320-0702 and 039-557-235. Similarly, Thailand is a good place to buy prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses since prices are much lower than back in Europe or elsewhere. You will find a great number of optical shops in all of the island's shopping areas.

039-532-735. They can arrange for emergency evacuation by boat and ambulance to Trat. Another option is Koh Chang Rescue, a voluntary organisation that acts as an extra emergency service on the island. If you need medical help and can't get an ambulance then they are there 24hrs. on 088-525-1100 The main police station on Koh Chang is at Dan Mai. They can be contacted on 039-586191. There are also police stations in White Sands Beach (Tel. 039-551-544) and in Chai Chet, Kai Bae and Bailan Beach. Alternatively, the Tourist Police can be contacted on 039-557382/3 or 1155.

Animal Health Services Koh Chang has a non-profit organisation devoted to animal welfare. The Koh Chang Animal Project offers all kinds of inoculations and veterinary services from their clinic in Klong Son on the road leading to Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp. You can contact the Foundation on 089-042-2347 or online at, but please don't turn up without making a call or appointment - they are very busy! Donations are gratefully accepted and always put to good use. There is also a vet in Chai Chet who provides a good service (039-551-674).

Banks Koh Chang has ATMs all over the place so withdrawing cash is no problem. There are also lots of banks and foreign exchange offices at the main beaches. Some of them, notably Bangkok Bank and Krung Thai bank, are also open on weekends and foreign exchange booths often open until 8 pm. Various hotels and guesthouses will change both traveller's cheques and cash but the rates offered are lower than the banks. Many resorts and restaurants also accept credit card payments but they often charge an extra three percent processing fee.

Communications Emergencies (Call 1669) WiFi is now pretty universal on Koh Chang. In the event of a medical emergency If your resort doesn't have it then ask them after normal ferry hours contact the Ko why not. Many restaurants and bars also have Chang International Clinic call centre on wireless connections. 039-551-555 or Bangkok Trat Hospital on The island's main Post Office is at Pearl


Useful Information 30 days. Visitors entering the Kingdom at land border immigration checkpoints will be allowed to stay for only 15 days. The regional immigration office is located at Laem Ngop. The location is marked on the Koh Chang Map. They can deal with visa extensions and other queries here. If you have a 30-Day Visa for Thailand you can extend this for to 30 days. You can also get a 30 day extension on a two month visa. These extensions cost 1,900 Baht each. Phone 039-597-261/265. A visa overstay will cost you 500 Baht per day and payment is a relatively routine process as you leave the country. NOTE: The Thai government have recently implemented a new tourist visa permitting stays of up to six months. This costs 5,000 Baht and is available from your local Thai embassy or consulate. It is a multiple entry visa so you will need to leave and re-enter Thailand every Immigration Passport holders from 42 countries are not 60 days but despite this, it is very useful if you required to obtain a visa to enter Thailand for are planning a longer stay in the Kingdom. tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period of not exceeding Environmental Protection Please remember that you are in a national park. Avoid littering and leave Koh Chang as beautiful as you found it. If you would like to help with keeping Koh Chang clean then visit the Facebook page of a local group that is working to do something about and maybe volunteer a little time to helping to preserve paradise. The page is at As the island develops, there are inevitably issues with litter, pollution and destruction of natural resources. If you see any such transgressions then we suggest that you report them to either the national park office or to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Or stick them on a Koh Chang Facebook page. What you say can have a big impact! Beach. There is also a smaller post office at the beginning of the pier in Bang Bao. Postage rates are reasonable. A small postcard to any country is 15B and large postcards are more. Airmail letters start at 14 Baht and increase depending on destination and size. The post office will not send letters with stamps of insufficient value so it is best to get them weighed and stamped in the post office to be sure that they will be delivered. NB: If you are receiving mail on Koh Chang or giving somebody a postal address on Koh Chang then to give your post a better chance of reaching its intended address then you should include the beach or village name of the place you are sending mail to. Thus our address is White Sand Publications, 222/12 Moo 4, Pearl Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, 23170.

Copyright & Disclaimer All content of this magazine is the copyright of White Sand Publications Company Limited, all rights are reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or pictorial content in any manner is prohibited without the express permission of White Sand Publications Company


Useful Information Limited. While every care has been taken in the production of this guide White Sand Publications Company Limited assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Photography Thanks to Jon from Koh Chang Photographer who has again provided us with some great images of Koh Chang. He is available on 084-727-5413 for all kinds of photographic assignments and specialises in wedding pictures and beach portraits. Many thanks again also to David Vinot for contributing his excellent pictures. You can check out his work at ...and if you have some good photos that you've taken on Koh Chang that you'd like to see in print then why not email us and we'll be happy to share them with our wide audience.

Important Dates & Events On Thai public holidays banks, post offices etc. are closed but all transport and most tourism-related businesses still operate as normal. Also, remember that Koh Chang is an island served by ferries. On the first day of public holidays many people travel to Koh Chang by car and long queues for the ferries can develop. Set off early if you're coming down on these days and you can save yourselves a long wait. October 23rd Monday - Chulalongkorn Day 26th Thursday - State Funeral of HRH King Bhumibol Adulyadej This day will see the ceremony marking the passing of Thailand's beloved King Bhumibol Adulayadej. November 3rd Friday - Loy Kratong - Full Moon Festival - Not a public holiday but one of Thailand's biggest and most charming festivals. December 5th Monday - King Rama IX's Birthday This public holiday commemorates the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is also Father's day and Thailand's National Day. 10th Sunday - Constitution Day 12th Monday - Public holiday in lieu 25th Monday - Christmas Day Not a public holiday but Christmas is certainly celebrated in all the nation’s shopping malls 31st Sunday - New Year’s Eve Public holiday


Hidden Koh Chang - Dan Mai Koh Chang is big, right. And most of the tourist stuff is on the West Coast, which is, of course, very beautiful. But it's always fun to get off the beaten track and find some places that not everyone who comes here will get around to seeing. There are all kinds of things to find if you are intrepid enough to head over to the quieter, but still quite lovely, East Coast of the island. This issue we're taking a look at the village of Dan Mai which is located about 8km South of the ferry piers on the East Coast of Koh Chang. Surprisingly, given that it is so far from the busy side of the island, Dan Mai is the administrative centre of the island and is home to the island's hospital, the main police station and government offices. What, you're not excited yet? Understandable. But there's also a gorgeous little waterfall, an interesting shrine, some decent places to eat and a picturesque waterfront and piers to reward those who take the time to explore. Klong Nonsi Waterfall If you go just 800 metres down to the end of the small road that leads off to the left behind the main government offices then you'll come to this lovely waterfall. The first two tiers are easily accessible and you can scramble to a


further level if you're feeling brave. The plunge pools are large enough for a refreshing swim in the cool jungle shade and there is no entry fee. There is less water in the river during the hot season because there's less rain, but then you knew that already didn't you? The Seafront and Village The nice thing about the waterfront and pier in the centre of Dan Mai is that it isn't set up for tourism at all. There's just a ramshackle pier out into the sea in the middle of a village. To reach the pier you pass by a dilapidated wooden building that was once the home of a Thai nam pla fish sauce factory. But if you walk down it you get great views back to Koh Chang and also out across the water to the mainland. The village itself has a school, but apart from that and the government offices, it's a sleepy place where village life meanders along more slowly than a snail with a limp. And that's surely a good thing, isn't it? Eating There is a small noodle soup restaurant directly opposite the Police Station. The food is cheap and delicious. And popular, they usually sell out and close by early afternoon. It's a great example of one of the golden rules of Thailand


Hidden Koh Chang - Dan Mai and that is this, If you see a little restaurant that's full of locals - no matter how simple looking it is, go and eat there. The Thais are more serious about eating than you can possibly imagine and they don't put up with poor food. There are also a few other simple restaurants on the main road and Dan Mai Seafood is a long-standing waterfront seafood favourite. Chinese Buddhist Shrine As well as a Thai temple Dan Mai also has a Chinese Buddhist shrine. It's on the waterfront and it is immediately recognisable due to the profusion of red and gold. It's odd and quite photogenic. So why not take a look around Dan Mai and explore a part of Koh Chang that most visitors won't ever see?


The Loy Kratong Festival Loy Kratong is celebrated on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month every year. This year it falls on Friday, November 3rd. People all over the country prepare elaborately decorated kratongs. These are small banana tree platforms decorated with banana and coconut leaves and flowers and containing a combination of food, nuts, incense sticks, coins and a lighted candle. These Kratongs are floated - 'Loy' means float in Thai - on pretty much any body of water that comes to hand. The festival originates from Sukhothai, Thailand's original capital, in the 13th Century. Nang Nopamas, a royal consort of King Ramkhamhaeng (the founder of Sukhothai), is said to have made the first kratong and set it adrift so that it would float past the king. The king was delighted with the creation and Loy Kratong was instituted as an annual festival. For this reason, Loy Kratong is a

romantic evening and couples make wishes as they launch their Kratongs and a Kratong that floats a long way with a lit candle is seen as a good omen for relationships. If it sinks then Thais just shrug their shoulders and wait for the next year. The festival has several religious interpretations. The kratong is seen by some as an offering in thanks to 'Phra Mae Kongka' the goddess of water for a plentiful supply of water. Others find Buddhist interpretations of the festival, the kratong being a tribute of respect to Lord Buddha or a means of paying respect to one's ancestors. The festival may have originated as a Hindu festival paying homage to the god Vishnu. Whatever its origin it is an atmospheric occasion. You are welcome to participate. Kratong materials will be available all over the island and the locals will be happy to assist in showing you how to assemble your Kratong.


Useful Numbers/Websites Useful Numbers Directory Enquiries - Thai/English


Bangkok Hospital - Trat Koh Chang Rescue Klong Prao Clinic Koh Chang Hospital Koh Chang Dental Clinic Trat Hospital


National Park Koh Chang


Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT)

Health & Medical Bangkok Clinic - Ko Chang

Labour Office - Trat

1719 / 039-5511-51/2 039-532-735 088-525-1100 (24hrs) 039-557-070 039-586-131/160 039-557-235 039-511-040/1

TAT Laem Ngop Office

1672 039-597-259/60

Fire Station


Koh Chang Television


Lawyer & Legal Services


For Activities and Hotel phone numbers please see the relevant sections of this guide. Useful Websites

Animal Clinic Chai Chet


Koh Chang Animal Project

089-042-2347 - Our website has a wealth of information about Koh Chang including maps, transport info, property and accommodation recommendations and booking.

039-597-261/5 - A collaborative effort to record and monitor the wildlife species of Koh Chang. You can help!

Police Immigration- Laem Ngop Koh Chang Police - Dan Mai Tourist Police - Koh Chang

039-586-120 039-557-382/3 - The Tourist Authority of Thailand's official website.

Legal Services Setthaniti Law Office


Lost/Stolen Credit Cards American Express MasterCard/VISA

0-2273-0022 02-256-7326/7

Transport Koh Chang White Taxis

English: 089-909-8909 Thai: 081-862-8770

Trat Airport

039-525-767-8 , 1771



Trat Bus Station / 999 Express


Koh Chang Ferry (Ao Thammachat)


Bus: 999 Express


Bus: Cherdchai Tour (BKK , Trat)


Bus: Tanakawee (Trat)


Bus: SWB (Klong Son)


International Direct Dialling Call 007 or 009 or 001 + country code + number country codes: Australia - 61, Cambodia - 855, Canada - 1, Denmark - 45, France - 33, Germany - 49, Italy - 39, Japan - 81, Netherlands - 31, UK - 44, USA - 1 - A neat and welldesigned Koh Chang information site. - Thailand news at the website of the Bangkok Post newspaper. - An interesting blog written by Koh Chang residents about life on Koh Chang. - This huge website/forum covers almost everything an expat could wish to know about visiting and living in Thailand. Koh Chang on Facebook Our Facebook page has plenty of photos and info on Koh Chang related events and news. A fast growing Koh Chang group popular with island expat residents. Koh Chang's main Thai language group is a hotbed of intrigue, heated debate and information. Wish we could understand more of it but auto-translating Thai to English makes about as much sense as a Donald Trump tweet. One of the most up-to-date and content rich information sources for Koh Chang. A regularly updated page devoted to Koh Chang.

