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The Knightly News

Blessed Sacrament Council #13240, Clermont Florida

August 2013

A Message From Our Grand Knight, Jim Laria Brothers,

for the summer, the 3rd Sunday, wear your Council shirt to Mass. This is to let the Parish know we exist. It is also a way to help Brother Cruz in recruiting.

The Council will meet at the regularly scheduled First Thursday of the month which is AUGUST 1st. I will be attending the Supreme Convention, so our Deputy GK, Frank Regiacorte will conduct the meeting in my absence. Please give him your attention and cooperation. The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM, however, a video of the awards banquet will be shown starting at 6:30 in the small Knight’s room. I encourage those who attended, and those who missed the dinner to watch it and enjoy the look back.

Upcoming is our Pasta Dinner, October 19. No September date was available and this was the soonest we could hold it. At the August meeting, Brother Regiacorte will be circulating signup sheets for the sale of tickets after the masses prior to the dinner. We are allowed the Portico 10/5&6 and 10/12&13. Dinner tickets should be available. Brother Fred Costello, our Financial Secretary has ordered the membership cards from Supreme. They may not be available at the August meeting, but remember your card is valid for entrance to the meeting for 90 days (until September) provided your dues are current. Those cards not distributed at the meeting will be mailed as soon as dues is received so please respond as soon as possible.

There will be a memorial for Peter Casey on Saturday, August 10th at 1:00 PM. Please try to attend and wear your Council Shirt if you will not be in Regalia.

Keep in mind if any brother is in medical or financial stress, we have the capability of continuing him on our rolls. Contact myself or the Financial Secretary in strictest confidence and we will make the arrangements.

On August 23rd, mark your calendar for an “unveiling” of the Papal Blessing the Giamboi’s brought back from Rome for our Council. Hopefully Father Bob and Father Ponce will be in attendance. It will be followed by an extra “social” gathering for all Council Knights and their families. It will be at 7:00 PM in the Ministry’s building. Refreshments will be provided. Speaking of Socials, this month our regular social is August 15th at Little Anthony’s on Hwy 27 in Minneola. They gave a us a large donation for the golf tournament and we need to show our gratitude. Wear your Council shirt.

God Bless!

Jim Laria, Grand Knight

September 22nd is our Corporate Communion. Please plan on attending. Brother Steve Cruz has volunteered to once again take on the challenge of recruitment. He is planning a blitz culminating with our corporate communion. Please cooperate and sign up to assist him. He will have details at the August meeting. Although we have cancelled “donuts”

Our Next Council Meeting is Thursday The council meeting will be in Ministries Building. 7:00 pm


August 1st.

The New Adult

IMPORTANT CONTACT NUMBERS For questions or information regarding Council business, or if you would like to help in any way please call Grand Knight Jim Laria- 407-435-2325 or e-mail


For membership or dues information , pocket name badge or Council license plates -please see Frank Costello

Call 352‐243‐9515 407‐312‐4109 For questions on Fraternal Benefits and Insurance or the Council’s Newsletter or Website: Call Field Agent - Don Gelinas Home Phone - 352-404-6368, Deputy Grand Knight

Lecturer – Peter Connelly

Community Director352‐243‐1129 407‐902‐9451

Inside Guard Serjohn Barber Outside Guard- Ramon Aviles 407‐656‐2167 773‐490‐5041 Chaplain- Fr. Robert Webster352-394-3562, Trustee- Elliot Ogden 352‐243‐0396 Trustee- Peter Capece

Frank Regiacorte 352‐429‐2075 407‐538‐6490e-mail

352‐243‐0393 772‐571‐7084

Chancellor- Steve Cruz 352-432-5675, 352-552-1958-

Trustee- William Overbay Treasurer - Tony Giamboi -352-241-7671 , " Advocate – James Venezio --352-343-1553, 352-552-7480" Recorder – Mc Robbie, Steven B Warden – Larry Barber

