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About Kogan Page Kogan Page is a leading independent global publisher of business books and ebooks at all levels encompassing the fundamentals of business, practical guidance and cutting-edge business topics. Kogan Page has built its reputation through excellence across all key areas in business publishing, particularly within: Management and Leadership; Sales, Marketing and PR; Human Resource Management and Development; Logistics and Operations. To access free online resources, to find out more about any of the titles featured in this catalogue or about the other books we publish, visit

About this Catalogue This is a selection of our books in Management and Leadership, comprising textbooks suitable for academic courses as well as professional titles chosen for their contribution to the field with a heavy practical focus. This symbol indicates that inspection copies are available to teaching staff for consideration on their courses. As a lecturer you can request up to three books from this catalogue to assess for potential recommendation to your students. These are made available to lecturers with at least twelve students on a course, subject to completion of a feedback form. This symbol indicates that online resources are available. We are always happy to send further copies of this catalogue on request by contacting

Business and Management Skills Business Research Managing to Manage Making Sense of Change Management Business Analysis and Leadership The Lean Practitioner's Handbook Leadership Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership New Thinking on Leadership Ethical Leadership Follow the Leader The Unknown Leader Leading Through Leaders Touchpoint Leadership Executive Advantage The Language of Leaders International Business International Management The Mindful International Manager Business Insights: China The Handbook of International Trade and Finance International Trade Business Strategy and Innovation Strategic Thinking Demystifying Strategy Mind the Gap Six Figure Management Method Strategic Partnering Pricing for Profit Thought Leadership Innovation Orbit Shifting Innovation The Innovation Handbook Project Management and Risk Strategic Project Management 20:20 Project Management Fundamentals of Risk Management Risk Management Business Finance Masterminding the Deal Business and Financial Models Accounting for Non-Accountants No Fear Finance Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers Order form and inspection copy form - see back of catalogue

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Business Research Enjoy Creating, Developing, and Writing Your Student Project Wilson Ng and Elayne Coakes Business Research is a groundbreaking book for student researchers who need to conceive, conduct, and complete a new research project for the first time. It concentrates on the business organization and gives invaluable practical advice on going out into the field and conducting interviews, researching problems and learning about organizations. Through its conversational, accessible style and its adoption of a student's perspective, this book makes the process of learning about research enjoyable and the resulting research project outstanding. Contents: • Introduction • Literature • Methodology • Analyzing & reporting findings • Writing cases • Discussing project findings • The Conclusion • References

Dr. Wilson Ng leads and delivers business research methods modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Roehampton. Dr. Elayne Coakes has taught business research methods at the University of Westminster for many years. Her consultancy experience in large and small enterprises has provided Elayne with extensive applied business experience.

New £24.99 PB 240 pages September 2013 PB 97807949468958 EBK 9780749468965



Managing to Manage The Essential Guide to People Management Derek Torrington Managing to Manage is a comprehensive, practical guide tackling all challenges of managing people at work. It provides the essential understanding to cope with the core demands of people management, grounding the advice in clear examples and familiar situations. Split into two parts, the book explains the role of the manager and then demonstrates how to fulfil that role, taking a practical, hands-on approach. Derek Torrington is Emeritus Professor of Management at the University of Manchester and the author of over 50 titles in Human Resources and Management, including the bestselling Human Resource Management.

New £14.99 • PB • 224 pages Aprilr 2013 PB 97807949466749 EBK 9780749466756

Making Sense of Change Management A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change 3rd Edition Esther Cameron and Mike Green Making Sense of Change Management is the classic textbook in the field of

£29.99 • PB • 488 pages • 2012 PB 9780749464536 EBK 9780749464363

New Edition


change management, containing a rich blend of theory and practice. It is aimed at students who want to understand why change happens, how it happens and what needs to be done to make change a welcome rather than a dreaded concept. It offers considered insights into the many frameworks, models and ways of approaching change and helps the reader to apply the right approach to each unique situation. This completely revised and fully updated new edition includes additional case studies and two brand new chapters on change agents and on leading change in uncertain times. Esther Cameron is a consultant who specializes in change management. Mike Green works as a consultant and tutor at Henley Business School. Both are established authors in the area of change and leadership.