Local Services Tax Office Dan Mai






Electricity Office - Dan Mai


24 - This site has plenty of up-todate information on Koh Chang. Home of the koh chang guide mobile app. Nothing to do with us but a good information source nonetheless. A group devoted to dealing with litter and environmental problems on Koh Chang.

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039-551-518 089-401-3927 Scandinavian Chang Diving 08 34 69 69 64 Scubadawgs Shopping/Services 081-919-8219 Fashion Koh Chang 093-014-9406 084-727-5413 Koh Chang Photographer 081-440-4814 La Cabra Art 085-068-7139 Peace Moon Royal Tailor/Fashion Way www.koh-chang-guide/new-boss-royal-tailor 086-915-7544 081-668-7035 Wine Gallery Massage, Beauty, Saunas & Spas 083-115-6566 The Spa Koh Chang Trat City Hotel 039-510-711/4 Travel Agencies 093-176-5632 Aurora Koh Chang Travel Island Net 086-721-4179 089-279-0021 Jungle Fresh Travel Elephant Trekking 089-815-9566 Ban Kwan Chang 089-939-6676 Chang Chutiman Thai Cooking Schools 081-903-0408 Ka-Ti Culinary 087-132-7668 The Happy Turtle Gyms & Yoga 039-611-690 BB Gym Aire Beach Cafe 063-856-1927 Golf 039-555-144 Siam Royal View Golf Real Estate Elysian Pearl Pool Villas 039-555-144 Siam Royal View Koh Chang Guide Property 081-919-8219 Trips & Activities 039-555-111 Aiyapura Sport Complex 096-005-7600 Fin's Trip Natcha Tour 089-099-4030 092-801-4369 Sea Adventures Sea Hunter Tour 084-778-2234 039-555-144 Siam Royal View Marina SUP Station Koh Chang 065-504-0070 063-131-7302 SUP Adventure Asia Treetop Adventure Park 084-310-7600 Tattoo Studios Jack Tattoo



Activities Diving & Snorkelling There are some excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities around Koh Chang and the region is rapidly developing into a major centre of diving in Thailand. The diving in the area is mainly at reasonably shallow depths with good reefs located at 5 to 25 metres. Visibility can reach 30m but is variable. You can dive year round but the best time is between October and the end of May since rougher seas during the rainy season can reduce visibility or make it difficult to reach the dive sites. However, there are calmer periods in the rainy season when diving conditions are OK. There are impressive reefs in the area with a variety of soft and hard corals including Massive, Columnar and Stagshorn Corals. These support a range of tropical reef life including Blue Tipped Rays, Moray Eels, Trigger Fish, Grouper and Batfish. Turtles can be spotted and Whale Sharks are also seen in the area from time to time. There are a series of dive sites offering good diving at 5-18m around the seamounts


and small islands to the West of Koh Chang. These include Koh Man Nok and Hin Sam Sao. The deeper dive sites are located off some of the islands and seamounts to the South of the Archipelago. Hin Luk Bat has a lot of good coral and some good swim-throughs. Hin Raap is a deeper rocky site with good soft corals. There are also some good dive sites around Koh Rang Island. This is slightly further away from Koh Chang but well worth the journey to dive some interesting pinnacles and see some of the best coral reefs in the region. Koh Chang now has two wreck dives. The first is the HTMS Chang which lies in waters to the South-East of Koh Chang. The 100-metre long vessel provides all kinds of pleasure and technical diving opportunities to those who fancy something a little more adventurous. The newest wreck is the 30 metre T11. Sunk by the Thai Navy in December 2013 this wreck is in shallower water and divers with an Open Water diving certificate are able to dive the site. You can book your diving by visiting the offices of the dive shops or from resorts and 089 401 3927 / 039 696 530

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Activities travel agencies on the island. Or refer to the list of dive shop contact numbers at the beginning of this activities section. The price for a two-day Discover Scuba course is 4,500B whilst full PADI certification costs around 14,500B. Pleasure dives cost 2,700-3,000B, depending on site, for two dives with lunch. All other PADI courses are also available. Koh Chang Dive Supply is a large retailer of all kinds of Diving equipment. They also offer a full repair and servicing workshop for all sorts of Scuba equipment and are the largest equipment dive equipment supplier in Eastern Thailand. Their office is located between White Sand Beach and Chai Chet. You can take advantage of Scandinavian Chang Diving Center's Nitrox compressor if you'd like to do some nitrox diving whilst on Koh Chang. Scuba Dawgs is another popular dive school that is based in Bang Bao in the Southwest of Koh Chang. They also have an office in Kai Bae Beach. If you fancy taking the effort out of diving it is worth noting that B.B. Divers have six underwater scooters that you can use to make like James Bond as you cruise the reefs. Whilst the beaches of Koh Chang themselves offer little opportunity for snorkelling other islands in the chain can be reached by boat trips and there is some excellent shallow reef for snorkelling at these sites. On Koh Chang, the rocky shoreline at Cliff Cottage Resort in Bang Bao offers some good snorkelling. Additionally, most of the dive shops will take snorkellers on their boats. Contact them for prices and details. Swimming & Watersports It is generally fine to swim off all of Koh Chang’s beaches. In the high season conditions are calm and safe and the gradual slope of the beaches makes for good swimming conditions. Note, however, that during the monsoon heavy seas with strong rip tides can develop off Koh Chang's beaches and people drown every year. There is little in the way of lifeguards or safety equipment so if you go out and get into trouble you can't expect any help.


Basically, don’t swim beyond your abilities and if the sea looks dangerous it probably is, so stay out of the water when it’s too rough. Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) is a fast growing watersport that you can now try on Koh Chang. SUP Station Koh Chang operates from Iyara Seafood in a great spot at the mouth of the river in Klong Prao. You can paddle at sea and also in and around the river and lagoon. SUP Adventure Asia is a business that is located down on Klong Koi Beach in Bang Bao Bay. They will teach you, take you on SUP tours or if you're already an expert you can just hire a board from them. Gyms and Yoga If you want to stay in shape while on Koh Chang then you might fancy a workout at BB Gym in Lonely Beach. They have all kinds of weight and cardiac equipment, Yoga classes, WII games and a swimming pool. And thankfully there is also a bar and restaurant in which to recover. Aire Beach Cafe in Lonely Beach also offers regular yoga classes, from a trained instructor, beside the sea. And over on Koh Chang's East Coast The Spa Koh Chang also offers Yoga classes. Golf Yes, there is a golf course on Koh Chang. Opened several years ago at the Siam Royal View Resort on the north of the island five minutes from the ferry ports, this par 3 course has 9 holes with different tee positions so you can play in one direction in the morning and then you can play a different route in the afternoon. They rent clubs and balls for only Baht 300 and after your round, you are welcome to take a dip in one of the resort's infinity pools or take lunch or dinner at their marina pub or their popular Beach Club. If you need some practice before you head out on the fairway then a visit to the nearby driving range may be in order. It is located in Klong Son, a couple of kilometres up the road inland from the 7-Eleven in a peaceful and attractive valley.



Activities Boat Trips A variety of boat trips around the islands are available. These can be used as a means of travel between the islands or simply to go for a day trip of sightseeing or snorkelling. Natcha Tour in Bang Bao offers an interesting adventure on their overnight "Secret Island Camping" boat trips. Sea Adventures has a 13m catamaran. Day trips, sunset dinner cruises, party trips and corporate charters are all available departing from Siam Royal View in Klong Son. You can take advantage of some of the best sailing and cruising in SE Asia by berthing your super yacht or dingy at Siam Royal View's 75 berth marina. On your first visit, they will give you three nights free berthing with electrical and water hook ups. For more information visit or email Sea Hunter Tour offers day trips visiting five different islands. They are also one of the only places on Koh Chang that provide specialised fishing tours.

Fin's Trip runs boat trips from peaceful Chek Bae in the Southeast of the island. You can snorkel, island hop and fish from their comfortable motor boat. If you are interested to know the tide times in the Koh Chang region then they can be found - for Koh Mak but that's close enough at Walking The mountainous jungle interior of the island offers some challenging and enjoyable walking. Several people on the island act as guides and due to the demanding terrain and bad paths it's probably worth taking a guide unless you're an expert. Travel agencies offer jungle trekking. There is a Mangrove Walkway close to Salak Kok on the East of the island and a second one in nearby Salak Phet. Both of them give you a trip over secluded snaking waterways. The ten-minute riverside walk through the jungle to Klong Plu waterfall in Klong Prao is extremely pleasant and there is a onekilometre circuit path up through the rain forest over a nearby hill back to the ranger station if you fancy something a little more energetic. Cycling A fun way to see the island whilst reducing your carbon footprint is to rent a bicycle, although you will need to be in good shape to tackle some of the island's bigger hills. There are bikes for hire at various resorts and places around the main beaches, Koh Chang Holiday in Coconut Plaza at Chai Chet have some good bikes for rent.





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Muay Thai Koh Chang has its own centre for Thai boxing in Bailan Beach. The KC Thai Boxing Club offers a range of Muay Thai training courses. You can do a one-day introduction to Muay Thai or for the more committed students there are courses ranging from one week to two months. Wildlife Most of Koh Chang is covered in rain forest that has been largely undisturbed due to the mountainous terrain of the island. There are also good examples of mangrove forest ecosystems where the island’s numerous streams meet the sea. Marine National Park status was awarded to the island chain in 1982 in an effort to preserve the exceptional land and marine environment. The forests of the island support a large range of wildlife. A survey conducted for Thailand’s National Park Service in 1992 recorded 29 different species of mammal on Koh Chang. These included the Stump-Tailed


Macaque, Barking Deer, Wild Pig, Javan Mongoose and Silvered Langur. Birdwatchers will be pleased to know that 74 bird species were found including the Nightjar, Pacific Swallow, Yellow Vented Bulbul and Oriental Pied Hornbill Additionally, the survey noted 42 different species of amphibians and reptiles. Snakes that inhabit Koh Chang include the Python, Rat Snake and King Cobra. Malayan Mud Turtles, Monitor Lizards and the ubiquitous Geckoes are also found on the island. There are also a variety of very vocal frogs. Has there been a survey since 1992 we hear you ask? Absolutely. We're in the process of doing one ourselves. Check out to find out how you can help us make a record of the island's fauna. Waterfalls The following waterfalls are free to visit and there is usually plenty of water from July to December. They may dry up after this though so ask around for the latest information. Klong Nonsi waterfall is close to Dan Mai on the eastern side of the island. It has several tiers. The first is at the end of an 800 metre road on the left side of the government office, and at the top there is an inscription made by King Rama V. There are two waterfalls, Klong Neung and Khiri Phet near to Salak Phet in the southeast of the island. Both are clearly signposted. There are also smaller waterfalls up the valleys behind Klong Son, White Sands Beach and Kai Bae. Ask locals for directions. There are also national park administered waterfalls at Klong Plu near Klong Prao village and Than Mayom near to Dan Mai village. If you are a foreigner you will be charged an entry fee of 200 Baht. Thais pay 20 Baht. Elephant Trekking The word ‘Chang’ means elephant in Thai, so what could be more appropriate than going elephant trekking on Elephant Island. The treks are a good opportunity to sample some of the beautiful scenery of inland Koh Chang. You can go directly to the elephant camps yourselves but since the best ones are hidden away in the jungle it might be easier to call them directly or book at a tour agency

