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Mission Celebrates 150th Anniversary On August 7th the Father Pandosy Mission celebrated its 150th Anniversary. In attendance were several dignitaries including Chief Robert Louie (Westbank First Nation), Mayor Sharon Shepherd, Father John M Malazdrewich OMI (Oblate Representative), Ron Cannon MP, Norm Letnick MLA, and the Most Reverend John Corriveau, O.F.M., Cap (Bishop of Nelson)

KNIGHTS FEED THE HOARDS Brother Knights from our council provided the dinner as a fundraiser. The BBQ was a great success and we served many hungry visitors and guest. Brother Knights gave 165 hours of their time to this project. A huge thank you to Br. Bill, Br. Tony, and Br. Gino for making this event a success. A thank you also to all Br. Knights who volunteered their time to make the day a success.

LETS EAT! Father Bart is served his drink by Brother Gino.

The Best BBQ Team! Pictured above are Brothers Rob, and Tony working the grill at the Father Pandosy Mission celebration. The team served Hamburgers, Salad and drinks and utilized the parish kitchen, and 2 commercial sized BBQ’s.

SPECIAL ORDER. Br.other Mike serves the Most Reverend John Corriveau, O.F.M, Cap, Bishop of Nelson.

It was hot, long day, but it was worth it to the smiles on so many peoples faces as they chowed down. It was a great opportunity to be visible in the community and we received many complements and thanks for our support.

NO REST FOR THE WEARY! Brother Bill working a drink station.


Knights - The Life Blood of the Order - Recruitment

OF THE MONTH Starting soon our council will be implementing a Knight of the Month program. We are looking for 2 or 3 brother Knights to sit on a committee to pick the recipient each month. If you are interested please let our Grand Knight know. It is important to recognize those brother Knights who go above and beyond. Please nominate a brother Knight today.


The future of our order and our council depends on our ability to recruit new members on an ongoing basis. This is not a difficult task, but it does require ongoing efforts. As such your executive is looking for help with several different aspects of membership recruitment. This fall we will be having a membership drive and we will need volunteers to talk to prospective brothers, answer questions, and follow up with them throughout the process. Sept 8th 2010 We hope to put together a complete 1st degree 7:00 PM St. Charles Garnier Parish team this year and this will require some work. If anyone would like to volunteer to be Brother Neil Lusta do invites on the team, or to help with the preparations all Brother Knigh ts to the celebration of his we would be most appreciative. Remember ordination to the diaconate. that the first experience of of our ceremonials that a Brother will experience is at his 1st Please show your su pport for those following th degree. Help your council give the best e path to vocations by atte impression possible to our soon to be brothers. nding th


most joyous of occa sions.


Our members are the lifeblood of the order. Help increase the strength of our council by recruiting 1 member in the coming year.

NUMBERS 2010-2011 Goal

New members

0/8 New Insurance


Charity, Unity, and Fraternity: our Road Map

CHANCERY GROUND BREAKING Bishop John Corriveau operates the excavator to break ground at the site of the chancery offices located next to St. Charles Garnier.

by Stefan Farrow Acting Grand Knight •••

As Knights of Columbus we are charged with the duties of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. These charges provide us with a road map for our order. This map helps us care for the Church, her family, and all those in need around us. We should remember that we are Knights no matter where we are; at work, at home, at play, and when worshiping. Our actions should always present the best image of the order and we must remember that we lead by example. We are a visible presence in our church and community and together we have the power to affect real change in the world. Together we can make a difference. All to often it is forgotten that the true power that we have to affect this change is in our actions and not in our financial contributions. We know now that we are receiving less “gaming” money from the government and it can only be expected to continue to decrease. However, we should not see this as a road block, nor a detriment to our

Some of the spectators at the ground breaking listen to a most inspiring speech by Bishop John Corriveau.

Charitable efforts. Instead we can seize this as an opportunity to show our Unity by coming together to find new and old ways to be charitable to our community. We are “One Body” with all of the community of saints. This fraternal year we will be looking at increasing our program activities and moving forward with a membership drive targeting

candidates under the age of 35. The stated mission of St. Joseph Elementary school is an excellent example of the values of the order and how we should act. It reads: “In Faith and Unity we Love, Learn, and Lead. So Brother Knights I challenge each of you to take up the mantle of Christ and lead this council to a successful and fruitful year.

EVENTS: THE FUTURE AWAITS Pancake Breakfast Sept. 26 2010 Ladies Night October 15 2010 Christmas Social November 26 2010

Save Creation Day - Parish Event — September 19th 2010 - After 10:30 Mass

Membership Blitz - Please volunteer to help with the various membership blitz activities in October and November — October and November 2010

All events can be viewed on our website at: m

Service Programs - Charity in Action A healthy team works best when someone is looking out for his team members. However, no team will succeed if it does not have the base support of passionate members.

Contributed •••

To make our Service Programs a success requires hard work and careful preparation. However, that does not mean that the programs can not be fun and full of fellowship.


In the gospels Jesus provides us with guidance and encourages us to spread his word to those around us. As Brother Knights we are able to bring the “Bread of Life” to those around us. We have six different Program sections each with its own unique needs. Every Brother Knight has skills that are specially suited to one or more of these areas. The executive encourages each Brother Knight to pick one Program and commit to it for this fraternal year. An important aspect is the need for Program Directors for each Service Program.

Listed to the right are the Service Programs. Those marked with a * are still in need of Program Directors to help guide them. Please take heart and step forward to take one of these essential leadership roles. Your executive will be there to support you at all times.












Active Service Programs will lead to an active, healthy council that is a shining star in the community. Our council is also in need of a Program Director to oversee and coordinate the individual Directors. These positions are critical to our mission and need to be filled. If you are interested in taking one of these positions please contact a member of the executive and offer your service today!


If you have ideas for articles or photos of events please forward them to the Grand Kn ight for inclusion in this news letter. This newsletter will be published monthly, distributed by email, and made available at cou ncil meetings and in the church lob by. Due to the high cost, it will not be mailed on a regular basis. To ensure delivery ple ase ensure that we have a curre nt email address.



The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic family fraternal service organization with 1.7 million members. It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people.

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COUNCIL 9845 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Issue 1 - September 2010

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September 2010 Council Newsletter  

September 2010 Council Newsletter