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JUNE 2012

The Knightly News Our Next Council Meeting is Tuesday June 5th at 7:00 pm GRAND KNIGHTS MESSAGE

running again. Thanks for stepping always sought. Please help when up…..Steve. asked……With the numbers that we Our “End of the Year” banquet is now have, it really should not be a set for Sunday, June 10th 4pm at the problem. City Grille (downtown Clermont) Finally I want to thank all the following the Officers Installation. Officers, Directors, Committee See Jim Laria for tickets. Please try to Heads, Brothers, family members and attend. especially our Ladies Auxiliary for all This is my last Grand Knight’s that you guys did for me and our messa ge. Following the Council Council……..simply put, it would not elections on June 5th a new Grand work without a combination of all Knight and Board of Officers will be your efforts….I sincerely thank you.

Peter Capece Grand Knight We h a d a w o n d e r f u l G o l f tournament this past month. I want to thank the committee for their many hours of diligent work that resulted in the most successful “Charity Golf Tournament” to date. Special thanks to Tony Giamboi whose hard work led the “Team” in this great effort. To ever ybody who helped….Brother Knights, Ladies of the Knights, thanks so much for all that you contributed to this annual event. Outstanding effort by all……….. Please try to attend our June Council meeting Tuesday, 6-5-12…. We will have a 1st degree at 7pm in John Bosco Hall. The regular meeting and Council Election will follow the degree. Please arrive by 6:45.

installed on June 10th. It has been a high honor to serve as your Grand Knight these past two years. The trust and confidence that you placed in me was a humbling experience. I feel that I had a ver y successful tenure. There were goals that I set at the start and I can honestly say for the most part they were achieved. Starting with a serious effort to reach 200 + membership, achieving Star Council (twice), creating our own First Degree Team, participation in Special Olympics Bowling, November’s Anniversary Dinner where selected members were recognized, Children’s Christmas party, participation in the City of Clermont’s Christmas parade, started a Ladies Auxiliary, added a social & education portion of our monthly meeting, revived our Squires Circle by adding adult leaders, and established t wo C o r p o r a te C o m m u n i o n s & Memorial Mass. Thanks to a great team and many genuine loyal Brothers & family members these objectives were accomplished.

In the last four years the Council Thanks to Steve Spartz, a brand has come a long way…..from a dozen new Brother, our Church parking lot or so at a meeting to 50 or 60 that shuttle cart (at the 10am Mass) is n o w a t t e n d . O u r e v e n t s h a v e expanded and the need for help is

To our incoming Grand Knight, I wish you much success and offer my assistance whenever needed. You have a good team and a great Council behind you. God Bless you….. Vi v a t Je s u s ! Pe t e r P. Capece, Grand Knight

Important Message: Due to the Feast of Corpus Christi we will not have our Council meeting on Thursday June 7th. We w i l l m e e t o n Tuesday, June 5th at 7pm….in John Bosco Hall. The June 5th meeting is our last meeting of our fraternal year.



Lecturer –Jack Wallace- 407-654-0338, Donut Sunday Chair- Manny " Colon-352-227-9149,407-902-9451, H Y P E R L I N K C h a p l a i n - Fr. Ro b e r t We b s t e r 3 5 2 - 3 9 4 - 3 5 6 2 , Ladies AuxiliaryPhyllis Capece-352-243-0393,772-538-3882, Tr u s t e e Ro b e r t Britten - 3 5 2 - 3 9 4 - 4 0 4 7 , 3 5 2 - 9 8 8 - 3 0 6 5 ,

Fo r q u e s t i o n s o r information regarding Council business, or if you would like to help in any way please call Grand Knight Peter P. Capece- 352-243-0393, cell 772-571-7084, or e m a i l . Trustee- Joe Nowicki-352-394-4255, For membership or dues information , pocket name badge or Council license Trustee- Charles Crane- 352-241-9868, plates -please see Allen J. Venezio, " Financial Secretary & 1st Degree team Capt. Membership Director- Steve Cruz Call 3 5 2 - 6 3 6 - 0 7 74 , 3 5 2 - 4 3 2 - 5 6 7 5, 3 5 2 - 5 5 2 - 1 9 5 8 - m a i l For questions on Knight’s insurance or the Council’s Newsletter : Call Field Agent - Don Gelinas Home Phone 3 5 2 - 4 0 4 - 6 3 6 8 , Pro d u c e r o f t h e C o u n c i l ' s n e w s l e t t e r. " Producer of the Council’s newsletter and website.

