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CBCP Monitor Monitor Vol. 13 No. 85 March132 -- 26, April 15, 2009 2009

The Cross


A Supplement Publication of KCFAPI and the Order of the Knights of Columbus

KCFAPI employees flaunted their bespoke banner and shirts with the tagline “Pray the Rosary, End Abortion, Defend Life” during the Walk for Life rally held last March 21.

KCFAPI, KC Pro-Life!

By April Basilio

KCFAPI stands out in sync with ‘Walk for Life’ Rally

THE Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc., (KCFAPI) joined hands with the KC-Luzon Jurisdiction in promoting human life in a rally hailed as ‘Walk for Life’, with the theme ‘We Value Life.’ The rally marked March 21, 2009 as one of the most triumphant days in ProLife advocacy of KCFAPI. Simultaneously held across the Phil-

ippines, Manila was one major site which stood out as KCFAPI represented its strong stance against the violation of life. KCFAPI employees swarmed the frontline of the San Agustin Church in time with the concelebrated mass led by Most. Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco. The march commenced right after the Mass, with KCFAPI employees flaunting their bespoke banner and shirts with the tagline “Pray the Rosary, End

Abortion, Defend Life!” Roaring yells filled the air in unison with the phrase, “KCFAPI, KC Pro Life,” during the rally. The heat of the sun did not impede the marchers with their sober aim of marching from Intramuros to Bonifacio Shrine. Participants gathered to their assigned areas upon reaching the Bonifacio Shrine. Bro. Gari San Sebastian, manager of KCFAPI Fraternal Benefits Services acted as the program’s host.

Several pro-life campaigners delivered their speeches. Manila Mayor Hon. Mayor Alfredo S. Lim seized the moment to express his advocacy against abortion. “Life is too precious that we have to exert all efforts to protect and defend life,” Mayor Lim said. He believed that nothing could thwart the will to fight against House Bill 5043, otherwise known as the Reproductive Health Bill.

A concluding song titled “Habang May Buhay” (popularized by Wency Cornejo) was performed by two KCFAPI employees, namely Ms. Marichu Dela Cruz and Ms. Ma. Kristianne Guevara, while the whole crowd sang in harmony. The rally ended with balloons flown into the air with everybody celebrating the triumph of KCFAPI’s Pro-Life Activity. KCFAPI made its mark with the success of the event.

2009 Spiritual Activities at KCFAPI On the evening of March 27, employees were directed to the chapel right after dinner for the Penitential Service at around 8 p.m. The rite began with an entrance song and greeting from the Presider. Similar to a Eucharistic Celebration, the first part of the activity involved reading of the Liturgy of the Word, Responsorial Psalm and the Gospel followed by a short homily/reflection. There were also intercessory prayers and the most important part of the penitential service, the individual confession and absolution or KCFAPI employees during their annual retreat held in Tagaytay last March 27-28. the Sacrament of ReconAnnual Retreat ciliation. During confessions of employees, the FIRST in the list of KCFAPI employees’ year-long chapel was filled with music as some designated spiritual activities is the Annual Retreat. KCFAPI choir members sang church songs with True to the meaning of the word “retreat”, em- the Spiritual Committee’s Chairman, Atty. Rizal ployees were able to temporarily escape or run V. Katalbas, Jr. as guitarist. The activity conaway from their tiring routines in life and got the cluded with a prayer of thanksgiving at around chance to spend some quality time with God. 10 p.m. The chosen venue for this year’s retreat was Msgr. Joselito Asis gave a two-part lecture on the very serene Carmelite Missionaries Center of the following day which tackled the preparation Spirituality in Tagaytay City, which provided the for the Lenten Season (Fasting, Abstinence and retreatants a cool, peaceful atmosphere that has Almsgiving) and Becoming a Good Steward (Rest, been very conducive for meditation, study and Reflect, Renew). Employees did not only learn prayers throughout the duration of the retreat from the input but were also able to share their which ran from March 27-28, 2009. personal experiences that confirmed God’s abunMsgr. Joselito Asis and Msgr. Pedro C. Quito- dant love for all mankind. The retreat concluded rio III from the CBCP acted as retreat master and with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the facilitator respectively. afternoon. FOLLOWING the Department of Health’s program to promote oral health, the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI) held its first quarter health awareness lecture on the value of practicing good oral hygiene last March 18. The guest speaker for the occasion was Dr. Marie Catherine Estrollado-Berbunschi. Dr. Berbunschi began her lecture by reminding the audience that observing good oral hygiene, the process for keeping the mouth clean and healthy, is necessary to prevent diseases such as dental caries (cavity), periodontal diseases, bad breath and other dental problems. She then discussed common dental diseases caused by poor oral hygiene namely: Apthous ulcers “Canker sore” (more commonly know as “singaw”), a shallow and painful, open sore that forms in the

