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Strong as a team The market leader qualities and competencies of the SCHLEIFRING group

EXPLOITING POTENTIAL: Training measures for users STUDER TECHNOLOGY: Ideal results instantly COUNTRY SPECIAL – TURKEY: Machines between Occident and Orient


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Know-how is everything

Dear Readers, The EMO in Hannover, Germany, was again an exhibition of machine tool building. The companies of the SCHLEIFRING group also demonstrated their capabilities over approx. 1,000m² - with a large number of innovations, amongst other things. In order to develop innovative types of technology until they are ready for the market in a quick and high-quality manner, high levels of technical competence are required. Therefore, we pool the strengths of the individual SCHLEIFRING companies and fully exploit synergies. This comprises both the transfer of knowledge of our experts and their education and further education. This is complemented by consistently high investments in research and development, as well as the integration of knowledge and experience of our customers into the development process, as intensively as possible. No other manufacturer of grinding machines is able to provide you with such a comprehensive range of machines, process solutions, and services as the

Yours sincerely,

companies of the SCHLEIFRING group. By networking our international production, service, and distribution locations, we ensure that all customers can be supported in a quick and uncomplicated manner and at the highest technical level all over the world. Stephan Nell You will find more information on these and other

Member of the Körber Schleifring GmbH

exciting topics in the current edition of MOTION.

Management Board

MOTION 02/11




MOTION 02/11




Current events from the companies


Leading trade fair The SCHLEIFRING group presented


itself at the EMO in Hannover,



Technical competence of the SCHLEIFRING group Achieving the best for the customers


Technology for everybody Grinding machines are used for many

through cooperation

day-to-day items


Quality since 1881 Dauphin Precision Tools works with HELITRONIC machines from WALTER



Grinding gap compensation MIKROSA provides improved roundness during centreless angular plunge-cut-grinding


Optical systems JUNG precision machines grind lenses for wafer steppers


Custom-made design in large size SKF Transrol produces planetary roller threads with technology from MÄGERLE


StuderTechnology STUDER software reduces processing times by 25 percent


Precise, reliable, and quick


Mobile with current

The folding spindle technology from

Electrically-powered vehicles with

SCHAUDT revolutionises the process of

Fritz Studer AG

grinding camshafts 28 43

News to use

WALTER employee Christian Marx

Practical production tips

flies the paraglide


Airborne hobby



Country special – Turkey


Machines for the boom on the

supports users with targeted

Istanbul Strait

training measures

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New chain loader from WALTER


or large diameters: Walter Maschinenbau GmbH has designed the new

chain loader 300plus specifically for automatic processing in the woodworking and metalworking industries. It is used together with the erosion / tool grinding machines HELITRONIC DIAMOND and HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND. In connection with the HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND, the new chain loader now provides a system which is unique in the world for producing and re-sharpening tools made of PKD, CBN, HM, and HSS materials. The chain loader 300plus, designed for different interfaces (HSK 63 F, HSK 63 E, HSK 63 B, HSK 63 A), is able to automatically load

A useful complement: the chain loader 300plus from WALTER

tools with a diameter of up to 320 millimetres and an individual weight of 20 kilograms. The tool loading height is an

at the maximum tool weight. The loading capacity when using tool diameters of

ergonomic 650 millimetres so that phys-

up to 160 millimetres is 35 tools; in the case of diameters of up to 320 millimetres it is 20 tools.

ical stress is kept at a minimum, even


Reasonably-priced precision


Quick measuring unit: WALTER HELISET UNO

on-contact measuring: the WALTER HELISET UNO allows control measurements directly in the production depart-

ment and provides ideal conditions for tools and grinding wheels with diameters of up to 230 millimetres and 370 millimetres of gauge length. The device bed in rigid and stable cast design forms the basis for permanent precision. The laser edge finder allows for quick positioning of the cutting edge within the measurement window. HELISET UNO is able to reach such a high level of performance thanks to image processing software with comprehensive measuring functions. Improved


tool accuracy and accurately-adjusted grinding wheel sets form the basis for higher production quality and noticeably save time and costs.


MOTION 02/11

Quick manual measurement of tools and grinding wheels Time required for programming Minimum demand of training

Quick spot check Quick focusing of the cutting edge by means of edge finder Single-hand quick adjustment


Kick off for the ORBIT series n the basis of the machines of the ORBIT series, Blohm Jung GmbH extends

The launch of the ORBIT 25 series is

its product portfolio to include a completely newly-developed series. It is

scheduled for the first quarter of 2012.

designed to set new standards specifically in the segment of small- to medium-

The variants ORBIT 36 and 48 are ex-

scale surface grinding machines and profile grinding machines. The series com-

pected to be ready for the market in the

prises three machine sizes with grinding ranges between 500 x 200 millimetres

second quarter of next year.


and 800 × 400 millimetres. For this, the customer can choose between two control variants: a professional CNC control system with controlled drives in all axes, as well as the established BLOHM easy TOUCH control system delivered together

` Advantages of the ORBIT series:

with a hydraulic X drive. The results of comprehensive market investigations in

Compact cross slide design on the

Asia and Europe were integrated into the development of the new machine series.

basis of the established BLOHM

This way, Blohm Jung GmbH ensures that the ORBIT machines meet the current

module principle

and future requirements of our customers in an ideal manner.

Best thermal and vibration-related properties due to FEM optimised

Compact innovation: The ORBIT series of the BLOHM brand will be launched in the second quarter of 2012

design of all main components in grey cast iron Hydrodynamic friction bearing for the X axis for the highest surface quality

TECHNICAL DATA OF THE ORBIT MODELS 25/36/48 Grinding range 500 x 200mm to 800 x 400mmm Feed/acceleration values: X axis: max. 40,000mm/min, 2m/s² Y axis: max. 3,750mm/min, 2m/s² Z axis: max. 4,000mm/min, 2m/s² Output spindle drive: Pole-changeable: 3.7 – 8.0kW Controllable: 4.5 – 7.0kW Wheel diameters: 200/350/400mm


In the fast lane or 10 years, the overhaul department

a minimum. A complete overhaul takes

tomer does not stand still, STUDER pro-

of Fritz Studer AG has been restoring

approximately twelve to 14 weeks, with-

vides components or entire machines for

the initial quality of grinding machines

in the framework of which the machines

hire during the overhaul period wher-

and, in doing so, prolonging the service

are disassembled completely. Compo-

ever possible. A double anniversary is

life of the machines significantly. The

nents that can still be used are re-worked;

now approaching : the 250th machine

procedures have been standardised con-

worn components are replaced by genu-

overhaul is planned for the end of 2011

tinuously and the capacities extended so

ine STUDER spare parts. The result: old

– just in time for the 10-year existence of

that the downtime of the machine for the

machines shine in new splendour. So that

production of the customer is reduced to

the production in the factory of the cus-

the STUDER overhaul department.


MOTION 02/11




Community is strength With power and passion: The SCHLEIFRING group pools its know-how

Innovational strength, technology transfer and good employees – how the companies of the SCHLEIFRING group are successfully expanding their technical know-how.


or many years, the companies of

` Specialists for all situations

the SCHLEIFRING group have been

Each brand of the SCHLEIFRING group has its technological special subject. For

amongst the leading providers of grin-

example, MIKROSA breaks new ground on the basis of continuous further de-

ding machines in the international

velopment of processes and applications for centreless cylindrical grinding

market. Even in times of economic tur-

machines. These allow for signifi cantly lower unit costs when producing nozzle

bulence, the group of companies re-

needles, amongst other things. Machines by SCHAUDT are also optimised on

mains a reliable partner for customers

a permanent basis and are amongst the best in the market regarding many

on all continents – and an important

production jobs such as processing up to four-metre long rollers. Regarding

supplier for key industries such as the

tool grinding, on the other hand, the brands WALTER and EWAG are fi rmly

turbine, tool, and automobile indus-

established. Both names are not only known for their machine concepts, but

tries, as well as the mechanical engi-

first and foremost for their unique software solutions for producing and meas-

neering industry. This has not happe-

uring, as well as virtual processing. All programmes are proprietary develop-

ned by chance, but is the result of

ments and, therefore, are perfectly adjusted to the processes. If there are how-

future-oriented strategies and innova-

ever applications for surface and profi le grinding of extraordinarily large parts,

tive machine concepts.

then hardly anybody comes close to the industry expert, MÄGERLE.


MOTION 02/11

L_S.08-13_TG_E.indd 8

28.10.11 15:21



[3] Competent partner for customers in the entire world: The SCHLEIFRING group is a reliable supplier to key industries of the manufacturing sector, for example, in the turbine [1], mechanical engineering [2], and automobile [3] segments.