JUNE 2012

to order Council shirts see Brothers Ed Oliveira at 352‐989‐4401, and John Granucci at 352‐243‐0889 or 352‐250‐8224, and his email

Admissions Committee Chair.-John Pro te a u 3 5 2 - 2 4 2 - 0 7 5 8 , e - m a i l S q u i re s C i rc l e – E r i c Pa l m e r 3 5 2 - 3 9 4 - 5 0 04 ,

D e p u t y G r a n d K n i g h t Ji m L a r i a Fa m i l y D i re c to r – L a r r y B a r b e r Please keep the following sick (Retention Chair) 407-435-2325, " 3 5 2 - 5 0 8 4 3 3 9 , 4 0 7 - 6 9 4 - 6 0 1 4 , and distressed Brothers and their family members in your Chancellor-Don 352-315-4166

Mo r r i s s e y Community Director- Luca DelVerme prayers. e - m a i l 407-256-3716,

C h u rc h D i re c t o r Tre a s u re r - To n y G i a m b o i 407-342-8243, -352-241-7671 , "

- Jo e

Cr uz

Advocate – Rosario Sulsenti -407Pro-Life Director- Fred Rosenthal 469-3939, " 630-926-3109, 352-394-0778

Re c o rd e r – Ja m e s Ve n e z i o - 3 5 2 - 3 4 3 - 1 5 5 3 , 3 5 2 - 5 5 2 - 74 8 0 " Health Ser vices Chair- Robert Gonzalez-352-243-3751,

Rita Tusing in hospital and on the death of Norma Nichols, requested by Jim Brown, Pat Comber requested by Bob Peraza, Wife of Brother Knight Philip Johnson, requested by Sean Rocha, Patricia Cruz with back issues requested by Steve Cruz. Warden – Mike Dybicz -352-243-3203, " Assembly #3025 Faithful Navigator

Pe t e r S t a u d e r - 3 5 2 - 2 4 1 - 0 2 3 5,

Inside Guard & Youth Director-Frank Regiacorte 352-429-2025,407-538-6490,

District Deputy- Bruce GilettOutside G u a rd Al Ve n e z i o 4 0 7 - 5 6 6 - 8 4 8 6 - 3 5 2 - 2 4 3 - 6 0 8 6, 3 5 2 - 6 3 6 - 2 7 0 0, "



JUNE 2012


Coming Events Calendar

Worthy Officers and Brothers All: Happy summertime! With the commencement of the summer season, we also get ready to usher in a new set of officers to serve for the next year. Congratulations to Jim Laria, my predecessor at Financial Secretary, for being elected to serve as our eighth Grand Knight. He will do a fantastic job and we are lucky to have such a dedicated Knight assume the helm of our Council.


June 10 , (Sunday).... Officer’s Installation and “End of the Year Dinner” at the City Grill Downtown Clermont. .

