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At the limits of technology How MÄGERLE is developing visionary machine concepts


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Creativity and passion

Dear Readers, Our industry is still going through difficult times. Al-

LINE is 50 per cent faster than existing machines. Mean-

though there are signs of a slow recovery, returning to

while, colleagues at MÄGERLE are putting their heart

the kind of successes the industry enjoyed in the past

and soul into providing successful solutions to grinding

will involve a long, hard climb. Experts like Prof. Thomas

challenges at the cutting edge of technology – chal-

Straubhaar of the Hamburg Institute of International

lenges that many regard as insoluble.

Economics have good reason to talk about a ‘tentative improvement’. There are bound to be far-reaching

For our customers, this means being able to rely on a

changes, and many companies will not be able to with-

partner in pole position. To consolidate our position,

stand the financial pressure.

we also motivate our staff and distribution partners at special events, like the STUDER MOTION MEETING,

The SCHLEIFRING Group is responding forcefully and

and provide them with intensive training. As a result,

with creativity under its new leadership. Despite the

we are able to offer you, our customers, top quality and

crisis, we are continuing to bring out innovations and

the best possible service.

new machine concepts. EWAG, for instance, has set new standards in indexable insert grinding: its INSERT

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of MOTION.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Lütjens Head of Marketing Körber Schleifring GmbH

MOTION 01/10


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Guest article

STUDER is developing a new network of

Prof. Thomas Straubhaar on current


developments and perspectives in (tool) engineering


A Change of Management The SCHLEIFRING Group is strengthening its three areas of technology and has set up new management to do this


Five highlights New features for the STUDER S33



At the limits of technology MÄGERLE is solving visionary grinding tasks with proven assemblies, high standards and a wealth of expertise




Competitors pale in comparison The new grinding strategy of the EWAG INSERT LINE permits ever more complex


indexable insert geometries 22 21

Country special Mexico

Loading and measuring

The southern neighbor of the US has

GrindTec innovations from WALTER

developed into a top location in many high-tech industries


inspire competence center The SCHLEIFRING Group is an important


partner of the research institute

Round the world Special locations of SCHLEIFRING machines


Precise measurement lowers consumption The BLOHM PLANOMAT 620 CNC in use at the


measurement specialist Mahr

Above the clouds STUDER electrician Renato Pfeiffer is the European champion in remote


Particularly large parts

control glider acrobatics

A special area of the experts at SCHAUDT MIKROSA


Pulling in one direction worldwide Out and about at the 2010 STUDER


News to use


Practical tips for production

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New Distribution Network in Japan


Starting gun in Tokyo: Participants at the first of STUDER’s sales meetings

ritz Studer AG is currently building up a new representa-

thus laid

tive network in Japan. In November 2009, new trading

the foun-

companies with a total of 25 partners from all parts of the


country attended the first sales meeting in Tokyo. The experts

stone for

cover the Japanese market with different ranges of emphasis.

even more intensive development of the

‘From now on, we will be offering service and distribution

Japanese market, which is one of the most significant impor-

facilities even closer to our customers,’ as Miyata Ko, Sales

ters of grinding machines, despite the precarious economic

Manager STUDER Japan, says. Swiss machining experts from

situation. Major customers include machine tool and turbine

Thun provided information about the current situation and

manufacturers, as well as the automotive industry – one of

latest developments in their machining technology. STUDER

Japan’s top four sectors.


New Top Management


örber Schleifring GmbH is strengthening its three technology divisions: surface and

profile grinding (BLOHM, JUNG and MÄGERLE), tool grinding (WALTER and EWAG) and cylindrical grinding (STUDER, SCHAUDT and MIKROSA). Each of these divisions will in future be under their own management, and thus able to offer the best solutions from the whole range of Group services to meet their customers’ needs. SCHLEIFRING SERVICE will be integrated into these companies to round off the range of services they offer. The top management has been newly set up

The new management of the SCHLEIFRING Group: Richard Bauer and Gustel Baumert (left to right, standing), Stephan Nell, Heinz Poklekowski and Dr Roland Rütti (left to right, seated)

to effectively combine the advantages and strengths of the globally positioned SCHLEIFRING Group

(Chairman of the Board of Directors of Körber AG and

with the customer contact, market knowledge and flexibility

Chairman of the Management Board of Körber Schleifring

of the technology divisions. The heads of the technology

GmbH). All the brands will be continued within the technol-

divisions, together with the KÖRBER SCHLEIFRING Manage-

ogy divisions, and innovation activities will also be driven

ment Board, constitute the Executive Board of the

forward. In this way the SCHLEIFRING Group will be creating

SCHLEIFRING Group. These include Dr Roland Rütti (surface

the conditions for further growth and expanding its leading

and profile grinding), Heinz Poklekowski (tool grinding) and

position to gain an

Stephan Nell (cylindrical grinding), Gustel Baumert (Manag-

even greater mar-

ing Director of Körber Schleifring GmbH) and Richard Bauer

ket share.


