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LETTER FROM tsepo Ntshona THE EDITOR It is exciting to introduce the inaugural edition of the Kofifilander Magazine. This publication aims to become the community magazine of choice offering the reader a definitive source of community development news, analysis and debate. The magazines vision is derived from the parent company, Kofifi Media Groups’ vision, which is to: “Inform, Educate and Empower”, in the quest to achieve its Mission Statement, which is to “Bridge the Economic Empowerment Gap!”

for constructive debate and contributions from all community stakeholders to engage in positive dialogue with individuals, businesses, faith-based organisations, non-profit organisations, private and public organisations in working together to provide the required solutions. The Kofifilander Magazine covers stories, events, initiatives and programs within the West Rand District Municipality community, which has been recognized as the fastest growing region in the Gauteng Province.

The complex and multifaceted socio-economic challenges facing South Africa in the 21st century, have posed a daunting task for various stakeholders in society. Whilst many people solely seek government intervention in providing solutions to address these challenges, the reality is that, it requires a concerted effort from all private and public organisations, faith based organisations, non-profit organisations, communities and individuals to work in unison towards address these challenges. The Kofifilander magazine aims to provide a platform

It is well understood that change begins with the individual and engaging in positive dialogue around the dinner table before embarking in conversations within the community and then provisionally to eventually converse on a national scale. It is therefore, imperative that the right information is provided, which will educate people to be empowered to make the right decisions.

Contributors: Bev Roberts VAS-X Isabel Van Rensburg ROCCI

Editor: Tsepo Ntshona Creative Director & Art Direction: Denis Rolls Desktop Publishing: Clint Robson Editorial Enquires: 450 Ontdekkers, Florida, Gauteng, 1709 Tel:011 472 9233, Fax: 011 472 5660 Kofifi Publishing a Kofifi Medai Group Company All Rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or parts is prohibited without prior permission from the publication owner! The views expressed in this publication are not necessary those of Kofifi Lander Magazine or Kofifi Media Group! Printers: HMV



10: Educate 11: Leadng The Way 12: Know Your Government 16: The Love Of Jazz And Finance


19: Empower 22: Billing and Value Added Services 23: Business Tips


26: Beyond The Pixel


Knowledge is Power!


Sir Francis Bacon Acknowledging and recognizing historical figures that played a pivotal role in various communities, offers the reader a broader scope and understanding of the history of a community where it comes from, in order to make collective decisions to move it forward. The selected legends will be a variety of individuals in different sectors, some well recognized and other not recognized, but who make a meaningful contribution towards their communities.

Information has been at the pivot of humankind and it is an imperative for human development. It is through information that an individual shapes ideas and character that enables them to make informative decisions in shaping a society. The question therefore, “is people afforded the relevant platforms to acquire the correct information?” The Kofifilander Magazine is focused on providing the reader insightful and vital information of various initiatives, institutions, enterprises and individuals who are not always recognized in their communities for the positive impact and contributions they make in developing the community. The broader objective of achieving true empowerment and transformation in South Africa is heavily rested in the ability to offer our citizens accurate and relevant information in all areas of society. The burning socio-economic issues that have bedeviled South Africa over past two decades have largely been attributed to the lack of proper communication and/or the lack thereof. Each month the “Inform” section of the magazine will highlight a core story or initiative in that particular month and will detail the event and individuals who made a meaningful contribution.



To educate an individual or a community, leads to a conscious awareness when making decisions. Education has become a wellcontested issue and its interpretation has been narrowed to formal education. In the case of the Kofifilander, the education section aims to offer the reader a broad range of educational information, that of formal and informal education.





hese are just some of the headlines we have been seeing over the last year or two. Negative and uninspiring! We have just completed the 2013 ROCCI/FNB Business of the Year adjudication and it is obvious that some companies completely ignored the headlines. The quality of the Business of the Year nominees are even higher than last year. A large number of our members have refused to partake in the recession.