Activities to arrange a pick up from your hotel. Chang Chutiman operates economical and popular elephant trekking to the interior of the island from their new jungle elephant camp about 500 metres from the main road in Klong Prao village. Ban Kwan Chang offers elephant treks that take place in another beautiful inland valley to the North of the island. To get there turn inland at Klong Son and proceed for about 3km. Shopping You can pick up a surprisingly large range of goods, both souvenirs and necessities in Koh Chang. There are a huge number of shops selling souvenir items on the major beaches. These include carvings, jewellery, ethnic clothing and handicrafts, bags, T-Shirts, CDs etc. Koh Chang Wine Gallery sells a huge range of wines, beers and spirits at reasonable prices. They now have stores in White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach as well as in Kai Bae, so you're never far away from a shop. Peace Moon, now has three shops on the pier in Bang Bao, selling all kinds of bags, belts and leather products that they make by hand themselves from regular leather as well as Ostrich and crocodile skin. They also have a range of silver jewellery and other souvenirs. They have also just opened a new store in the centre of White Sand Beach. If you are looking for some quality Thai modern or ethnic clothing then you should check out Koh Chang Fashion by Chang Buri resort in White Sand Beach. They sell unique handcrafted items from local designers. You can find small supermarkets, now including 7-Eleven and Tesco-Lotus stores, on all the beaches selling a reasonable range of foods, groceries, hardware and every kind of tourist item and souvenir you can imagine. For Western food products try Anna Store in White Sand Beach and Sing Tong in Klong Prao, both of which offer a good selection. Also, there are now three large supermarkets on the island. Makro is a cash-and-carry store in White Sand Beach and Big C and Tesco Lotus have supermarkets located in Pearl Beach (Hat Kai Mook).


Activities Reading is a used bookshop with a large selection of books in over twenty languages. It is located opposite Big C supermarket at Pearl Beach between White Sand Beach and Chai Chet Beach. There are more than 5,000 books on display and you can have a coffee in their cafe whilst you browse. If you return a book bought from them in good condition they give 50% of the purchase price as a trade-in on the next book purchase. There is also a used bookshop in Chai Chet close to Klong Prao Resort.

fasting, detox and cleansing programs as well as meditation, yoga and massage therapy. They have a herbal steam room and swimming pool. Their websites are and In Trat town you can enjoy massage and spa treatments in the new spa at Trat City Hotel.

Tattooing There are a number of Tattooists on the island. Standards of artwork are generally good. On White Sands Beach, Jack, who is based at Tantawan Bungalows, does impressive work using traditional tattooing techniques combined with modern cleanliness and Cookery If you want to learn how to make authentic sterilised equipment. Thai food then why not try Thai cookery classes from the cooking home and restaurant Treetop Adventure Park This place at Bailan Beach offers you the of KA-TI Culinary also in Klong Prao. Another option at Bailan Beach is to try the opportunity to attempt their two tree-top walks. You can walk, swing and tightrope Thai cooking course at The Happy Turtle. your way through the trees, enjoying some spectacular views along the way. Massage, Saunas, Spas & Beauty Why not relax with a traditional Thai massage? Now there is also a special rope course trip The Spa Koh Chang Resort is at Salak Khok on that has been designed especially for children the east side of the island. They offer a range of so all the family can now take part. Trampolining Koh Chang's newest sports entertainment is located in the Aiyapura Sports Complex at The Aiyapura Resort in Klong Son. They have a large air-conditioned trampoline room with all kinds of floor and wall mounted trampolines as well as slides. If you've never tried it's a lot of fun and a great activity for kids and adults alike. The sports complex also has a fully equipped gym and a bakery and cafe with great views out over Klong Son Bay.


Other Islands Koh Mak This is an attractive, low-lying island of 16 square kilometres in size. Unlike Koh Chang there are few mountains and so the island is widely cultivated with coconut and rubber plantations. The population is only around 800 and there is little infrastructure outside the resorts. It is a sleepy place where life moves slowly and a visit to the island is the perfect choice for visitors who want to relax by the beach and unwind from the stresses of modern life. Since there are very few motor vehicles and the island is well covered by roads and tracks Koh Mak is perfect for exploring on foot or by bicycle. Although if you like to expend less effort getting around then many of the resorts now hire motorbikes out at around 250 Baht per day. There are pretty beaches in the bays to the northwest and southwest of the island and this is where most of the resorts are located, although there are now some new resorts in the other bays. Here there are still long stretches of beach with no development at all and on Koh Mak

Koh Kham

Ao Suan Yai Koh Pee Ao Lom

Ban Ing Khao Resort

Laem Tookata

Baan Chailay

Koh Mak Resort

Thaidaho Vista Resort

Koh Mak Cococape

Kham Nature Makathanee Resort Resort

Koh Rayang Nai

Rayang Island Resort

Koh Rayang Nok

Ao Ta Long BB Divers

Ao Tan

Cinnamon Art Resort

Green View Resort

Post Office

BB Divers


Laem son

Little Moon Villa


Islanda Good Time Resort Koh Mak Koh Mak Divers Frisbee Golf Holiday Beach Resort T.K.Hut Baan Koh Maak

Big Easy


Suchanaree Resort


Clinic Food Art Hut Sea Koh Mak Breeze Divers Hongthong Gym

Monkey CafĂŠ Island del Resort Mak Ao Kao Koh Mak Resort Sportsbar Lazy Day

Sea Breeze Koh Maak Buri Hut Plubpla Koh Mak Retreat

Ao Pai

Temple Museum

Ao Nid

Koh Mak Steakhouse Ao Pong Resort

Pano Resort

SCALE: 1cm = 350m

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Other Islands you always feel a long way from the worst excesses of tourism development. In the monsoon season from June to October there is no public transport between Koh Chang and Koh Mak but there are still four daily ferries to the mainland and most of the resorts now open year round. There are a few smaller islands off Koh Mak, some of which have resorts and can be reached fairly easily from Koh Mak itself. They are Koh Kham, Koh Rayang Nok and Koh Kra Dad. Activities on the island revolve largely around the beaches, but there are a few alternatives like Hongthong Muay Thai Gym, and Koh Mak Disk Golf that are well worth a try. All the resorts have restaurants and bars and as you would expect you can find some good Thai food as well as a smattering of places that offer international fare. It is easy to combine a trip to Koh Mak with visits to Koh Chang or some of the other islands in the archipelago. Refer to the transport section for details of the various ferries to the island that operate from the mainland, Koh Chang and the other islands. Alternatively, some of the Koh Chang boat trip services can drop you off on the island. Enquire for details. When you arrive on Koh Mak representatives from many of the resorts will meet the ferry and offer free pick up and drop off to visitors. Koh Kood Koh Kood is the second largest and southernmost island in the Koh Chang archipelago. Its topography is similar to that of Koh Chang; it is also mountainous and largely covered in rain forest. The highest hill on Koh Kood, at 315 metres, is Khao Phaentee in the southeast of the island. Another significant scenic feature is Klong Chao waterfall. The waterfall itself is not particularly high but falls into a huge plunge pool in a very beautiful jungle setting, a good place for a cooling swim. Various boat operators on Koh Chang or Koh Mak offer trips to the waterfall. The sea here is extremely clear and a brilliant blue colour. This makes the many beaches that run down the West coast of the island extremely pleasant places to be. Also


there are some excellent corals at shallow depths on many of the beaches Despite the fact that Koh Kood is Thailand’s fourth biggest island the population is only around two or three thousand but infrastructure is improving rapidly. The largest settlement is the fishing village of Ao Salat in the northeast. This is worth a visit just to see the wide range of seafood brought in and sold on the rickety wooden pier. There is a limited local taxi service that are for hire at eye-wateringly high prices. Another option is to hire a motorbike or a bicycle or alternatively you might be able to get around in a motor boat or canoe. There are some very high end luxury resorts on Koh Kood but there are now also some new low and medium priced options as well.

Other Islands From the mainland, the easiest way to reach the island independently is with one of the daily ferries that run from Laem Sork- 26km from Trat (see transport section). From Koh Chang use one of the speedboat services operated by Bang Bao Boat and Kai Bae Speedboat between October and May. If you want a beautiful sandy beach virtually to yourself and don’t expect anything by way of nightlife other than listening to the waves lap then Koh Kood is the place for you. If you expect a party you will be disappointed but if peace and quiet is your thing then the island is a good choice of destination. The water around Koh Kood is famed for its blueness and clarity and you can find some pretty good corals off the beaches if you like to snorkel. You can dive off Koh Kood with B.B. Divers, Koh Kood Divers and with Paradise Divers, all of whom have offices on the island. Koh Mak/Koh Kood Map There really isn't enough space here to tell you all about Koh Kood and Koh Mak. Fortunately, we make a map of both island that you can pick for free or view and download at our website It tells you everything you need to know about both of these lovely islands.

KOH KOOD Koh Maisi

Coral Beach Resort

Koh Raet

Captain Hook Baan Makok

Ao Salat


Sonavi Kiri Resort

Thalaysai Koh Kood Resort Beach Resort Paradise Suan Ya Divers Shantaa Koh Kood Divers Kama Siri Guesthouse Cabana Temple Hospital Ao Noi P Police Resort Khlong Chao Away Pizza & Pasta Waterfall Resort B.B. Divers Koh Kood Divers Khlong Chao Resort Paradise Divers Happy Days GH

Peter Pan Dusita Koh Kood Resort

Siam Koh BeachB.B. Kood Divers Divers

The Beach Natural Resort/ Coral Restaurant Sand & Sea

Khao Phaentee 315m

Ao Yai

Rest Sea Resort

Neverland Klong Hin Resort Ao Phrao Khao Chom Beach Resort 280m Sunshine Resort

Koh Wai Koh Wai is a small crescent-shaped island with two small, pleasant beaches. There are two resorts on the island with rooms that range from simple huts to larger air-conditioned beach bungalows. There is some good snorkelling on the shallow reefs off the beach. The lack of development makes the island an ideal place for a peaceful beach trip and it’s a good place to kick back after some strenuous travelling. Other Islands Whilst there are plenty of uninhabited islands in the Koh Chang archipelago a couple of the other islands have resorts on the Koh Lao Ya is actually two separate islands linked by a bridge and is a pretty place that has had a resort on it for over ten years. Koh Ngam is another island just off the South Eastern tip of Koh Chang. This island has a picturesque beach and a single resort. Some of the Koh Chang boat trip services can drop you off on the island. Enquire at local travel agents for more information.