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MOTION 01/10

31.03.2010 16:07:40 Uhr


New Highlights for the STUDER S33


he STUDER S33 Universal cylindrical grinder guarantees

than that, it has proved its value both in one-off manufacture

remarkably low costs per part for both internal and ex-

and in series production. But even top-sellers can be further

ternal cylindrical grinding of small and medium-sized work-

optimized, as STUDER demonstrates with the example of the

pieces. The machine can easily and quickly be changed over

S33. Five new features at once give this all-rounder even

from grinding between centers to live spindle grinding. More

more potential.

Universal wheel head: the new

smartLoad with double gripper: the

wheel head offers the possibility of

handling system loads the parts via

two motor spindles for external

a double gripper unit arranged in the

Simply navi-

grinding and an internal grinding

shape of an ‘H’ into the machine.

gate: using the

unit. This increases the already

This reduces the workpiece change-

CNC control

large number of workpiece ge-

over time from 18 to about six

Fanuc 00i-TD with integrated PC.

ometries which can be machined

seconds. The loader is suitable for

The StuderWIN operator panel on

with one clamping. Thanks to

workpieces up to 300 mm in length

the 15-inch touch screen makes a

frequency controlled drives, users

and up to 100 mm in diameter.

child’s play of programming. An

can infinitely adjust the cutting

Based on workpieces of 38 mm in

easily understood dialog program-

speed to tthe particular e ideal dea for o tthe e pa t cu a

diameter, the timed conveyor can

ming guarantees exemplary user

application. ation.

hold up to 36



New PCU2: STUDER has optimized the PCU operator panel: An enlarged, color display now

Grinding length: due to the skillful

supplies even

design of the S33, it is possible to

more information

achieve a grinding

at one glance and

length of up to one-

thus makes it

third longer than

easier to set up the

comparable machines.


MOTION 01/10

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From Visions to Reality MÄGERLE uses process know-how, high standards and tried-and-tested components to solve grinding tasks at the limit of what is technically feasible – where most competitors would give up.


ithin the SCHLEIFRING Group,

these few words perfectly sum up the Swiss machinery manufacturer’s

MÄGERLE is one of the experts

recipe for success. Safe in the knowledge that they have succeeded in

providing tailor-made solutions and

solving many diffi cult problems, the development engineers at MÄGERLE

meeting the highest standards. The

dare to challenge applications at the limits of technology where other

Swiss company always comes up with

suppliers stay clear. ‘MÄGERLE was the only company able to offer ma-

something special in order to develop

chines that are large enough to finish our turbine components in as few

ideal solutions for their customers, es-

clampings as possible. Competitors would only have succeeded by increas-

pecially when it comes to large grinding

ing constructive expenditure or by machining in more than one clamping,’

centers for machining turbine disks, tur-

says Harald Romeike, Hot Gas Path Parts Production Team Leader at gas

bine rotor ends or turbine stator vanes.

turbine manufacturer Alstom in Bexbach. The grinding centers are devel-

As a result, MÄGERLE achieves much

oped after close consultation with the customer. The special thing about

more than many competitors.

them is that there is no need to completely reinvent the machines. The clever Swiss engineers adapt tried-and-tested components to the new

` New ideas – tried-and-tested modules

machine concept. This enables them to meet all customer requirements

Process know-how, high standards, ex-

able to draw on a wide range of proven and functional components. These

perience and modular construction –

include in particular:


without substantial additional expense. The development engineers are

MOTION 01/10

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29.03.2010 12:48:37 Uhr

Highly competent engineers: MĂ„GERLE develops visionary concepts during solution development with customers


Vulput praesed te tate vullute feu feui tat,

Vel in henim irit aliquat. Ullamet, sectem venisisisit luptat dolore molor irillaore endigna feugiam conullandip ea facilis ea feum vullamcommy non volortin estio corpercinit nim iure min vel dolorer cillaoreet wis alisis nim nonsequi blam velit laor ing et dolestisi.Equatem atet autatio odolore volenim dip eraese volore minibh er sim vulluptatisi tie min henim do odipis et lobor sectem quip eugiate dolor in hendre facin henibh er sendionsed estisiscing ero con velissect

MOTION 01/10

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29.03.2010 12:48:41 Uhr





Concentrated expertise at MÄGERLE: [1] Assembly shop: The unique machines work right away [2] Quality control: Each machine detail is thoroughly checked [3] MÄGERLE achieves more: Tried and tested components are adapted to the machine concept

Exceptionally robust and warp-resista-

right away – without the need for development time and costs going through

nt components of machine columns

the roof.