What make these companies special? Is it because they are well-funded large multi-nationals? Let’s see…. Akio Morita founded what is now Sony Corporation in his father’s garage. The same garage remained the corporate headquarters for ten years. Sounds a lot like how Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. Steven Spielberg started his film production career (which now includes DreamWorks, Amblin, ILM and several other companies) with a telephone and a borrowed desk in a remote corner of Universal Studios. Lastly, do not forget about Richard Branson and his Virgin empire. It is therefore obvious that size does not matter. What then? Nearly all of the top companies in the world (including our own Business of the Year finalists) have the following ten characteristics:




What make these companies special? Is it because they are well-funded large multinationals?


This characteristic stood out in every single winner over the last eight years. If the entrepreneur wants to achieve success he/she must be passionate about his/her business. Your passion will flow through to your staff and clients.Your passion will ensure that your clients want to do business with you.

Creating niche markets

It is easier to compete in a market that is not dominated by larger multi-national companies. The best entrepreneur creates niches of customers whose needs are not being met by larger companies. It is important to note that the niches are created, not merely found. A niche could be a superior, patented product or superior and personal service, in the end it is your choice, not the choice of the competition.

Dynamic and flexible

Today’s business world is constantly changing and evolving. As more information becomes available, new products appear and as legislation changes regularly, each business must adapt and keep up with the changes. To survive and grow each business must anticipate all these variables and continuously change and re-invent it in order to keep the edge.

Customer oriented

Without customers you will not have a business. It is therefore imperative to involve customers in product development, design, logistics and all other aspects of the business. The most successful companies in the world ensure a partnership between themselves and their customers. The customer is not always right; but by being customer oriented the best possible win-win situation can be negotiated.


INFORM Total quality in every aspect of the business Customers expect quality irrespective of price. Total quality does not just happen. Total quality is planned in detail and then implemented in every single process of the business. Merely inspecting a product just before delivery is not quality. Successful companies will have to go above and beyond expectations to excel. This includes every person from the receptionist to the MD, and every process from accounting to sales and delivery.

Able to spot fundamental changes and create opportunities from it Every change in a business creates either a challenge or an opportunity. A successful business will identify these changes before any of its competitors, create new strategies and new forms of business practice so that the business can exploit the changes for its own benefit.

Use teams to innovate and develop new products quickly

People from every single aspect of the business, finance, marketing, administration and production must join forces so that all departments could work together. This will ensure that all departments are on the same page and avoid unnecessary delays in implementation and production. The company will retain the competitive edge.

Form strategic partnerships and alliances (the ROCCI area of focus) Successful companies join forces with others (even competitors) in order to obtain what they need. Adversarial business relations have no place in today’s complex market. There is more than enough business for everyone, by working together everybody will benefit.

Implemented flatter and team-based structures Hierarchies are out, teams are in. The more complex the hierarchy in a business, the more processes will be slowed down. In order to create momentum companies must respond quickly. Bureaucracy just does not allow for a quick response.

Create real value If a company builds worth beyond the owner’s initial contribution and supplies products that its customers perceive as valuable, then real value is created. Real value will ensure the longevity of a business as customers are retained and profits become sustainable. In closing, according to economists the recession is not over. The decision is yours:You can either be a Bill Gates or an Enron. Which one will it be?



Commercial Banking Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry and First National Bank

Business of the Year 2013


ROCCI seeks to identify and acknowledge businesses who have achieved success and who truly embody the spirit of enterprise. With 27 years of unsurpassed growth in the Business of the Year Awards, ROCCI honours businesses whose hard work and innovations created successful business ventures, elevating them to be recognised for these achievements. First National Bank is the Project Partner with the Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Annual Business of the Year Awards for 2013.