The activity helped the employees to deepen their relationship with God and provided an opportunity for them to imbibe once again the true meaning of the Lenten season.

For this year, the way of the cross was held last April 7, 2009 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. and was participated in by KCFAPI employees and its subsidiaries, and the sales force.

Way of the Cross One of the most popular religious devotions of Catholics which KCFAPI annually organizes with the help of the Spiritual Committee members is the Way of the Cross. As a tradition, KCFAPI employees commemorates Christ’s passion via the Way of the Cross, which is usually held inside the building premises of the KCFAPI Head Office in Intramuros, Manila.

Pabasa The Pabasa or Pasyon is a way of narrating the passion of Christ, His life and suffering through the singing of the verses in five-line stanzas. Annually held in KCFAPI, reading the Pabasa is on a voluntary basis, employees take turn in reading the verses. This year’s “Pabasa” started from 6:00 p.m. of April 7 and ended at 8:00 a.m. the following day. (Ma. Kristianne D. Guevara)

For Brother Knights by Brother Knights

EIGHT hundred seventy-three brother knights and family members (wife, children and parents) applied for individual insurance coverage during the month of March 2009. This number is the highest for the period of January to March 2009. This is a welcome development amidst the environment of global financial crisis and the diminishing consumer confidence on pre-need plans. This rosy sales scenario is attributable to a combination of factors: 1) The continued trust and confidence of KC members to KCFAPI as the safest and most profitable place to entrust hard earned money; 2) The insurance plans offered by KCFAPI which meets the needs of members coming from varied status and professions; 3) The improved performance of our sales people (AMs and FCs) especially those who make use of modern technology in their sales presentation; 4) The forthcoming Fraternal Benefits Convention sponsored by KCFAPI for the top sales performers. This event is part of the continuing training program of KCFAPI for Fraternal Counselors. Attached to the occasion are an incentive scheme and the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of FCs belonging to other sales areas. This feat earned in March will be a great deal of help in KCFAPI’s quest for a better sales in 2009 compared with last year’s record breaking P102 Million first year insurance contribution income. (Joseph Teodoro)

KCFAPI holds seminar on Oral Hygiene

mouth which makes eating and talking uncomfortable. Canker sores usually heal in about 7-10 days. Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (more commonly known as “Trench Mouth”). It is manifested by severe pains caused by bacterial infection of the gums. Trench Mouth is usually caused by poor oral hygiene and improper nutrition. If left untreated the disease can lead to necrosis (dead portions of the skin) of the gum tissues and may spread to other areas of the body. “Oral thrush” (Oral Candidiasis) which is usually limited to the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue caused by Candida Albicans. This yeastlike fungal organism can be found normally in many people’s mouth, but when they grow

out of control, it will result to mouth infection. Receding gums, (gingival recession or gum recession) is the condition when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth is lost or

pulled away, exposing the roots of the teeth. Brushing our teeth is an everyday activity that we take for granted. Most of us are unaware that improper brushing has-

KCFAPI employees with guest speaker Dr. Marie Catherine Estrollado-Berbunschi during the Oral Health Seminar held at Social Hall-KCFAPI Building last March 18.