Extremely powerful drive trains for axes and spindles

` Each machine is a one-off

High-precision and deformation-

The principle of the modular machine is the basis of MÄGERLE’s mission state-

resistant grinding spindles

ment: reliability, specialization and customer-specifi c process solutions. Based

Slip-stick free, vibration-reducing hy-

on many years of experience, the experts can instantly assess if extreme pro-

drostatic guideways with unrivaled

duction solutions are technologically feasible. These special solutions – where

rigidity, whose permanent oil film also

each component is a one-off – are initially created inside the engineers’ heads

ensures thermal stability

and with the help of the latest virtual product development tools. ‘Our custom-

Dressing devices of all known tech-

ers do not choose their machine from a catalog. They trust us to meet their


requirements and solve their machining tasks or their problems, as the case may be. They can absolutely depend on us. We have demonstrated often enough

MÄGERLE’s encompassing hydrostat-

that we are capable of finding solutions,’ says Dr Roland Rütti, Managing Direc-

ic guideways are unrivaled as well as

tor of MÄGERLE. ‘We make visions come true.’

the Swiss manufacturer’s overhead

Successful recent projects prove that MÄGERLE is capable of more than other

dressers which are arranged in a V-

grinding machine manufacturers and offers solutions at the limit of what is

shape. The components are used to

technically achievable. The Swiss manufacturer combines engineering, process

construct completely new and unique

control and grinding technologies in a way that goes far beyond ‘normal machine

machines which are individually con-

construction’ – in doing so, they create solutions for outstanding productivity,

fi gured and tailored to the respective

extreme accuracy requirements, sophisticated geometries and fully automated

machining solution and which work

complete machining processes.


MOTION 01/10

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29.03.2010 12:48:49 Uhr

automatic loading of machine tools and it stands for utmost productivity. Thanks to a rotary traveling column, the grinding direction is adjustable to the helix angle of the steering rack. This means that axis travel paths are considerably shortened compared to conventional machining. The design of the new MÄGERLE machine is correspondingly compact. It has two working areas with a movable splash guard cabin and thus facilitates loading and unloading of workpieces during the machining cycle without downtime. The machine’s traveling column is particularly heavy. During the design of the drive control, the development engineers were pushing the limits of technology: ‘We had to exploit the full potential of the Siemens control system,’ explains Martin Preisig, Technical Manager at MÄGERLE. When designing the drive for the transversely positioned, high-performance grinding wheel drive, the engineers relied on a calculation tool for verifi cation. They also implemented a customerspecifi c user interface that is specifically geared towards gear grinding. The tooth forming angle can be programmed individually and the machine measures the graduation precision automatically. The customer can now benefi t from maximum productivity and flexibility – even when grinding oversized steering racks.

` Nuts of large threaded spindle drives With thread grinding, MÄGERLE entered uncharted territory and during the development of the MÄGERLE MGC-L-140.50.90 it had to overcome two enormous challenges for operator-friendly complete machining of nuts of large threaded spindle drives. On the one hand, the most extreme accuracy requirements had to be met and on the other hand, the complexity of the workpiece had to be taken into account in the operator software and the man-machine interface in a way that guarantees maximum user-friendliness. The result is a specialized machine that grinds the internal and external diameters of nuts as well as threads absolutely concentrically and can machine surfaces at the same time. ‘Although the necessary swiveling spindle protrudes a very long way, our development

` Steering racks for industrial automation

achieves highest accuracies, even for grinding internal threads,’ explains Martin

The MÄGERLE MGC-L-560.65.45 is spe-

an NC swivel head with two directly-driven grinding spindles and a hydrostatic

cifi cally designed for grinding steering

rotary table with torque drive. A 3-axis coolant nozzle follows the grinding head

racks which are used, for example, for

during external machining. In addition, MÄGERLE implemented a short and

Preisig. For complete machining, the MGC-L-140 is equipped with a tool changer,

[1] [2]