Nominees for 2013 29 Eleven Security Solutions Pty Ltd African Leadership Academy Afrique Boutique Hotel Ruimsig Albert & Smit Attorneys Roodepoort Alcazaba Lodges Amandla CV Joints CC AO Development ATKASA-Chross Channel Marketing Specialists Basically Branding CC Bellgables Country Restaurant Bembridge Minnaar Attorneys Bergen's Appliance Repairs & Spares Bestsure Financial Services Brainwave Careers (NPC) Bulkmatech Engineering Pty Ltd Cafe Del Sol CANSA Westrand Chameleon Kuns/Art Clinix Tshepo - Themba Private Hospital Corporate Rebels Cresco Tours Crest Accounting Worx Pty Ltd Curtis Pools Dorcas Aid South Africa EDS Projects Pty Ltd Edublox Reading & Learning Clinic JHB West Rand Eli Waterproofing Specialists Pty Ltd Elizabeth Bellmann Radiography EnGedi Guesthouse, Conference & Function Venue ER24 - JHB West Face To Face Hairdressing & Make-Up Design School West Rand Fifth Avenue Collections Fizz Promotions Pty Ltd Forum Homini Hotel G4S Cash Solutions SA Pty Ltd Garden World Global Access Telecommunication Services Pty Ltd Growth in Motion Healthshare Health Solutions Pty Ltd Heart 2 Care Health Services

Hirsch's HJJF Trading Pty Ltd Hole In One Guest House & Conference Centre Hospice West Gauteng House of Pharoah's Lounge HR Synthesis IC Auto Nissan In Business SA In-Quest Investigations Pty Ltd Integrity Control Systems IT Hero Itsy Bitzy Ad Agency CC Jozi Apartments Kalleo People Group KAT Laboratory & Medical Pty Ltd KIA Brokers CC Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa LabourNet Westrand LASA Leeuwner Maritz Attorneys Leitam Business Solutions Life Grand Café Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital Lorhez Creations CC LTIM Transport & Projects Magic Bus & Mega Bus Marius de Waal Discovery Agency Masetle Driving School Mbeleni Data Solutions MeerkatMall Mentoring 4 Success Pty Ltd Microfuture Moria Centre fot the Aged Nanotech Water Solutions NGL Logistic Solutions NRG Designs Office d'Luxe OHS Academy JHB Orcas Swimming Otto Krause Incorporated

First National Bank - a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider (NCRCP20).

Ouklip Pharmacy Pam Golding Properties Krugersdorp Penquip CC Peo Skills Development Petits Fours Precious Ties Premier Verification Pty Ltd Protea Ridge Guest Cottages & Conference Centre Purple Fig Rademeyer Attorneys Randpark Golf Club Raptor Roofing CC Roodepoort Child & Family Welfare Society Roots Restaurant SA Homeloans Pty Ltd SEMAS South Africa Simply Tissue CC Siphumelele Skills Solutions Souliento Healing Centre Soundworx Southern Business School Pty Ltd Steel Possibilities CC Sureway Funerals Taylormade Fire Services CC T-Gal Exclusive B & B Thava Indian Restaurant The Cradle of Hope The Whippet Coffee Company Travelmazing Tribe Communications CC Trinity Promotions CC Uniglobe Gateway Travel Vega Instruments SA Pty Ltd West Pack Lifestyle Westview Clinic Workplace Integrated Training Solutions Pty Ltd Wrap My Car Pty Ltd Yazisa Signs & Design CC


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Former President Nelson Mandela A community is only as good as its level of education. This imperative can be seen when its practiced and many first world countries stand as testimony to this. In South Africa especially, poor stands of education and the belligerent enemy of unemployment are cases in point of a society that has been denied proper education. We understand that, in order to tackle our macro issues, we need to obtain quick wins at grass-roots level. The Kofifilander is devoted in becoming a viable and credible source of information that will lead to the reader acquiring education that will lead to them being empowered to action.