tens the damage to our gums and teeth and contributes to a mouth condition such as receding gums. Other causes and risk factors of gum recession include aging (usually ranging from 40 years and above), gum diseases and mouth trauma. Dr. Berbunschi also discussed about tooth decay or formation of dental cavities or caries, which is one of the most common forms of human disease in the mouth. Tooth decay is usually caused by the loss of minerals from the tooth enamel due to the action of acids produced by dental plaque. Towards the end of the lecture, Dr. Berbunschi gave the employees practical tips on good oral hygiene. She taught them the proper strokes in brushing one’s teeth, the duration and frequency in brushing (2 to 3

minutes at least twice a day or after every meal), the use of the right kind of toothbrush (with soft bristles), using the right kind of toothpaste (fluoride toothpaste), and the advantages and frequency of using dental floss (at least once a day). She also advised the employees to be conscious of their diet and to limit taking snacks between meals. Avoid sugar since it contributes to the buildup of acids in the mouth and weakens the surface of the teeth. A visit to the dentist at least every six months and have a professional dental cleaning regularly would also be very helpful. The session was another moment of enlightenment for the employees on health care, as many misnomers about dental care were clarified and corrected by Dr. Berbunschi. So remember, a good oral hygiene makes you bring out that confident smile. (Dr. Jaime M. Talag)

The Cross


Chairman’s Message

Vol. 13 No. 8

April 13 - 26, 2009

President’s Message Antonio B. Borromeo

Easter Message

Patrocinio R. Bacay

TO Christian believers, Lent is a time to focus on how we can really connect to God’s presence in our life. It is also a time for some quiet reflection on how we fared in the past year. Of the 365 days handed generously to us, were there ever days for others? Have we ever moved out just a bit away from our comfort zone? This brings us to the very core of the Lenten season—the love of Christ for us. We can never parallel this. What is best expected of us perhaps is just sharing whatever and whenever we can. There is this reminder that states: the extra food on your table and the extra shirt in your closet belong to someone else. Remembering we have wronged anyone, we seek him and make peace. At the end of this season, when we can feel the love of God more than our misguided guilt feeling, we will have the best Easter of all. Happy Easter to all!

CBCP Monitor

“Hallelujah....hallelujah....Jesus Christ has risen! Hallelujah” AT the onset, may I, on behalf of the members of the Board of Trustees, the management and staff of the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI), extend to one and all joyous Easter greetings! Every year of our Christian lives, we commemorate and celebrate this greatest of all holidays of our Faith. For without the triumphant Resurrection, our Faith is in vain and His Divine Mercy would not have been exemplified! Most importantly, the death of God’s only begotten Son, the only acceptable price for man’s redemption and our sole justification in God’s eyes, would have been for nought. Victory over death – our own Resurrection in the future – is each Christian’s God-given reward for faithfulness and righteousness. Death is the punishment meted out to Adam and Eve and all mankind for man’s original sin. We in KCFAPI believe that each Knights of Columbus member, together with his family, is assured of eternal salvation because of our Faith, of our obedience to his Word, and of His Divine Mercy.

Carmelita S. Ruiz

In our own way, we, in KCFAPI, make sure that the death of each insured Brother Knight, or a family member, is made less painful and more bearable because of the assurance of financial security provided those who are left behind. We also support the Order of the Knights of Columbus lifelong mission of inviting and encouraging all Roman Catholic gentlemen and their families to join the Order and to avail for themselves the primary benefit of membership – participation in its unique and exclusive family income protection and savings programs – provided by KCFAPI in the Philippines. As the largest and most stable fraternal Mutual Benefits Association in the country today, we enjoin every Filipino Catholic gentleman to seek membership in the largest lay Catholic family organization in the world – the Order of the Knights of Columbus – who believes that death should not be the end of the family, but should be seen as the portal through which each passes through to everlasting life, the greatest gift of God’s Love, that was only made possible by Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. “Hallelujah....hallelujah....Jesus Christ has risen! Hallelujah” Vivat Jesus!

The KCFAPI Iloilo Service Office

A Woman with a Knight’s Perspective By Aries Flores BREAKING the barrier of male domination in the Association, a female Manager has been hired in the person of Ms. Carmelita S. Ruiz. Ms. Ruiz joined the Association in June 2007 as Underwriting Manager and was tasked to supervise the department with its two areas: the Individual Life Insurance section and the Group Insurance section, or more commonly known as “CMBP”. She is also an active participant of the Association’s various committees and the Independent Quality Management System (QMS) Auditor of the Association, one of the critical reasons for the Association’s accreditation as an ISO Certified Company. Highly motivated, competitive, analytical and creative, she is currently spearheading major projects geared towards the development and implementation of Automated Underwriting and Workflow of the department, one of which is the “Express Lane” project, which aims speedy processing of Benefit Certificates. “Bong”, as she is fondly called, is a graduate of Philippine School of Business Administration with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and eventually passed the Certified Public Accoun-