Family Director – Larry Barber 407-694-6014,

321-439-6893 Membership Director- Admissions Committee Steve Cruz 352-432-5675,352-552-1958mail- Youth Director- Frank Regiacorte 352-429-2025,407-538-6490, Squires Circle – Larry Barber407‐ 694‐6014" 2

Jack Wallace 407‐654‐0339 Church Director -Joe Cruz 407-342-8243, Pro-Life Director- Peter Stauder Health Services Chair- Robert Gonzalez-352-243-3751, Donut Sunday Chair- Manny Colon-352-227-9149,407-902-945 1, Ladies Auxiliary- Phyllis Capece-352-243-0393,772-538-38 82, to order Council shirts see Brothers Ed Oliveira at 352‐989‐ 4401, and John Granucci at 352‐243‐ 0889 or 352‐250‐8224, and his email Assembly #3025 Peter Capece 352‐243‐0393 772‐571‐7084 District Deputy- Robert Britten

Financial Secretary’s Corner by Fred Costello

Remember, if you have a change of address, a new phone number, or a new e-mail address, please send an e-mail to me; or write a note and hand it to me at any Council meeting or event. Please print clearly. Thank you!

All Invoices Have Been Mailed

Brother Fred Costello,


Financial Secretary

During mid-July, invoices were mailed to all Council members required to pay dues for the 2012 -2014 Fraternal Year. If you believe you should have received an invoice, and did not receive one, please send an e-mail memo to me ( at your earliest opportunity.

Cell: 407-312-4109

As you know, our Council is faced with ever-increasing operating costs. These costs are paid for with proceeds from fund-raising events conducted throughout our fiscal year – and, of course, with our dues. Please send your dues to me as soon as you can – thanks! KofC Supreme required that new membership cards could not be ordered until July 1st. They were ordered. As soon as they arrive, I will fill in the blanks and prepare them for distribution. They will be available for you to pick up at Council meetings. This will help us save postage costs. As required, cards will also be distributed by mail.

Our Next Social Thursday, August 15th , 7 pm    "Lil Anthony's Pizza "  205 N Hwy. 27 Minneola .  Please email 

Hi Ladies, See you in September Phyllis Capece

Please remember in your prayers the following brother knights and family members. Brother Denny Caroll who will be undergoing back surgery The daughter of Brother Larry Barber, Sandra Sawyer, who has undergone cancer surgery and his sister Dorothy Yost, who after a stroke suffered a heart attack. Father Ponce nephew Julius, just 12 years old, passed away recently from food poisoning at school.Also his brother, Dennis,also in the hospital with the same issue. Mike Kenny, underwent by pass surgery or call 352-241-7671 3

$5000.00 Donation Made to Russell House. On Monday July 15th members of the council presented a check to the Russell House. Proceeds were from the Annual K of C Golf Classic. Present for the presentation were Joe Nowicki, Tony and Kay Gamboi, Diane and Jim Laria and Phyllis and Peter Capece


T h e P ro - L i f e Corner by Peter Stauder

law that prohibits abortions in the 20th week of pregnancy, requires abortion clinics to be certified as surgical centers and increases regulations on doctors and abortion inducing drugs. We are moving ahead!

Dear Brother Knights

it again- the fight is not over.

On to another life issue! A recent Orlando Sentinel highlighted a problem with the implementation of the Advanced Directives we write to specify our end-of –life wishes. Seems there was a do-not –resuscitate order issued for a patient at a Medical Center, the Doctor’s knew it but somehow the directive was not transferred with the patient to the Nursing Home from the hospital. The patient now at the nursing home was “found gasping for air; paramedics were called, performed CPR, a tracheotomy and injected the patient with drugs to restart her heart. The daughter was forced to make a decision she shouldn’t have had to make: to remove the mother’s ventilator and allow her to die.”