These examples are representative of

to the advantage of the customers who can benefi t from broad application

the comprehensive range of services

know-how and effi cient solutions for each grinding job in this way. “This orien-

of the SCHLEIFRING group, further

tation requires passion, the highest levels of motivation and continuous

expanded by the individual companies

learning and optimising,” says Dr. Roland Rütti, managing director with

with their solution know-how. Here,

MÄGERLE and in his function as a member of the management board of the

synergies are of strategic importance.

SCHLEIFRING group responsible for the fi eld of technology. In practice, this

By systematically pooling their know-

high quality standard is complied with by means of commitment in many areas.

how, an intensive cooperation between

These are, amongst others:

the individual research and development departments, and having their

„ Research and development of innovative systems

experts from different grinding dis-

„ Highest-possible customer participation and satisfaction

ciplines collaborate closely, the com-

„ Explicit quality thinking

panies of the SCHLEIFRING group in-

„ Consequent exploitation of synergies

crease their innovational strength and

„ Worldwide service offers

effi ciency many times over. This is

„ Basic and advanced education of employees

MOTION 02/11

L_S.08-13_TG_E.indd 9


28.10.11 15:21


` Tradition comes with responsibilities

there are long-term connections to the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Sys-

The SCHLEIFRING companies have

tory (WZL) in Aachen, as well as to the Institute for Machine Tools for Manufac-

had know-how in the fi eld of mechan-

turing Engineering (IWF) of the Technical University of Braunschweig, and other

ical engineering since the very begin-

institutes (MOTION reported). The companies of the SCHLEIFRING group are

ning. In more than 100 years, they have

also active on a European level. Blohm Jung GmbH has developed new strategies

produced many milestones in the de-

for grinding materials for aeroplane engines such as titanium aluminides and

velopment of innovative precision

nickel-based alloys. In this way, the novel machine concept of BLOHM PROKOS

grinding machines (see box). Without

arose. Today, customers all over the world benefi t from the capacity of the quick

a constant willingness to invest in the

stroke grinding machine with extreme acceleration and speed values.

tems and Construction Technology (IPK) in Berlin, to the machine tool labora-

fi elds of research and development, this would not be possible. Procedures are continually researched and proc-

„The process of networking university-level research activities and industrial know-how advances the development of sophisticated technologies in a quick manner.”

esses analysed and improved in technology centres which belong to the companies. The commitment has the following objectives:

Dr. Roland Rütti, managing director with MÄGERLE and member of the management board of the SCHLEIFRING group

„ Securing the highest level of quality „ Expanding the technology leader-

ship „ Increasing the cost efficiency /

more cost-efficient production with

Furthermore, competence centres are available for customer trials. “We attach

the customer

great importance to maintaining close contact with our customers. They are

„ Developing customised grinding

solutions „ Offering a fair price-performance


incorporated intensively into the process right from the first idea,” says Dr. Rütti. In this context, the pilot customers are of particular importance. “Without them we would have never been able to implement some of the developments.”“ It is crucial that the commitment to research and development is not neglected, not even in the event of tense market situations. Therefore, the SCHLEIFRING

Here, close cooperation with research

group maintains the budget for this at a consistently high level. This will remain

facilities and universities has proven to

the case in the future as well so that innovations such as EWAG LASER LINE,

be extremely productive. For example,

BLOHM ORBIT (see page 7), STUDER S41, or the grinding centre MGC-L-140.50.90


2006 The STUDER S242 for

Pioneer of grinding machine design

turning and

The companies of the SCHLEIFRING group are known for their

grinding in a

innovational strength. For more than 100 years, engineers have

single clamping

been developing new grinding processes and powerful machines.

operation opens new perspectives

Cylindrical grinding

of economic

1908 SCHAUDT is awarded the imperial patent for the copy


grinding machine for rod-shaped components 1960 The world’s

2011 Using the grinding

first fully automatic

software HEUREEKA (see

cam shaping

also page 18) by Schaudt Mik-

machine (ACM)

rosa GmbH, unprecedented


roundness and axial run-out


accuracies are achieved during centreless angular plunge grinding


MOTION 02/11

Taking the lead: The companies of the SCHLEIFRING group promote research and development and rely on networking all grinding disciplines

of MÄGERLE (see page 26) will con-

in the meantime are the result of technology transfer and the exchange of expe-

tinue to be possible.

riences between the experts of the individual grinding disciplines. “For our customers, this means that they will always come to the right place with their grind-

` One-stop solutions

ing requirements. We offer the most diverse first-class technologies for grinding,

However, research and development

as well as customised, combined solutions, and comprehensive after-sales serv-

are only one part of the innovational

ice from a single source,” says Stephan Nell, managing director of Körber

strength of the SCHLEIFRING compa-

Schleifring GmbH. And Dr. Roland Rütti adds: “The process of networking uni-

nies. The other part is based on inter-

versity-level research activities and industrial know-how quickly advances the

group cooperation, as well as the proc-

development of sophisticated technologies.” Here, powerful machines and func-

ess of networking know-how and

tional groups, new grinding procedures, as well as easy-to-operate and produc-

employees. Many new developments

tion-supporting software are the focus. Three examples from practice:

Surface and profile grinding

Tool grinding

1925 JUNG launches the first

1953 WALTER presents the world’s first

hydraulic surface grinding

fully-automatic tool grinding machine

machine 2003 The world’s first 1997 Well-combined: For

tool-grinding machine which

the first time it is possible

has direct linear or torque

to mill, drill, and grind

drives in all five CNC axes

workpieces on one


machine – an innovation


from MÄGERLE 2011 Technological quantum 2005 BLOHM PROKOS: The

leap: With the LASER LINE,

first quick-stroke contour

EWAG sets new quality

grinding machine revolution-

and productivity standards

ises the process of grinding

for processing super-hard

difficult-to-machine materials

materials MOTION 02/11



Competence centre: Machine production for the automobile industry with MIKROSA

„ In the fi eld of cylindrical grinding,

fried Knüpfer, managing director of sales and service of the brands WALTER and


EWAG. In this way, the companies of the SCHLEIFRING group are able to provide

score points with many combined

advantages that cannot be found as easily elsewhere – from starting with world-

grinding solutions: For example, dur-

wide, local services regarding commissioning and maintenance procedures, to

ing the production of nozzle needles,

developments of special solutions, to the global supply of the customer base

the guide diameter is initially ground

with genuine spare parts and replacement components (see box below).

by machines made by MIKROSA, while the seats are processed on machines

` The success factor of employees

made by STUDER.

If nothing else, the employees are decisive for customer satisfaction and creative

„ The brands MÄGERLE, BLOHM, and

ideas. “Their know-how is our most precious asset,” says Nell. They are the

JUNG network their know-how and

experts and support the customers with their broad application know-how from

individual strengths in the field of sur-

the concept phase to the entire lifecycle of a machine in a consulting manner. In

face and profile grinding. An example

this way, they assist with the immediate implementation of innovative process-

of this is the exchange of special grind-

ing solutions. “Our motivation is to increase the competitiveness of our custom-

ing software and the utilisation of

ers,” explains Nell. Regular training and further education ensure that employees

highly diverse dressing systems for

are always up to date regarding current technological standards and that they

wheel dressing on the wheelhead or

expand their skills.

off the machine table.

In order for the knowledge gained to be benefi cial to everybody, it is collected in

„ WALTER and EWAG have a complete

special databases. This way, the engineers have access to information on differ-

offer in store for the entire tool

ent individual grinding solutions. This is useful when developing efficient software,

processing. They offer machines for

for example, as in the case of StuderTechnology integrated. Here, IT experts from

grinding, eroding, lasering, and measuring. Thus, the SCHLEIFRING group acts as a technology company and a company providing services. “We are not only a manufacturer of machines, but a solution partner for our customers on the basis of our strong brands. We are able to offer you customised performance packages for application, software, and service from a single source you would otherwise need at least two to three different companies for,” says Sieg-


MOTION 02/11

BENEFITTING FROM SYNERGIES The process of internationally networking the SCHLEIFRING companies, their services, and the know-how of their employees bring the following advantages to customers all over the world: „ Systematic identifi cation of solutions „ Process optimisation „ Worldwide services for commissioning, repair, maintenance, and overhaul processes and product support „ Quick availability of original, wear, and spare parts and entire replacement components „ Worldwide support by means of a close local network of sales, service, and application technicians in the corresponding local languages „ Effi cient solutions for every grinding job


„ Worldwide, number 1 „ Worldwide and customer-oriented presence „ Worldwide, the strongest brands


„ Broadest application know-how „ Broadest application product portfolio „ Broadest application service portfolio


„ Independent „ Reliable partner „ Entrepreneurial focus



„ Most important asset „ At home anywhere in the world „ The experts

Fritz Studer AG used the comprehensive data and incorporated application and grinding-specifi c know-how into the development. A programme now exists which is able to implement the required calculations and settings more quickly than any experienced grinder could (see also page 30).