Business Analysis and Leadership Influencing Change Penny Puller and James Archer Business Analysis and Leadership is for anyone involved in business analysis working in any organization worldwide, from financial services to charities, government to manufacturing. It takes readers beyond standard textbooks full of techniques, by showing how to lead and gain credibility throughout the organization. It will help with the very tricky role of working with people from the shop floor to board directors and give the confidence to challenge the easy way forward and point out what will really work in practice. This inspirational book consists of contributions from leaders in the international business analysis field who focus on their specialist topics, while blending in the common themes and threads running throughout the book. The case studies and practical advice will help the reader to become an outstanding catalyst for change. Penny Pullan is director of Making Projects Work, and a Senior Instructor in Business Analysis for ESI, a leading training organisation. James Archer is a practising Business Analyst. He was the UK Business Analyst of the Year in 2009 and is currently leading work to re-design services and processes across three London boroughs and community health.

New £24.99 • PB • 240 pages September 2013 PB 9780749468620 EBK 9780749468637

The Lean Practitioner’s Handbook Mark Eaton The Lean Practitioner's Handbook bridges the gap between the tools and concepts of Lean and the practical use of the tools. It offers a practical, easily accessible resource for anyone preparing for, implementing or evaluating lean activities, avoiding unnecessary jargon and covering key areas such as: aspects of a Lean Programme; scoping a programme; value stream mapping; 2P and 3P events; Rapid Improvement Events; managing for daily improvement; engaging the team; spotting problems and communicating progress. In addition, it offers a quick snapshot summary of the key tool and concepts of Lean plus easily applicable templates. Mark Eaton is the MD and operations director of Amnis, a consultancy specializing in helping organizations to prepare for, implement and sustain improvement using a combination of Strategic Planning, Lean/Sigma and Change Management approaches. He is also author of the book Lean for Practitioners.

New £29.99 • PB • 328 pages February 2013 PB 9780749467739 EBK 9780749467746



Armstrong’s Handbook of Management and Leadership Developing Effective People Skills for Better Leadership and Management 3rd Edition Michael Armstrong

£34.99 • PB • 368 pages • 2012 PB 9780749465520 EBK 9780749465537

Packed with essential information, checklists, diagrams and summaries, this established text is aligned with the Managing for Results module in CIPD’s Leadership and Management Standards. The book is also suitable for students on introductory management modules on business and HR programmes. Online resources include instructor material and an extensive set of Q&As to help students test their learning. Michael Armstrong is a former Chief Examiner of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), joint managing partner of e-reward and an independent management consultant. He has sold over 500,000 books on the subject of HRM (published with Kogan Page).

New Thinking on Leadership A Global Perspective Edited by Hilarie Owen New Thinking on Leadership brings together the latest thinking from around

New £34.99 • PB • 192 pages • 2012 PB 9780749466336 EBK 9780749466343


the world to empower practitioners and academics to turn around what has been called 'the leadership crisis'. With new, and sometimes controversial, insights from both leading academics and pioneers in the corporate world, it provides readers with the latest global picture of where our understanding of leadership is, and where it could go if we get to grips with the issues facing leaders today. Brief Contents Is leadership the enemy of the people? Keith Grint / Totalitarianism to democracy: Why would today’s closed organizations evolve towards democratic structures? Sangeeth Varghese / Leadership: Making waves Elena P Antonacopoulou / ‘I’m not really a leader’: The power and impact of implicit leadership theories Tracey Manning / What is leadership development when it is not the personal development of leaders? Fiona Kennedy / Leadership reflections Warren Bennis / Long civilization, changing times and school leadership in China Jiacheng Li / Leadership in adversity Brian Patterson / Leadership: A global reality Hilarie Owen Hilarie Owen is a leading authority on leadership and mentorship issues. Currently Professor of Leadership at University of Leeds, Hilarie founded the Institute of Leadership in 2000.


Ethical Leadership Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Culture Andrew Leigh Ethical Leadership shines a light on the role of both culture and ethics in organizations by making the issues more transparent, accessible and above all, connected. Business leaders are now accountable for showing that they have the correct ethical policies and culture in place. Andrew Leigh focuses on the fact that ethical culture is manifested in the actual behaviour and attitudes of all staff, rather than in policy documents. The book is full of practical strategies, case studies and action points which will help leaders to improve and manage ethical culture and climate in their organizations. Andrew Leigh is a founder of Maynard Leigh Associates, a leading UK development company specializing in helping clients such as KPMG, Ernst & Young and Barclaycard achieve behavioural and cultural change, at the individual, team and corporate levels. He is the author of over a dozen books on management.