Trat & The Mainland ok ngk ) Ba To 5 km (31



Trat City Hotel

Bangkok Trat Hospital



Tesco bo Lotus am C o Hotel Hii T

Public Park

Iyara Residence Trat Center Hotel

TRAT BUS STATION (all buses to Bangkok, Cambodia, elsewhere)

Public Gym SCALE: 1cm = 200m

Bike Shop

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Sang Fah


itha Th. Wiw S.A. Hotel

Norng Beua To Bu Wa pp t ha ram Tok 2


Nam Chod

Koh Chang T.T. Travel


i ma .T ud


Th. Suk

Printing Fliers Posters CAT Telecoms Office

Bike Shop 365 Days


Jane’s Place Orchid Cafe Cool Pop GH Corner

Ban Jaidee





Police Station

Baan Kong

Tratosphere Books

Post Office




h alt

r Pa


Pop 2 GH Windy GH Guy GH

To Lae m

Pier 112

Trat The small town of Trat is the administrative and trading centre of Trat province. It is located 26km and 32km away from the two departure points for passenger ferries to Koh Chang. Trat only has a population of 20,000 but bustles with activity due to the fact that it is the main market town of the province. There is an open-air market on the main street - Thanon Sukhumvit - that offers interesting Thai food and drinks late into the night. There is also a large covered day market selling all manner of foods and household goods. Good things to shop for include the huge range of fruits that are available year round, many of which you may not have seen before. Trat province is famous for the Rakham


Vietnamese Food

Rimklong Cafe Residang Guest House Artist’s Place

Phai Lom Temple

nd ou Gr ) FC KM km at 1 Tr (5 ao r Kh Pie n d Da Koo To oh K

p( 16 km )

Garden Home GH


ht M ark et Trat Hotel Meeting Point Mar ket Taxi To Laem Ngop

Sea House Café

Cosy Corner


hum v


oir Taxi To East of Koh Chang Internet

Good Time Coffee 7-Eleven



erv To Re s

Baan More Fun Dentist



Ca n


Trat Hospital

Suki Yaki Kwang Tung


which is a rich sweet fruit that looks a bit like a strawberry. Or there is the Durian with its spiky shell, pungent smell and unique love-it-or-hate-it flavour. Try whatever looks interesting. You can also buy good fresh seafood and vegetables in the market. Local handicrafts include elaborately woven wicker products, especially hats. These can be found in Ban Nam Chieo, a largely Muslim village between Trat and Laem Ngop. Trat has a big Tesco Lotus supermarket with accompanying shops and restaurants and a food hall. And now also a Makro supermarket and huge Global Home store 4 km out of town. Wat Buppharam is a 17th Century temple with some interesting architecture. It lies 2km out of town (see map). There are several other

Trat & The Mainland temples scattered around the town centre. Trat also has good medical, communication, financial and other facilities. Locations are shown on the map. There are a multitude of local Thai restaurants around the town - the one opposite Trat Hospital is our favourite. You can find many other small restaurants and bars scattered around the town centre. The large bar next to Tesco has live music and so does Knight which is a large club about 1km out of town on the Bangkok Road. There is a guesthouse area just south of the town centre with many backpacker style guesthouses and accompanying restaurants, internet cafes etc. There is little to choose between the different guesthouses that all offer clean and inexpensive rooms together with good information and a friendly welcome. About 10 minutes from the centre of Trat is an attractive reservoir that is a pleasant spot for an afternoon stroll. There are several restaurants in scenic locations on the shoreside. You can often see fireflies by the canal that begins here and flows through town.

TRAT PROVINCE Bo Rai Ruby Market

SCALE: 1cm = 10km

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Bo Rai

To Chantaburi/Bangkok




Khao Saming CAMBODIA


Ao Tan Khu Beach

Trat Airport


Reservoirs Koh Chang Baan Nam Ferries Chieo

Laem Ngop

Dan Khao

Black Sand Beach

Saphan Hin Waterfall Sai Ngern Beach

Koh Chang

Laem Sork

Sai Kieow Beach 318 Tap Tim Beach Mai Root Beach Ban Chuen Beach

Koh Mak

Klong Yai Koh Kood

Hat Lek Border Crossing


Trat & The Mainland Laem Ngop Laem Ngop is a fishing village on the coast and is the departure point for passenger ferries to Koh Chang and the other islands. Places worthy of note are the Immigration Office that serves the Eastern region of Thailand and the Tourist Authority of Thailand office. By the ferry pier, there is a large monument commemorating two Thai boats that were sunk in a naval battle of 1942 off Koh Chang in which Thai forces repelled the French Navy. Klong Yai & Hat Lek Klong Yai is a small fishing town on the road to the Cambodian border at Hat Lek. It is the closest mainland town to Koh Kood and whilst there is, as yet, no regular ferry service you can ask around if you are feeling intrepid and maybe find a boat on its way to the island. Heading on to the border itself at Hat Lek you will find a couple of hotels on the Thai side as well as thriving market selling all manner of weird and wonderful imports and exports.


Mainland Beaches There is a long thin coastal section of Trat province that heads southeast towards the Cambodian border at Hat Lek, 90 kilometres from Trat. For detailed information take a look at our new map of the region on the facing page. At the moment the area is not much visited by foreign tourists but this is slowly changing. There are a string of really attractive beaches on the long sandy coastline with a few accommodation options including the Centara Chaan Talay Resort which is a quality beachside resort located in a lovely beach of powder sand 46 kilometres from Trat Town. If you are looking for the peace and quiet of a deserted tropical beach then this is the place for you. Heading away from Trat on Highway 318 these beaches include Sai Ngern Beach, Sai Kieow Beach, Tap Tim Beach, Mai Root Beach and Ban Chuen Beach, all of which offer rewards to the intrepid explorer. Saphan Hin waterfall is located 31 kilometres from Trat and is an attractive cataract located at the end of a ten-minute walk along a riverside path through a pretty forested valley.

Klong Son & Ao Sapparot KLONG SON & AO SAPPAROT Ao Sapparot SCALE: 3cm = 1km

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Peninsula Beach Resort

Klong Son

Siam Royal View

The Beach Club

Golf Course Chinese Temple Seafood

Sunset Emily Villa

The Aiyapura Resort Aiyapura Sport Feel@Chill Complex

The Marina Pub


Shared & Pk5 OTOP Private Taxis Petrol/ NGV Station CafĂŠ Amazon

River Garden Side Lodge Klong Son Hotel Casa Mia Restaurant Eat Here Church Cool Down Bar Banphu of St. Yun Wan Sergius Whan

White Sands Beach

Klong Son & Ao Sapparot

Centrepoint Car Ferry

Blue Saphir

Sea Adventures Shambhala Beach Bar

Ao Sapparot Car Ferry

National Park Office

Ao Sapparot is the bay where one of the island's two ferry services arrives at the island. If you see the slightly overgrown letters "Welcome to Koh Chang" on the hillside above you then you're there. Then if you head over the hill past the ornate and be-dragoned Chinese Temple you will enter Klong Son. This is still largely a sleepy little village but there's actually plenty to see if you look a little more carefully. So we made a map to help you discover the hidden delights of the area. First up is the beach. Klong Son has a shallow and protected horseshoe-shaped bay with one of Koh Chang's widest and sandiest beaches that you can access down at Siam Royal View. This is a large community with private houses and villas and apartments for rent. They have two swimming pools, three bars and restaurants, a nine hole golf course, a yacht marina and, of course, the beach. Klong Son village along the main road is a workmanlike place with shops like builder's merchants, garages, a petrol station and

Driving Range Koh Chang Animal Project

Nang Yom Waterfall

Klong Chao Leaum Waterfall

Ban Kwan Chang

some local grocers and Thai food stalls. But if you turn inland by the main crossroads you can drive several kilometres inland deep into a beautiful valley. At first, the road is skirted by houses but these are gradually replaced by rubber plantations. You'll pass a school, a Russian Orthodox Church with bulbous spires and a private home with a gate that looks like Angkor Wat. There's a golf driving range further up and, further still, a couple of waterfalls that are still free to visit. The Koh Chang Animal Project have their base up here and so does the Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp, an elephant trekking place that actually allows the elephants to trek deep in the jungle. If you head back and continue seawards at the crossroads you will soon come to a large Thai Buddhist Temple and beyond that, you will arrive at a small pier fishing village community that looks like what the now busy Bang Bao Pier to the south of the island looked like twenty years ago. So off you go, get exploring!



The Spa Koh Chang Resort Salak Khok

To Fer ries

&B ea c h es

The East Coast

Mangrove Walkway SCALE: 1cm = 1km

Klong Nung Waterfall

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Baan Mae Resort Ploy Talay Resort

Khiri Phet Waterfall Salak Phet Guesthouse

Mangrove Parama WalkwayKoh Chang Fisherman’s Hut


Salak Phet Krua Chang Tai Koh Chang Marina

Barami Poo Yar Resort

Khao Kong 460m

The Base Parama Koh Mapring Resort 2

Rommai Chailay

Salak Phet Koh Seafood Phrao Nai

Journey’s End

Car Park

View Point Koh Phrao Nok Gulf Charters Island View Resort & Spa


Long Beach

Naval Battle Memorial

If you fancy a break from the beach or from the tourist centres of the West side of Koh Chang then you will be well rewarded by a day or more exploring the 'undiscovered' East Coast of the island. This side of the island is far less developed than the other and you will be treated to a view of a more traditional Thai way of life as you watch local farmers and fisherman go about their business. Additionally there is some great scenery and plenty of interesting stops to make. And don't worry; there are some quality restaurants and places to stay so you don't need to stock provisions. There are no less than four waterfalls for you to visit. Heading south these are; Klong Nonsi just before Dan Mai village, Than Mayom a few kilometres further south and then Klong Nung and Khiri Phet waterfalls in the foothills of Salak Phet Mountain in the far south. Than Mayom is a six level cataract and retains the most water of the four in the dry season. Salak Khok Bay is a charming spot with large areas of mangrove forest and a small fishing village. You can view the mangroves from the Mangrove Forest Walkway but perhaps a better way to sample the atmosphere is on a guided kayak tour through the trees with Salak Khok Kayak Station, perhaps the only project on Koh Chang that is owned and operated by the local community. The intrepid can continue to the far South and visit the lovely Long Beach. This isolated strand is deserted except for two backpacker places. The next bay to the South contains a memorial to the Thai soldiers who lost their lives in the Thai Naval encounter with the French in 1941. The largest settlement in the South East of the island is Salak Phet. This waterside fishing village is at the mouth of a large bay dotted with islands. A great place to take in the atmosphere is the long pier that juts out deep into the bay. There is an observation tower at the end which offers great photo opportunities.



Chai Chet

See White Sands Beach Detailed Maps

Pearl Beach (Hat Kai Mook)

Klong Son

Siam Royal View

See Klong Son Detailed Map

White Sands Beach (Hat Sai Khao)

Koh Mapring

Koh Chang Noi

Klong Prao

Koh Chang

Chom Prasat 2 626m

Amber Sands

Main Police Station

Koh Chang Hospital

Fueng Fah

Klong Plu Waterfall

Klong Mayom 591m

Than Mayom Waterfall

National Park Office

Dan Mai Seafood

Elysian Pearl Pool Villas

Garden of Joy Baan Talay Thai


Dan Mai

Centrepoint Car Ferry

Serenity Resort/ Beach Residence

The Souk

Khao I Aen Klong Nonsi P 637m Waterfall Government Office

Klong Chao Leaum Waterfall

Chom Prasat1 661m

Ban Kwan Chang

Centrepoint Car Ferry Electricity Nang Yom Office Waterfall

Pink Resort

Ao Sapparot Car Ferry


Ao Thammachat Car Ferry


At Tara Resort & Coffee Home Baan Look Chang Shooting

National Park Office

Koh Salak Koh Lim

Passenger Ferries to Koh Kood/Mak

Naval Battle Memorial

Immigration Office Kiatipol

Laem Ngop Bank

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)



See Lonely Beach & Bailan Detailed Maps

Bailan Beach

Hat Tha Nam (Lonely Beach)