At this time, however, I think it is fitting to spend a Allen Venezio moment talking about our retiring Grand Knight, Peter Capece. Pete has dedicated over half of his life to the Order. He's a Life Member who has served as an officer in the positions of Treasurer, Deputy Grand Knight and, currently, as Grand Knight. He has worked tirelessly on our behalf and he definitely deserves the title of "Worthy" Past Grand Knight. May our Council continue to make you proud as we build on the firm foundations you have set for us. I also would like to thank you for your confidence in me as I have juggled a difficult year with my job, my masters degree and family illnesses. It takes a village to run this Council and I'm proud to be one of the villagers! I would also like to offer up a congratulations to my good friend and mentor in the Order, SK Robert Britten, who was just elected as Faithful Navigator of Assembly #3025. No one deserves such an honor more than you, my brother, and I am proud to serve as your Scribe. Good luck on your new appointment. Thanks to everyone who ran the golf tournament. We had a record 104 golfers and it was a great event which raised more money than any previous year. A special thanks to Chairs Tony Giamboi and my dad, Al Venezio, for all they did to ensure the success of the project. While I am thanking people, I wanted to take one last opportunity to thank you all for your support of the Clermont Middle School Band. By buying chocolate or coming out to Pizza Hut spirit night, you are helping to support young people in their pursuit for music education. When you are advocating on the phone with your legislators, please also plug music and the arts in our public schools. May 29th marked the 95th birthday of SK President John F. Kennedy. A member of Council #64 - Bunker Hill, President Kennedy earned his fourth degree and was an active member of the order. President Kennedy, the first and only Roman Catholic elected to the presidency, remained a Knight until his untimely death by assassin's bullet on November 22, 1963. Coincidently, our current Vice President, Joseph Biden, is the first Roman Catholic to be elected to the Vice Presidency of the United States. Looking ahead ... it's time for dues again!! You will get a dues notice within the next two to three weeks. Please be sure to remit those dues sooner rather than later. A new travelling card will be issued to you at the August meeting for those who have paid their dues. May God continue to bless you all and may he continue to bless the Knights of Columbus. Vivat Jesus! Allen



JUNE 2012

Some Things To Ponder Cover two people with one policy In this month’s article, I want to discuss a type of life insurance product with which you might not be familiar. This product offers a way for you to help your heirs meet estate settlement costs without subtracting from the total value of your estate. After all, you’ve worked hard to accumulate wealth or build a business over the years and you want to pass along that value to your family, charity or church in its entirety. To this end, the Knights of Columbus designed a Survivorship Universal Life (SUL) product. SUL is a second to die, or survivorship, life insurance program that covers two people, (usually husband and wife) and the death benefit is paid upon the death of the surviving second person — which is normally when an estate would be taxed. This can be an important part of an estate plan. Donald F. Gelinas

Keep in mind, an SUL policy is one policy that covers two people. This has advantages, including a lower cost than two individual life insurance policies. It is a great option for a married couple with children. It can provide funds for the legal guardians chosen to care for children in the event both parents die, which is especially attractive to parents of a special needs child. If you have a child or children, you need life insurance. If you intend to pass on any property or wealth, you need life insurance. A SUL policy is one option that we can discuss when we meet for an insurance review. Knights of Columbus Insurance The Bob Gitto Agency Donald F. Gelinas, PGK Cell: (863)-370-3738 Office (352) 404-6368 mail to: Donald.Gelinas@KofC.Org Visit My Web Site At:

Knight of the Month Anthony Giamboi

Congratulations Tony !!!!!!!



JUNE 2012

LADIES OF THE KNIGHTS Good Morning Ladies, Remember there will be NO meetings for June, July and August (which will be a dinner meeting to be announced for 8-2-2012).   The person who was going to schedule the dinner for the Ladies only will be out of town at that time,  We will need someone to schedule this dinner, if you can do it please contact me at 352-243-0393 or email at  

Some of you have volunteered to help at the Church's Ice Cream Social scheduled for July 20th. I will send those who have signed  up a reminder as soon as I have more of the details.  

For those who are waiting for badges and/ or shirts they have been ordered and when they come in I will contact you, and advise the cost for each.   Just a reminder that on June 10, the Knights are having their end of year banquet at City Grille your husbands have the details (in newsletter and emails were sent), it is a social affair for ALL the Knights and their Ladies.  Hope to see you there 

Hope this has helped bring you up to date with all the end of year events.

Reminder that Lucille Costello will be scheduling the Knights Social Dinner for July 19, place TBA.  Your spouses will know where it will be, since it appears in their newsletter (Knightly News) on the computer.  