[1] Productive: The rotary traveling column (orange) is a basic requirement for machining oversized steering racks [2] Reliable drives: Steering racks are used in machine tool manufacture, in transportation and electrical engineering as well as in robotics and automation

MOTION 01/10

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29.03.2010 12:49:04 Uhr


Threaded nuts for planetary roller screws: The workpieces weigh up to 600 kilograms and are ground on the MGC-L-140.50.90 in a single clamping

based on the MGC-L. Due to a new base and a cleverly devised structural design, the new MÄGERLE MGC-L-260.40.90 is particularly suited for complete machining of very large and heavy components with sophisticated geometries. Apart from profile and surface grinding of the face, the machine can also carry out CAD drawing of the MGC-L-140.50.90: High-precision thread grinding of very large and heavy components

cylindrical grinding operations. The rotary table which can be accurately positioned accepts workpieces with a diameter of up to 2,500 mm. The machine meets high precision standards despite

rigid power train and optimized the in-

the protruding grinding wheel. The customer, Siemens, thus receives a high-

tegrated direct measuring system. In

precision production machine, which is absolutely reliable.

this way, the engineers at MÄGERLE solved the technically demanding task

` Large turbine stator vanes

of ensuring the permanent repeating

Particular creativity was required for the development of the MÄGERLE MGC-

accuracy of the swivel head.

L-330.75.90 for machining of gas turbine stator vanes up to 1,000 mm long and a vane weight of up to 65 kg. Here the engineers reached existing technical limits

` Hirth serration of large turbine disks

with the combination of workpiece, grinding wheel and machine with a driving

Hirth serrations make high demands on

of proven technologies and a few tricks. The fi ve-axis grinding center with six-

precision during the grinding process

position grinding wheel changer can perform several operations in a single clamp-

and large turbine disks for stationary

ing. Tools are changed automatically via a rotating magazine which can accom-

gas turbines can weigh up to ten tons

modate large grinding wheels with a diameter of up to 550 millimeters. A

including equipment. The Swiss manu-

measuring station ensures automatic correction of the grinding wheel. Further

facturer implemented a new machine

characteristics of the fully automated machine for complete machining are:

power of 115 kilowatts. However, they managed to overcome them with the help

Ingenious feature below the shop floor: The special base and structural design of the MGC-L-260.40.90 ensure stability for machining very heavy workpieces


Stationary gas turbine from Siemens: Large turbine disks weigh up to ten tons including equipment

MOTION 01/10

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29.03.2010 12:49:08 Uhr

High removal rates: The MÄGERLE MGC-L-330.75.90 has all the necessary characteristics for optimizing the grinding process

Turbine stator vanes at Alstom: MÄGERLE relies on proven technology and technical tricks

Cleaning station

` Twice as fast

Workpiece on 2-axis (dividing table)

MÄGERLE also promotes the development of future technologies. One current

NC combination

project, for instance, focuses on grinding silicon blocks for the solar industry.

Two dressers arranged in a V-shape on

Productivity, excellent surface quality and optimal alignment of the workpiece

top of the grinding head CNC tracking of the coolant nozzle Large X-stroke for wheel change The customer, Alstom, is extremely satisfied with the result. Harald Romeike explains: ‘Due to its rigid construction, the machine has all the necessary characteristics for optimizing the grinding

‘We examine the technical feasibility. And if we tell you that it works, we know exactly how’ Dr Roland Rütti, Managing Director of Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik

process. It offers high availability and can be used in a variety of applications for machining rotor blades and guide

are essential here. To prevent the silicon block from bending and to avoid dam-

vanes. Due to the tremendous driving

age from unremoved silicon chippings, MÄGERLE grinds the block in a vertical

power we are also achieving high re-

position instead of horizontal. An x/y table positioned next to the lower workhold-

moval rates.’

ing device ensures exact alignment. As silicon grinding uses pure water without anti-corrosives for cooling (to prevent contamination of the silicon block), the entire machine enclosure should be made in stainless steel. The Swiss-made machines process the silicon blocks twice as fast as conventional machines,

Diameters of up to 2,500 millimeters: The rotary table master bushing for the workholding device on the MGC-L-260.40.90

even though they only use one high-performance grinding spindle instead of up to four conventional grinding spindles. This guarantees a fi ve-fold increase in feed rate. No matter what grinding task MÄGERLE is presented with by their customers – the Swiss grinding experts do not shy away from new territory. ‘We examine the technical feasibility,’ says Dr Roland Rütti. ‘And if we tell you that it works, we know exactly how.’