tant examinations two years after. She brings with her six years of experience as Financial Auditor and 17 years of life insurance underwriting experience, which she acquired from a commercial life insurance company, where she last worked as Line Manager of the Ordinary Life Underwriting Section for their Underwriting department. Her work involved Underwriting Imaging and Workflow Administration and Risk Appraisal of Life Insurance Applications. She also holds various designations and affiliations, few of them are mentioned below: • Member, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) • Fellow, Life Management Institute Society (FLMI) • Fellow, Home Office Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines • Associate, Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU) • Associate, Customer Service (ACS) • Associate, Reinsurance Administration (ARA) With her achievements we all can say that she maybe a woman in a man’s world, but her will and desire to prove herself has indeed become a turning point for the Association’s vision for greatness and professionalism.

By April G. Vasquez IN its mission to provide quality fraternal service to KC members and their families, the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Incorporated established its local office in Western Visayas, particularly in the City of Love, Iloilo City. Thus, in June of 1998, the Iloilo Service Office was born. Strategically situated in the peaceful but progressive town of Jaro, the KCFAPI Iloilo Service Office occupies a space in the second floor of the Carolina Building at 106 M. Jalandoni Street, Brgy. Seminario. The Service Office is well-situated just across the compounds of the historic and revered Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral which houses the famous statue of the “Our Lady of Candles.” From the streets of M. Jalandoni and the surrounding lanes are the prevailing antiquated houses of prominent clans of the municipality of Jaro. A few blocks to the southeast of the vicinity is the century old edifice of the Saint Vincent Ferrer Seminary, and from which the name Barangay “Seminario” (Spanish for Seminary) was derived. On the 26th of May 2000, which coincided with

the three-day Knights of Columbus Tri-State Convention in Iloilo City, the blessing of the Iloilo Service Office took place. His Excellency, Archbishop of Jaro Angel N. Lagdameo officiated the said blessing. Present during the affair were the KCFAPI Board Members and officers, staff; K of C State Officers, friends and invited guests. A simple yet heartwarming celebration was held at the third level of the Carolina Building right after the blessing of the Iloilo Service Office. More than a decade has passed since the foundation of Iloilo Service Office, and it is still continuously striving to uphold the Association’s mission and vision which pioneered from the four walls of its Home Office in Intramuros, Manila. From its humble beginnings, this quaint, 57-square-meter office now serves the BC holders of the entire Panay Island (Iloilo, Capiz, Antique and Aklan), Negros Occidental and Guimaras Island. As KCFAPI commemorated its 50 years of fraternal service in 2008, the Iloilo Service Office, for a decade, is also proud to have gone a long way in reaching out to KC members and families of Western Visayas. Long Live KCFAPI Iloilo Service Office!

KC Fraternal signs a new treaty with PhilNaRe Mr. Antonio B. Borromeo and National Reinsurance Corp. of the Philippines’ (PhilNaRe) President and CEO Mr. Roberto B. Crisol on March 18. The signing was held at the KC Fraternal Board Room, KCFAPI Bldg. Gen. Luna corner Sta. Potenciana Sts. Intramuros, Manila and was witnessed

by PhilNaRe’s officers Ms. Editha B. Geronimo, Mr. Augusto S. Cipriano, and Mr. Raymundo T. Bautista, Jr. with KC Fraternal’s Executive Vice President Ms. Ma. Theresa G. Curia, Asst. Vice President for Actuarial & Customer Relations Mr. Joselito E. Mañalac, and Consulting Actuary, Mr. Panfilo P. De La Paz.