Koh Man Nai

See Klong Prao/Kai Bae Detailed Maps

Kai Bae

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SCALE: 1cm = 1.5km

Koh Man Nok

Koh Pli

Koh Yuak

Koh Suwan Koh Rom

Bang Bao Kong Koi Beach Wai Check Beach

Abandoned Road

Kheeri Phet Waterfall

Klong Nung Waterfall

Salak Phet 744m

See Bang Bao Map

Koh Klum

Chang Chutiman Trekking

Koh Wai

Koh Phrao Nok


Lao Ya Resort

Long Beach

View Point

Khao Kong 460m

Koh Wai Green Resort

Koh Lao Ya

See Salak Phet Detailed Map

Koh Phrao Nai

Koh Mapring

Salak Khok Kayak Station

Salak Khok

Mangrove Walkway

Salak Phet

Mangrove Walkway

Privacy Resort

Koh Ngam

15 Palms Restaurant & Bar


Sun & Soul

Cookies Hotel


Joom Joom Bar

BB Divers

Beach Walkway

Sangtawan Resort


KC Grande Resort & Spa

Jinda Resort

Cookies Hotel Bank of Ayudhya

Erewan Hotel

Oodie’s Place

Taste of India

Dee One Property S.P. Place

Palm Garden Hotel

Arunee Resort

ng Klo


r Fe

n/ So

KC Grande Resort & Spa



Pen’s Bungalows

Star Beach

Chang Bar

Little Chang

Independent Bo's

Rock Sand


White Sand Beach Resort

46 s


SCALE: 1cm = 50m

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Alina Resort

Ban Pu Resort

Nong Bua


Peace Moon

Alina Resort

Sai Khao Inn

White Island Sand Lodge Garden

Tamnak Chang Thanachart Bank

Police Station

Boogie Chicken


Kacha Resort Majesty Spa

Tuk Tuk

Versace Tailor

Piatto Ricco

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Bank

7-Eleven Koh Chang Princess Resort

Baan Sai Kaow Plaza

Ban Sai Kao


Kacha Resort

Buffalo Bill Steak House & Boutique Hotel Gold Beach

Food Stalls



Sabai Beach Guest House Beach Walkway

Thor’s Palace

Bamboo Resort Apple Bungalow Sea Bar

Tiger’s Den

Beach Tango Sang Arun Resort

Tantawan Bungalow

Jack’s Tattoing

B.B. Divers

Shops Coco Fish Spa

Tapas Bar

Koh Chang Lagoon Resort

Mac Hotel

Sabay Bar


Krung Thai Bank



Green House

Giant Bungalows


Suwannarat Gold Shop Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Island Net

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Laundry

Top Resort Paul's

Thai/Danish Restaurant

Koh Chang Hut

Plaloma Cliff Resort

Imagine Resort

Siam H2O

The Rockbar

Chang Kao Plaza


Anna Store

Ciao Koh Chang

SSP Bungalows

Koh Chang TV

Sea Sun

White Elephant

Paddy's Palms Irish Pub & Resort

Blue Lagoon Bar

Siam Kitchen

Chang Buri Resort

Tesco Lotus Makro

Keereeele Resort

Beer Bars

Decompression Cafe


Bella Vita Royal India


Fashion Koh Chang

Chang Buri Resort

Grand View Resort

Chang Cliff Resort


Du Talay

Penny’s Resort

Paradise Palms Resort

Privilege Resort Saffron on The Sea Khai Mook Resort (Enjoy Resort)

Hat Kai Remark Mook Resort (Pearl Beach)

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SCALE: 1cm = 50m

Apartment Rental

Car TOT Care Office

Soi Khaimook 2

Koh Chang Resortel



Real Estate

Furniture & Electronics Shops Soi Khai Honda mook 1

Keereeta Resort

Tesco Lotus Supermarket

Macura Resort Buddy House

T.P. Hut

Elephant & Castle


Tuk Tuk

Dive Supply

Post Office

The Koh Chang Guide

Book Shop


Big C Supermarket

Rose Garden

Baan Ton Rak Electrical Shop Sanae’s

Ban Hea

Ko Chang International Clinic

Klong Prao & Kai Bae

Thai Navy Shrine

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary Year

Come and join us in comfortable surroundings for traditional pub fayre, Thai food and the craic! We serve draught Guinness, beer, cider and more! Live sport shown on big screens. WHITE SAND BE ACH ~ KOH CHANG


Beer Bars



Klong Prao Resort Scandinavian Chang Diving Center

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SCALE: 1cm = 50m


Pajamas Nong Bua Seafood


Montra Massage





Y.T. Car Care Ko Ko Mo Shops

Scandinavian Animal Chang Clinic Diving Center Koh Chang Gym Labour Issan Food Office Book Shop Annie P’s Bakery


Royal India Police Box La Cabra Immigration Office P.P. Guesthouse


Thai Sabai Massage

Coco Massage

Pizza Tesco Lotus Coconut Plaza

V.J. Plaza

Marco Italian Restaurant

Koh Chang Holiday Milano Tailor

Koh Chang Paradise Resort Koh Chang Resort Flora I Talay


Tesco Lotus

t art V. M rmarke Supe Stalls Food

V.J. Plaza

King Tattoo

Chai-Chet Resort Coconut Beach Resort


SandTo White s Bea ch

Kerdmanee Resort Thai Garden V. Martery Hill Resort Siaml Sation Petrol Commercaia nk B Station Luxury Boutique Hotel Coconut Plaza


Big Tree


Blue Coco De Bo Lake Resort & Spa 7-Eleven

Central Park Bike Ride

Koh Chang Rescue

a Goy

Hardware Shop Offroad A.T.V.


Crocodile & Snake Show

a Yes B

Sapparot Bar & Bungalows

Iyara Seafood Moley’s Place

Joke Travel Kaew

Cambodian Kid's School

Mui-Ing Seafood Tonsai


The Dewa


Chok Dee Resort

Magic Resort

Koh Chang Grand Cabana

Boonya Resort

Sao’s Burger Station Mai Pen Rai Guesthouse

Golden House

Explora Tour


Sofia Garden Cheap Thrills

Bam Tam


Big Elk Sing Thong Supermarket K-Bee Gems & Jewelry Eat Me


KA-TI Culinary Cooking School Chang Chutiman Trekking Boom Bar


Green Garden Photos/ IT

Dolphin Divers

Baan Captain Jungle View

Koh Chang Dental Clinic

Tesco Lotus

Coco Massage The Gallery Noren Archery Mandalay

The Emeraldcove


Blue Lagoon Resort

Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort


Ban Rim Nam Aana Resort Ramayana Santhiya Tree To Klong Plu Resort Waterfall Tiger Hut Baum Bungalow Aurora Travel KP Huts A.T.V. Monster Shooting Range Baan Ta Klong Prao School 7-Eleven Iyara Resort Crust Bakery Tourist Police P Barali Clinic Temple Resort

Keereeta Lagoon

SUP Station

i Ka Ba e



Deep Island

Gaja Puri

The White Knot Siam Cottage

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SCALE: 1cm = 25m

Koh Chang Cliff Beach

Chang Park




Mordi & Fuggi

Apache Green Resort

Awa Resort

The Chill

Fashion Way

Koh Chang Wine Gallery

Coco Massage

Ziva Italian Restaurant


Travel Light Blues Guesthouse




Mak Mak Tesco Lotus

Mojito Lounge

Stage Massage

Moo 4

Joke 2 Travel Bann Chomdaow


Bann Chomdaow

Mango Tree

Scandinavian Chang Diving Center Mordi & Fuggi




Chez David

Ciao Italian: Kai Bae

Sir Henry Morgan’s

Kai Bae Walking Street


Siam Bay Resort

Sea View Resort

Porn’s Bungalows

Mam Kai Bae Resort

Kai Bae Beach Grand Villa

Kai Bae Beach Resort

Kai Bae KB

Thai Food Stalls




Sea Breeze Cocktail Bar

V. Shop

Kai Bae Minimart Jonas & Internet Jonasson’s Paradise Bungalows Papa Deli & Bakery


Filou Lounge

Ta Tum Steak House

Indian Restaurant

Gym/Thai Boxing

Kai Bae Hut

Nangnual Bungalow

Nor Nou Kai Bae Speedboat

No Name Bar

Salt Beach Bistro

Coral Resort


Melting Pot

Sea Breeze Hotel Koh Chang Bai Bua Massage Paradise Bungalows

Elephant Trekking

Travel Light Shops

Sanook Sanang


Kai Bae Garden Resort

Barrio Bonito

Ban Kai Bae



To Lonely Beach & Bang Bao

Lonely Beach

To Kai Bae

Lonely Beach Very Steep Hill

Siam Beach Resort Copyright © White Sand Publications Co. Ltd

Nature Beach

Lonely Beach

Bhumiyama Beach Resort


Siam Hut



Garden Restaurant

L.B. Complex

Aire Beach Cafe

The Kitchen

Sun City View

Infinity Sweet House Ting Tong

Rimklong Joy Sea Flower Cottages Resort /Kitchen Himmel The Sunflower Jib Bamboo Joy Leaf Tian Chai 1 Sunset Koh Kacha Ploy Hut Chang Inn Corner Wine Thale Blue Sky Gallery Stone New Boss Little Free Royal Eden Carpe KLKL Diem Hostel Tailor Tian Chai 2 Day Warapura Sleepy Night Resort Owl Tian Chai 3 Antenna Lamyai Oasis Kachapura ScubaResort


Baan Mai

Lonely Beach Resort

Beach Jungle

Koh Chang


Janrassamee Home Stay


Jungle Fresh Exotic Bungalows

BB Divers

Magic Garden

BB Gym

Lemon Bar/ My Hostel

Nest Sense


Bailan Beach

Paradise Cottages

BB Lonely Beach Margaritaville

Bailan Beach To Lonely Beach

Bailan Beach

Bailan Bay Resort The Mangrove

Bai Lan Beach Resort

Saint Tropez

Kwai Mai Par Orchid Resort Bailan Hut No Name Restaurant

Baan Sanook

Jungle Garden

Elephant Bay Resort



Hammock Hut

K.C. Thai Boxing Club Sea Terrace/ Vanadee Green Cottage Bailan View


Harley Moon Hideaway


The Happy Turtle The White House Massage

Bailan Beach

Bailan Inn

Lucky Gecko

Massage Bailan Herbal Sauna

Minimart Mercure Hideaway

Lisca Beach

Boat Seafood


Tree Top Adventure Park


Rock Inn

To Bang Bao

SCALE: 1cm = 50m

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Police Box

Bang Bao & Klong Koi Beach Asia Backpackers


Alysia Spring




Tranquility Bay Residence

er s D iv

Post Office


Sai Noi Beach o


Cl in


Nirvana Resort

G re c

Po P lic e

Bang Bao Boat

oo n




Sunny Inn

Cliff Cottage Resort


Hippy Hut

ac e

Bang Bao Cliff View



Nature Zone

Lazy Loaf Santisook

SUP Adventure Asia

Klong Koi Beach

To ur S Hu ea t

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BangBao Beach Resort Chivapuri

Aunchaleena Resort


Tel.: 03 955 81 57


YuYu Golden Beach

Bl Oce Bo ue a GHn O ats Is t to la he nd r s

te r d Vi dh ew a Se a H un


Resolution Resort Kho Nok Homestay

P M eac oo e n

De B lig ao ht


Bhuvarin Resort

N To atc ur ha

No y P k M eac Noi oo e D n iv er Ba s ng

Th ai



Homestay Beach

The Beach Club

BB Divers

Ch o

ua n R Lom Talay

T Garden

Tree House

Lakchai Resort

I do I do


Property & Real Estate Welcome to our property listings section. Here we list a great selection of land and property, businesses, homes and condos for sale on Koh Chang and the neighbouring islands. Why not have a browse through and see if there’s something that is of interest to you. If there is then get in touch with us - quoting the property or properties that you want to know more about and we will put you in direct contact with the owners. And if you are reading our PDF version then click the hyperlinks to see the full listings and contact info.

Bungalow Resort in Pearl Beach: This popular resort is set In a huge 3 rai (4,800sqm.) of peaceful garden close to the main beaches. Price Reduced: 6.9M Baht or offers

Private Island off Kai Bae - 100M Live the dream - own an island. Koh Man Nai island just off Kai Bae Beach has just one private plot of land - six rai in area. It's completely unique.