MOTION 01/10

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29.03.2010 12:49:12 Uhr



The long road back to normality Prof. Thomas Straubhaar discusses the world economy since the crisis in the financial markets.


irst the good news: things are looking up again. The bad news is that the

recovery is sluggish, it has a low level to start from and it is (still) not really selfsustaining. Last year, the economy went straight down to rock bottom at high speed. Now it is making its way up again, step by painful step. The best that we can hope for in 2010 is to get halfway back, but it is more likely to be only a third. It may be years before we are back at our pre-crisis position and have reached the full exploitation of capacity that prevailed in 2008.

A slow haul back up again: The economy will recover step by step

The recovery is supported by gigantic state economic stimulus programs worldwide, low interest rates and general growth in the world economy. It is hin-

therefore to a considerable writing down of assets. This lessens the leverage that

dered by escalating national debts, the

can be used to prop up borrowing. This is true of the banks, as they cannot lend as

risk that bubbles resulting from zero inter-

much as before. It applies to companies, as for their part they need more equity

est policies could burst and the strongly

share capital in order to gain access to credit. The days when loans were more

one-sided dependence on the growth of

freely available with a small amount of equity share capital will not return soon.

China. In balancing up the risks and op-

Borrowing will claim higher risk premiums and a higher stake in equity capital. In

portunities one scenario that could be

consequence, many capital investment products that could be financed before have

highly likely would take the form of a root

now become unattractive. Small backyard companies, inventors and new busi-

sign – after a crippling fall in turnover and

nesses will have a particularly hard time finding venture capital quickly, on good

profits the economy will first of all ac-

terms and without red tape. This slows down the pace of innovation and

celerate strongly upwards, but then about

economic growth.

halfway up it will level out and move side-

The state, too, applies the brakes in its role of consumer and investor. Public au-

ways. This is indicated by the rising costs

thorities have an enormous mountain of debt. Within Europe this will rise from 70

of finance, in particular.

per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2008 to almost 90 per cent in 2011, the

The crisis in the financial markets has led

figures for Germany being from 66 per cent to 80 per cent. In the US, the level of

to enormous losses and depreciation and

public debt will exceed 100 per cent of GDP and in Japan it will be more than 200


MOTION 01/10

L_14-17_Straubhaar_E.indd 14

29.03.2010 15:24:53 Uhr

per cent of GDP. The interest rates at

private households and

which the state can obtain money on the

the investment potential

financial markets is still low. But what

of corporations.

will happen when they rise again? Deepfind themselves in a dramatic debt trap.

` Improvement in sight

An ever-increasing proportion of nation-

In machine construction

al income will have to be used to pay off

and for the tool industry a

interest. There will be less and less scope

further disturbing factor

for negotiation. Less money will be avail-

is that economic problems

able for education, health or infrastruc-

caused by the crises are

ture. This is not a good outlook for the

accompanied by struc-

supply industries such as machine con-

tural overcapacity. The

struction or the tool industry, the con-

crisis in the financial mar-

ly indebted national economies will then

kets has only served to sharpen the excess capac-

‘After the severe fall, a cautious improvement is finally setting in’ Prof. Thomas Straubhaar

ity in the automotive in-

THE AUTHOR Prof. Thomas Straubhaar has been Director of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) since 2005. The HWWI is a private research establishment that uses pure and applied research to provide independent, scientifically based and practical consultancy services. Prof. Straubhaar’s main research topics include international economic relations, regulatory policies and the economics of education and demographics. From February 2010 onwards, as the first Helmut Schmidt Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington DC, he is conducting research on the role of Turkey in Europe. More at:,

dustry. It has not created the problems. For example, in Europe alone automotive manufacturers expanded their production capacity by more than a quarter between 2007 and 2009 without any corresponding increase in demand1. This led to a domino-like collapse in the supplying and subcontracting industries. Machine constructors and the tool industry have lived through an unreckon with reductions in incoming orders of over 50 per cent and more compared

panies that supply public companies and

with the high levels of the previous year. Only now, at the start of 2010, is there a

authorities and are dependent on orders

slow increase in incoming orders to feed the hope that after the fall a slight improve-

from the state. For the population as a

ment may be setting in.

whole, too, the escalating level of na-

German machine manufacturers and the tool industry are pinning their greatest hopes

tional debt is bad news. Today’s borrow-

on the South-East Asian market. This is perfectly correct, though not without its risks.