3 VERY IMPORTANT KOFIFI HEALTHACTION TIPS To ensure that you can maintain a healthy mind and body, Kofifi- Action Tips offer practical activities you can follow to keep healthy. 1. Eat your vegetables Try at least to have five servings of vegetables a day — raw, steamed, or stir-fried. A diet high in vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of developing cancers of the lung, colon, breast, cervix, esophagus, stomach, bladder, pancreas and ovary. And many of the most powerful phytonutrients are the ones with the boldest colours — such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, grapes and leafy greens. be continued




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Know your GAUTENG government Understanding the role that government plays for the South African citizen is very important for individuals and communities to know where government aims to assist them. Every citizen has basic human rights, which are stipulated in the constitution. Perhaps the greatest challenge people are faced with does not know what these rights are and how government is designed to address these basic human rights. The various tires of government that of National Government, Provincial Government and Local Government are designed to ensure that the appropriate allocation of resources for essential services are well disbursed to ensure that the South African people are awarded quality service-delivery for all public services, especially essential services.The Office of the Premier in the Gauteng Province has aggressively embarked on a number of initiatives to ensure that the aforementioned objective is met. In this inaugural edition of the Kofifilander Magazine we have included an overview of the Office of the Premier and what its Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives for the Gauteng Province.We will be following the office very closely and each month we will provide updates on initiatives and programs implemented by the office.


Mrs Nomvula Mokonyane

What is government? Government’ is about ruling: ruling the country (national government), ruling the province (provincial government) or ruling cities and towns (local government). What’s the three-tier system? In a constitutional democracy such as South Africa, people are elected to hold office in local, provincial or national governments. This three-tier system is laid out in the Constitution, and each level has different roles and responsibilities. What does national government do? National government - the tertiary or top tier - makes laws and sets policies for the entire country. The Department of Home Affairs is an example of a National government department. It is responsible for the issuing of Identity Documents for all South Africans.You can’t get an ID document from your City Council, can you? Why are there both national and provincial departments? The secondary or middle tier is provincial government. Each of South Africa’s nine provinces has a group of elected representatives who fill certain portfolios and are concerned with everything that happens on a provincial scale. This explains why, for example, Gauteng has a provincial traffic department different to that of Limpopo or KwaZulu-Natal. Or why there’s a Gauteng MEC of Housing different to the national Minister of Housing.



EDUCATE And at local level? The bottom, primary tier is that of local government. Need plans for building extensions to your house approved, to report that your street lights are not working or a broken water pipe? Local government takes care of local service delivery. Think water, lights and waste removal ... That’s what you pay rates for! How does government actually work? Governments have both a political arm, made up of elected officials, and an administrative arm, made up of administrators. Elected officials are responsible for making national, provincial or local policies - the laws that govern us. Administrators are career officials who have to implement these policies. As an example, a national Minister of Transport could propose in Parliament that no heavy duty trucks should be allowed drive on South Africa’s roads over weekends. Parliament would debate it and put it to a vote. If the vote was in favour of the idea, it would be promulgated and become national law. Career officials in the Department of Transport would then have the job of making it work practically. None of this could happen without the involvement of every South African of voting age. Government - local, provincial and national - is made up of elected officials. Every citizen has the right to vote in a local, provincial or national election. And if you’re not happy with the way things are working, take it up with your local, provincial or even nationally elected representative. Mandate of the Gauteng Provincial Government The Premier is the executive authority of the province, an authority that is sometimes exercised together with members of the executive council. The Premier has the power to appoint members of the executive council and assign their functions. The Premier, working with the executive council, exercises executive power by: •implementing provincial legislation in the province •implementing national legislation •administering national legislation in the province, if assigned by parliament •developing and implementing provincial policy •coordinating the functions of the provincial administration and its departments •performing any other function assigned to the provincial executive in terms of the constitution or law Mission To support the Premier and Executive Council in implementing Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) policies as well as their statutory and political responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Vision To be an innovative, responsive and vibrant nerve centre for people-centred governance. Values •Integrity - honesty, accountability, trust and respect •Batho Pele - caring, empathy, respect, recognition, value, reward, compassion and consultation •Teamwork - partnership, cooperation and consultation •Professionalism - capable, communication, skills development and transparency •Social equality - no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture or language