When clamping becomes critical … Extraordinary applications demand extraordinary solutions. Many workpieces cannot be properly clamped by virtue of their unique characteristics. We develop targeted customized chucking systems.

Technical competence on site: The worldwide network of local service technicians is one of the strengths of the SCHLEIFRING group

FORKARDT SCHWEIZ GMBH Industriestrasse 3, CH-8307 Effretikon Tel. +41 52 355 31 31, an ITW Workholding Company

` Customer-oriented and powerful With its eight strong company brands, the SCHLEIFRING group is the world’s largest provider of grinding machines. It is positioned in a customer-oriented and powerful manner from an international perspective. With more than 300 contact people at 22 production, service, and sales locations, the companies of the SCHLEIFRING group are present where the customers are. With the products and services of the SCHLEIFRING group, you can operate production in a more


economic manner and con- + + + p l u e t j e n s @ s c h l e i f r i n g . n e t sistently develop it further.

+ + + w w w.schlei f r + + + WWW.FORKARDT.CH Highest quality and precision within the Ɓm range



Each tool a unique item Dauphin Precision Tool is amongst the leading providers of quality tools in the USA. Grinding technology by WALTER participates in the success story.


f you are looking for a provider of highquality end mills and thread-cutting

taps in the USA, Dauphin Precision Tool Finest surface finishes: production control of end mills with Dauphin

is your first choice. The experts from Millersburg, Pennsylvania, specialise in tools made of all types of high-performance high-speed steel and powder metal, as well as different carbide metal

` Only the best is good enough

grades such as carbide metals for

The above forms the basis for the quality standard of the Americans: “We develop

through-holes. In the course of its 130

the best carrier layer, the ideal geometry, the ideal coating, the finest surface finish,

year company history (see box on page

and the perfect properties for the customer’s specific application,“ says Dauphin’s

15) the company has produced a large

managing director Bill Coyle. In this, not only are the metal to be processed and

number of technical tool solutions, al-

the planned operations of the tool within the metal taken into consideration, on, but

ways custom-made for the processing

also the properties of the machine tool in the customer’s production. duction. “At spindle

requirements of its customers.

speeds of 30,000 to 40,000 revolutions per minute, you cannot nnot take a standard milling cutter from the shelf and expect ct the highest levels of productivity,” Coyle explains. The rule ule of thumb is: the faster something rotates, the lower the tolererance for error is and the more susceptible the part is to o irregularities in geometry or imbalance errors, for ex-ample. In short: “The quality requirements for end mills increase when the speeds and the capacities of the systems rise.”

` WALTER machines provide for quality A decisive working step in the milling cutter production is taken after tempering the tool blanks. Both for carbide and for HSS tools, front surfaces, cutting edges, and WALTER know how: the process of lapping on the machine while producing large HSS tools


MOTION 02/11

clearances must be ground. With Dauphin a five-axis WALTER HELITRONIC VISION tool-grinding machine

Dauphin‘s pride and joy: High-precision end mills made of carbide

Cooling system: specifically-arranged nozzles on the HELITRONIC VISION

Measurement data: Analysis of workpieces on a WALTER HELICHECK

provides tools with the required quality.

tom-made distributor system for the installation of rigid high pressure lines was

“The outstanding productivity of the

integrated for each grinding operation. Special high-pressure nozzles are also part

WALTER machines helps us to produce

of the precision system. “HSS steels burn quicker than carbide hard metals, even

more tools from solid material,” says

if you proverbially drown them in cooling oil. However, we have not experienced

Coyle. Accordingly, Dauphin has invested

anything like that with our cooling system,“ says Cliff Hannar, head of the engineer-

considerably in its WALTER systems.

ing and quality monitoring department with Dauphin. This custom-made coolant

“The HELITRONIC VISION machines have

supply provides a lower volume at a higher pressure. Moreover, since every noz-

extremely fast and smooth linear motors

zle is specifically oriented towards the spot where cooling is required, thermal

at their disposal, as well as a grinding

damage is avoided by the system.

motor with 30kW. This way, the best surface qualities are possible in the shortest

` Set-up times minimised

grinding times.”

The combination of grinding machines, measuring machines, and software also makes it possible to control the system with only two machine operators. The

` Cleverly cooled

grinding wheels are measured on a WALTER HELICHECK measuring machine.

Dauphin has achieved another improve-

The data is then transferred to the WALTER TOOL STUDIO software in order to

ment in efficiency in the field of cooling.

programme the grinding procedure. The 3D simulation created this way shows

With two high-pressure nozzles, the

an accurate preview of the actual grinding process that can still be optimised in

coolant jet is shot at the grinding wheel

advance, if required.

at approx. 40bar. Furthermore, a cusTherefore, on the basis of know-how and creativity, Dauphin provides what are probably the shortest production times for special tools in the industry and has evolved


into one of the largest suppliers for end mills

+++ edward.sinkora@grinding.

made of high-performance high-speed steel

com +++ christoph.ehrler@

for the demanding aerospace industry. +++


Efficient: 3D simulation and programming of the grinding procedure with HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO

The US tool specialist Dauphin Precision Tool grew out of the long-established company Brubaker Tool. The company was founded in 1881. In cooperation with its sister companies FastCut, Weldon, and Data Flute, Dauphin develops high-quality precision tools for the metal industry.

MOTION 02/11



E M O 2 011

Grinding technology fascinates the experts Booth: The companies of the SCHLEIFRING group showed a total of 22 exhibits at the EMO

The technological novelties of the SCHLEIFRING group attracted wide interest among the international expert audience at the EMO 2011 in Hannover, Germany.


Technology in detail: EExperts of the SCHLEIFRING companies explained the scope of services of their machines to visitors

or 34 years, the “Exposition Mondiale de la Machine-Outil” (EMO) has been

the most important trade fair of the machine tool industry. The international

the organisers were able to record a quite positive summary. The high proportion

event takes place once every two years

of foreign visitors again showed that the EMO is the most internationally-oriented

in Germany and Italy – once in Milan,

machine tool trade fair in Europe.

Italy and afterwards twice in Hannover, Germany. After the last EMO took place

` Huge visitor interest

in Milan in 2009, i.e. in economically dif-

For the companies of the SCHLEIFRING group, this leading trade fair was the most

ficult times, the experts now met from

successful trade fair of all time. Once again, all companies presented together at one

19 to 24 September 2011 in the state

booth. The booth attracted a large number of visitors during the entire event. As in

capital of Lower Saxony – however, this

the past, this Mecca for all prospective customers of grinding technology was located

time under a significantly more positive

in an accessible position directly behind the entrance of hall 11. At this booth, visitors

omen. This is because a large number of

could experience a complete range of different grinding machines. Occupying approx.

companies in the industry currently face

1,000 square metres, 22 exhibits from the fields of cylindrical grinding, flat grinding,

a positive order situation. This high de-

and profile grinding, as well as tool grinding, were available. First and foremost, the

mand for investment goods was also

product novelties of the SCHLEIFRING group attracted wide interest. Thus, EWAG

clearly noticeable at the EMO. This way,

presented their novel laser processing and STUDER presented their new cylindrical


MOTION 02/11

grinding machine S41 in the 1,000 and 1,600 variants in Hannover for the first time. A further novelty attracting the interest of the visitors was the flat and profile grinding machine ORBIT from BLOHM. Furthermore, at the booth at the EMO the SCHLEIFRING group presented itself with the new label “Blue Competence” for the first time. The trade association “Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken” Apprentices: The multi-skill future technicians Tobias Rapp (li.) and Dominik Reber at the special exhibition of the VDW

Good talks: The high demand for grinding machines was also noticeable at the EMO

(VDW – German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) used this label to honour the activities of the group of companies in the fields of energy and resource efficiency and awarded the ecological trademark to every company.

` Grinding trainees in action However, the SCHLEIFRING group does not only campaign for sustainable economic management, but also showed its colours for trainees. This way, Expert audience: Wide interest in innovative technology of the SCHLEIFRING group

the companies participate in the “VDW-Sonderausstellung Jugend” (youth special exhibition) in hall 25. Here, young trainees of STUDER present their apprenticeship and process workpieces on a STUDER S33 on site.

At GMN, clocks aren’t ticking faster than elsewhere in the world. Considering the fact however, that we develop high frequency spindles reaching highest rpm per second, it might be assumed that our seconds last longer than usual. By now, we are developing materials and technologies that enable even higher frequencies. And maybe one day, we can even steer the rotating speed of the sweep hand.

GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG Äußere Bayreuther Str. 230 · D-90411 Nürnberg Phone: +49 911-5691-0 · 17

MOTION 01/11



A well-rounded system X axis

Z axis

Centreless grinding: The support prevents the bending of the workpieces

Thanks to a unique machine geometry and clever software, grinding machines of the MIKROSA brand provide unprecedented roundness and axial run-out accuracies in the ďŹ eld of centreless angular plunge cut grinding.


uring centreless grinding of rotationally symmetric parts, the big

challenge is the roundness of the work-

as workpiece and regulating wheel are decisive for ideal roundness during cen-

pieces to be achieved. The cause of

treless grinding.

roundness errors can be found in either the grinding gap geometry, in the work-

` Perfect roundness

piece itself, or in unfavourable machine

In order to be able to evaluate these inuential parameters and to be able to ex-

dynamics. Frequently, the individual

actly adjust the complex grinding gap geometry, Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH devel-

causes interfere with each other. The

oped the HEUREEKA software for the KRONOS machines. The programme can

angle ratios of the contact points be-

be integrated into the machine control system and is also available as PC version.

tween workpiece and grinding wheel,

As such, it is a particularly helpful tool for planning the grinding process.

workpiece and work rest blade, as well

HEUREEKA is able to analyse the causes of the polygon error and to determine


MOTION 02/11

Angular plunge cut grinding from the solid: Two operations are running simultaneously

Instrumental in the development process: Karsten Otto, chief engineer at Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH

MIKROSA KRONOS S 125: The machine can quickly be converted into a 15° angular plunge cut machine

THE POSSIBILITIES OF KRONOS S Centreless through-feed grinding Plunge cut grinding Plunge cut grinding with long stroke belt 15°/6° angular plunge cut grinding Plunge cut grinding in multiple production Grinding of multiple operations in one cycle

compensation options. That way, the

the KRONOS S series of the MIKROSA brand. For example, outer diameter and

ideal grinding gap geometry can be set

front surfaces of nozzle needles are ground in one clamping. Precise grinding of

for each processing job in order to guar-

the front surface presents a particular challenge. For this, the workpiece must be

antee perfect roundness of the work-

ground to “centre”. With the help of the software, the height of the regulating

piece. Dynamically-induced errors are

wheel and the angle of the workpiece work rest blade can be calculated accord-

consequences of the compliance behav-

ingly. In order to achieve ideal chipping, feeding the grinding wheels both in X

iour of the machine. They can be mini-

and in Z direction is required. “We have solved this problem with a cross slide

mised by means of the corresponding

system,” says Karsten Otto, Chief Engineer of Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH. “Using

structural measures such as scraping

this system, the grinding wheel can be moved in both directions. This also allows

the contact faces, compensating the

us to compensate the grinding wheel wear in Z direction. This is unique for cen-

dampening behaviour, or removing im-

treless external cylindrical grinding machines and allows for highly-precise grind-

balances. Whether they are the cause

ing of the front surfaces.” For example, for nozzle needles axial run-out accuracies

of the out-of-roundness of the work-

of the front surface of 1.5 micrometres are achieved at a roundness of 2.0 mi-

piece is clarified by the software by

crometres. Regarding turbo rotor shafts, the axial run-out accuracy is 2.0 mi-

process of elimination: if the grinding

crometres. “Furthermore, the cross slide design has an additional advantage: it

gap and workpiece geometries are cor-

makes oscillating plunge cut grinding possible and, therefore, provides an opti-

rect, the machine dynamics must be

mised surface quality of the workpieces,” says Karsten Otto. “With the KRONOS

responsible for the error.

S series we offer centreless precision grinding machines that are characterised by enormous productivity and extraordinar-

` Unique design

ily high fl exibility in connection with our

The HEUREEKA software is particularly

intelligent HEUREEKA software. That is what

+++ w w

effi cient in the field of centreless angu-

defines modern grinding machine technol-

+++ karsten.otto@schaudt-

lar plunge cut grinding on machines of

ogy, in our opinion.” +++


MOTION 02/11




It’s all about optics The production of powerful memory chips requires ultra-precise optics. JUNG precision grinding machines with customised software are eminently suitable for this.


ne trend within the semi-conductor industry persists: chips are be-

coming smaller and smaller, faster and faster, more and more reliable, and more and more powerful. Simultaneously, the high-tech components are also becoming more cost-effective. State-of-the-art photolithographic production systems, so-called wafer steppers or wafer scanners, with highly precise optical systems and lenses are the prerequisite for this. Grinding is the decisive working step for the production

Precise optics: Employee with lithography lens

of the lenses. The better the ground surface is, the lower the time required for further processes will be. Therefore, many manufacturers of optical systems decide in favour of JUNG precision

` Lenses for optics

grinding machines.

A wafer stepper optics system consists of up to 30 individual spherical and aspherical lenses (see box) made of silica glass or Zerodur ®. Depending on the

SPHERICAL LENSES Spherical lenses have the same radius in every location. On the contrary, an aspherical lens has a different radius in every location of the lens. The different curvature of the lens surface improves the imaging quality of the lens particularly strongly in the area of the margin.

system, the diameter of the lenses is 500 at the most and the height of the lenses is approx 100 millimetres. Regardless of the size, the requirements regarding run-out and dimensional accuracy are one millimetre in each case. In order to meet these requirements, the lenses are produced in several process steps: grinding, polishing, and final surface coating.

` Special software Precision grinding machines of the JUNG brand with hydrodynamic plain bearing in the X axis are used for this assignment. “In collaboration with our customer,


MOTION 02/11

Before: An optical lens made of silica glass in its initial condition

After: The optical system of a wafer stepper consists of up to 30 individual lenses

we developed a special lens-grinding

machines and the close cooperative collaboration with the application technol-

software and a special sensory sys-

ogy were decisive for the customer,” says Hußlik. “Since the introduction of the

tem,” explains Matthias Hußlik, area

JUNG machines, the company was able to improve the quality of the optical

manager for Baden-Württemberg with

lenses significantly and to decisively increase

Blohm Jung GmbH. The lens to be

the overall availability of the machines.” In the

ground is clamped to a rotation axis by

meantime, three further structurally-identical

+++ diethardt.liesack@

means of a vacuum. Depending on the

JUNG precision grinding machines manage +++

size of the lens, the axis will rotate per-

the production for the arising new orders.

w w +++


manently with up to 550 rotations per minute. The lens contours are processed by means of the belt grinding procedure with very fine diamond grinding wheels. In order to rule out or prevent as many negative effects on the surface quality as possible during the grinding procedure, corresponding measures were taken. “A special ceramic bearing reduces the oscillations of the spindle, which is furthermore permanently monitored by vibration sensors. Moreover, the optimised control and parameterisation of the machine axes also provide a contribution to an excellent surface quality of the lens,” explains Hußlik.

` Quality improved significantly “One of our customers initially worked on special machines with cup-grinding wheels. First and foremost, the hydrodynamic plain bearing system of our

Broad field of application: The CNC-controlled JUNG VARIO with plan bearing for highest surface quality

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Sewing machines Highly precise: The S33 from STUDER grinds gripper components for sewing machines of the BERNINA brand round

Safety for road trafďŹ c JUNG machines produce tools for the manufacture of tail lights

Refrigerators Well-cooled: Compressor shafts for refrigerators are ground by MIKROSA and SCHAUDT machines


Technology for everybody What do a turbine, a vacuum cleaner, and a PET bottle have in common? Technology from companies of the SCHLEIFRING group is used in order to produce them.


ardly anybody knows that many articles used in daily life can only be produced with the help of grinding machines. This is

not only applicable to industrial products, but also to many products such as bottles, refrigerators, and fountain pens. MOTION presents some items used on a daily basis which also include a bit of know-how of the SCHLEIFRING group.