New £34.99 • PB • 240 pages October 2013 PB 9780749469566 EBK 9780749469573

Follow the Leader The One Thing Great Leaders Have that Great Followers Want Emmanuel Gobillot Most leadership models start with trying to identify what great leaders do. In Follow the Leader, global speaker, consultant and leadership expert Emmanuel Gobillot answers a much more fundamental question to anyone wanting to become a great leader: 'what do great followers want?'. In this fast-paced and well-researched book, he identifies the key elements of leadership success and the proven pathways to developing the charisma we all seek in the leaders who truly inspire and motivate us. He breaks down the all-important 'charisma' into eight critical elements, explaining how each component works and offering practical development steps for each. Getting these steps right will transform good leaders into magnets for great followers, harnessing an unstoppable power for business achievement. Emmanuel Gobillot is a senior practitioner in the area of leadership and organization effectiveness. He is an engaging and in-demand speaker who frequently appears on television as a commentator on communication, innovation and leadership issues.

New £19.99 • PB • 224 pages April 2013 PB 9780749469054 EBK 9780749469061



The Unknown Leader Discover the Leader in you Hussein A. Al-Banawi

£19.99 • PB • 280 pages • 2012 PB 9780749465728 EBK 9780749465735

Our world has many obvious leaders: captains of industry, high-achieving academics, CEOs, statesmen, champion athletes. But we also depend on leaders whose work is usually not so visible. They are all around us, filling crucial roles at every level of society, in all kinds of organizations and in our communities, enriching the lives of those around them and making the world a better place. The Unknown Leader celebrates these leaders among us and invites you to join them. Hussein A. Al-Banawi shares the inspiring stories of some of today's Unknown Leaders and shows how they discovered their hidden talents through hard work, reflection and continual learning. He also explains the six crucial qualities every aspiring leader must develop, with specific advice about how to enhance these qualities in yourself. Hussein A. Al-Banawi is Chairman and CEO of The Banawi Industrial Group (B.I.G.), one of the leading manufacturing groups in Saudi Arabia. He is an inspirational leader dedicated in helping the next set of enterprise leaders in the Arab World.

Leading Through Leaders Driving Strategy, Execution and Change Jeremy Tozer Leading Through Leaders will help you improve your business results by

£29.99 • PB • 520 pages • 2012 PB 9780749466190 EBK 9780749466206


overcoming the challenges of uncertainty, complexity, imperfect decisionmaking and communication, and staff disengagement. Whilst focused on building collective leadership as a strategic capability, the author provides the means for effective individual leadership: a coherent framework of principles, process and behaviour to create the conditions for success, and the systemic and dynamic integration and alignment of leaders and engaged teams at all levels. Based on the author's 27 years’ of leadership and consulting experience, and illustrated with case studies and learning from clients such as Cisco, Best Western, ABN AMRO, Pfizer and the NHS, this book provides unique insights into 'effective leadership' in some of the world's best known enterprises. Jeremy Tozer provides leadership consulting, strategy and execution, change and performance improvement services to clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors across the UK and the EU, Asia, Australasia and the USA.


Touchpoint Leadership Creating Collaborative Energy across Teams and Organizations Hilary Lines and Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes The early 21st century has witnessed an erosion of trust in business leaders in their capacity to deliver sustained growth and in the integrity which underpins their decisions. In responding to these challenges, Touchpoint Leadership puts forward a new leadership paradigm, asserting that relationships are the primary asset of a business. Drawing on a diverse array of case stories from their coaching work, the authors demonstrate how successful leaders apply touch point principles to building critical business relationships - between individuals, teams and business entities - with significant results. They provide a developmental framework through which individuals can scrutinise their own leadership, inject it with new life and meaning and release the energy and creativity necessary for collective learning and growth. Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes is a commercial practitioner with over twenty five years' experience of working in large corporate environments where she has led and facilitated large-scale transformation across sectors. Hilary Lines has over twenty five years’ experience of working with senior leaders as an executive and team coach, and as a facilitator and trusted advisor in organizational change.

New £29.99 • PB • 224 pages February 2013 PB 9780749465780 EBK 9780749465797

Executive Advantage Resilient Leadership for 21st-Century Organizations Dr Jacqui Grey The pressures on executives to succeed, both internal and external, are intense. They are constantly fighting to make sense of their changing worlds and to make the right decisions for themselves, their teams and their business. Executive Advantage gives ambitious leaders the powerful strategies they need to become authentic 21st century leaders. It makes sense of the complexities faced by organizations, especially in the face of aggressive growth or, conversely, recession and downsizing. Any change presents challenges and it's the leader's role to tackle these head on. Understanding human needs, and the consequences of not meeting these needs, is key to effective handling of change, conflict and executive 'gremlins', the barriers and sticking points that can get in the way of optimal business performance. Leadership expert Jacqui Grey presents a 10-step solution for leaders who are looking to make a real difference in their business. Jacqui Grey is MD of Transition, a transformational change management, leadership and executive coaching and coach training business.