Have a good, cool, happy and safe summer.   Phyllis Capece




JUNE 2012

only after the fetus was already My intent tonight is to provide formed, which was usually at the you with some factual information end of the first trimester. relating to the histor y of ·         But then in During the May meeting I was abortions, highlight some current the 17th Centur y sperm cells, a s ke d to statistics on who is getting when examined under a p r e s e n t a abortions and conclude with a few microscope showed a fully formed b r i e f suggestions you can use to support human being and it was then that overview of Pro-Life in America! most Catholics were o u r excommunicated if they engaged   C o u n c i l ’s in the act of abortion. We should all be familiar with Pro-Life ·                 No w, t h e p r o g r a m . the historic 1973 Roe versus Wade history of abortion in America can Fo r m e i t S u p r e m e C o u r t d e c i s i o n b e t r a c e d b a c k to t h e e a r l y was a great overturning a Texas interpretation American colonies. The people of opportunity o f a b o r t i o n l a w a n d m a k i n g this time were totally against any to step in abortion legal in the United States. kind of abortion until well into the f r o n t o f The Roe versus Wade decision 19th centur y. In fact, it wa s a b o u t 5 0 held that a woman, with her considered a misdemeanor if you m e m b e r s doctor, could choose abortion in had an abortion after what was a n d t a l k earlier months of pregnancy called quickening (feeling life). about Pro- without restriction, and with Also, most states considered the L i f e . restrictions in later months, based child in the womb to have legal M a n y on the right of privacy. rights even after the death of the members came forward afterwards   mother. and requested a copy of the Now this may surprise you… ·         In the United speech.  And regrettably, there BUT abortions have been around States, abortion laws began to were some members who were not for thousands of years … appear in the 1820s, forbidding able to attend the meeting and   abortion after the fourth month of thus did not get a chance to hear D i f f e r e n t r e l i g i o n s h a d pregnancy. the presentation.  So for my June’s Pro-Life Corner I am d i f f e r e n t t e a c h i n g s a b o u t ·         And, through submitting my speech in print and abortions. the efforts primarily of physicians, as always welcome your comments American Me d i c a l ·         Abortion was t h e and thoughts… Association, and legislators, most most common in ancient Greece abortions in the US had been and Rome,   o u t l a w e d b y 1 9 0 0. In f a c t , ·         The Assyrians “I believe my purpose as our abortion had been banned at any Council’s Pro-Life Director is to impaled women on stakes for time during pregnancy (except direct our focus on education and attempting abortion, when necessar y to save the provide thought provoking ideas ·         The Jewish woman's life) by every state in the relating to Pro-Life issues. Talmud which is the central text Union. of mainstream Judaism taught the   ·                 Ho w e v e r, Unfortunately, too often those fetus is not a person and has no in1962, there was an organized on the extreme far-right or far-left rights, effort toward legalizing abortion, ·         In the year partly because of the problems side of this issue have distorted and harmed the credibility of 1312, The Church in the Council of associated with those “back- alley” those who are discussing their Vienne embraced the view that individuals who performed illegal Pro-Life or Pro-Choice positions. abortion was considered homicide abortions.

Pro Life Corner by Fred Rosenthal



JUNE 2012

·         52% are ·         Catholic younger than 25, women account for 31.3%, (That is ·         32% are aged almost 1/3 of ALL abortions) 20-24,

·         Jewish women ·                 2 0 % a r e account for 1.3%, and teenagers and ·         Women with no religious affiliation obtain ·         Girls under 15 23.7% of all abortions. account for 1.2%.

Eleven years later on January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court decision overturning a Texas interpretation of abortion law, making abortion legal in the United States.

Since the Roe versus Wade decision and according to recent studies from the Alan Guttmacher In s t i t u t e and Planned Parenthood’s Family Planning Perspectives here are a few current AND rather disturbing statistics regarding abortions in the United States …

·         Also let me ·         The point out that 18% of all abortions remaining 48% of all are performed on women who abortions are obtained by identify themselves as "Bornwomen 25 or older! again/Evangelical".   ·         While white ·         An estimated w o m e n o b t a i n 6 0 % o f a l l 43% of all women will have at least abortions, their abortion rate is 1 abortion by the time they are 45 we l l b e l o w t h a t o f m i n o r i t y years old. women. ·         47% of all ·         Black women a b o r t i o n s a r e p e r f o r m e d o n are more than 3 times as likely as women who have had at least one white women to have an abortion, previous abortion. and   ·         Hispanic He r e i s a l i t t l e b i t o f women are roughly 2 times as information that relates to likely. abortion coverage and WILL   definitely change with the new ·         64.4% of all health care mandates: abortions are performed on nevermarried women; ·         Right now,

·               Ma r r i e d ·                 E a c h y e a r women account for 18.4% of all there are 1.37 million abortions abortions, and performed in the United States… ·         Divorced ·                 T h a t i s women account for 9.4% of all approximately 3,700 (thirty-seven abortions. hundred) abortions per day…  

48% of all abortion facilities provide services after the 12th week of pregnancy. ·         9 in 10 managed care plans routinely cover abortion or provide limited coverage.