Drill bits Quality convinces – many tool manufacturers use grinding machines from WALTER for their production


MOTION 02/11

Fountain pens Deluxe writing instrument: Fountain pens of the Montblanc brand are hand-made. The tools required for this are produced on STUDER and JUNG machines

Like a Swiss watch

While travelling

The watch industry increasingly uses precise EWAG machines in the field of housing production

Turbine blades are ground first-class on BLOHM and MÄGERLE machines

Vacuum cleaners Away with the dust: The KRONOS M 250 by MIKROSA provides for perfect shafts of the electric motor

Chain saws Sharp and powerful: Pinion shafts and chain pins are ground on KRONOS machines of the MIKROSA brand

PET bottles Light and unbreakable: Tools for PET bottles, as used by companies such as Acqua Minerale San Benedetto, are produced with the help of a STUDER S31

A good trip Machines from the SCHLEIFRING group put vehicles in gear. For example, SCHAUDT is the leading specialist for camshaft processing

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STUDER energised More electrically powered vehicles are expected around the Swiss city of Thun. The initiative is supported by the cylindrical grinding experts of Fritz Studer AG


hey are noiseless, cost-effective regarding maintenance, and environ-

mentally-friendly – electrically-powered

Using the current to drive: Fritz Studer AG is committed to electric mobility

vehicles drive without producing any CO2. The carbon-neutral technology is being promoted all over the world. For

renewable energies in cooperation with future-oriented partners from the fields of

example, the regional economy coordina-

economy, science, politics, and tourism,” says Urs Böhlen, overall project manager

tion of Thun (regionale Wirtschaftskoor-

for electric mobility of the RWK. In the fields of environment, climate, and sustain-

dination – RWK) is building an e-cluster

ability, the RWK develops groundbreaking, integral, and practice-oriented solutions

for renewable energy sources and electric

with transregional signal effect together with its partners. As its vision, environ-

mobility in the Bernese Oberland in Swit-

mentally-friendly vehicles are expected to account for approx. 20 percent of traffic

zerland. The first initiatives have already

in the region before 2025. In order to reach this ambitious objective, there still is

borne fruit: for example, Fritz Studer AG

some work to do. Fred Gaegauf, RWK president and managing director of Fritz

has expanded its fleet of vehicles by two

Studer AG: “Additional vehicle charging stations are required. We are currently

electrically-powered vehicles of the

further expanding the existing network together with a local energy provider.”

ThinkCity type. Fully charged, they have a cruising range of 160 kilometres.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, a long-time partner of Fritz Studer AG, has implemented its own electric mobility project. Professor David

` Centre for electric mobility

Dyntar of the Institute for Machine Tools and Production designed the so-called

“Our objective is to establish the eco-

SunCar on the basis of the Lotus Evora together with his students. The sports ve-

nomic area of Thun as a competence

hicle is equipped with solar modules and utilises the energy of the sun. The solar

centre regarding electric mobility and

pioneer Dyntar uses the electric vehicle for private purposes as well: “The roof of my house is equipped with 30 square metres of solar modules. After a charging

STUDER S242 The STUDER S242 is a true all-rounder: The combination processing machine combines the techniques of cylindrical grinding and hard turning in an ideal way. It produces functional surface structures and is characterised by low primary and secondary processing times. Furthermore, the operator saves up to 70 percent of the conventional processing time when using the machine.


MOTION 02/11

period of six hours, I can drive distances of approx. 400 km with solar energy.”

` S242 grinds electric motors With regard to electric mobility, Fritz Studer AG has another iron in its fire: the versatile S242 (see box) is extremely suitable for processing and producing electric motors. It allows for hard turning and grinding in only one clamping operation. “The commitment to electric mobility is near and dear to us,” emphasises Fred


Gaegauf. “Some float with the current, we

+ + + michele.fahr ni@ s t uder.c om

use it to drive.”

+ + + w w w.s t uder.c om + + +

Leading... ...results from the perfect combination of many factors

Gauging and control for grinding machines

Absolute measuring system for parts with a large measuring range

Grinding wheel balancing systems

Acoustic sensors for grinders

Please visit our website where you will find more detailed information and your nearest Marposs office. MOTION 02/11




Some like it large Within the SCHLEIFRING group, MÄGERLE engineers are the experts for the highest precision regarding large and heavy-weight workpieces. The Swiss develop customised solutions for difficult assignments – such as the MGC-L-140.50.90.

Designed for large dimensions: working area of the MGCL-140.50.90

Workpiece configuration: precision is in demand


hambéry – a French city with 57,000 inhabitants at the foot of the Savo-

yard Alps, bordered with mountains and wine-growing regions. The headquarters of SKF Transrol can be found in this scenic environment, a subsidiary of the Swedish SKF corporation. The

transmissions when compared to ball screws. The linear drives are particularly

company was founded in 1968 and is

suitable for high loads and medium speeds. Planetary rollers are used where

one of the world’s largest producers of

high loads are also in demand under diffi cult conditions - for example, in the

planetary roller screw drives. In such a

fields of aerospace and automotive manufacturing, and for presses. Classic fields

screw drive, ground rollers rotate

of application include flaps and chassis of aeroplanes, positioning systems for

around a spindle – similar to the planets

space travel, control cylinders for vehicles and construction machines, closing

rotating around a central star. Such

systems for injection moulding machines and presses, as well as final drives and

screw drives allow for higher force

cylinders in the engineering industry.


MOTION 02/11

MÄGERLE MGC-L-140.50.90 With the MGC-L-140.50.90, the experts from Mägerle AG

Ground in one clamping operation: threaded nuts for planetary roller threads

developed a machine ensuring the highest level of precision when processing in one clamping operation. The grinding centre is designed for vertical cylindrical grinding of inner and outer diameters, as well as for grinding inner threads. The workpieces are positioned and clamped on the magnetic clamping plate by means of a lifting and centring device. The machine is equipped with a 180-degree NC swivelling head with two vertical spindles. The operator can swivel it by ±20 degrees and adjust it in accordance with the thread pitch. The 24 ton machine is characterised by its high rigidity.

` Maximum precision

` Robust and quick

“For us, planetary rollers are a strategic

Planetary roller screw drives are able to accept high loads under unfavourable

market, which is why we produce them

conditions over thousands of hours of operation and, thus, are suitable for the most

on a large scale”, says Jean-Paul Girau-

demanding applications. They achieve efficiencies of up to 90 percent. A synchro-

deau, head of process and quality with

nisation mechanism provides for proper functionality at high acceleration. The

SKF Transrol. In order to meet this chal-

high pitch allows for high linear speeds. On the basis of the large number of contact

lenge, the company contacted the grind-

surfaces, the threads transmit and position high forces in a very precise manner.

ing experts of Mägerle AG. They were

The electro-mechanic lift and adjustment drives for linear movement are energy-

commissioned with the delivery of a

efficient, because they require no hydraulic oil and, thus, no hydraulic aggregate.

solution for maximum precision for very large and heavy-weight components.

` Reliable partner

The result: the MGC-L-140.50.90 – a ma-

Jean-Paul Giraudeau and the employees of SKF Transrol, who number approxi-

chine whose concept convinced the

mately 230, have set the bar very high. They intend to maintain their good market

French (see info box). “Thanks to coop-

position and continue to provide their custom-

eration with Mägerle, we have a real

ers with high-quality planetary roller screw


competitive edge when it comes to pro-

threads from Chambéry. “Of course”, he says

+++ gilbert.leutwiler@

ducing rollers with large dimensions”,

smiling, “we will continue to rely on Mägerle +++

says Giraudeau.

AG as a reliable partner in the future as well”.

w w +++

Schematic representation: the MÄGERLE MGC-L-140.50.90

Competence from Fehraltorf: the experts of MÄGERLE are always ready for new, complex grinding assignments

MOTION 02/11




An airborne pleasure

Boundless freedom: Christian Marx fl ying over the Rift Valley

Affectionat e recept ion: after hav ing landed, Chr istian Marx is sur rounded by Kenyan children

Walter employee Christian Marx likes to see the world from above. In his spare time the 35 year old regularly takes to the air with his paraglide.


solitary paraglide floats over the Kenyan Rift Valley. The paraglide

is controlled by Christian Marx, employee of Walter Maschinenbau GmbH. After four hours of fl ying over the breathtaking African landscape with

rious natives he could present his paraglide to. He even received a fair amount

waterfalls and countless bushes, he

of applause for this.

slowly lowers the aircraft. The landing site is already crowded by native chil-

` Impressive experiences

dren who have gathered in order to

Normally, Marx is not used to such an exuberant reception as in Kenya. He most-

greet the man coming from the sky.

ly flies in the Alps and particularly likes the French region of Annecy. “There, I can

Although paragliders are not an unu-

very quickly get into conversations with other paragliders,” says Marx. “The

sual sight in this region, such a landing

solidarity between the paragliders is huge. We warn each other regarding hazards

is always a welcome change for the

and provide each other with tips regarding the flying area.” The software engineer

Kenyans. Once, Christian Marx was

with the airborne hobby has already had many impressive experiences: “One day,

immediately surrounded by 200 cu-

I flew through a cloud – that was really spooky. Since then I utterly respect this.


MOTION 02/11

Another time I circled right next to a sailplane

Over the land of the Kiwis: panorama in new Zealand

and could look directly into the cockpit at the pilot,” says Marx.

` Thrill during takeoff The IT expert, who has been working for WALTER for more than ten years, started his hobby with a taster course at a flight school in Tübingen, Germany. Afterwards, he re-

Annecy: good fl ying areas for paragliders exist in the French Alps

ceived his pilot’s licence and bought his own equipment. Paragliding is not a cheap hobby: “The equipment alone costs approx. 3,500 Euros. In addition, you must pay approx. 1,500 Euros for the pilot’s licence,” says Marx. With good training, the risk of accidents is kept within reasonable limits. “I would compare it to riding a motorcycle – if you do not get too cocky, the risk is low,” says the 35 year old. Despite approx. 40 flights per year, takeoff still gives him a great thrill each time. He has even convinced his cousin to paraglide: they fly together through the Alps twice a year.