Gauteng Premier’s Hotline Operating Hours: 7am to 6pm weekdays Call: 0860 42 88 364 Fax: (011) 429 3222 Letters:Gauteng Premier’s Hotline, Private Bag x115, Marshalltown, 2107









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EC Mandla Nkomfe serves as the Deputy Provincial Secretary on the ANC’s Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee and is the Gauteng MEC for Finance. He is found to be a very unassuming academic and politician; with a huge sense of humour and a very inspirational person. While being a man of Finance with a lot to handle he has a very big interest in Jazz. The MEC spoke about jazz and how we as South Africans contributed hugely in the world of jazz outside of America. In the early 60’s we had a group that came up with modern jazz (behop style) the Epistles in South Africa, which only released one CD, Jazz Epistles verse1. Performing in the group was Abdulla Ibrahim that was known as Dollar Brand the great Kippie Moeketsi, Hugh Masekela and the guys. They had a piece called the Scullery Department which derived from the 60’s where black and white musicians were not allowed to perform together. The whites would perform on stage, while the black would be at the back (in the Scullery Department). This is a great composition of the great Kippie Moeketsi. One of the things the MEC feels strongly about is Empowering and educating people. Education has the major role in shaping humans minds. He says that is very imperative that our children go to school and educate themselves. We should not allow our circumstance to determine our future; it is important that you have a dream (vision) in order to overcome your circumstance. In today’s society a bachelor degree has become a matric, matric is not enough we need to further our education. One of our issues in today’s society in schools are teenage pregnancies, we have now increased the enrolment of girl children in our school environment and you can see the relationship of that with the decrease of teenage pregnancies. Education plays a vital role in our society. Parents should make sure that your children go to school, children should know that education pays.





ommunity safety is perhaps one of the crucial imperatives for community members and community based businesses. The cost of private security has become a budgetary item in the hierarchy of needs in the 21st century. Many private security companies have sprung-up over the past decade, and many aspiring entrepreneurs have chosen the sector as a lucrative business adventure. This brings the question to fore of the effectiveness of the public protector. What role then does the South African Police Service (SAPS) play if communities have to seek private security companies to perform their function. Surely, there are merited reasons for the inefficiency of SAPS, or perhaps are we as a community heavily critical of our friends in blue? The Kofifilander aims to engage SAPS on the critism heavily leveled against them. Police brutality, lapsed response times are perhaps some of the reasons that a lot of community members have loss of confidence in the SAPS ability to respond to their much needed security needs. Perhaps many of the accusations brought forth on state security may have some level of merit or maybe not. What is unleveled however is the lack of opportunity afforded to the South African Police Services (SAPS), the opportunity to share many of their success stories, especially in communities. In this inaugural edition of the Kofifilander is to get the basic understanding of the role of SAPS as required by the South African constitution and the vision and mission that SAPS outlines for our citizens.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES Recognizing community development initiatives that have a positive impact for social upliftment plays a vital role in making community members aware of the commitment that public and private sector organisations have towards communities. In this inaugural edition of the Kofifilander, the topic of the month has been devoted to the Business of the Year Awards conducted by ROCCI, in recognition of enterprises that have made meaningful contributions in the West Rand District. In the following editions we shall cover stories on public sector institutions that warrant due recognition.




“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or some other time…The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.” -US President Barack Obama


“To equip or supply with an ability; to enable someone or a community to act.” Idle information is meaningless when its not called to action. The Empowerment section of the magazine focuses on practical steps and activities that the reader can apply in order to ensure they achieve personal development. The subsections in the empower section covers aAreas of vital legal information and constitutional rights afforded to an individual and a community, the ability to make smart financial decisions, understanding the Labour Act and motivational messages to induce action.