New £24.99 • PB • 216 pages February 2013 PB 9780749468286 EBK 9780749468293



The Language of Leaders How Top CEOs Communicate to Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results 2nd Edition Kevin Murray ‘A treasure chest of precious stories and ideas that will be of enormous value to all who read it for many years to come.’ John

Heaps, Chairman, Eversheds LLP ‘In an overcrowded field, this is a book about leadership that offers rare insight. Not only thanks to the wealth of interview material, but also thanks to the intimate nature of their answers.’ City AM

£14.99 PB 288 pages April 2013 PB 9780749468125 EBK 9780749468132

New Edition

Inspiring communication can make the difference between poor performance and exceptional results. This is why CEOs and HR professionals now believe that the ability to understand, motivate and inspire others is the characteristic that is most important when recruiting senior leaders. Many leaders wrongly perceive they have to become inspired orators if they are to inspire others. Wrong. Based on original interviews with an extraordinary list of more than 60 top leaders from a wide range of business and public sector organizations, this book provides a unique insight into how these leaders have responded to the demands of a transparent world. It reports on what they have learned and creates a lexicon for successful communication. The message from these leaders is resoundingly clear - communication is now one of the most crucial skills of leadership. Filled with actionable lessons and insights from leaders of high-profile organizations, The Language of Leaders is an invaluable book for anybody in a leadership position, or who aspires to lead. Kevin Murray specializes in strategic communication, reputation management and leadership coaching. He has 40 years of experience in communications, first as a journalist, then in corporate communications, and now consultancy as chairman of The Good Relations Group, which is part of Chime Communications plc.



International Management Explorations Across Cultures Elizabeth Christopher Designed for a Masters programme on international management, as well as professionals and managers tackling the business demands of global diversity, this book provides a practical and unique exploration of the challenges of international management. Over 10 chapters the book summarises the key aspects and issues of the cultural dimensions of international management - and by extension all international and cross-cultural interactions. Using a unique cross-disciplinary approach, Elizabeth Christopher tackles the key issues facing today's international managers, and provides a practical toolbox for successfully growing a business in a world with a rich tapestry of cultural diversity. Selected contents Introduction: The historical background to international leadership/ Industry: cultural differences in industry leadership and the effects of mass media reports/ Patterns of employment: the roles of women and minorities in international business/ Management of public and private sector involvement/ International networks and alliances, structures and controls, strategies for sustainable business/ Negotiations and decisions: leadership and motivation/ Technology, the internet and dealing with change/ Learning: action learning and learning organizations/ Language and culture: translations, interpretations and world Englishes/ The ethics of international business/ Looking to the future

New ÂŁ39.99 PB 408 pages 2012 PB 9780749465285 EBK 9780749465292

Elizabeth Christopher is both an academic and a practising consultant for cross-cultural leadership and management training in Australia, Japan, the UK and the US. She presents papers at international conferences, is a reviewer for international journals and has published widely in her field. She is senior associate of an international leadership training consultancy in the USA, and Honorary Associate of Macquarie University, Australia.



The Mindful International Manager How to Work Effectively Across Cultures Jeremy Comfort and Peter Franklin The Mindful International Manager tackles the management situations that

£14.99 • PB • 176pp • 2010 PB 9780749461973 EBK 9780749462345

international managers have to handle every day. Written to be accessible to non-native English speakers, it quotes the experiences and insights of practicing international managers and describes differences and difficulties as well as the skills and competences. Equipping readers with the techniques and knowledge to motivate and manage their teams, this book shows how to clarify local versus international roles, support and develop a team, organize and coordinate boundaries of time and distance, and win commitment toward common goals. It contains exercises, best practice advice, quotes from practicing managers from around the world, and a glossary of difficult terms. Visit the website at Jeremy Comfort founded York Associates, UK and has trained and coached hundreds of individuals and teams who face the ever more complex challenges of working internationally. Peter Franklin is professor of intercultural business and management communication at HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Business Insights: China Practical Advice on Operational Strategy and Risk Management 2nd Edition Jonathan Reuvid “Achieves the remarkable feat of being both extremely easy to read and yet packed with practical, ‘what you should do’ information..." China-Britain Business

Review Increasingly open to foreign investment and with a burgeoning consumer market, China represents an enormous commercial opportunity – but how can businesses succeed? Business Insights: China gives an overview of the corporate business achievements already made in China and a comprehensive guide to the opportunities available for other businesses, wherever they are in the world. For more details about Jonathon Reuvid see page 11. £24.99 • PB • 328 pages • 2011 PB 9780749459918 EBK 9780749459925



The Handbook of International Trade and Finance 2nd Edition Anders Grath An essential reference guide for anyone involved in international trade, with practical commentary of the key financial elements of cross-border business - including international payments and currency management, bonds and guarantees, credit insurance and trade finance. The book also describes the negotiating process from the perspectives of both the buyer and the seller - providing valuable insight into the complete financing process. Anders Grath has over 25 years' experience in international trade and finance within major European financial institutions. He is also the author of a series of similar titles on individual markets, including the UK and the Scandinavian countries.