` High above the rooftops of Queenstown Normally, Marx uses his annual vacation in order to discover special flying areas. For example, he has even flown in New Zealand. “In Queenstown, it is even possible to fly directly over the town. This is not possible in dense-

ives Back on solid ground: nat mar vel at the par aglide

Kenya: village children curiously observe the European paraglider

ly-populated Europe,” says the enthusiastic paraglider. “From above, a city looks just like a model railway layout,” he adds, fascinated. However, he is still the most excited about Kenya. Marx soon wants to enjoy the sky above Africa with his paraglide again.

PARAGLIDING For paragliding, the pilot is located underneath the paraglide in a harness and is connected to the paraglide by means of ropes. Although a paraglide looks like a parachute, it is actually an aircraft. The principle is similar to that of a sailplane: the pilot flies with the

Bird’s eye view: Christian Marx looking down on the Lac d’Annecy

help of updraughts and thermals. The first real paraglide was invented in 1965 by David Barish with his 5-arched Sailwing. Just like modern sports parachutes, today’s models are based on the twolayer multi-cell parafoil parachute concept by Domina Jalbert. Up until the 1970s, paragliding was limited to quickly flying down into a valley. Further technical developments in the 1980s ultimately made true flying possible.

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Perfection at the push of a button Quick and cost-efficient: StuderTechnology saves time and money

The IT experts of Fritz Studer AG have developed StuderTechnology grinding software which instantly delivers ideal results during cylindrical grinding and simultaneously reduces the processing time by approx. 25 percent.


oday’s cameras make it easier to shoot good pictures when compa-

red to former times. As opposed to 20 years ago, today‘s cameras are able to

lect the corresponding grinding wheel. Furthermore, the cutting speed, the cooling

automatically select settings such as

lubricant, the stability of the workpiece, critical speed ratios, and the influence of

the aperture, the light sensitivity, or the

the grain size on the grinding wheel must be checked. “Even if an operator has a

exposure. There is now a similar deve-

wealth of experience, he does not usually manage to instantly set the machine in

lopment for cylindrical grinding ma-

an ideal manner,” says Erhard Kämpf, head of the department of Forms and Threads

chines of the STUDER brand.

with Fritz Studer AG. The optimum would be the setting with which the machine precisely achieves the desired grinding result and simultaneously works most ef-

` The right setting - instantly

ficiently. Normally, this setting can only be found by means of systematic tests.

Also here every component manufac-

“This takes time and, thus, is only reasonable when producing large numbers. For

tured on the machine depends on the

a few hundred units or even smaller production volumes up to single-item produc-

correct settings. First, the user must se-

tion, the operators do not normally have the time to slowly approach the perfect


MOTION 02/11

Empirical values: StuderTechnology includes the entire 100-year experience of the Swiss cylindrical grinding experts

Simple solution: as with a camera, automatic programmes adjust the most important grinding parameters

setting,” explains Kämpf. Therefore, they

additional programme contains the entire near-100-year experience of the Swiss

mostly rely on their gut feeling regarding

cylindrical grinding company. The engineers from the Swiss city of Thun supplied

the values for dimensional, shape, and

StuderTechnology with the data from countless grinding tests, for which they ap-

position tolerances, as well as surface

proached the optimum for the most diverse workpieces again and again. The result:

quality. This results in the following

in analogy to the state-of-the-art camera, a machine equipped with this system

problem: the majority of users underes-

makes many decisions for the operator. The module determines the most important

timate the machining output of a grind-

process-relevant influencing variables and the corresponding values automati-

ing wheel and, therefore, rarely dare to

cally for each processing step. “In this way, improved results can be achieved while

approach the limits of what is possible.

simultaneously shortening processing times significantly,” says Kämpf. His team

They often adjust the machine too cau-

calculated that the processing time, in most cases, can be reduced by at least a

tiously and do not utilise its full potential.

quarter with StuderTechnology. For example: using an average universal grinding

Thus, the production runs at a speed which is much slower than what is pos-


sible. This way, the companies waste large amounts of time and, thus, money.

` Savings of hundreds of thousands of Euros Fritz Studer AG has driven an innovation in this area and now offers a unique software solution that can be of significant value to companies: the grinding technology calculator StuderTechnology. This is available as a practical module of the CAM system StuderGRIND. This

Automatic calculation and design of the process parameters Direct integration of 300 machine parameters and a database Integrated grinding know-how that can be expanded, optimised, and reproduced Technological analysis, monitoring, and graphic feed curves Graphic simulation of the grinding programmes Automatic reporting for the creation of set-up plans, tool lists, additional comments, and images Time and cost calculation, quoting Reduction of the set-up times Shorter grinding times by approx. one quarter Reduction of the optimisation time towards zero Reduction of the error costs

MOTION 02/11



Full speed ahead: the material is more resilient than many grinders think

Ideal feed: StuderTechno logy det ermines the appropriat e values for each wor kpiece

machine operating in two-shifts, pro-

located on a separate computer, but directly on the machine control system. Using

ductivity can thus often be increased to

this easy-to-operate variant with a range of functions which is reduced to a work-

such an extent that a company can save

shop level, Fritz Studer AG provides the machine operators with more freedom in

large amounts of money each year. “In

their everyday work. They need only enter the material and will immediately be

this way, the purchase of the module

provided with a suggestion regarding the correct grinding material and the ideal

often pays for itself after a short period of time,” says Kämpf.

ent versions. For customers operating

”Using StuderTechnology, it is possible to achieve improved results and simultaneously reduce processing time significantly.“

their own programming office within

Erhard Kämpf, head of department Forms and Threads,

their company, the full version of the

Fritz Studer AG

` One software – two variants Recently, the grinding technology calculator has become available in two differ-

software is available. Using this version, it is not only possible to programme the machines on a PC to an ideal standard,

process parameters. Without tedious trial and error, an ideal result can be achieved

but also to display simulations graphi-

at the push of a button in a few seconds. The customer benefit is indeed so high

cally, to calculate unit costs, or to gener-

that StuderTechnology integrated will in the future become a standard part of the

ate operation schedules (see box on

basic equipment in all machines equipped with the new operating system Studer-

page 31).

WIN. In this way, customers will always

As the latest development, StuderTech-

benefit from the know-how and the

nology integrated has now been added.

grinding experience of Fritz Studer AG

+ + + er har d.kaemp f @ s t uder.c om

In this version, the software is no longer

in the future.

+ + + w w w.s t uder.c om + + +


MOTION 02/11


Das Ohr am Prozess Keeping our ear to your process

Prozessüberwachung und -steuerung für Schleif- und Kombimaschinen Process monitoring and controlling of grinding and combi machines

Prozess- / Zustandsüberwachung Process control / Condition Monitoring

Wuchtsysteme / Balancing Systems

Sensorik / Sensors

Unsere Vertriebspartner weltweit / Our Agencies worldwide SWEDEN / NORWAY ADAMANT Göteborg












DG Technology Seoul




BRAZIL GMN Brasil Ltda. Alphaville, Barueri – Sao Paulo

Dittel Messtechnik GmbH Erpftinger Str. 36 86899 Landsberg / Lech Germany

Phone: +49 8191 3351-0 Fax: +49 8191 3351-49



Fit for everyday grinding

Tapping the full potential: training users at Fritz Studer AG

The machines of the SCHLEIFRING companies can tap their potential best when users are familiar with handling the machines. A comprehensive training offer for customers from all over the world conveys important know-how. Practical: cus tomers in


fron t of a machine con trol

sys tem

he possibilities of modern grinding machines are very complex. During

setup and when programming grinding processes, comprehensive settings

be able to tap the full potential of the machines, the experts of the SCHLEIFRING

must be implemented. Even if, today,

companies recommend using the training offered. Here, the training programme

innovative software solutions and ma-

is as comprehensive and individual as the requirements of the customers.

chine control systems facilitate handling – operation remains challenging.