2.1 Rai Klong Son Riverside Land: This chanote titled land plot is located by the river in the peaceful and pretty Klong Son valley. 8.82M Baht

3 Bed Beachfront Villa: This absolute beachfront villa on the West coast is on Chanote title land and fully furnished and fitted. Price: 13.5M Baht

Popular Resort at Lonely Beach: 17 garden bungalow rooms and a large restaurant/bar, new swimming pool. Owned under a Thai Company. Price Reduced (Again!): 9.5M Baht


Property & Real Estate

1 Rai Chanote Land Salak Khok This Rai of Chanote land in Salak Khok is incredibly cheap especially since it has water and road frontage. Price: 2.2M Baht

2.5 Rai Waterfront Land in Salak Phet This plot of land has absolute waterfront and a solid Nor Sor Sam Gor land title as well as great hillside bay views. Price: 12.5M Baht

Beachfront Land Near White Sands This lovely plot of seafront land is in Pearl Beach. It has chanote title and covers an area of 6.9 Rai or 10,000 sqm. Price: 80M Baht

4 Bedroom Villa in Klong Son This large villa is centrally located beside the main road at the bottom of the climb to White Sand Beach. Price: 5.9M Baht

Marina Condo Units in Klong Son This new project offers fully furnished studio, 1, 2 & 3 bed units by the water. Prices begin at 6.47M Baht

Avoid beginner's mistakes! Get our free expert guide to buying property in Thailand free-property-guide/


Paddy's Palms Irish Pub & Resort

Restaurants & Bars: Paddy's Palms

Paddy’s Palms has an excellent menu for all the family and is located just up the hill from White Sand Beach. The menu offers a wealth of classic pub dishes such as Irish stew, breakfasts, fish and chips and pies. Don’t forget to try the special Sunday roast. If these don’t fill you up then try one of their homemade desserts. Children’s and Thai menus are also available. Paddy’s offers draught Guinness and Kilkenny as well as a wide range of beers, spirits, ciders and cocktails. Live sports are shown on 13 big screens and there is a pool table, free Wi-Fi and table fussball. There is a happy hour from 4-7pm every day and a second one from10-12pm from Monday to Friday. There is a car park behind the pub and If you want to stay close to the action Paddy’s has a good value resort with a swimming pool.

House Specialities ■ Paddy’s Palms big breakfast served all day - 275B ■ Fish & chips with bread, salad and tartar sauce - 315B ■ Irish Stew: classic stew made with lamb and vegetables - 365B ■ Home-made Beef & Guinness pie - 295B ■ Sunday Roast: Roast lamb, beef or chicken - 295 – 350B (Sundays Only) ■ Apple Crumble - 150B


Details Opening Hours 7.30am to 12.30 - 1am House Wine Glass 120 Baht Corkage 300B Credit Cards Accepted Visa/MasterCard Vegetarian Dishes Selection Reservations Recommended for large groups Telephone 039-619-085 Website PaddysPalms/ To Beach Chang Buri 7/11 Plaloma Resort

Top Resort

Directions for Taxi:

แพ‰ดดี้ส‹ ปาล‹ม หาดทรายขาว อยู‡ตรงขˆาม ท‰อป รีสอร‹ท

Restaurants & Bars: 15 Palms

House Specialities

■ Full English, European and Nordic Breakfasts 200 - 220B ■ Cordon Bleu: breadcrumbed chicken stuffed with ham and cheese - 340B ■ Homemade burgers 200 - 280B ■ Local sea bass fillet served with a shallot cream sauce - 340B ■ Selection of Pizzas - 255 – 340B ■ Freshly ground coffee and a selection of desserts and ice creams

Details Opening Hours 8am to 1am House Wine Glass 120 Baht Corkage 300B Credit Cards Accepted Visa/MasterCard Vegetarian Dishes Selection Reservations Recommended in High Season Telephone 039 551 095 Website K.C. Resort

Palm Garden Hotel

K.C. Resort

15 Palms Bar & Restaurant

Open since 1999, 15 Palms is a beautiful beachside restaurant and bar located on White Sand Beach. You can relax in the comfortably furnished interior or watch the sea views from our beach terrace. The extensive 15 Palms menu offers a large choice of breakfasts, Thai food and European and international favourite dishes. You can enjoy freshly ground Lavazza coffee and a large selection of gelato ice creams in the new airconditioned coffee shop. A free wireless internet service is provided and a children’s menu is also available. Beachside and hotel rooms are also available, with some new mezzanine rooms and also a swimming pool.

Cookies Hotel

Cookies Hotel

Directions for Taxi:

รˆาน 15 ปาล‹ม หาดทรายขาว ตรงขˆาม ปาล‹มการ‹เดˆนท‹ โฮเทล อยู‡ติดกับแสงตะวัน รีสอร‹ท


Rock Sand

Restaurants & Bars: Rock Sand

If you haven’t been to The Terrace restaurant at Rock Sand you will have missed a unique Koh Chang experience. Take a romantic stroll on the beach along the surf. Enjoy a meal on The Terrace which hangs out over the sparkling ocean with beautiful sunsets in quiet and peaceful surroundings The menu offers freshly cooked meals, from spicy Thai to steaks, homemade pizzas and french fries. A wide range of drinks, cocktails and different wines are served. Luxury and backpackers rooms at reasonable prices are available. New: Italian Gelato Ice Cream. Did you visit The Terrace at Rock Sand? Then you saw Koh Chang!

House Specialities ■ A Taste of Thailand ■ Finger-licking Thai Food ■ Tenderloin Steak ■ Deep Fried Fish in 3 mixed sauces ■ Club Sandwich ■ Pizza Quattro Stagioni ■ Spaghetti Bolognese ■ Deep Fried Ice Cream ■ The View


ดื่มด่ำ�กับบรรยากาศ ธรรมชาติ บนระเบียงไม้ริมผา กับ อาหารนานาชาติรสจัด ในแบบที่คุณไม่เคยสัมผัส พร้อมกับการดูแลแบบ เป็นกันเอง แลˆวคุณจะ เพลิดเพลินไปกับเรา Telephone 0847 810 550 Website K.C. Resort 7-Eleven

K.C. 7-Eleven 15 Palms Resort

Directions for Taxi:

ร็อคแซนด‹ รีสอร‹ท หาดทรายขาว ลงรถที่ เค ซี รีสอร‹ท เดินเลียบ ชายหาดทางฝัง่ ขวา ของ เค ซี รีสอร‹ท

Restaurants & Bars: The Beach Club

House Specialities ■ Tuna Melt Sandwich - 270B ■ Fettuccine Pomodoro - 240B ■ Swiss Cheese Fondue - 660B ■ Risotto Frutti Di Mare - 420B ■ Fondue Bourguignonne - 680B ■ Beef Lasagne - 270B ■ Tom Yam Goong - 250B ■ Shrimps with Thai Asparagus - 280B

Details Opening Hours 8AM - 10PM House Wine Glass 110 Baht Corkage 350 Baht Credit Cards Accepted Yes Vegetarian Dishes Yes Reservations Required for peak season evenings only Telephone 039-555-144, 089-474-4335 Website/E-mail

The Beach Club

The Beach Club is a waterfront restaurant beside Klong Son Beach in the exclusive Siam Royal View development, which is also home to the island’s only Golf Course, a Yacht Marina and the luxurious new Peninsula Beach Resort. The restaurant is housed in an airy and tastefully decorated modern building beside a horizon swimming pool that diners are welcome to use. It is a great location for an afternoon meal accompanied by a swim and some beachside relaxation. Alternatively it is an atmospheric spot to watch the sun set or book in advance and come down for a delicious evening meal. Given the location prices are very reasonable and there are a large number of mouth-watering menu options. Classic Thai dishes are served as well as some interesting western selections such as Hungarian Goulash and a variety of pasta and risotto dishes. Fresh seafood is also a good choice and the Beach Club is one of very few places on the island that offer Swiss and even Thai Fondues.

To Klong Son Chinese Temple

Motorbike Shop

Siam Royal View

Directions for Taxi:

รˆานอาหาร เดอะบีชคลับ ตั้งอยู‡ูภายใน โครงการสยามรอยัลวิว เกาะชˆาง คลองสน เลี้ยวซˆายก‡อนถึงศาลเจˆาพ‡อเกาะชˆาง


Wine Gallery

Restaurants & Bars: Wine Gallery

The Restaurant at Wine Gallery in Kai Bae has recently been extended to more than twice the original size. Their European chef offers an eclectic selection of delicious international fare using only the best quality imported ingredients. Beginning with hearty breakfasts their all day menu ranges from Tapas, through hearty main dishes to tempting and indulgent desserts. And since their shop sells beers, wines and spirits they have an enormous selection of these as well as cocktails, fresh Arabica coffee from north Thailand and quality Cuban cigars.

House Specialities

■ A selection of 6 different Tapas - 199B ■ Many cheese plates - from 150B ■ Imported cold cut plates - from 200B ■ Spanish omelet (tortilla) - 90B ■ King Louis burger: 100% beef slices with blue cheese relish, bell pepper, eggplant sauce and salad - 250B ■ Pork steak with canary sauce (bell pepper and chilli sauce) with boiled or fried potatoes - 199B ■ Goat cheese flambé - 190 ■ Chocolate mousse in nuts with an orange and cinnamon parfait - 140B


Details Opening Hours 9:00am to 11:30PM House Wine Over 10 house wines From 100 Baht/glass Credit Cards Accepted Yes Vegetarian Dishes Selection Transport No Reservations Recommended for large groups Telephone 081-668-7035 Website kohchangwinegallery 7-Eleven

Chang Park Resort

Directions for Taxi:

La Villa The Stage

Gajapuri The Chill Resort

รˆานอาหารไวน‹แกลลอรี่ อยูู‡ที่ไก‡แบˆ อยูู‡เยื้องกับ เซเว‡นอีเลฟเว‡นแรกของ ไก‡แบˆ

Restaurants & Bars: El Greco

Details Opening Hours Everyday 08:00 - 22:00 House Wine Glass 140 baht Credit Cards Accepted Yes Vegetarian Dishes Yes Reservations Recommended Telephone 086-843-8417, 087-145-6267 Facebook

El Greco

This beautiful and cosy place is the original Greek restaurant in Koh Chang. From their lovely location above the water, Kostas and Wi serve great cocktails and delicious authentic Greek meals well prepared with ingredients imported from Greece. They also have well-priced and comfortable fan and air-con guesthouse rooms so you are invited to enjoy their warm welcome over the water in Bang Bao Bay. El Greco now offer a free transport service for diners from and back to all the major beaches - call for details. House Specialities Appetizers from 120B ■ Dolmades ■ Tzatziki with home made pita bread ■ Melitzanosalata (aubergine salad) ■ Saganaki cheese ■ Grilled feta cheese ■ Greek salad ■ Ouzo meze Main Dishes from 200B ■ Moussakas ■ Stifado beef or pork ■ Lamb Kleftiko ■ Pita Gyros pork/chicken/lamb/ vegetarian ■ Souvlaki plate ■ Gyros Plate ■ Soutzoukakia (meatballs) ■ Mix Grill for 2 or 4 persons ■ Kalamari Gemisto

Tripadvisor: El Greco Koh Chang Transport YES! Call to arrange. Free WiFi Yes 7-Eleven Bang Bao Pier Ruen Thai

Chow Lay Seafood

Directions for Taxi:

ร้านอาหารกรีซ - เอล เกร็กโค อยู่ที่ หมู่บ้านบางเบ้า เดินเข้าไป ประมาณกลางซอย ร้านอยู่ซ้ายมือ


Restaurants & Bars White Sands Beach 15 Palms

European/Thai Comfortable beach restaurant/bar. A menu packed with international favourites. Italian Gelato and Italian Lavazza coffee shop.