ings will be tomorrow’s taxes. If taxes

While the population in the richer Northern part of the world is tending to shrink, in

and outgoings are to increase in order to

the poorer South and the ambitious East it is expanding again. In 20 years’ time there

restore the public authorities to health,

will be 1.4 thousand million people living in China. In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

this will restrict the purchasing power of

together there will soon be two thousand million inhabitants. The demand for infra-

INCOMING ORDERS FOR GERMAN ENGINEERING Price-adjusted index, based on turnover 2005 = 100

MOTION 01/10

L_14-17_Straubhaar_E.indd 15

Source: VDW

Domino effect: Car manufacturers expanded production capacity without the demand to back it up

190 Index 180 170 160 Original indices 150 Seasonally adjusted 140 and smoothed indices 130 120 110 National 100 90 80 International 70 60 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009


struction industry, local trades or com-

Source: German Council of Economic Experts, annual report 2009/2010, page 223

precedented reduction in turnover and profit in the past year. They have had to


29.03.2010 15:24:55 Uhr


A good outlook for new business: Despite the fi nancial crisis, the need of emerging national economies for infrastructure investment, capital goods, machines, equipment, instruments, aircraft and vehicles remains unchanged

structure investment, capital goods, ma-

omy. They bought everything, usually on credit, and they mainly bought cheap im-

chines, equipment, aircraft and vehicles

ported goods from the Far East. Now they are in financial straits and have to pay back

from emerging economies in South-East

old debts. Saving is the order of the day. Private credits and mortgages also have to

Asia, the Arabian oil-exporting states and

be paid off. As American private consumption falls, however, the most important

the central and eastern countries of the

support of global demand will become weaker for years to come. This correction of

EU has remained unchanged in spite of

the international balance will in turn make trade dynamics weaker.

the crisis on the financial markets. These regions, with their still-growing, and in places fast-growing populations will


(must) soon begin again to demand, and the rest of the world. There will then be good opportunities for German machine or tool manufacturers with their expertise

Annual growth in real GDP, % 10 8

and modern technology to do interna-


tional business.


` Saving is the order of the day


Nevertheless, the statement ‘China pro-


duces and America consumes’ will no


longer be true. In past decades, this contributed greatly to the vigorous growth in world trade. US consumers were the most important motive force in the world econ-


Emerging economies World

Advanced economies1

–4 –6







Source: IMF: WEO October 2009

insist on, more goods and services from

MOTION 01/10

L_14-17_Straubhaar_E.indd Abs1:16

29.03.2010 15:25:00 Uhr

Instead of depending on consumption in

lation growth and economic advances in South-East Asia. The risk of a cluster effect

the US, the next ten years will see the

of this type in such unknown territory may be dangerous. If things are to turn out

world economy hanging on Chinese gov-

for the good, an immediate change of course will be needed. Asian ways, rules of

ernment policy. For better or for worse,

behavior, conception of the law, management science and organization theory will

European companies are dependent on

have to cease being just a topic for esoteric feel-good groups. Like English or an

dynamic growth in demand due to popu-

understanding of American culture, they will have to become standard fare in European companies. For anyone going into the unknown Orient without a com-


pass can all too quickly get lost. To sum up, a clear picture emerges: The

Source: UN population forecasts (2008); Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI)


forces of growth that were historically


strong have weakened. More expensive


credit and more stringent rules are


putting the brakes on new dynamic im-


petus. The engine of the world economy


is spluttering. Crumbling structures are


being protected and modernization is


being discouraged. The pace of eco-


nomic development will slow down. But


less growth means more problems,

0 1990

„ „


Africa „ Asia North America


„ „

Europe Oceania





Latin America and the Caribbean


more uncertainty and therefore greater variation. This is going to be the new normality for the world economy after the crisis in the ďŹ nancial markets.



L_14-17_Straubhaar_E.indd Abs1:17


29.03.2010 15:25:05 Uhr



50 per cent faster The launch of the EWAG INSERT LINE sets new standards for insert grinding.