Saving money can be as simple as 1, 2, 3, as you’ll see in these 5 quick and easy approaches to managing your personal finances. 1. Reduce the Amount of Times You Go Out to Eat Going out to eat often can put a major crunch on your budget. By simply cooking a few meals at home, you can save a significant amount of money on a monthly basis and eat healthier. be continued!




was founded 14 years ago and is a progressive and dynamic software company embracing alignment of business and technology as key to business agility, flexibility, scalability and manageability. As a Business and Technology service provider, VAS-X offers enterprise architecture consulting services, ICT transformation programs design and deployment, Information Security management, and tailored solutions, based on leading architectural principles, to interactionbased businesses with heavy reliance on complex technology environments. VAS-X professionals bring extensive experience to their clients in leading, managing and operating complex technology driven businesses. VAS-X expertise aims at creating value on strategic levels while considering the operational constraints of each client. The VAS-X’s ‘VX-View’ modular Convergent Billing product suite has specifically been developed to simplify integration into various systems and with the view of offering our clients value added benefits through consolidation of environments, thus reducing OPEX and complexity. This in turn will allow the client to focus on commercial revenue generation and growth. This principle also applies to the rest of the VAS-X portfolio which includes ‘Electronic Value Management system (EVM)’, ‘Prepaid Advance System (PAS)’ and ‘Emulous Recharge Architecture (ERA)’. Some of our major references include Cell C, various African Vodacom subsidiaries, Liquid Telecoms , mCel Mozambique, TNM Malawi, Econet and Africom in Zimbabwe, MVNE’s such as MVN-X, as well as XSP’s like Glocell in South Africa. One of the most recent market trends in South Africa is the emergence of MVNO’s. Typically these MVNO’s need to launch at a rapid pace and the benefits that our systems can provide are crucial to their success. Some of these benefits include; easy service construction which will dramatically reduce development and deployment times, low cost of operation, flexibility and the readiness to cope with a broad range of today’s and future services. Our full end to end convergent customer care and billing platform, which is a carried grade solution can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of other COTS solutions. The system has the capability to host multiple MVNO’s on a single platform and the ease of configuration and individualization enables each individual MVNO to customize their language, currency and customer logic. VAS-X company values of sociability, empathy, transparency, effectiveness and trust, ensure the delivery of services in the friendliest approach for durable and solid professional relationships.   VAS-X’s head office is situated in Queensland, Australia with a subsidiary office in South Africa. Visit us at





BUSINESS TIPS FOR BUDDING ENTREPRENEURS “To be or not to be?” – That is the question! To become an entrepreneur can be a very daunting question, especially when you do not know where to begin. Many people will tell you that, “entrepreneurs are born and not made.” – but true is that statement. So we figured, we would put together our top 8 tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Get the ball rolling

Lots of successful entrepreneurs started their own business whilst working another job to pay the bills. There’s no shame in starting slowly. Just get the ball rolling.

2. Be prepared to learn

Good entrepreneurs have enquiring minds and they never stop learning or asking questions.You’ll be amazed by how many people hide behind jargon to make something sound more complicated than it actually is.

3. Keep it straight and simple

Ensure you fully understand what it is you want to do and keep it simple. The simpler your service or product is, the easier it is for your potential customers to understand and buy.

4. Get a mentor

Learning from other people’s mistakes stops you from making them yourself and helps your business grow more quickly. Attend networking events and read biographies of the people you admire, to identify your ideal mentor. Ask people who are already in business in your local community.

5. Build a network of influence

Establish relationships with people who already in business and those are interested in business. This way you surround yourself with people who share similar interests, which will keep you motivated all the time.You will be surprised to know how many of them failed many times before they got it right. So when you are faced with hard times, they will be there to encourage you to keep moving.

6. Be open to criticism

Constructive criticism leads to improvement. Always be willing to take criticism and identify areas where you can improve. As the old saying goes, “eat the meat and throw the bones away!”