Bella Vita


This Italian restaurant in the centre of White Sand Beach serves genuine Italian dishes including your favourite pizzas and pasta.

Blue Lagoon Bar


One of the most popular bars in the "Mini-Pattaya" bar area. They have a free Pool table and show live sports. Late opening and friendly staff.

Buffalo Bill Steak House


This themed steakhouse and hotel offer a choice of different steaks using imported beef. And you get a 10% food discount with this guide.

Ciao Koh Chang

Italian/ Thai

This Koh Chang favourite is a stylish restaurant half way up the hill out of White Sand Beach. New: delivery to White Sand Beach & Chai Chet

Joom Joom Bar Bar

This little bar is located on the main road at the North end of White Sands. It's a friendly place, even though the owner comes from Leeds.

K.C. Grande Resort & Spa

Thai/ Western

Choose from no less than seven places to eat and drink here including K.C. Bar, beachfront & rooftop restaurants, pool bars, and a coffee lounge.


Western/ Thai

An interesting menu at this stylish restaurant/bar. Lounge area with comfy sofas pool table & live sport. Also Special 95B English Breakfasts

Norng Bua

Thai/ Western Thai food, snacks and noodle soup in this inexpensive roadside eatery

Oodie’s Place

Thai/ French

Blues/Thai/Folk/Rock live music bar. Popular island hang out. Food includes Mongolian barbecue and Steak Lao. French Menu and Pizzas

Paddy’s Palms Thai/ Western Koh Chang's original Irish Pub has an extensive Western menu. Families welcome. Special roast dinners on Sundays. Draft Guinness and free Wi-Fi. Piatto Ricco

Italian/ Thai

Pizzas, Pasta and all kinds of Italian specialities offer at this roadside restaurant in central White Sand Beach. They have imported steaks.



Attractive sea views in this restaurant on the first floor of Plaloma Resort, and also great views from their waterfront bar.

Rock Sand

Thai/ Western Beachside restaurant/bar with fantastic views over the beach and bay. A good spot for watching the sunset. Now Italian Gelato ice cream.

Royal India


The Royal India now has a new branch back in White Sand Beach opposite Grand View Resort serving quality Indian cuisine.

Siam Kitchen


Restaurant offering Western and Chinese specialities in addition to a full Thai menu. Cocktails are also available.

Sun & Soul

Thai/ Western This stylishly modern restaurant and bar is located beachside at Cookies Resort and has good food and drink with great tunes.


Restaurants & Bars Tantawan


This bar and restaurant is in a great location right on the beach. They have a well-priced menu and fresh seafood is a popular choice.

Taste of India


This new Indian restaurant has a large menu of authentic, homecooked Indian classic cuisine from spicy starters to delicious desserts

Thai/Danish Restaurant


Lots of tempting selections on the eclectic menu in this interesting Danish and European restaurant

The Rockbar


This popular nightspot in Grand View Plaza has live music every night, free pool and Wi-Fi and plays rock music until very, very late.

Thor’s Palace

Thai/ Western Comfortable beachside restaurant/bar at Alina Resort run by the colourful Thor. Excellent Thai curries. Good music. Try their tasty cocktails.

Hat Kai Mook (Pearl Beach) Books


Koh Chang's bookshop offers excellent fresh coffee, soft drinks and beer, wine and spirits. And books. Lots of books.

Saffron on The Thai/ Western Scenic restaurant & bar by the sea. Offers breakfasts, lunches & dinners Sea in a shady and secluded garden setting Sanae's

Thai/ Western The good food here includes home-made sausages and all day breakfasts as well as one of Koh Chang's best Pat Gapows.

Chai Chet Marco Ristorante Italiano


One of Koh Chang's top ranked restaurants on Tripadvisor and it deserves the praise. Italian chef Marco prepares excellent pizzas, homemade pasta and authentic Italian dishes in V.J. Plaza.

Nong Bua Seafood


This sleek and stylish new seafood restaurant next to Klong Prao Resort offers all kinds of Thai meals, fresh seafood and BBQ.


Restaurants & Bars Royal India


The Royal India, once in White Sand Beach, is now located at Coconut Plaza serving a wide range of veg and non-veg Indian cuisine.

Vone's Cafe


There is good home-made fare at this new cafe on Chai Chet hill. Pies, English breakfasts and plenty more authentic dishes.

Baan Ta

Thai/ European

This large restaurant has a nice garden setting as well as indoor seating and offers a wide variety of Thai, European and seafood specialities.

Breezes Bar


This bar at Amari Emerald Cove has live music. They currently have a "buy one get one free" happy hour from 9 pm to 11 pm nightly.

Crust Bakery

Bakery/ Deli

This popular bakery/Deli has all kinds of breads, sandwiches and cakes as well as a European deli with all kinds of hard to find treats.

Iyara Seafood

Thai/ Western Seafood restaurant in a picturesque setting on the lagoon with terrific views of the beach and the mountain.

Just Thai


KA-TI Culinary

Thai/ Western You can taste a wide range of authentic Thai dishes in this restaurant. If you like you can take a course to learn how to cook them yourself.

Klong Prao Resort

Thai/ Western

The restaurant at this popular beachfront resort has a full Thai and International menu as well as a nightly seafood barbeque.

Ko Ko Mo


This is a nice old-style beach bar in a lovely spot on one of the island's widest sections of beach, located just south of Klong Prao Resort.


Western/ Bar

Home-made farang food: full English breakfasts, burgers, steaks, chicken, spag’ bol’ & cold beers all in a lovely water-front bar setting.

Sapparot Bar


This wooden bar leans out over the river where it meets the sea. They have live sports, Thai and Issan food and great sunsets.

Street Life

Bar/Western/ Thai

A new bar in the middle of Klong Prao village. They have comfy seats, a good pool table and a big TV showing live sports.

The Cove Terrace

Thai/ Western This international restaurant on the beachfront at Amari Emerald Cove Koh Chang is open from 6 am to 11 pm daily.

The Cube


This restaurant in The Gallery Resort has all kinds of Japanese foods and in high season they serve a lunchtime buffet.

Barrio Bonito


This popular Mexican restaurant serves authentic Mexican food using only genuine ingredients and real, proper Mexican recipes.

Burger Station


Real 100% home-made burgers are the order of the day here. What's more - they will deliver free in the Kai Bae area.

Ciao Italian: Kai Bae

Italian/ Thai

Excellent authentic Italian food at this smart restaurant just as you enter Kai Bae. Freshly made pasta, pizza, lasagne and desserts. Kept clean to European standards.

Klong Prao

Quality Thai cuisine served in the pleasant surroundings of this wellpresented Thai restaurant at Amari Emerald Cove.

Kai Bae


Restaurants & Bars Filou


This is a popular Kai Bae nightspot. They have free Wi-Fi, pool and table football as well as special offers on drinks every night.

Kai Bae Beach Thai/Western Resort

The beachfront restaurant at this hotel serves breakfasts, then has a full Thai and Western menu throughout the day and evening.

Mojito Lounge Bar

Kai Bae's premier nightspot returns triumphantly after a complete refit to bring you awesome tunes, DJs and drinks, especially Mojitos.

Mordi & Fuggi Italian

There are two of these neat little restaurants offering some excellent Italian street food prepared by an Italian chef.



Cakes, Sandwiches, fresh coffee and good freshly-baked bread.

Sea Breeze Cocktails

Music Bar

Wooden bar at the front of Kai Bae Plaza. There is a live band playing nightly and audience participation is encouraged.



This new place is a beach bistro and bar with a swimming pool, pool table and fantastic views up and down the coast.

The Garden

Thai/ Western Restaurant and Bar with pool table at this comfortable and centrally placed hotel in the middle of Kai Bae village.

Wine Gallery


Newly expanded. There is an extensive international menu with some great tapas, also a large range of beers and spirits at wholesale prices.

Ziva Italian Restaurant


Fernanda’s stylish restaurant is not Itagliano, nor Ithailian, just genuine Italian food. Pizzas, pasta, lasagne, ice-cream and home-made specialities.


Restaurants & Bars Lonely Beach Aire Beach Cafe


Healthy smoothies, vegan desserts, coffee and juices are on offer, as well as yoga classes at this cafe located in Lonely Beach Plaza.

BB Lonely Beach


This place has a large variety of different tapas as well as a huge selection of imported Belgian beers. And a swimming pool!


Cocktail Bar

One of Lonely Beach's biggest party venues has top DJ's and a great sound system as well as a FREE Vodka bucket between 9:30-10pm with this guide.

Lemon Bar/ My Hostel

Thai/ Western A wide menu of Thai and Western dishes is on offer at this roadside restaurant and there are stylish hostel rooms and also a pool.

Little Eden

Thai/ International

Lonely Beach Resort

Thai/ Western This place has just doubled their seating capacity due to the popularity of their breakfasts, pizzas and western and Thai menu and busy bar.

Good Thai and International food at the restaurant of this hillside bungalow resort. Try their tasty house specialities. English German and Thai Spoken.

Magic Garden Thai/ Western A bar and restaurant with regular live music and an extensive Thai and Western menu as well as a daily "Magic BBQ". Mambo Beach Bar Cafe

This waterfront bar is located in the Lonely Beach Plaza area of bars and restaurants and plays great tunes, in a great setting, until late.

Oasis Resort

Thai/ Western This hillside restaurant has a great sea view. Enjoy the sunset with a cold beer or try one of their delicious sandwiches.

Siam Beach Resort

Thai/ Western The beachside restaurant at Siam Beach is a pleasant place to enjoy a meal or a sunset cocktail.

Ting Tong


One of Lonely Beach's longest established and best-known bars packs the crowds in with great DJs and a great light show.

Wine Gallery


The Lonely Breach branch of this Koh Chang chain of wine and coffee shops is down the side road next to Himmel Bar.

Bailan Beach The Happy Turtle


Thai/ Western Good Thai food (they have a cooking school), ice cream, milkshakes and coffee served by a Barrista as well as a bar with a good pool table.

Restaurants & Bars Elephant Bay

Thai/ Western A good selection of Thai and Western dishes are available at the restaurant of this private beachfront resort.

Harley Moon Hideaway


There is a nice bar at this small resort with a swimming pool beside.

Bang Bao Cliff Cottage Resort

Thai/ Western This relaxed bungalow resort offers meals in the lovely setting of their waterfront bar and restaurant area.

Buddha View

Thai/ Western Relax in tropical surroundings with panoramic view of the ocean while enjoying authentic Traditional Thai cuisine or excellent European food.

El Greco


This lovely wooden water-front restaurant enjoys a high Tripadvisor rating because of its excellent and authentic Greek menu. All the classics are here.

Ido Ido Bar & Restaurant

Thai/Bar/ European

This charming little beach bar is on its own beach called Sai Noi about 500m after Bang Bao village. Breakfasts from 8 am, food and drinks 'til late.

Ruan Thai Seafood


Freshly caught seafood is the order of the day in this restaurant in a nice location over the sea on Bang Bao pier.

Sunny Inn


There is a cocktail bar at this new guesthouse in Bang Bao village with both indoor and outdoor seating areas.

The Beach Club

Thai/ Western

This beach bar and restaurant is in a great location on the beach 500m past Bang Bao. They also have new beachside rooms.


Restaurants & Bars Klong Son Shambhala Beach Bar The Beach Club The Marina Pub


This swim up pool bar beside the beach at Siam Royal View (Marina) specialises in cocktails, mocktails and fruit shakes from 11am-10pm Thu-Tue


Enjoy a meal, take a dip in the swimming pool or simply enjoy a drink in the great surroundings of this beachside place at Siam Royal View.