Well folks the fight on Health Care is not over. I said that last month and I say

A number of things have happened in the last few weeks as we get closer to the August implementation date of the “new rules” for implementation. First, the Administration has delayed the implementation of certain provisions for another year. Seems as though the federal government and the states still have a number of issues to work out and the delay is supposed to let both of these entities and the potential people impacted work through the health insurance exchanges and other provisions. Along with this delay was the issuing of the final ruling by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services on the religious organizations that challenged the law based on its forcing them to violate their moral codes. The Catholic Bishops are reviewing the new changes and have yet to say they are in agreement but it does appear to improve the position of the religious institutions.

If you have a directive, and you should along with a medical power of attorney, your loved ones, your attorney and health care provider must know about it and where it is. Keep all involved in your care informed. Having just gone through this I can assure you it is important for you and your loved one.

As ever, Vivat Jesus!

Additionally, Hobby Lobby Inc. has received an injunction from a federal judge in Oklahoma temporarily exempting it from the requirement in the 2010 Health Care law that requires it to offer its workers insurance coverage for birth control and abortion inducing drugs. Hobby Lobby is arguing its case under the First Amendment- Freedom of Religion. Lastly, Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill in to


William Overbay Congratulations Bill

Council License Plates are always available through the Newsletter Editor by calling 352-404-6368 or drop an email to The cost is $15.00 per plate and look excellent on the front of your vehicle. 5

Vivamus nec nunc

Curabitur auctor, erat mollis sed

fusce, turpis vivamus a dictumst

Year of Faith Pilgrimage to America’s Catholic Church In observance of the Year of Faith, Catholics from throughout the East Coast will gather in pilgrimage, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Popularly known as 'America’s Catholic Church,' the Basilica is the patronal church of the States and its preeminent Marian shrine. The date is also the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the Basilica’s 56-bell carillon, which was a gift of the Knights of Columbus. The pilgrimage begins with Mass at noon, followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, recitation of the Rosary and renewal of the Order’s consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Benediction and a carillon recital will conclude the activities at approximately 3 p.m. Confessions will be available from 10 a.m. to noon. The Year of Faith is designed to renew the faith of Catholics so that we will be credible, joy-filled witnesses to the Risen Lord in the world today,

capable of leading others to faith.

The goal of the Year of Faith is to foster a deeper practice and witness of faith, as well as a deeper understanding of the truths of our faith that Jesus — the foundation of our faith — revealed. To do this, Catholics are encouraged to participate regularly in the sacraments, advance in personal prayer, participate in pilgrimages to sacred sites and improve their knowledge of the Church’s teachings, particularly through study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Knights of Columbus has a long history with the National Shrine. The K of C provided $1 million for the construction of the campanile, known as the Knights Tower, which was dedicated in 1959. Four years later, the organization donated a carillon of 56 bells. On the day of the dedication (Sept. 8, 1963), Archbishop Patrick O’Boyle of Washington said, “To the members of the Knights of Columbus, in the name of the bishops of the country, I say we are deeply grateful for this wonderful gift. Long after we are gone, this tower and these bells will be paying honor to God and to his Mother.” The K of C also established a $1 million endowment in honor of Past Supreme Knight Luke E. Hart to promote Marian devotion at the National Shrine and to preserve and maintain the Basilica. For more than 30 years, Knights have funded, coordinated and staffed an usher ministry there. Since 1989, the K of C has regularly funded televised liturgies and other spiritual broadcasts from the Basilica. Most recently, the Knights donated $1 million for the installation of a mosaic depicting the Incarnation of Christ in the Great Upper Church. Please join Knights and their family members to worship, pray and renew the Order’s consecration to Our Lady. Sunday, September 8, 2013 Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 400 Michigan Avenue N.E., Washington, D.C., 20017 Pilgrimage highlights include: • Solemn Mass at 12 noon with Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore • Remarks by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson • Marian Meditation by Archbishop Gerald Lacroix of Québec, Primate of Canada • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with recitation of the Rosary • Rededication of the Order to the Blessed Virgin Mary • Carillon and Choir Prelude; Carillon Postlude • Confessions available 10:00 a.m. – noon • Pilgrims will be eligible to acquire a Year of Faith Plenary Indulgence The goal of the Year of Faith is to foster a deeper practice and witness of faith, as well as a deeper understanding of the truths of our faith that Jesus — the foundation of our faith — revealed. To do this, Catholics are encouraged to participate regularly in the sacraments, advance in personal prayer, participate in pilgrimages to sacred sites and improve their knowledge of the Church’s teachings, particularly through study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Also I will try to set up at least one First Degree in our district per Month. We need to recruit at least one new member per council per month that is the States Goal for the year. Retention is foremost on the States agenda retention of a a member is a 12 month job not just the three months that we usually try to retain them. If you know of a brother who has fallen by the way side please reach out to him and see if you can help him back to the group remember these are your brothers . Also if you know of a brother who has fallen on hard times but may be to proud to admit it please let someone know so we can keep him in the group we have ways to help without letting everyone know.

