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Charity, Unity, and Fraternity: our Road Map

CHANCERY GROUND BREAKING Bishop John Corriveau operates the excavator to break ground at the site of the chancery offices located next to St. Charles Garnier.

by Stefan Farrow Acting Grand Knight •••

As Knights of Columbus we are charged with the duties of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. These charges provide us with a road map for our order. This map helps us care for the Church, her family, and all those in need around us. We should remember that we are Knights no matter where we are; at work, at home, at play, and when worshiping. Our actions should always present the best image of the order and we must remember that we lead by example. We are a visible presence in our church and community and together we have the power to affect real change in the world. Together we can make a difference. All to often it is forgotten that the true power that we have to affect this change is in our actions and not in our financial contributions. We know now that we are receiving less “gaming” money from the government and it can only be expected to continue to decrease. However, we should not see this as a road block, nor a detriment to our

Some of the spectators at the ground breaking listen to a most inspiring speech by Bishop John Corriveau.

Charitable efforts. Instead we can seize this as an opportunity to show our Unity by coming together to find new and old ways to be charitable to our community. We are “One Body” with all of the community of saints. This fraternal year we will be looking at increasing our program activities and moving forward with a membership drive targeting

candidates under the age of 35. The stated mission of St. Joseph Elementary school is an excellent example of the values of the order and how we should act. It reads: “In Faith and Unity we Love, Learn, and Lead. So Brother Knights I challenge each of you to take up the mantle of Christ and lead this council to a successful and fruitful year.

EVENTS: THE FUTURE AWAITS Pancake Breakfast Sept. 26 2010 Ladies Night October 15 2010 Christmas Social November 26 2010

Save Creation Day - Parish Event — September 19th 2010 - After 10:30 Mass

Membership Blitz - Please volunteer to help with the various membership blitz activities in October and November — October and November 2010

All events can be viewed on our website at: m

September 2010 Council Newsletter  
September 2010 Council Newsletter  

September 2010 Council Newsletter