·         155 per hour…

·         About 14% of ·   all abortions in the United States ·                 3 e v e r y 69.7%...Almost 70%... of women are paid for with public funds, minute… who have an abortion in the virtually all of which are state ·                 A n d , 3 0 United States call themselves funds. abortions during this 10 minute CHRISTIANS… ·         16 states presentation! ·         Wo m e n already pay for abortions for some identifying themselves as   Protestants obtain 37.4% of all poor women. abortions in the U.S.;  



JUNE 2012

2.     Avoid radical Pro- $7500.00 Life groups!   3.     Don’t yell “PRO1 - Foursome at Walt Disney LIFE” in a crowded room! World Golf Course 4.     Understand you have NO RIGHT to tell a woman what to do!

4 - Disney Park Tickets 2 - Disney Water Park Tickets

1 - Foursome at Palisades Golf 5.       Offer Club encouragement to women who 1 - Foursome at Sanctuar y are pregnant! Ridge Golf Club 6.     Forgive and love 1 - Foursome at Falcon's Fire ALL women who had an Golf Club abortion! A n d f i n a l l y, t h e m o s t 5 - Foursomes at Celebration disturbing statistic I found…Why 7.     Support politicians Golf Club does a woman decide to get an who are Pro-Life! abortion???? 1 - Foursome at West Orange 8.     Encoura ge our Country Club priests and church leaders to ·         ONLY 1% of continue to speak on Pro-Life 1 - Autographed Photograph of all abortions occur because of rape issues! Orlando Ma gic Player: Hedo or incest; 9.     Un d e r s t a n d Turkoglu 6% of abortions occur because go ver nment doesn’t regulate   of potential health problems morality…Morality is taught at + many more fabulous prizes regarding either the mother or HOME!  And finally…   child, and 10.  Understand, Believe, and At the end of play each golfer ·         93% of all Obey God’s 5th Commandment!” enjoyed a fabulous Prime Rib abortions occur for social reasons   L u n c h a t t h e C l u b Ho u s e (i.e. the child is unwanted or Fred J. Rosenthal (D'Amato's Ristorante)  inconvenient). Pro-Life Chairman   There is much more Pro-Life information available to you but I hope this brief presentation will get you to start thinking about those 3,700 (thirty-seven hundred) abortions that happen EVERY DAY.   All I am asking TONIGHT is that as a Christian, a Catholic, and a Brother Knight you consider the follow 10 suggestions:   1.     Educate yourself on God’s gift of life!

15722 Green Cove Blvd. Clermont, FL 34714-3109 Cell: 630-926-3109 Alternate: 352--394-0778

The Golf Classic

Ever y Golfer was given a Door Prize that was valued between $5 to $25.   Looking forward to next year being even bigger and better.

We had 104 Golfers and a Tony Giamboi and Allen g r e a t t i m e Venezio, Co-Chairs. was had by all. We had   some great prizes that people took home: We made a little o v e r



JUNE 2012

J une is an important month and time for the election of

Officers. Please vote and take a part in the future of our council. Election of Officers will take place at our June Meeting. Nominations will be accepted and taken right up to voting time.

Grand Knight

Steve Cruz Ramon Aviles

Our Next Social

Because of the year end banquet the next social will be held in July.