£39.99 • PB • 224pp • 2011 PB 9780749463977 EBK 9780749463984

International Trade An Essential Guide to the Principles and Practice of Export 3rd Edition Jonathan Reuvid and Jim Sherlock Provides a thorough understanding of the issues involved in developing and managing overseas trade. The book opens with a description of the structure of the global economy and the dynamics governing world trade, and covers a multitude of topics including: international marketing, legal issues, customs control, risk management and export finance. Written both for those studying for professional qualifications and practitioners involved in export and international trade, the book combines textbook information and accessible guidelines for best practice. This new edition includes up-to-date material on EU and US law and on major target markets such as China. Jonathan Reuvid is an economist and was formerly engaged in investment banking, and in general management for a Fortune 500 multinational and business development in China. He is consultant editor of a number of titles published by Kogan Page, including Business Insights: China, Managing Business Risk and The Business Guide to Credit Management. Jim Sherlock is a Fellow of the Institute of Export and is a full-time trainer and consultant in international trade, with extensive experience in the UK export manufacturing sector.

£19.99 • PB • 408 pages • 2011 PB 9780749462376 EBK 9780749462383



Strategic Thinking A Nine step Approach to Strategy and Leadership for Managers and Marketeres 3rd Edition Simon Wootton and Terry Horne

£16.99 • PB • 160 pages • 2010 PB 9780749460778 EBK 9780749461102

Takes the reader step-by-step through sound strategic thinking by setting out the questions to ask. In the process of answering these questions and thinking through the important issues that they raise, readers will learn how to formulate strategies and how to write clear and concise strategic plans. This fully updated third edition includes new online material to support each step, prompt sheets, action plans and useful summaries. Simon Wootton is an Associate Director of Commissioning at NHS Manchester. Terry Horne develops Masters programmes on strategic marketing and leadership at Lancashire Business School.

Demystifying Strategy How to Become a Strategic Thinker Dr Tony Grundy Demystifying Strategy provides readers with not only the basic strategic

New £24.99 • PB • 336 pages • 2012 PB 9780749465681 EBK 9780749465698


tools and techniques but also a thorough understanding of the entire process of strategic thinking and management. Using tips, guidelines and exercises it helps the reader to assess their own strategic mind and covers key topics such as: the different perspectives on strategy, economic analysis, dynamic competitive positioning, designing and evaluating options, implementation, managing the strategy process and how to nurture your strategic mind. Aimed at executives, entrepreneurs and also students of management, it enables readers to assess the teaching of strategy 'gurus', construct their own strategy audit and challenge thinking styles by assessing the cognitive processes involved in developing successful strategies. Dr Tony Grundy is an internationally experienced, independent strategy consultant working with major corporations and organizations. He currently teaches at Henley Business School and is Visiting Senior Fellow at Cranfield School of Management.


Mind the Gap Creating Your Successful Business Strategy Susannah Schofield Every business needs to accurately assess its own strengths and weaknesses against their competitors, direct or indirect, in order to create a winning strategy. Mind the Gap introduces the author's tried and tested strategic model, the Dice Matrix, which will enable you to do just that. This simple business tool will allow you to stress test your weaknesses, compare your performance against customers' perception and also highlight the strengths you provide as a business. You can input your own set of criteria to gain a valuable, tailored overview of the necessary actions to achieve success. Using examples and evidence collected from over 100 experts from a variety of business sizes and types, the author provides groundbreaking insights into key issues and challenges, from customer needs to market perception. Susannah Schofield is a senior leader within a national blue chip company, directly managing a successful sales team of over 200 people and responsible for the delivery of £200m targets every year.

New £14.99 • PB • 240 pages April 2013 PB 9780749468781 EBK 9780749468798

Six Figure Management Method How to Grow Your Business With the Only 6 KPIs You'll Ever Need Patrick Georges and Josephine Hus Measuring and improving performance is critical for managers who want to achieve successful business growth. However, standard key performance indicators can be overly complex and therefore ineffective in managing productivity: Six Figure Management Method shows that if you measure and improve just six well-selected figures, each of them simple to understand and easy to calculate, the profitability of your unit or business will soar. Based around these six measures, it presents a streamlined, straightforward framework for managing your activities effectively on a day-to-day basis, while remaining directed towards achieving long-term goals, motivating people and systematically delivering long-term success. Patrick M. Georges is a professor in management, teaching at some of Europe's leading business schools, including HEC Paris, Collège des Ingénieurs and The University of Brussels. He is a serial entrepreneur and his businesses include The Management Cockpit Company, producing decision support software for executives, sold to SAP. Josephine Hus is an engineer with an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs.