` Basic courses for beginners

Often, the systems work at the technical

Normally, customers are familiarised with the machines in different steps. For

limits so that operators cannot always

example, Blohm Jung GmbH does not only offer standard packages for handling

proceed with mere intuition. In order to

the user interface, but also additional training for the user software BLOHM pro-


MOTION 02/11

launched. For example, Fritz Studer AG supported the launch of the cylindrical grinding machine S41 at an early stage with the development of a specifi c training offer. However, the greatest need for information arises when new software is launched parallel to a new machine. “At the time we launched the HELITRONIC MICRO, this machine could no longer be operated with our old software, Imparting know ledge: a customer is familiarised with machine details

but only with TOOL STUDIO,” explains Jochen Reiff, head of Application Technology Germany with Walter Maschinenbau GmbH. “Back then, we not

file. “However, sometimes people with

only had to familiarise the customers with a new robot and a different axis con-

little to no previous knowledge contact

figuration, but also simultaneously with the new IT system.” Even customers who

us,” says Peter Oppelt, head of Applica-

are already familiar with the programs should make use of the offered training

tion for BLOHM and JUNG. “We offer a

measures at regular intervals, emphasised Reiff. If, for example, a new version

basic course, “Grinding”, specifi cally

of the operating software is launched, the users could continue working nor-

for them, in which we explain, among

mally with their present skills. However, the additional possibilities of the new

other things, the types of grinding

functions would only be comprehensible to them after a specifi c training course.

wheels and how workpieces are clamped. We want to provide the par-

` Before and after delivery

ticipants with a feeling for what kinds

“If possible, we recommend taking a course on the corresponding software and

of effects the change of different pa-

on handling the machine before a new system is delivered, in order to become

rameters has on the result of the work.”

familiar with all of the particularities,” explains Hans Frey, Customer Service

For beginners in the field of grinding,

manager with Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH. “It is best if the participants initially take

Fritz Studer AG has even designed a separate simulator which the participants of the basic courses can use to initially practice the first steps for different cylindrical grinding machines “in a dry run”.

` Know-how for machines and software Even for experts in the field of grinding, there are a large number of operator and programming courses in which specific know-how of certain machine types is conveyed. For example, after basic and extended training for the EWAMATIC LINE, customers of Ewag AG can also receive instructions on how to programme specifi c, complex cylindrical parts or how to set up the robots. The demand for training is always particu-

Seminar passed: Martin Theurer from WALTER (left) congratulates course participant Guido Weber

larly high when new machines are

MOTION 02/11



Learning for everyday grinding: an employee (r.) of Ewag AG with customers in front of an EWAMATIC LINE

Training cer tificat e: use rs are provided wit h cer tificat es for the course s they have pas sed wit h EWAG as well

an operator or programming course for

in the large training centres. By contrast, other companies such as Mägerle AG

the machines and, shortly thereafter, a

predominantly produce special machines which are developed exactly in ac-

specifi c software course for their own

cordance with the requirements of the customers. Training must be designed

processing assignments,” adds Stephan

correspondingly in an individual manner. “Since all machines are different, the

Frei, head of Training with STUDER.

customers are always trained by the employee who knows the system best,

However, especially when participants

including all of its specifi cations. Normally, this is also the application technician

come from overseas, these training

who is familiar with the specifi c production processes of the companies,” reports

courses are often booked in blocks due

Markus Rinne, head of Process Engineering with MÄGERLE.

to time restraints. In this case, there is a huge amount of new information at

` Training at the customer’s premises

once. It is then very helpful that there

Furthermore, training measures implemented on site with the customer form an

are frequently more lively practical ex-

important part of the training concept. This is helpful since the need for clarifi ca-

ercises than dry theoretical units for the

tion often arises during operation. Regardless of whether new employees must

participants during the seminars.

become familiar with the machine or new production jobs must be mastered with changed production procedures, the companies of the SCHLEIFRING group can

` Many practical exercises

help in these cases as well. For example, WALTER has established a global net-

“The best method of learning is to do

work of more than 50 application

it yourself,” is the motto of Peter Op-

technicians supporting the op-

pelt. Therefore, with Blohm Jung GmbH

erators directly within their com-

the customers can already stand at the

panies regarding machine han-

controls themselves and learn how to

dling all over the world. For

correctly operate the machine super-


vised by a competent person when ac-

machines, there are also targeted

cepting a purchased machine in the

training sessions in the factories

factory in Hamburg, Germany. In gen-

of the customers to refresh the

eral, training participants can practice

contents of previous training in

with exactly the machine they have pur-

real conditions. If this is not suf-

chased, or they can be provided with a

fi cient, customers can ask ques-

model of the same series. For example,

tions about their grinding proc-

at STUDER and WALTER, training ma-

esses at any time using service

chines of all models are available with-

hotlines for all brands.


MOTION 02/11

TRAINING OFFERS Basic courses grinding technology General operator and programming courses Software courses Maintenance courses The training classes last two to four and a half days and are intended for two to six participants with or without previous knowledge. In addition to the standard courses, there are individual offers and corrective training courses at the SCHLEIFRING companies or worldwide with the customers on site.

sharp by nature MOT MO M MOTION OT O TIO T ION IIO O ON N 02/11 02 //1 02 /11 11 1 1

37 3 7



The perfect shaft

Using the self-developed, patented swivelin spindle technology, SCHAUDT machines grind camshafts of any type in a precise, reliable and faster manner.


t was in 983 in Tuscany, when convert-

Daniel Mavro: Head of Technology and Proces s Engineering at Schaud t Mik ros a GmbH

ing a mechanical rotary movement

with the help of elevations (cams) on a shaft into an upwards and downwards movement was managed for the first

clamping operation,” explains Daniel Mavro, Head of Technology and Process En-

time. Without this development, the en-

gineering. With the SCHAUDT CamGrind series, for example, different bearings and

tire industrial revolution in the 18th cen-

cams can be ground simultaneously. A huge advantage for the customer – a techni-

tury would not have been possible. To-

cal challenge for the engineers, since a relatively small grinding wheel is used when

day, the camshaft is still an important

grinding cams with a concave radius. By contrast, a large wheel makes sense for

part of modern reciprocating piston en-

other areas, such as the bearings for the shaft. In order to still be able to process

gines – regardless of whether they are

the different elements simultaneously, the engineers had to come up with something

for a train or a passenger vehicle.

special. The decisive technology is their own invention from the 1990s which has continuously been further developed since then: a swivel-in spindle which can be

` Decisive invention

pivoted and guided to the workpiece within two seconds. Here, a hydraulic cylinder

Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH has been the

folding the spindle down for grinding purposes replaces an additional B axis with-

technological market leader regarding

in the machine. “With another axis, the production would by no means be as cost-

the production of camshafts for many

efficient, quick, and flexible as it is with our procedure,” reports Mavro.

years; the company has nearly 100 years of experience in this field. More than any

` Massive economy of time

other brand, SCHAUDT has perfected the

With the SCHAUDT CamGrind series, two of these practical spindles have been

process of grinding concave cams since

used lately. These can be converged very narrowly so that only a gap of twenty

then: “Our systems are suited extremely

millimetres remains between the grinding wheels. This innovation now makes

well to the time-saving complete machin-

it possible to grind up to four different cams at the same time while simultane-

ing of the most diverse camshafts in one

ously reducing the processing time by a significant 30 percent. The auxiliary


MOTION 02/11

cycles are very short as well, because the machines can be retrofi tted quickly. Thereby, suppliers of the automobile industry are able to produce camshafts for sports vehicles on one day and cam-

Cost-effi cient and quick: The swivel-in spindle from SCHAUDT reduces auxiliary cycles

shafts for a top-of-the-range model on the next. Furthermore, the double swivel-in spindle from SCHAUDT allows for relatively cost-efficient production. “In order to achieve the same effect without our technology, you would need two B axes within the machine. Our swivel-in spindle costs only a third by comparison,” explains Mavro. Another advantage is the high rigidity of the spindle which allows an output of approx. 30 kilowatts during operation. Since the variant with two grinding spindles has been available for SCHAUDT machines,

base comprises supplier companies of the automotive industry. “The attractive

the sales figures for the CamGrind series

price-performance ratio makes the product very popular with our customers. In

have doubled. Over the course of the

order for this to continue in the

last few months, the company has sold

future, we are continuously de-

machines to customers all over the

veloping the swivel-in spindle


world. First and foremost, the customer

further,” says Mavro.

+++ w w +++


MOTION 02/11




Boom region in the Middle East The Turkish economy has registered record growth. The field of mechanical engineering in this country is one of the most notable winners.


urope under its feet, Asia before its eyes: Istanbul is the only city of the

world that is located on two continents. The vibrant megacity on the Istanbul Strait represents the new Turkey, bringing in line tradition and the modern age. The economic development of the country with a wealth of cultural riches is impressive. A considerable boom with


Istanbul Ankara

The blue mosque: the house of worship with six minarets is a must for Istanbul visitors

growth rates of more than ten percent has bestowed the nickname “Tiger of the Population: Capital: Currency: GDP: GDP per capita: National language: Surface area: National holiday:


MOTION 02/11

73.7 million (2011) Ankara Turkish lira $735.8 billion (2010, nominal) $ 9,984 (2009) Turkish 783.562 km² 29 October: Republic Day

Bosphorus” on the nation which lies between occident and orient. Amongst the G20 states, i.e. the 20 largest national economies of the world, Turkey can be found in the 17th spot. Except for China, there is currently no other nation in this group of states which can record similar growth figures. Along with tourism, the mechanical engineering sector is especially booming.