With the KC Fraternal – PhilNaRe partnership, our brother knights and their families are assured of quality and efficient service. PhilNaRe is a product of the merger with Universal Malayan Reinsurance Corporation (UMRE) with the former as the surviving entity. The merger

was undertaken to bring a stronger and more competitive reinsurance entity making them the only reinsurer in the Philippines. KC Fraternal has previously maintained two separate and distinct reinsurance treaties with the two reinsurance companies. (Celine B. Tabin)


WITH the mandate to provide the highest level of service to Knights of Columbus’ brother knights and their families, KC Fraternal has renewed its partnership with the largest reinsurer of the country by signing a new treaty. A consolidated reinsurance treaty was signed by KC Fraternal’s President

CBCP Monitor Vol. 13 No. 8 April 13 - 26, 2009

The Cross


Following the Moral Compass Amid an economy characterized by greed, the Knights remain committed to the common good.

By Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson RECENTLY, the Knights of Columbus commissioned a poll on public attitudes regarding the business ethics of corporate America. The poll, conducted by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, found that most Americans—and two-thirds of executives—give corporate America failing grades for honesty and ethics. They also rate the country’s business leadership as poor during this time of economic crisis. Among the U.S. public, 76 percent believe that corporate America’s moral compass is pointed in the wrong direction. Likewise, a majority of Americans, including two-thirds of executives, gave the financial and investment industries a grade of “D” or “F” in ethical matters. Asked what they believe to be the primary factors that drive the business decisions of executives, more than 90 percent of Americans – and executives themselves – said that personal career advancement and personal financial gain rank equally high with corporate advantage. Meanwhile, only 31 percent of Americans and 32 percent of executives believe that the “public good” is a strong factor in corporate decisions. When we released the poll results, I said that the present financial crisis was caused in no small part by greed. The public’s confidence in our financial system,as well as in much of corporate America,

Let’s Chill in April! By Gari San Sebastian FOLLOWING the success of our Fraternal Benefits Convention last year, FBG will conduct a follow-through Sales Hype tagged as D.R.I.V.E. 110 (Deliver Results through Innovative and Vigorous Effort) in order to hit our 110 Million Target in First Year Contribution Income (FYCI) this year! Instead of holding three separate events for Luzon (North and Metro Manila and South) which is more taxing and time consuming, we are bringing all FCs from Luzon to join the event in Manila and will later transfer to Los Baños for their team building. FBG is encouraging all attendees to bring any delicacy from their respective home town during their get together during the team-building session. There will also be fun-filled learning activities and exercises. We will repeat these sessions in Visayas and Mindanao on May. Watch out for the next issue of The Cross.

will not be restored until executives and companies choose to be guided by a moral compass in their business decisions. I am convinced that only a strong commitment to ethical business practices on the part of executives and the companies they lead can restore this confidence. Interestingly, three-fourths of Americans and more than nine in 10 executives think that a business can be both successful and ethical. Likewise, three-fourths of Americans and 86 percent of executives believe people should have the same ethical standards in business as in their personal lives. However, more than half of executives, and almost three-fourths of Americans, think that most people miss the mark. To the news media, perhaps one of the survey’s most surprising findings is a consensus that religion provides a good ethical standard for doing business. Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that religious beliefs should significantly influence executives’ business decisions, and executives are even more likely to agree. These are all factors that may surprise some in the general public, but not the Knights of Columbus. As every brother Knight knows, the Order has an unwavering commitment to following a moral compass that always points in the same direction, “in season and out of season.” In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway inves-

tors, Warren Buffet recently described insurance as “a business of long-term promises, sometimes extending for fifty years or more. This past year has retaught clients a crucial principle: A promise is no better than the person or institution making it.” I could not agree more. We have kept our promise to the families of our brother Knights for 127 years. This is a tradition that every member of the Supreme Council is dedicated to preserving. Today, that promise continues to be backed not only by the financial strength of an AAA-rated corporation, but also by an unsurpassed commitment to our moral compass. In Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict XVI wrote, “The Church is God’s family in the world. In this family no one ought to go without the necessities of life” (25). The pope then analyzed this principle from the standpoint of both justice and charity. We are proud that the Order’s leadership is living out our commitment to charity—the first principle of the Knights. We should be equally ready to emphasize our commitment to justice in terms of our dedication to financial responsibility in our corporate affairs and our leadership as a business enterprise committed to success, ethics and concern for the public good. Vivat Jesus!