News From The District Deputy District #24 by Bob Britten

Worthy Brothers I have just returned from Tampa where we had our organizational meetings for the state. The weekend was full of classes that are going to help us through the year. After all the classes we were installed as District Deputies at a Mass. It was a real thrill to have been chosen to lead our district.

I will try to keep all of you up to date on what is going on in our area and our state.

We will have our own district meeting at our Bldg. on the 24 th of August all four of the councils that I am servicing will send there officers to have some of the same training we had. Foremost on the agenda is recruiting and retention these are two of the topics that will be addressed at these meetings. Also the State webmaster will be there to give us all the help we need to use the state web sight to our advantage.

Some Things To Ponder. F r o m Y o u r Fraternal Benefits Advisor D o n Gelinas Protecting your family… business? You already know that the Knight of Columbus is here for all your personal and family financial protection needs, but did you know that the Order can help secure your business too? As your Knights of Columbus field agent, I can help you protect the continuity of your business for years to come.

Also for you who don" t .now Our new District Warden is P. G. K Don Gelinas who I know will do a great Job. May the good lord watch over us all as

we do his work.

Vivat Jesus. Bob

Business insurance is the term used in the insurance industry to describe the use of life insurance and disability income insurance to solve certain financial needs of businesses and their owners. The products offered through the Order can cover many needs, such as: Economic loss to the business when a key employee dies;

the Knights of Columbus can offer. With protection for the family, the business, the farm, retirement, long term care and disability coverage, the Knight of Columbus truly is your shield for all the elements of your life. Donald F. Gelinas PGK, FIC

Disposition of a business owner’s interest upon death or other separation from the business; and

352 404-6368

Attraction and retention of valuable employees.

If you’ve worked hard to establish a business, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn about the opportunities that 7

For 38th consecutive year, A.M. Best reaffirms top A++ rating for Knights of Columbus

No North American insurer more highly rated For the 38th consecutive year, the Knights of Columbus has earned A.M. Best’s highest financial strength rating, A++ (Superior). Established 1882 as a fraternal benefit society, the Knights of Columbus has worked since its inception to help members protect their families’ financial futures. What began as a “pass-the-hat” benefit program has grown into one of the nation’s premier insurers. The K of C now offers a diverse portfolio of permanent and term life insurance, disability income insurance, annuities, and long-term care programs to members and their immediate families. In addition to the Knights of Columbus’ strong market presence in Catholic communities in the United States and Canada, A.M. Best, a global leader in the rating and analysis of insurance companies, also cited the Order’s large network of local councils and “consistently positive statutory ratings, excellent persistency and a solid level of risk-adjusted capitalizations” as positive ratings factors. The report also observed that the Knights of Columbus’ continued growth in membership reflects its wide geographic coverage, expanding network of local councils, and variety of fraternal benefits. “Earning A.M. Best’s top rating again this year underscores the strength of our sustainable business model, despite the slow recovery and continued economic uncertainty,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “We have continued to outpace the industry, reflecting a growing flight to quality.” He added: “A.M. Best’s top rating for almost four decades is a testament to our commitment to our mission of protecting Catholic families, our excellent sales force made up exclusively of members of the 8