New £29.99 • PB • 256 pages June 2013 PB 9780749469078 EBK 9780749469085



Strategic Partnering Remove Chance and Deliver Consistent Success Luc Bardin and Raphaël Bardin

New £19.99 • HB • 272 pages September 2013 PB 9780749468804 EBK 9780749468811

Both timely and relevant, the topic of strategic partnering is of utmost importance today in terms of driving business growth, yet past records suggests that the large majority of such partnerships fail. This book presents a unique but practical, well tried set of rules and processes that guarantee success in almost every case when practiced in a systematic manner. It also provides powerful insights into why 'good management judgement' has consistently failed, and the methods described are authenticated by stories from leading Fortune 100 companies and interviews at the most senior executive level. Luc Bardin is a member of the Senior Executive Committee in BP Plc. He is also Group Vice-President in the Refining & Marketing Segment, which oversees BP customer facing businesses, employing some 80,000 people worldwide. Luc is in charge of the Strategic Partnerships organization, which manages the relationships with BP's largest global business partners and customers. He also oversees the Procurement, Sustainability Mobility and R&M Europe areas, and was instrumental in developing BP's sponsorship of the 2012 Olympics.

Pricing for Profit How to Develop a Powerful Pricing Strategy for Your Business Peter Hill

New £29.99 • PB • 208 pages July 2013 PB 9780749467678 EBK 9780749467685


Price is the most significant factor affecting the profitability of every business, profit centre or department. When the pressure is on to perform or grow, your instinct may be to discount, undercut your competitors, cut costs and promote through price. Yet these are often the last things you should do. Pricing for Profit is the most practical guide on pricing available. Using a firm, profit-focused framework developed running real projects for real businesses, this book shows you how by getting your pricing structures right you can make a huge difference to your bottom line. It gives business owners, managers and leaders simple, achievable pricing strategies that will deliver sustainable business growth. Peter Hill is a qualified accountant (both Chartered and Certified) with 30 years' experience. He is a partner at Mark Holt and Co Chartered Accountants and Healium LLP business growth specialists.


Thought Leadership Prompting Businesses to Think and Learn Laurie Young Thought Leadership is a powerful business tool used by some of the world's leading organizations. Thought Leadership is the first book to critically evaluate thought leadership as a serious professional discipline and business tool, exploring how it works, how to create a thought leadership strategy, and the potentially vast rewards of doing so. Using case studies from internationally renowned organisations such as Philips, Mckinsey, IBM, Deloitte, Fairtrade and Unilever, Laurie Young provides business leaders, senior marketers, individual advisors and functional specialists with the tools and knowledge required to fully exploit the intricacies of this mysterious and often underused, but highly effective, business tool. Laurie Young has held senior positions at BT, Unisys and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has advised several companies including Ericsson, Motorola, British Gas, Hitachi Data systems, Phillips and Nokia. He is the author of several books, including The Marketer’s Handbook.

New £34.99 • PB • 288 pages October 2013 PB 9780749465117 EBK 9780749465124

Innovation How World-Class Innovators Rock Their Roles Kim Chandler McDonald Any business looking to succeed in today's and tomorrow's global, digital economy must innovate or die. Innovation introduces you to the pioneers who have broken the mould and led the pack in every field, from IT to food, fashion to healthcare. It highlights the common denominators linking these highly creative people, such as their compunction to tell their truth, unpalatable or not; their entrepreneurial instincts; and their steadfast protection of their 'brands'. Innovation showcases interviews with 100+ people who have pushed aside the boundaries in their field, rocking the world for the rest of us. It presents the inside track on who's done what, how they did it, what drives them on and why innovation is so critical to individuals, economies and to our society as a whole. It sets the standards you need to live up to if you want your business to be innovative too. Kim Chandler McDonald is the founder/ editor of the 'Capital I Innovation' Interview Series, which celebrates international thought leaders, Innovators and Innovations.