2009 Family Day and Mini Olympics THE Knights of Columbus – Luzon Jurisdiction will be holding the 5TH FAMILY DAY & MINI OLYMPICS 2009 on May 1 (Friday) from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC ULTRA Complex) in Pasig City. This athletic activity aims to foster close ties among KC members and their families

and to honor the legacy of Fr. George J. Willmann, S.J., the father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines. There are 14 events lined up for all the councils to participate in. Family members and Columbian Squires may join the KC members in vying for the honors in all of the 14 events. Additional cash prizes and trophies will be

awarded to the best muse, best in uniform and the biggest and farthest delegation. Kindly signify your intention to participate by contacting the KC Luzon Jurisdiction office through office numbers: tel. (02) 527-2245; or fax (02) 527-2248. You may also contact the following persons: B. Martinez: 09065521158; E. Eroles: 0917-8340004;

or J. Lakas Jr: 0917-8711407. Please register early. Rules governing the games and other information regarding the event will be sent to those councils who indicated their participation. Thank you and we expect you and your family to be there! (Bonifacio B. Martinez)

Fraternal Benefits Group Calendar of Activities April 24 - 25 – Fraternal Benefits Convention for Luzon FCs An estimate of over a hundred Fraternal Counselors from different areas in Luzon will gather in this year’s FB Convention in Monte Vista Conference Center, Los Baños, Laguna. April 27 - 30 – Asian trip for KCFAPI Salesforce Honor Roll The FC of the Year in 2008 with the Runnersup and Fr. Willmann Knights of the Round Table (WKRT) and the Area Manager of the Year, Runner-Up and AMs who achieved 125% or more of their last year’s target will join a four-day and three-nights’ tour in Macau and Hong Kong. (Bro. Gari San Sebastian)

Announcement: New Payment Facility Now you can pay your insurance contribution with utmost convenience through BPI’s bill payment facility. If you are a BPI Express Teller accountholder, just enroll your reference number in BPI’s bill payment facility. Then you can start paying your insurance contribution through the bank’s electronic channels. You can enroll in three ways: 1. Call Express Phone 89-100 or 1-800188-89100 TOLL FREE, dial “0” for Other Products and Services, then another “0” for Other Concerns. 2. Log on to (for existing Express Online users only) 3. Visit your branch of account Once enrolled, payments can be made through any of the following:* · ATM · Telephone, just dial 89-100 · Cellphone, just go to Globe Services>My Favorites>BPI Mobile · Internet, just log on to *Payments via telephone, cellphone and internet are available to accountholders who are enrolled users of these channels.

The Cross


CBCP Monitor

Vol. 13 No. 8

April 13 - 26, 2009

‘Walk for Life’ as ‘We Value Life’

By SK Arsenio Isidro G. Yap

MARCH 21, 2009 is a historic day for the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines, for it was the day the Knights of Columbus in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao corroborated with one another and together voiced out their stand on Abortion. Simultaneously, they held the first ever “Walk for Life” rallies in support of the orderwide Pro-Life stand of the Knights of Columbus in cognizance of the stand of the Catholic Church. It was a “Walk” to oppose the passage of Reproductive Health Bill 5043, viewed to be a prelude to abortion bills, same sex marriages and the like. Even before the “Walk for Life” materialized, the three Jurisdictions were one in saying that the occasion will not be a onetime event but will be an annual event on March 25 or on the Saturday before it. March 25 was chosen as it falls on the Feast of the Annunciation which is also known as the International Day of the Unborn. Symbolically, it reminds

us of a full term pregnancy and the reality and dignity of life from conception. Initially, the walk was to be conducted in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao as main staging areas. The Visayas conducted it also in two other areas while Luzon conducted it in about a dozen more areas thus making the event a truly nationwide event. For the very first time and at such magnitude a singular event of the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines was staged so successfully that its officers and members were able to display what “Unity in Action” really meant. The Knights in Luzon even adopted the theme “We Value Life” as they claim that life should be protected in all its stages from conception up to its final moments. They are one in saying that no one, not even the mighty laws of the land could ever dictate the size of a family and when to end a life nobody wants. Initial reports in Luzon stated that it was staged in Baguio with about 1,600 in

KC Luzon officers with Hon. Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim leading the Walk for Life participants to the Bonifacio Shrine.