Lecturer's Notes by Peter Connelly

This being the case, can Christian faith pro- vide a service to the common good with regard to the right way of understanding truth? To answer this question, we need to reflect on the kind of knowledge involved in faith. Here a saying of Saint Paul can help us: “One believes with the heart” (Rom 10:10).

This encyclical published July 5, 2013 is perhaps the first one ever authored by two popes, or as Pope Francis indicates prepared by four hands. It is named Lumen Fidei (The Faith of Light).

In the Bible, the heart is the core of the human person, where all his or her different dimensions intersect: body and spirit, interiority and openness to the world and to others, intellect, will and affectivity. If the heart is capable of holding all these dimensions together, it is because it is where we become open to truth and love, where we let them touch us and deeply transform us. Faith transforms the whole person precisely to the extent that he or she becomes open to love. Through this blending of faith and love we come to see the kind of knowledge which faith entails, its power to convince and its ability to illumine our steps. Faith knows because it is tied to love, because love itself brings enlightenment.

As most encyclicals are, this one is fairly “heavy” reading and doesn’t present as concise a definition of Faith as Vatican I provided: Faith is the supernatural virtue whereby under the inspiration and help of God’s grace we believe that what He has revealed is true not because of the intrinsic truth of the matters grasped by the natural light of reason but because of the authority of God Himself revealing, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. (Vatican I)

Faith’s understanding is born when we receive the immense love of God which transforms us inwardly and enables us to see reality with new eyes.

Here are some excerpts from the encyclical which can be found on the Vatican Website at: http:// documents/papa-francesco_20130629_enciclica-lumenfidei_en.html

The unity and integrity of Faith The unity of the Church in time and space is linked to the unity of the faith: “there is one body and one Spirit... one faith” (Eph 4:4-5).

The ecclesial form of faith

Faith is one because it is shared by the whole Church, which is one body and one Spirit. In the communion of the one subject which is the Church, we receive a common gaze. By professing the same faith, we stand firm on the same rock, we are transformed by the same Spirit of love, we radiate one light and we have a single insight into reality.

Faith is necessarily ecclesial; it is professed from within the body of Christ as a concrete communion of believers. It is against this ecclesial backdrop that faith opens the individual Christian towards all others. Faith and Truth Unless you believe, you will not understand (cf. Is 7:9) [Septuagint]. Because God is trustworthy, it is reasonable to have faith in him, to stand fast on his word. He is the same God that Isaiah will later call, twice in one verse, the God who is Amen, “the God of truth” (cf. Is 65:16), the enduring foundation of covenant fidelity. Today more than ever, we need to be reminded of this bond between faith and truth, given the crisis of truth in our age. In contemporary culture, we often tend to consider the only real truth to be that of technology: truth is what we succeed in building and measuring by our scientific know-how. truth is what works and what makes life easier and more comfortable. Knowledge of the truth and love 9


COUNCIL OFFICERS Grand Knight - Jim Laria


Third Year Trustee - Elliot Ogden

Deputy Grand Knight - Frank Regiacorte

Second Year Trustee - Pete Capece

Chancellor - Steve Cruz

First Year Trustee - Bill Overbay

Recorder - Steve McRobbie

Chaplain - Fr. Bob Webster

Treasurer - Anthony Giamboi

Financial Secretary - Fred Costello

Advocate - James Venezio Warden - Larry Barber Inside Guard -Serjohn Barber Outside Guard - Ramon Aviles Lecturer – Peter Connelly