Its Time For the Year End Banquet End of the Fraternal Year Banquet will be held at City Grille on Montrose street in Clermont on Sunday June 10, after the installation (approximately 4:00 PM.) City Grill has agreed to open exclusively for us. The cost is $20.00 per person and includes choice of Prime Rib, Chicken, grilled fish and includes complete dinner, salad, desert and non alcoholic beverages, and all tax, gratuity, etc., however alcoholic beverages are available at a cash bar. See Jim Laria, DGK, for tickets and dinner choice. Jim can be reached by phone at 352 243 3292 or 407 435 2325, or email . Thank you Brother! VIVAT JESUS Jim



JUNE 2012

Congratulations to our 12 Brothers who made their 2nd and 3rd Degrees on May 5th at the Leesburg Council #5644. Our new 3rd Degree Bothers are:

Glenn Koch, Julio Puerto, Steve Spartz, John Berendes, Jason Dauta, Joe Mortillaro, Bob Tuzzo (3rd), Jack Kennedy, Noel Vargas, Don Blews, Sean Rocha, Phillip Johnson-Smith. Members who made the trip were: Ernie Little, Serjohn Barber, Steve Cruz and Peter Capece. Special thanks to our membership Director Steve Cruz for putting this all together. Thanks…

Front Vehicle Plates are available at Council Meetings or by contacting Don Gelinas at They sell for $15.00 and are made of a quality material. 2011



Grand Knight - Peter Capece

Deputy Grand Knight - James Laria

Chancellor - Don Morrissey         

Recorder - Jim Venezio

Treasurer - Anthony Giamboi        

Advocate - Rosario Sulsenti

Warden - Michael Dybicz         

Inside Guard - Frank Regiacorte

Outside Guard - Al Venezio        

Lecturer –Jack Wallace

Third Year Trustee - Robert Britten

Chaplain - Fr. Bob Webster

Second Year Trustee - Charles Crane

Financial Secretary - Allen Venezio

First Year Trustee -Joe Nowicki





The Communicator Our Next Assembly Meeting is Thursday July 12th at 7:00pm

Dear Sir Knights

Peter Stauder Faithful Navigator

Well we had a good turnout for the May meeting and voted in an outstanding group of Officers. You will all recognize our new Faithful Navigator SK Robert (Bob) Britten. Bob comes to this position with a wealth of experience in the Knights and in our Assembly. He will make a great leader and has already assembled a great team.

As members of Assembly 3025 we should all strive to attend the Installation of Officers on June 10th at 3 PM. If you have not met the Worthy Master SK James Schonefeld please come out say hello and give him and his wife a welcome to Blessed Sacrament. Your Color Corps and Color Guard were very busy in May and the feedback has been fantastic. Our First Communion children and Parents were in awe of the show we put on in honor of their reception of this great Sacrament. We paid tribute to the “Greatest Generation” with the raising of Old Glory at the new World War II memorial in downtown Clermont and made the local news papers. Then your Color Guard was selected to “post Colors” at the Florida State Knights Convention. And ending with Memorial Day Services at Waterfront Park.

T h e Installation of Officers is to t a ke p l a c e a t 3 P M o n Ju n e 1 0 t h i n Jo h n Bosco Hall. Fo l l o w i n g the Installation by our Worthy District Master J a m e s Schonefeld we will j o i n  B l e s s e d Sacrament Council 13240 at the City Grill f o r a d i n n e r. Tickets can be obtained from SK Jim Laria.

I am no longer amazed by the requests we get because the professionalism of all in the Color Corps and Color Guard speak volumes about your pride and patriotism. More to come in the coming months so keep the regalia sharp.   Pete Stauder





Our Officers for the 2012 - 2013 Fraternal Year

Faithful Navigator Robert Britten Faithful Pilot John Proteau

Faithful Captain Jim Laria

Faithful Friar Rev. Robert Webster Faithful Comptroller Donald F. Gelinas

Faithful Admiral Rosario Sulsenti

Faithful Scribe Allen J. Venezio

Faithful Outer Sentinel Michael Dybicz

Faithful Purser Neal Sabina

Faithful Inner Sentinel Frank Regiacorte

Trustee 3 years Peter Stauder

Trustee 1 year Peter Capece Trustee 2 yrs. Donald Morrissey



How Did Flag Day Get Started ? The Fourth o f Ju l y w a s traditionally celebrated as A m e r i c a 's birthday, but the idea of an annual day specifically celebrating the Flag is believed to have first originated in 1885. BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher, arranged for the pupils in the Fredonia, Wisconsin Public School, District 6, to o b s e r v e Ju n e 1 4 ( t h e 1 0 8 t h anniversar y of the official adoption of The Stars and Stripes) as 'Flag Birthday'. In numerous magazines and newspaper articles and public addresses over the following years, Cigrand continued to enthusiastically advocate the observance of June 14 as 'Flag Birthday', or 'Flag Day'.