attendance in two venues; 200 in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya; 160 in Benito Soliven, Isabela; 350 in Metropolitan Cathedral, Tuguegarao City; 3,000 in Dagupan, Tabuk, Kalinga; 800 in San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral and Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology; 4,000 in Liceo de San Pablo in San Pablo City; 250 in Our Lady of All Nations Parish in Daet, Camarines Norte; and 2,000 in Plaza Quezon in Naga City. The Metro Manila “Walk for Life” was participated in by more than 5,000 brother knights and their families from the seven Dioceses of Metro Manila namely Manila, Antipolo, Cubao, Kalookan, Novaliches, Parañaque and Pasig and from three Dioceses of nearby provinces namely Imus, Cavite; Malolos, Bulacan; and San Fernando, Pampanga; as well as representatives from KCFAPI, the Columbian Squires and Manila Boy Scouts. The Metro Manila Walk started with a concelebrated 7 a.m. mass at the San Augustine Church, Intramuros led by Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao with Msgr. Pedro Quitorio and Msgr. Joselito Asis of CBCP, Rev. Fr. Asis Bajao, Rev. Fr. William Araña, and Rev. Fr. Salvador Jose. The “Walk” started shortly thereafter headed by our Luzon Deputy Alonso L. Tan and wife, Thesse with Bishop Honesto Ongtioco, Mayor Alfredo Lim of Manila, State Secretary Arsenio Isidro Yap, State Treasurer Joven Joaquin and State Warden Pascual Carbero. It ended at the Bonifacio Shrine beside Manila City Hall where a short program was conducted.

The theme “We Value Life” is the rallying slogan during the KC Luzon Jurisdiction’s Walk for Life. This signifies their thrust to protect life from conception to its final moments.

The first speaker was Mayor Lim who encouraged the Knights in their aspiration to protect life from conception and to continue their fight to thwart RH Bill 5043. Next was Dr. Ligaya Acosta of Human Life International-Asia who stressed the dangers of contraceptive pills and devices. Msgr. Quitorio and Bishop Ongtioco reiterated the stand of the church on the matter and why we should ever be vigilant to protect the life of the unborn. Ma. Kristianne Guevara and Marichu dela Cruz of KCFAPI sung a beautiful rendition of “Habang Maybuhay”, which the Luzon Jurisdiction adopted as the theme song for the event. The song was chosen based on its lyrics, which conveys the desire of the Jurisdiction to protect life from the womb and

to dedicate its worthy causes to prevent the untimely termination of life of the unborn. To cap the event, hundreds of balloons were released carrying a giant poster of the Knights of Columbus with the theme, “We Value Life”. The Luzon Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus announced that the “Walk for Life” will not only be an annual event to dramatize its stand on abortion but it shall be the Number One priority that would be instilled in the hearts and minds of every knight. The theme “We Value Life” will be a rallying slogan as we will protect life from conception to its final moments. The song “Habang Maybuhay” will be a reminder to every knight of its lifetime duty to protect the unborn.

Visayan Knights ‘Walk for Life’ By Bro. Junjie Navales Cruz THE Visayas Jurisdiction spearheaded the WALK FOR LIFE prayer-rally simultaneously in the cities of Cebu, Iloilo and Tacloban on March 21. Adopting the theme “Barug Filipino! Panalipdi Ang Katungod Sa Kinabuhi Ug Pamilya” (Pro-Life Activism, Every Filipino’s Concern), more than two thousand knights, members of the academe, parish-based organizations and other civic groups marched and prayed in support of the Church’s Pro-Life Advocacy against the threats brought about by House Bill 5043, otherwise known as the “Reproductive Health (RH) Bill”. Cebu Archbishop Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal officially endorsed and urged the Catholic faithful to support the activity. Jaro, Iloilo Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, President of the Catholic Bishops

Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) conveyed appreciation for this noble work of the Knights of Columbus in the Visayas “especially at this point in time when the so-called ‘enemies of life’ seem to be gathering forces”. Archbishop Jose Palma of the Archdiocese of Palo, Leyte, also expressed his full support for the activity. Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson in his message sent through the Visayas Jurisdiction Office urged brother knights “to pray that the Philippines will remain a place of faith and family values”. Brother knights and other Pro-Life advocates, braving the afternoon sun, brought with them placards and streamers as they marched through the city streets of Cebu, Iloilo and Tacloban. During the concelebrated Pontifical Mass in Cebu, Bishop Emilio Bataclan, Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu, reminded the faithful to always pursue activities