7. It’s all about the customer

Always remind yourself that, whatever service or product you provide, is all for the benefit of the customer and not for yourself. The more you focus on what problem your service or product solves and how you can offer better convenience for your customer, the higher the chance you will beat your competitors.

8. Stay focused

There are many times you will feel as though you are not winning. Just remember that, the entrepreneurs who remain focused always get to reap the rewards. Also remember not all the days are the same. A difficult day just means you have to stretch yourself to find better solutions. To be self-employed can be very rewarding, but it comes at a price. All farmers understand the need to be patient. Even when the seasons change and it seems as though they are not making progress, they know there is a time for seed and a time for harvest.




The brains behind making the Kasi lifestlye peri hot!

e caught up with Thabang Buthelezi the Marketing Manager of the grocery section of the Nando’s brand! As we were chatting to him we got to realise that he is a forward thinking individual and is very well versed in his brands position! The deeper we got into the conversation some thing clicked and a name was coined for him, ” The Sauce Code”. We all know that Nando’s restaurants prepares great chicken. Most know that our friends at the JMPD and EMPD really love them too. So we eventually got to talk about the Nando’s Shisa Nyama Championship.

confident smile and a raise of the eyebrows he answered by saying “ The Nando’s Shisa Nyama Championship was created as a showcase of true Kasi culture and get the Nando’s brand a lot closer to its core consumer in an environment where the food is hero & the mood is lively and energetic. PERi PERi has an impact on people where it results in a mood lift, and leaves you feeling good. This was the perfect platform to allow PERi PERi to shine. There is already a close link between Nando’s Sauces & braaing, so we decided to leverage a culture that is already existing in the townships to help boost our visibility.”

We finally got to the crux of the interview, as we maneuvered our way to finding out what the reason was for creating the Nando’s Shisa Nyama Championship. With a

While everyone had pulled down mouths and widely opened eyes and nodding their heads, we found out why Shisa Nyama’s instead of more franchise businesses?



EMPOWER Gently smiling he answered, “From a need perspective Shisa Nyama’s don’t compete directly against Nando’s.You go to Nando’s because you crave a taste and you are hungry or it’s a bit of a treat. Shisa Nyama, you go for the social scene and to have fun or party. This way we don’t cannibalise on our core business. Supporting restaurants would have been in direct competition with our stores.” Some ooh’s and ahh’s went off when it made sense. So we had to know who are the people behind this strategy! Thabang confidently answered, “The original idea came from me after thinking what a Kasi Master Chef would look like. I recognised that people all over the world have taken an interest in food. It’s about more than just eating to get full, people are looking to enjoy their food and turn it into an experience. With that initial thought the next bunch of people to get involved was Win Win who are a great agency and their mission is to bring stories to life through activations. They make awesome experiences happen.”

The Nando’s Shisa Nyama Championship was created as a showcase of true Kasi culture

We wanted to know why did they use Nando’s Sauces as the draw card! Gladly responding ”Well I work for Nando’s so the product had to be the hero. The property was developed as showcase for PERi PERi and people had to taste it. We didn’t just want to get caught up in a trap that a lot of brands get caught in when they host such events where people come to have a party and leave never really having gotten a sense of the brand that hosted it. We wanted to provide a full on Nando’s experience. This was Shisa Nyama done the Nando’s way.” After all said and done we had to know what they aim to achieve with this initiative and if there was a long term plan! Thabang let us know that they aim to inspire people to try new things, and get them to taste our awesome flavourful sauces by making their food more exciting. He added that there is a long term, but it’s a secret!





NEWIN TOBIAS We had a very great conversation with one of the few practicing and very talented Designers based in Sasolburg! Mr Tobias gave us a trip into his world.