New £19.99 • PB • 272 pages October 2013 PB 9780749469665 EBK 9780749469672



Orbit Shifting Innovation Rajiv Narang and Devika Devaiah

£24.99 • PB • 240 pages July 2013 PB 9780749468750 EBK 9780749468767

This book brings alive the challenges of innovation in business, and provides a unique exploration of what it takes to make successful innovation happen through the use of compelling global techniques and models. With insights drawn from over 40 leading orbit shifting organisations and individuals, it brings new insight to the very meaning of what it takes to conceive, develop and execute innovation and how to do it effectively. Rajiv Narang is Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Erehwon. Recognised as India's Innovation Thought Leader, Rajiv is part of National Planning Commission panel to recommend 'India's Innovation Strategy', a Council member of the 'Innovation for India' Foundation and Cochairperson of the FICCI Innovation Committee. Devika Devaiah is a Director of Erehwon and a globally established speaker, trainer and mentor, having worked with a number of leading business from ESPN to Unilever.

The Innovation Handbook How to Profit from Your Ideas, Intellectual Property and Market Knowledge 3rd Edition Adam Jolly

£29.99 • PB • 384 pages August 2013 PB 9780749465339 EBK 9780749468842

In fast-moving markets, no organization can expect to identify and keep the best ideas by working in isolation; innovation is now running on an open model, with input from a variety of disciplines and sources, including specialists, employees, suppliers and, in particular, customers and clients. But how can you stimulate new innovation? And how can you protect your best ideas once they are in a competitive and aggressive marketplace? Endorsed by the UK's Intellectual Property Office and the Technology Strategy Board, The Innovation Handbook offers advice and commentary from leading players in the technology, branding, design, intellectual property and innovation fields. Adam Jolly is a business writer and editor, specializing in the management of growth, innovation, technology and risk. He is the consultant editor for a number of other titles, including The Growing Business Handbook; Clean Tech, Clean Profits; The Handbook of European Brand Rights Management and The Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management.



Strategic Project Management Paul Roberts Strategic Project Management uses real life case examples to characterize and describe the organizational factors and conditions necessary for projects to thrive and to deliver the organization's strategic objectives. Accessible, practical and free of jargon, it offers the solutions needed to successfully prioritize and manage a portfolio of projects, communicate aims, align priorities to organizational objectives, evaluate progress, manage supplier relationships and anticipate and mitigate the risks at every stage. Supported by a comprehensive package of online resources for project portfolio planning, management and analysis this book will help readers to build on their skills, knowledge and confidence to rise to the challenge of governing and delivering successful projects. Paul Roberts has been managing projects for over twenty years and is a founding director of Fifthday Longview Limited, one of the world's leading project management consultancies, providing expertise, education and resources. He is the author of Effective Project Management, also published by Kogan Page.

£24.99 • PB • 256 pages • 2012 PB 9780749464332 EBK 9780749464349

20:20 Project Management How to Deliver On Time, On Budget and On Spec Tony Marks 20: 20 Project Management is the definitive guide to successful project management in practice. It gives readers what they need to know: how to pull off successful project delivery in the real world - on time, within budget and at the right quality. With a focus on practicality, clarity and applicability, it uses a wide range of international case studies to demonstrate how best practice is applied in the world's leading organisations. With sections on specific tools in risk management, project leadership and project teams it can be used as a standard text for the syllabi of any of the three global professional bodies in project management - the APM Group/ the International Project Management Association and the Project Management Institute. Tony Marks is Managing Director of 20:20 Business Insight, the UK's second largest specialist Project Management Training and Consultancy company, with offices worldwide as well as in the UK. He is a lecturer and examiner for The University of Aberdeen on their MSc in Project Management course and is accredited by all three major project management professional bodies.

New £29.99 • PB • 272 pages October 2012 PB 9780749466084 EBK 9780749466091



Fundamentals of Risk Management Understanding, Evaluating and Implementing Effective Risk Management 2nd Edition Paul Hopkin

£34.99 • PB • 416 pages • 2012 PB 9780749465391 EBK 9780749465407

Now more than ever, organizations must plan, response and recognize all forms of risks that they face. Fundamentals of Risk Management, now in its second edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject of commercial and business risk for anyone studying for a career in risk as well as a broad range of risk professionals. It examines the key components of risk management and its application with examples to demonstrate its benefit to organizations in the public and private sector. Key updates to the second edition: • the influence of ISO 31000 international standard • the emergence of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) • the wide use of the bow-tie method to illustrate risk management •a brand new chapter on the skills and competencies required by an effective risk manager.