Working area of the INSERT LINE: Machining of increasingly complex indexable insert geometries


MOTION 01/10

L_18-21_EWAG_E.indd 18

29.03.2010 13:42:16 Uhr


eripheral grinding machines for the


manufacture of indexable inserts

are not a new invention. You can only


Competitor A

Competitor B




















be successful with another model if your platform outperforms existing machines. EWAG has managed to do just

Reduced production time Cutting edge quality

chine offers considerable advantages

Hydrostatic guideways

over its competitors. It is 50 per cent


faster than conventional machines and delivers excellent cutting edge quality,

Granitan machine bed

thanks to innovative grinding technol-


ogy. The INSERT LINE also boasts

Grinding concave radii




Variable grinding wheel diameter of up to 500 mm




Source: own information

that with its INSERT LINE. The new ma-

variable grinding wheel diameters, excellent machine ergonomics and kinematics as well as hydrostatic guideways (see survey to the right). same time, EWAG manages to achieve highest form precision and cutting edge

` Production time cut in half

qualities. ‘The new process of peripheral grinding produces less friction when

Larger grinding wheel diameters and

machining the cutting edges of indexable inserts, resulting in less thermal stress

the innovative peripheral grinding tech-

in the contact area,’ explains Thomas Fischer, Product Manager at EWAG. Surface

nology of the INSERT LINE reduce pro-

damage is eliminated (see diagram below). The flexible new grinding technology

duction time by up to 50 per cent com-

of the INSERT LINE allows machining of increasingly complex indexable insert

pared with existing processes. At the

geometries. In addition, EWAG has also optimized the grinding kinematics. Con-



[2] Contact



Grinding the edge Release position in the rounding area

Grinding the center of the flank Release position in the rounding area and at the edge

Grinding the rounding area – starting point Release position at the edge

Less friction/lower thermal stress in the contact area The new grinding technology prevents overheating of the indexable inserts during the machining process. Workpiece and grinding wheel only touch occasionally and never across the whole surface. The method used by the EWAG INSERT LINE guarantees a finished product of highest form precision and cutting edge quality.

MOTION 01/10

L_18-21_EWAG_E.indd 19


29.03.2010 13:42:23 Uhr


FACTS & FIGURES Workpiece materials: tungsten carbide, cermet, ceramics, cubic boron nitride, polycrystalline diamond Grinding spindle output: 12 kW Wheel diameter: 350 to 500 mm Integrated dressing Integrated measuring Granitan machine bed Hydrostatic guideways Axis movement: maximum 30/min Ergonomic design of machine and loader Compact machine dimensions (W × H × D): maximum 3 × 2 × 3 m

INSERT LINE: The grinding and feeding unit creates a user-friendly machine with compact dimensions

sequently, the center of the C axis is located exactly in the middle of the swivel center of the B axis. The CNC

have developed the automatic loading in an analogous way to the very successful

axes thus have to travel considerably

integration of the COMPACT LINE with a Fanuc 200iC robot,’ explains Thomas

less in interpolation mode.

Fischer. The completely newly installed robot cell forms a compact unit. It makes loading times of just under four seconds possible and can be individually adjusted

` Unique dynamics

to the different customer applications.

Magnetically pre-tensioned hydrostatic guideways, a solid Granitan® machine bed and powerful direct drives in all axes (torque drives in the rotary axes and linear direct drives in the X and Y axes)

New robotic cell: The 200iC Fanuc loader takes care of automatic loading

guarantee highest accuracies and pro-

‘The INSERT LINE is optimally suited for peripheral grinding of indexable inserts’ Thomas Fischer, Product Manager at EWAG






high dynamics. EWAG offers the new machine solely with an automatic handling system. ‘We FURTHER INFORMATION +++ thomas.fischer@ +++ w w +++


MOTION 01/10

L_18-21_EWAG_E.indd 20

29.03.2010 13:42:26 Uhr

G R I N D T E C 2 010

Measuring and loading made by WALTER

Heli Contour Check: The optical measuring device saves time and eliminates thermal infl uences

More fl exibility: The new loader for the HELITRONIC POWER is the ideal choice when loading different clamping devices


ALTER presented two new products at GrindTec 2010:

IDN; a separate measuring program is therefore not required.

an optical measuring device for measuring directly

The compensation, the generation of the correction DFX and

inside the tool grinding machine and a robot loader for great-

the transfer of data to the grinding machine are carried out

er flexibility in automatic loading. Both these products will

by means of the Form Tool Compensation (FTC) software

optimize the SCHLEIFRING company’s product range. The

from WALTER. The HCC is designed as a portable system and

new Heli Contour Check (HCC) optical measuring device in-

a single unit can be used for several grinding machines

tegrates a fully automatic measurement capability for profiles

equipped with the quick-change mounting adaption.

and contours of WWM P7 tools in the diameter range of 3 to 115 mm into the HELITRONIC range of tool grinding machines.