` Dynamic machine market According to information provided by the Turkish Association of Machine Manufacturers Makina Imalatcilaro Birligi (MIB) and Germany Trade Invest, machines in the field of investment goods with a total value of 31.3 billion US dollars were

Traditional bazaar: tourism is still one of the most important economic sectors

Contact person on site: Atilla Aydin, Area Sales Manager of Fritz Studer AG (left) with Sinan Calik, Sales Coordinator of FORM MAKINA, at the Tatef trade fair

grossed in 2010. This corresponds to a

` Two branch offices, all brands

plus of approx. 33 percent when com-

In this prosperous environment, the

pared to the previous year.

SCHLEIFRING group is cooperating in

This makes the industry one of the win-

partnerships with renowned Turkish

ners of the most recent economic up-

market experts. The company CELIK

swing after the financial market crisis of

MAKINA has specialised in machines in

2008/2009. Furthermore, MIB forecasts

the field of tool grinding and represents

a further high need for machine tools for

the brands WALTER and EWAG. At

the medium term. One reason for this

FORM MAKINA, approx. 80 experts

development can be attributed to the

work in the fields of cylindrical and sur-

relatively old machinery in Turkey. Com-

face grinding – and represent the brands

panies are being expanded and modern-


ised across the country. The demand is


extremely high in the automobile indus-

MAKINA is supported by Atilla Aydin,


Ruins of Ephe sus: with the Temple of Artemis, the city accommodated one of the seven wond ers of the world

MIKROSA, Bridging the gap: the Istanbul Strait divides Istanbul into a European and an Asian part

try and in the fields of entertainment and household electronics. Furthermore, it


can be observed that the demand in-

Istanbul. To do so, “financing options shall be improved, the qualification basis

10 5

shall be increased, and research and development in the field of mechanical engineering shall be supported.”


33,3 Motor vehicles


Knupp from Germany Trade & Invest in

34,9 Computer/entertainment electronics

US dollars before 2023, said Marcus


15,9 Chemical industry

achieve an export volume of 100 billion

12,7 Textile industry

this development. The objective is to


8,1 Beverages

ish government has positive effects on

27,2 Electrical appliances


Moreover, a growth strategy of the Turk-

32,6 Machines and equipment

ity requirements.


19,7 Metal production

ment on the basis of the increasing qual-

Development of Turkish industrial production in 2010 compared to the previous year 2009 (in percent) 20,3 Rubber and plastic production

creasingly focuses on high-tech equip-

Source: Germany Trade and Invest, May 20101

MOTION 02/11



Minis ter Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Prime June has ruled the coun try since 2003. In ected re-el was he 2011

The other face of Turkey: skiing regions offer downhill fun from December to April. The ski slopes are partially located more than 4,000 metres high; some slopes are located near the coasts

` Motley metropolis “Istanbul is the city of dreams. All kinds of cultures with different religions have lived Area Sales Manager of Fritz Studer AG.

in this city and designed it,” says Aydin who studied industrial economics in Turkey.

He has his office in the Istanbul head-

Amongst other things, this resulted in popular buildings such as the blue mosque or

quarters of the branch office.

the Topkapi palace. Furthermore, the large number of squares and bazaars are lively

Aydin appreciates the metropolis both

places. With more than 13 million inhabitants, Istanbul is one of the most heavily

from a professional and a private point

populated cities in the world. “On average, every family has two vehicles,” says

of view - on the one hand, because the

Aydin. “The hustle and bustle is sometimes exhausting, but always very exciting. For

majority of Turkish mechanical engi-

example, you can cross the Istanbul Strait in a few minutes by means of bridges, but

neering companies can be found in the

that may also take three hours during the evening rush hour.” Aydin feels the boom

north-west of Turkey around Istanbul,

in his home country. “The Turkish machine

Bursa, and Kocaeli; on the other hand,

market is developing very quickly.” MIB fore-

the 47 year old enjoys living on the Is-

casts a plus of approx. 20 percent for this mar-

+++ w w +++

tanbul Strait.

ket for 2011 alone.

w w +++



That’s the way it goes in Turkey


eople making a business trip to Turkey

ated their dialogue partner for a long time,

relationship before negotiations have

should be aware of some conventions.

this may result in an embrace or an ami-

higher chances of success.

cable kiss on the cheek. Caution: women

Eating and drinking: Normally, the host

Dress code: In Turkey, classy clothes and

wearing head scarves do not normally

company will pay the bill. Any attempt of

a well-groomed appearance are obliga-

want to be touched by men.

the visitor to pay the restaurant bill is un-

tory for business meetings. Casual clothes

Small talk: In Turkey, it is recommend-

welcome. If the mobile phone rings while

are quickly interpreted as a lack of appre-

able to carry a large number of business

sitting at the table, it is natural to take the

ciation towards the dialogue partner.

cards with you, because they are distrib-

call. By contrast, it is deemed rude to wipe

Salutation: The most senior participant

uted extensively. Regarding their dia-

one’s nose while sitting at the table.

of a meeting must always be greeted first.

logue partners, Turks want to know with

Don’ts: During the fasting month of Ra-

The salutation is by handshake and, while

whom they are dealing and, therefore,

madan, visitors should try to avoid eating

doing so, you must look into the other’s

also talk about private matters. People

or drinking in the presence of natives dur-

eyes. If Turks have known and appreci-

who take the time to establish a personal

ing the day.


MOTION 02/11


Practical production tips The little things simplify the day-to-day grinding business – for example, products such as the universal shoe grinding attachment from STUDER, the WALTER EasyCheck measurement software, and the frequency converter options for coolant pumps on BLOHM und JUNG machines.



Universal shoe grinding attachment

Fully-automatic profile detection


oday, roller bearings are not only produced in large-scale series on singlepurpose machines – there is an increasing demand for special bearings

and, particularly, precision-bearings “just in time” in smaller lot sizes. Therefore

he alternative for manually guided

there is an increasing focus on short change-over times and a flexible produc-


tion. With its broad machine portfolio, Studer AG is prepared for this. Depend-

ment devices: using the WALTER Easy-

ing on the processing assignment, the

Check software, tool measurement

corresponding machine model is selected

and profile detection are implemented

and equipped with a universal shoe grind-

digitally and automatically via mouse

ing attachment. The unit developed in

click. Without time-consuming pre-

cooperation with the Internal Grinding

paratory work, the CNC axes are con-

competence centre in Biel, Switzerland, is

trolled completely electronically on

designed for a broad field of application

the screen with the highest positioning

and can be used on pure internal and ex-

accuracy and speed. Automatic profile

ternal grinding machines, as well as on

detection is implemented in an inter-

universal grinding machines.

active, fully automatic, and highly pre-

STUDER shoe grinding attachment: implemented on an S31 and a CT450 with WIB AG in Bulle (Switzerland)

profile projectors and pre-adjust-

cise manner. Step by step the individual details or the entire tool contour can be collected with the different profile detection functions. Mechanical


effects on the axes by means of han-

Advantageous frequency converter mode

dles or a single-hand guidance during tool measurement and profile detec-


or coolant pumps, actuation via frequency converters allows for ideal adjust-

tion procedures have gone the way of

ment via the CNC control system. This way, specific pressure stages can be

the dodo. The entire projector mode

implemented and energy saved for certain grinding processes. Traditionally, this

has been newly defined. The macro

was implemented by means of a ball cock or a bypass valve. However, if a coarse

function makes it possible to accept

grinding wheel is used for pre-grinding purposes, efficient cooling is required. If

measurement functions. The “trained”

another grinding process is implemented

measuring procedure is stored as a

with a fine grinding wheel in the same clamp-

file. Identical parts are measured

ing operation, too strong a cooling lubrication

quickly and efficiently.

m 180 160

Tool A Tool B 50Hz Tool C

140 120





Fixedly-programmable pressure stages (fi xed frequencies)


Source: Brinkmann

20 0


perfect cooling lubrication for rough grinding, no floating of the grinding wheel during fine

WALTER EasyCheck: innovative mouse function

lubricant. This results in a reduced energy

17Hz 20 40


final result. The advantages of this control: a

grinding, and lower heat input into the cooling

60 40

may have adverse effects on the geometric

consumption of the pump and the coolant 60 80 100 120 l/min

Clever cooling: exemplary characteristic curve for a coolant pump with fi xed frequencies

cooler, because less energy must be withdrawn from the cooling lubricant.

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