Knights of Columbus members and motorcycles escorting the Walk for Life march.

that protect the sanctity of life and the family. After the mass, Visayas Deputy, Bro. Dionisio R. Esteban, Jr., formally welcomed the WALK FOR LIFE participants as he reiterated the commitment of the Knights of Columbus Visayas Jurisdiction to the Pro-Life stand of the Church and the various resolutions passed during the 126th Supreme Council Convention in Quebec, Canada, geared toward “BUILDING A CULTURE OF LIFE”. The resource speakers, namely: Cebu City Councilor Edgardo C. Labella, a brother knight and a lawyer, assailed the morality and constitutionality of the Reproductive Health Bill while Dr. Rene Josef C. Bullecer, Country Director of Human Life International (HLI) acknowledged the efforts of prolife congressmen, especially Deputy House Speaker Raul Del Mar, even as he cautioned the WALK FOR LIFE participants to be vigilant and actively pursue opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Council of Jaro, Iloilo City joining the Walk for Life advocacy.

By SK Hernando Jordan

In the Tacloban leg of the activity organized by Eastern Visayas Regional Deputy, Bro. Dalmacio Grafil, Guest speakers have been invited namely: Dr. Susan Ida and Rev. Fr. Oscar Lorenzo. Dr. Ida, a renowned physician in the city, lectured about the “Culture of Life” while Rev. Fr. Lorenzo stressed that pro-life advocacy “is not a Catholic issue but a Human Rights issue.” The WALK FOR LIFE and the pro-life advocacy of the Knights of Columbus was featured in various local community newspapers, radio and television news. There was also a Pledge of Commitment To Life and ceremonial burning of a copy of HB 5043 led by Dr. Bullecer. The prayer-march-rally’s finale was a choral singing by selected pre-schoolers who sang “Yesterday’s Dream” wholeheartedly as their humble contribution to the Pro-Life advocacy.

Mindanao ‘Walk for Life’

HUNDREDS of Brother Knights from different assemblies and councils and truckloads of students from 10 universities, colleges and schools assembled in front of Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC) along Sta. Ana Avenue on March 21 for an experience of a lifetime. The Mindanao ‘Walk for Life’ began at 1:30 p.m., led by two motorcycle escorts, followed by the 4th Degree Knights in their Colorful Regalia, and the 4th degree members in their white barong tagalog in baldric. Marching behind were the various council members who came from as far as Davao Oriental, Tagum City, Panabo City, Digos City and Davao City. Students followed by members of various Church organizations marched behind. Members of the Family and Life Apostolate (FLA) led the praying of the holy rosary while riding a vehicle with sound system owned by District 18. About three to four hundred members of the Legion of Mary decided not to participate in the walk but went directly to the San Pedro Cathedral. A mobile patrol car of the PNP tailed

Fourth degree members in their white barong tagalog in baldric.

Fourth degree Knights marching in their colorful regalia.

the long march which ended at the San Pedro Cathedral where a holy mass was celebrated at 3 p.m. The main celebrant was Davao Auxiliary Bishop George B. Rimando, DD, with Rev. Fr. Orlando Angelia, DCD, as Co-Celebrant. Mindanao Deputy Bro. Sofronio R.

Archbishop of Davao and Sir Knight Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Knight. FLA secretary, Sis Lilia B. Aventurado introduced the guest speakers for the event: Rev. Fr. Orlando Angelia, DCD. Director of Family and Life Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Davao and Ele-

Cruz said the opening remarks during the short program that immediately followed after the Mass. He also read the messages of support from Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo, Archbishop of Jaro and CBCP President, Archbishop Fernando R. Capalla, DD.,

onor de Borja – Palabyab, M.D. FPOGS, Obstetrician and Gynecologist of San Pedro Hospital, Davao City. Both speakers had openly expressed their advocacy for life and recognized the moral repugnance that many have for the Reproductive Health Bill.

The Cross Vol. 13 No. 8  

KCFAPI, KC Pro-Life!

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