Risk Management Paul Hopkin

New £24.99 • PB • 288 pages • May 2013 PB 9780749468385 EBK 9780749468392


Risk management is not just a topic for risk professionals. Managers and directors at all levels must be equipped with an understanding of risk and the tools and processes required to assess and manage it successfully. Risk Management offers a practical and structured approach while avoiding jargon, theory and many of the complex issues that preoccupy risk management practitioners but have little relevance for non-specialists. Supported by online templates and with real life examples throughout, this is a straightforward and engaging guide to the practice and the benefits of good risk management. Coverage includes: the nature of risk; the relevance of risk management to the business model; essential elements of the risk management process; different approaches to risk assessment; strategy, tactics, operations and compliance requirements; how to build a risk-aware culture; and the importance of risk governance. Paul Hopkin is Technical Director at the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers (AIRMIC). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management and project leader for the development of ISO 31004, the implementation guide to the international risk management standard, ISO 31000.


Masterminding the Deal Breakthroughs in M& A Strategy and Analysis Peter Clark and Roger Mills Global M&A activity may have seemed to quieten in recent years, but a new megaboom is already underway - exemplified by Facebook's pursuit of Instagram in early 2012 for US1bn in cash and stock. But in an age where two-thirds of all merger deals can be said to fail (where deals fall short of the minimum required financial returns to the acquiring company), how can future success be guaranteed? And what can acquirers, and their shareholders and advisers, do to improve the chances of success? Masterminding the Deal looks at performance in two critical areas - merger segmentation and category-specific synergy diagnosis. Using this in-depth analysis, the book can therefore provide the managers and advisers of acquiring firms with concise and actionable frameworks to improve and enhance merger performance. Peter Clark is a Lecturer at University College London, within the Department of Management Science and Innovation. He has more than 20 years' experience in M&A, involving more than US$3bn in transaction values. Roger Mills is Emeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting at Henley Business School, University of Reading, and, most recently, was Professor of Fundamental Analysis and Business Valuation at the VU University in Amsterdam.

New £49.99 • PB • 352 pages August 2013 PB 9780749469528 EBK 9780749469535

Business and Financial Models Clive Marsh A good business model should describe how an organization creates and delivers value. A vital tool for business strategy, it enables a company to experiment with different ideas and scenarios in a safe, low-risk environment, to consider what it is aiming to achieve, and to prioritize accordingly. Financial modelling involves building a financial evaluation from a more abstract business model, enabling hypotheses and scenarios to be translated into numbers. Business and Financial Models provides an accessible introduction to these essential strategic practices, with guidance on using Microsoft Excel for projection and analysis. The book takes you through the process of building your model from the initial phase of formulating questions through modelling cash flow, budgets, investment appraisal and 'dashboard' tools for monitoring performance. It also includes coverage of new visual thinking techniques, and how these can be incorporated into conventional business modelling. For details about Clive Marsh, see page 20.

New £24.99 • PB • 296 pages March 2013 PB 9780749468101 EBK 9780749468279



Accounting for Non-Accountants 9th Edition David Horner

£19.99 • PB • 384 pages January 2013 PB 9780749465971 EBK 9780749465988

Designed for students and managers who are approaching the subject from a nonfinance background, Accounting for Non-Accountants guides readers through the maze of financial terms, theories and techniques surrounding business, finance and accounting, doing so in a logical, meaningful and easy-to-follow style. it includes information on the latest accounting standards and taxation issues, and is structured to provide in-depth understanding in three key areas: annual accounts, management accounting and financial management. David Horner is Head of Critical Thinking at Colchester Sixth Form College and co-author of Business Accounting Basics.

New Edition

No Fear Finance An Introduction to Finance and Investment for the Non-Finance Professional Guy Fraser-Sampson

£24.99 • PB • 264 pages 2011 PB 9780749463878 EBK 9780749463885

An accessible guide to the essentials of the finance and investment sectors for students who may be approaching the subject for the first time. Covering the fundamentals of finance - including an overview of business finance, the basics of accountancy, financial risk and investment vehicles - the book removes much of the fear experienced by many students when confronted with complex financial issues, and enables them to gain a clear understanding of the basic principles of finance, to which more complicated financial models can then be applied. Guy Fraser-Sampson designs and teaches a number of investment modules at Cass Business School in the City of London.

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers Clive Marsh

£24.99 • PB • 256 pages 2012 PB 9780749464677 EBK 9780749464684


An accessible, practical and easy to understand guide that will allow anyone to gain confidence in understanding financial matters. A source of invaluable expert advice on all the essential aspects of financial management, it covers: business structures, accounting and financial statements, analysis and ratios, planning, budgeting, product and service costing, setting selling prices, investment appraisal, finance and working capital, taxation and international transactions. Online spreadsheets and worksheets are included to accompany key skills and practices explained in the book. Clive Marsh is a Chartered Banker, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, Associate Chartered Accountant (NZ) and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

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