Society of Colonial Dames of of Flag Day exercises. On June America on April 25, 1893 adopted 14th, 1894, under the auspices of a resolution requesting the mayor this association, the first general public school c h i l d r e n's celebration of Fla g Day in Chicago was held in Douglas, Garfield, Humboldt, Lincoln, and Washington Parks, with more than 300,000 children participating.

of Philadelphia and all others in authority and all private citizens to display the Flag on June 14th. Leach went on to recommend that thereafter the day be known as 'Flag Day', and on that day, school children be assembled for appropriate exercises, with each child being given a small Flag. Two weeks later on May 8th, the Board of Managers of the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of t h e Re v o l u t i o n u n a n i m o u s l y endorsed the action of the Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Dames. As a result of the resolution, Dr. Edward Brooks, then Superintendent of Public Schools of Philadelphia, directed that Flag Day exercises be held on June 14, 1893 in Independence Square. School children were assembled, each carrying a small Flag, and patriotic songs were sung and addresses delivered.

On June 14, 1889, George Balch, a kindergarten teacher in Ne w Yo r k C i t y, p l a n n e d appropriate ceremonies for the children of his school, and his idea of observing Flag Day was later adopted by the State Board of Education of New York. On June 14, 1891, the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia held a Flag Day celebration, and on June 14 of the In 1894, the governor of New following year, the New York York directed that on June 14 the Society of the Sons of the Flag be displayed on all public Revolution, celebrated Flag Day. buildings. With BJ Cigrand and Following the suggestion of Leroy Van Horn as the moving Colonel J Granville Leach (at the spirits, the Illinois organization, time historian of the Pennsylvania known as the American Flag Day S o c i e t y o f t h e S o n s o f t h e Association, was organized for the Revolution), the Pennsylvania purpose of promoting the holding


Adults, too, participated in patriotic programs. Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of the Interior, delivered a 1914 Flag Day address in which he repeated words he said the flag had spoken to him that morning: "I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself." In s p i r e d b y t h e s e t h r e e decades of state and local celebrations, Fla g Day - the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777 - was oďŹƒcially established by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson on May 30th, 1916. While Flag Day was celebrated in various communities f o r y e a r s a f t e r Wi l s o n's proclamation, it was not until August 3rd, 1949, that President Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14th of each year as National Flag Day.





Your Assembly Color Guard In Action. These Photos were taken on Saturday Morning during the candidates “March-In”. May 5th, Orlando, Fl - 4th degree Exemplification.





Our Assembly Color Corp with the honors of Raising the Colors at the recent Clermont WW II Museum dedication. (photos by Elsie Overbay)



Members of the Color Corps at “Prayer Sword” during the invocation by our own Peter Capece at the annual Memorial Day Services in Clermont. Below, Corps Commander, Don Morrissey accepts the flag from the Girl Scouts prior to placement on the veterans memorial table. (photos by Elsie Overbay.)



2011 - 2012 Assembly Officers Navigator…Peter Stauder Captain….Jim Laria Pilot….John Proteau Admiral…..Rosario Sulsenti Comptroller…Donald F. Gelinas Purser…Neal Sabina Scribe….Alan J. Venezio Inner Sentinel…Michael Dybicz Outer Sentinel…Robert Britten Chaplain....Rev. Robert Webster 3 yr Trustee…..Donald Morrissey 2 yr Trustee….. Joe Nowicki 1 yr Trustee….Peter Connley

Birthdays in June Sebastian Sabina 06-01 Peter G Stauder 06-10 Leslie J Panek 06-12 Francis J Kovar 06-15 Charles R Crane 06-16 Gerald Crocker 06-16 Jean A Gauthier 06-22 James A Maubach 06-22 Gregory W Leanza 06-25 Richard C Small 06-25


June 2012  

Council Bewsletter

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