1.What type of operation are you running? Design houses that specialises in developing products and services rather than just offer Graphic Design services to clients 2. Where are you operating your business from and why did you choose to operate it from there? The business is being operated in the Vaal Triangle at a small town called Sasolburg in the Free State. I share an office with another company I work with, LJ Events & Marketing Solutions. I chose to conduct business in this area as it has an enormous gap and potential growth within the marketing and design industry. It’s a good area to do business as some of the country’s big corporates reside in the area. It’s an untapped market and the potential for growth and success look promising. 3. How long are you practicing as a professional in your field? I have been practising for a while in the area of design, 8 years to be precise and that includes my student years within the industry. I’ve been running my freelance business from Varsity (University of Johannesburg) and have professionally worked as a Graphic Designer for 4years. 4. In your years of experience which brands have you done work for? The one big brand that comes to mind and which has helped develop my understanding of design will have to be the re-designing of the City of Johannesburg CI Guidelines Manual, the other will have to be PnP and Unilever. 5. What is your plan for your business and how do you expect it to add change to the industry? My long term goals vary from developing my own commercial products for retailers



to shooting a full feature movie. I use my knowledge of design as a guide to help me think of new ways and ideas to do things. I live outside the norms of media industries and try at all times to change people’s views and the way they think about business by trying out new innovative products and services.

projects based on youth development and bettering the social and economic problems facing the youth in the area. I’m working with individuals who have potential and are free thinkers, from Djs, events companies, poets, fashion designers, marketing companies, Graphic designers and innovators.

6. What challenges are you faced with in your organization? Like any other organization I’m still learning about business and how to effectively find means and ways to run the operations as smooth as possible. The only major challenges I’m facing are having to conduct all or most of the business elements from being my own PA to sorting out the finances and being a designer at the same time. With growth and time these will be some of the things I will worry less about as I’m one who just wants to sit in a room and think about new ideas.

8. Is there any other business (es) in your field within your geographical area? The area has similar businesses but they offer basic services of design, ranging from logo development to basic stationery. There aren’t any companies that offer design solutions in a form of CI Guidelines development or brand management like the big giants of design and branding are doing.

7. Do you have partnerships, if yes, list the organisation and explain why did you choose to partner up with them? I currently work with a number of companies that help me to offer a one business solution to my clients. From a marketing perspective I work with a company called LJ Events & Marketing Solutions. I chose this company as it has a lot of experience in the field and has built a huge client base more especially in the area of my business. The other company or individual I work with is Denis Rolls from PixelTone. He is a close ally and business partner. This is someone I’ve learned a lot from and continue to work with today in a number of projects. I almost know what he is thinking so working with him is always a great working partnership. I’m currently developing a group company in Sasolburg which will be involved in

9.What sets you apart from other organisations which practice in the same field as you? I wanted to understand the basic needs of design before I could develop my own style. I learned corporate branding from the leading agency in the country GRID Branding and the lessons learned there has helped me define what design is and could be to existing and current clients. I try to outdo my last job in everything I do. 10. Do you have any advice for someone who is starting up in this line of work? Don’t do it [ha ha ha]. Passion is the one quality you have to posses followed by patience. If you lack both of these you might find yourself stuck behind a Mac just designing for a living. It’s an exciting craft to learn and to have and you never stop learning as every single day there’s always a new way of designing being developed out there so never stop researching.

JIMMY’S KILLER FISH & CHIPS JIMMY’S KILLER GRILLS TEL:011 079 7318 (Shop) TEL:011 047 1319 (Office) Shop 1 Beacon Isle Shopping Centre Cnr Ontdekkers, Gordon&Beacon Rd Behind Mcdonalds

DELI DELI ZAAHIDA 072 221 3767 011 672 3121

THINK SIGNAGE MOEGAMAT Moegamat 083 222 1147 Eugene 083 293 8580


CMH West Rand GM

Tel:011 858 3500 Fax :011 475 6855 Cnr William Nicol & Joseph Lister rd Constantia Kloof JHB PO BOX 5509 Weltevreden Park 1715




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