Newsletter Editor and Webmaster: Donald F. Gelinas Council Website:

Council Meeting Schedule ** Council Meets at 7pm on the 1st Thursday of each month in the New Adult Ministries Building. ** The Assembly Meets #3025 (4th degree) at 7pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the New Adult Ministries Building. ** Social Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at an announced restaurant. Officers, Trustees and Current Chairs meet on the last Thursday of the month at 7pm in the New Adult Ministries Building. Mailing Address: Knights of Columbus Council 13240 P.O. Box 121061 Clermont, Fl 34712-1061


The Communicator Blessed Sacrament Assembly 3025, Clermont Florida

August 2013

A Message From Our Faithful Navigator, Peter Capece community. Any schedule would be somewhat tentative since the Assembly gets requests throughout the year. However the schedule would certainly help our Brothers in planning their availability for participation.

Dear Sir Knights Our July Assembly meeting went very well. I appreciate the input from our Sir Knights and the Assembly Officers in assisting me in my first meeting at the helm of our Assembly.

The Annual Audit has been completed and filed thanks to the efforts of our Purser Neal Sabina and Comptroller Don Gelinas….thanks Brothers….its appreciated. The next Assembly meeting is Thursday, August 8th. We meet at 7pm. in the new ministry building, come by and check it out. Assembly Officers who are unable to make this meeting or any meeting should call or e-mail me directly.

The Assembly approved a gift for Blessed Sacrament’s departing Associate Pastor Fr. Cromwell Cabrisos. Also approved was the purchase of an American flag for Blessed Sacrament’s outdoor flag display. Following the July meeting I mailed a $150 check that was previously approved, to our State’s Wheelchair Program Chair.

See you on Thursday, August 8th…….. Vivat Jesus, Pete

At the state Convention in May, the Assembly purchased two cases of “Keep Christ in Christmas” tree ornaments. Special thanks to Brother Mike Breza who has volunteered to handle the ornament sale for the Assembly. The plan is to sell them for $3.00 each, starting in September. The State Master has informed me that there will be a 4th Degree exemplification in Cape Coral on August 17. If you know of a Brother that is interested in taking the 4th degree, please contact me.


I have asked our Color Corps Commander SK Don Gelinas to provide a schedule for the entire year of requests made for our Assembly’s Color Corps. The schedule to include, requests from both the diocese, and our parish, as well as from the


Below are the Masses for 2014 which the Assemblies Honor Guard has been requested: Confirmation – February 9, 2014 at 12 PM Mass

August Birthdays

Easter - Assistance with Collections at Easter Masses in JBH, to Church or JBH in between Masses - April 20, 2014 (8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM)  (3-4 Knights to assist with collection at each Mass,  ·

Merville W Albrecht

First Communion – May 3, 2014 at


4 PM Mass, 7 PM Mass · First Communion – May 4, 2014 at 12 PM Mass, 5 PM Mass


Corpus Christi Celebration – June 22, 2014 at 5 PM Mass (4 to assist carrying canopy over Blessed Sacrament in the procession, 4 Knights serving as honor guard, to walk with canopy in regalia)

08-02-1924 John P Proteau 08-02-1934 Lawrence D Barber Glenn E Koch 08-23-1960 Frank J Germonto 08-24-1942 Carl D Townsend 08-24-1936 Allen James Venezio 08-25-1948


2013 - 2014 Assembly Officers Navigator…Peter Capece Captain….Jim Laria Pilot….John Proteau Admiral…..Frank Germonto Comptroller…Donald F. Gelinas Purser…Neal Sabina Scribe….Alan J. Venezio Inner Sentinel…Michael Dybicz Outer Sentinel…Frank Regiacorte Chaplain....Rev. Robert Webster 3 yr Trustee…..Robert Britten 2 yr Trustee….. Peter Stauder 1 yr Trustee….Don Morrissey Corps Commander Don Gelinas

August 2013  
August 2013