Pub Food

The waterfront pub at the new Siam Royal View marina has a pool table and dart board, a crazy golf course and they serve pub meals.


Rabieng Thalay Thai/ Western The beachside restaurant at the Aiyapura Resort is in a great location at Aiyapura and offers classy dining in a relaxed and romantic setting.

East Coast Amber Sands

Thai/ Western This is a great place to stop off for generous servings of tasty, wholesome food whilst exploring Koh Chang's unspoilt east coast.

Journeys End


A friendly sunset bar at this homestay located on the waterfront in peaceful Chek Bae.

Serenity Resort

Bar/ Snacks

This place is worth a stop. They now offer a full menu and drinks and snacks at their beachside bar and offer free use of watersports gear.

The Spa Koh Chang Resort


This resort offers a comprehensive vegetarian menu. The Koh Samui branch is very highly praised so this place is well worth a try.

Koh Mak Food Art Hut

Thai/ Western This roadside restaurant has a great selection of western and Thai dishes ranging from pizzas to sandwiches to pad krapow.

Koh Mak Sportsbar


Koh Mak Resort

Thai/ Western There is a restaurant and open air bar here right beside the beach. There are fantastic views and some good food, drinks and cocktails.

Koh Mak Steakhouse


Great western food, including steaks, is served at this restaurant in a charming spot on stilts over the sea.

Monkey Island/Bar


A wide range of food and drink is served at this beachside resort and at night Monkey Bar, with a live band, is the liveliest bar on Koh Mak.

Thaidaho Vista Resort


This friendly boutique resort and restaurant offers excellent food and coffee looking out over the best view on Koh Mak.

Pizza and Pasta


Koh Kood's only source of genuine Italian food is this friendly and authentic roadside restaurant serving all the classics.

Pakarang Restaurant


A choice of indoor and outdoor dining with a sophisticated international menu at this luxury beachfront resort in Bang Bao Bay.

Koh Kood Resort


The restaurant at this classy resort is offers elevated views over a beautiful bay and there is a comprehensive menu on offer.

This place has live sports as well as a full western menu and bakery. They also have an all-you-can-eat buffet on Saturdays.

Koh Kood


Accommodation Koh Chang - White Sands Beach B-C

This restaurant/bar has new mezzanine rooms with great sea view. Now also a swimming pool.

Buffalo Bills Hotel


There are 13 fully featured rooms in this luxury boutique hotel above a popular steak restaurant.

Tel: 039-551-451

K.C. Grande Resort & Spa


This large luxury resort occupies a long stretch of sandy beach and offers bungalows & 2 hotels.

Tel: 039-552-111 Tel: 02-539-5424

Paddy’s Palms


Fully furnished A/C rooms behind and large suites above this Irish Pub. Nice swimming pool.

Tel: 039-619-083

Palm Garden Hotel


8 air-conditioned rooms with TV, fridge & hot water. Reception is in 15 Palms.

Tel: 039-551-095

Plaloma Resort


80 room Resort in tropical gardens with a pool, fan Tel: 039-551-119 and A/C rooms. Fax: 039-551-118

15 Palms

Tel: 039-551-095

Rock Sand Resort B-C

Hillside resort with "Flashpacker" and luxury rooms with amazing views over the sea.

Tel: 084-781-0550

Tantawan Bungalow

Basic beach huts and luxury bungalows as well as a bar and restaurant right on a sandy beach.

Tel: 039-551-178



Accommodation PRICE KEY - A - <500 Baht

B - 500-1,500 Baht

C - 1,500-2,500 Baht

D - 2,500+ Baht

Koh Chang - Pearl Beach (Hat Kai Mook) Books


A large apartment with two double bedrooms, lounge, and kitchen. WiFi, a/c, TV. Long and short term rental.

Tel. 081-919-8219 Tel. 089-936-5621

Koh Chang - Klong Prao Iyara Resort and Spa


This place opposite Klong Prao temple offers rooms for short term and long term rentals.

Tel: 081-751-0058 Tel: 039-557-233



This new place 50 metres from the beach has luxury 8-bed dorms as well as private rooms.

Tel: 039-510-789 Tel: 084-880-0930

Koh Chang - Kai Bae Kai Bae Beach Resort


This well-established beachfront resort has a swimming pool and bungalows and hotel rooms.

Tel: 063-669-5416 Tel: 063-669-9916

Kai Bae Garden Resort


Popular 20 room resort with A/C and fan rooms with TV. Conveniently central location

Tel: 039-557-260 Tel: 086-145-9529

Sea Breeze Hotel


Aircon rooms with Satellite TV, fridge & hot water. Tel: 087-104-9232 Discounts for longer stays Tel: 039 557 151/2

Koh Chang - Lonely Beach / Bailan Nice rooms and a new dormitory at this Tapas Restaurant and lounge bar with swimming pool.

Tel: 089-504-0543

A centrally located guesthouse with comfy modern rooms and dorms at a good price.

Tel: 091-705-7857

New small and friendly boutique homestay with affordable, fully appointed aircon rooms.

Tel: 089-279-0021 Tel: 098-4717-013


This newly finished place has simple, neat and clean rooms and dorms.

Tel: 091-705-7857


Neat, affordable hillside bungalows and a good restaurant. English, German and Thai spoken.

Tel: 084-867-7459

Lonely Beach Resort


17 new air-conditioned rooms with TV, free Wi-Fi and hot shower. Book at

Tel: 081-279-5120

My Hostel


A luxury hostel with dorms and private rooms and a swimming pool. Flashpacker rather than backpacker.

Tel: 091-705-7857



Charming Fan & Aircon bungalows in a pretty Tel: 081-721-2547 jungle garden with a fantastic Treehouse and good food.

Ting Tong Guesthouse


Simple rooms close to the action at this bar and restaurant in the centre of Lonely Beach

B.B. Lonely Beach Infinity Janrassamee Home Stay Jib Joy Little Eden


Tel: 091-705-7857

Koh Chang - Bailan Beach The Happy Turtle



There is a choice of fan or Aircon bungalows in the garden behind this popular bar and restaurant.

Tel: 089-252-9287 Tel: 087-132-7668

Useful Information Accommodation


Accommodation PRICE KEY - A - <500 Baht

B - 500-1,500 Baht

C - 1,500-2,500 Baht

D - 2,500+ Baht

Koh Chang - Bang Bao Buddha View


Delightful serviced rooms, all with fan and Aircon, Tel: 039-558-157 in a beautiful setting. Fax: 039-558-158

El Greco


Comfy guest house rooms in a friendly and scenic setting over the water on Bang Bao pier.

Tel: 086-843-8417 Tel: 087-145-6267

Sunny Inn


New guesthouse with 7 comfy double rooms and two four bed dorms. All rooms have air-con.

Tel: 089-099-4030 Tel: 089-899-0806

The Beach Club


Now you can stay beside Khong Koi Beach at The Beach in their home-stay rooms.

Tel: 081-762-6482 Tel: 089-936-1848

Tree House


With a lovely setting over the lagoon at Klong Koi Tel: 091-705-7857 Beach this is a very popular budget option.

Koh Chang - Klong Son The Aiyapura Resort


Aiyapura is a luxurious resort overlooking Klong Son Bay. Beachside restaurants & a big sports centre.

Tel: 039-555-111

Peninsula Beach Resort


This new luxury resort is situated right by the beach at the exclusive Siam Royal View complex.

Tel: 039-555-143

Siam Royal View Resort

First class resort with condos, bungalows, villas to Tel: 039-555-144 C-D rent. Water sports, 2km of sandy beach, pub, marina, Tel: 089-474-4335 two pools and Beach Club Restaurant

Koh Chang - East Coast Amber Sands Resort


Journey's End


Eight air-conditioned rooms with a swimming pool on a quiet beach on the East Coast.

Tel: 082-212-0698 Tel: 039-586-177

Friendly water-front homestay in peaceful Chek Tel: 098-856-3050 Bae. Rooms and tents, boat trips, massage and a bar. Tel: 097-238-3779

Serenity Resort


New boutique resort with just seven beachside bungalows and a large sun-deck and shady bar.

The Spa Koh Chang Resort


26 rooms at this Spa Resort with swimming pool in Tel: 039-553-091 attractive Salak Khok Bay Tel: 083-115-6566


Little Koh Wai has lovely beaches and snorkelling and this is a comfy and peaceful place to stay.

Tel: 095-512-8011, Tel: 084-778-2234


An immaculate beach garden and nice wooden bungalows at the home of Koh Mak disk golf.

Tel: 086-751-7668


This luxury resort has large private bungalows with sea view on a long stretch of private beach

Tel: 089-600-9597

Tel: 088-092-4452

Koh Wai Koh Wai Green Resort

Koh Mak Holiday Beach Resort Koh Mak Resort


Accommodation Monkey Island Resort


A friendly mid-range resort located in a perfect Tel: 089-501-6030 position on a lovely beach with great sunset views.

Thaidaho Vista Resort


This small place has comfy rooms, great food and by far the best view on Koh Mak.

Tel: 087-548-2665


Simple cheap and central rooms behind this dive shop in Klong Chao village

Tel: 08-222-06-002

This hidden gem is nestled away in a lovely private woodland setting.

Tel: 089-172-9688 Tel: 094-195-9154

Koh Kood B.B. Divers Dorm Kama Siri Guesthouse


Koh Kood Resort


Beautiful sea view rooms at this popular and wellTel: 092-271-4785 appointed resort in Bang Bao Bay.

Rest Sea Koh Kood


This private resort is located on a stunning beach in the South-East of Koh Kood

Tel: 090-897-8844

The Beach Natural Resort


Lovely rooms at this luxury resort in the perfect horseshoe bay of Bang Bao

Tel: 090-897-8844

Trat Trat City Hotel


This central 3 star hotel has a spa, swimming pool, Tel: 039-510-711/4 WiFi, flat-screen TV, restaurant and stylish rooms. Tel: 086-327-8171


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Koh Chang's Wreck Dives Koh Chang has two excellent wreck dives. The first is the HTMS Chang, formerly the US Tank Landing Ship LST-542 was decommissioned by the Thai navy, stripped and sunk on November 22nd, 2012 in 33 metres of water off the South-East coast of Koh Chang. The Chang is 100 metres long and is Thailand's longest wreck dive so you will find plenty of ship to explore under the waters and it is an interesting and challenging dive site for divers with advanced qualification. The undersea flora and fauna have now had time to develop and you can expect to see all kinds of larger pelagic fish in and around the wreck. For the ship, it is the end of a long life of service that started with its construction in Pittsburgh USA and included World War 2 service in the Asia Pacific Theatre, with notable

involvement in the occupation of Okinawa 1945. Subsequently, it was put into use as a sea transport by the US Navy and saw extensive service during the Korean War including involvement in the Inchon Landing of 1950. The ship must have performed well since in 1955 it was finally given a name rather than a number and continued to serve as the USS Lincoln County until it was decommissioned and transferred to the Royal Thai Navy in 1962. And now there is a second wreck to visit. The Thai Navy sank another decommissioned vessel off the island in December 2013. The whole process happened very quickly and with little of the fanfare and long delays that accompanied the sinking of the first wreck. The boat was the USS PGM-71, renamed the T11 by Thailandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Navy. It is a 30-metre long gunboat and has been sunk in shallower waters than the first wreck so it can be dived by divers with just an open water diving certificate. You can expect to see a good range and variety of undersea plants and animals that now call the wreck home. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s another great reason to come and dive Koh Chang. All of the dive shops listed in the Koh Chang Guide will be happy to give you further information about diving the wrecks.


Koh Chang Guide October 2017  

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