` High-performance loader

The machine is equipped with a quick-change mounting adap-

Equipped with a six-axis Fanuc robot type LR Mate 200iC/5L,

tion, glass scales and Fanuc control. Direct measurement

the new loader complements the range of loaders available

saves time and eliminates any thermal influences. The tool is

for the HELITRONIC POWER tool grinding machine. Com-

ground and measured in the same clamping device; conse-

pared with other handling systems, the new robot loader

quently the measurement result is extremely precise with a

features increased flexibility especially for loading different

repeat accuracy of < 1.5 μm. The HCC is mounted on the grind-

clamping devices with tools, profiled plates and production

ing head of the tool grinding machine in less than a minute

parts. The system is capable of loading workpieces up to

and automatically centered, eliminating the need for time-

300 mm in length and up to 1.5 kg in weight. The pallets have

consuming calibration. The measuring process is completed

a storage capability of up to 1,500 workpieces in the standa-

with a powerful transmitted-light camera (high-speed giga-

rd version and up to 3,500

bit camera) which is automatically instigated after the inte-

tools in the extended ver-

grated automatic cleaning of the tool and protective lens. The

sion, depending on the

+++ christoph.ehrler@

scan program is automatically generated from the grinding

diameter of the parts.

wal ter- + + +


MOTION 01/10

L_18-21_EWAG_E.indd 21


29.03.2010 13:42:35 Uhr



Latin America’s well-kept secret Imposing building: The cathedral in Mexico City is the oldest and largest on the American continent

For a long time, Mexico was regarded as an extended workbench of the United States. But the USA’s southern neighbor is catching up fast and expanding its industrial expertise. KÖRBER SCHLEIFRING is supplying the necessary machines.


ots of people associate Mexico with the perfect beaches of Acapulco and

Cancún, with Mayan pyramids and regional specialties like tacos and tortil-

weary smile: ‘That point of view is far too narrow and outdated,’ says the expe-

las. Others think of Mexico City – a giant

rienced businessman. ‘Mexico has made terrifi c progress over the past decade

metropolis with a population of around

and is now a top location for many high-tech industries. Innovative, collaborative

20 million, making it one of the world’s

programs between the Mexican government, technical universities and compa-

largest cities. But when it comes to the

nies with global operations have led to a growing number of highly skilled Mex-

economy, for a long time Mexico had a

ican engineers and CNC machine technicians. This new generation of employees

reputation of being a source of cheap

offers US companies in Mexico much greater added value, with lower labor costs

labor for US American companies,

than in the USA. These and other factors are boosting investment in Mexico’s

which manufactured only the simplest

manufacturing sector – particularly in industries that depend on a good knowl-

parts there. Germán Gordillo, Sales

edge of local conditions, like the pharmaceutical industry, the aerospace indus-


try, the automotive industry and the energy sector.’ Mexico is now one of the

Querétaro, greets such clichés with a

twelve largest economies and trading nations in the world. Around three-quar-


MOTION 01/10

L_22-25_Mexiko_E.indd 22

29.03.2010 14:10:34 Uhr


Always a friendlyy smile for the e customer: Hectorr Chora a

Miamisburg Fredericksburg


Mexico City


109.7 million (2008)


Mexico City


USD 1,548 billion (2008)

GDP per capita:

USD 14,560 (2008)

National language:

Independent since: National day:

The official language is Spanish (there are also more than 80 Amerindian languages in Mexico) 1821 Local expertise: Germán Gordillo (left) and Abraham Segura

September 16 (independence day)

ters of Mexico’s exports go to the USA.

ica (twelve per cent of the land area). The country has signed a total of 32 free

80 per cent of goods exported are in-

trade agreements with over 40 states, including with the EU and Japan. It is part

dustrial products. Besides the USA,

of the NAFTA free trade bloc and has been negotiating since 2004 for associate

Mexico’s main trading partners are

membership of Mercosur, the South American common market. This means that,

China, Japan, Germany and Canada.

from an economic point of view as well, Mexico could soon become a bridge

However, there are many more aspects

between North and South America. In recent years, the Mexican government

of his homeland that Gordillo values

has created incentives for foreign business people. US companies are attracted

besides its economic potential: ‘The

by the country’s growing industrial potential and workforce, while European

people here are warm and laid-back.

firms are tempted by the chance to do business in a market dominated by the

Social networks are very important to

US dollar. At the same time, the government is investing in its education system,

us. It is this mentality that makes life

so that Mexican engineers can achieve qualifi cations comparable to those of the

here so enjoyable.’

industrial nations of North America and Europe.

` Bridge between the Americas

` Eleventh largest consumer of machine tools

Geographically, this multi-ethnic state

Mexico is the world’s eleventh largest consumer of machine tools, making it

belongs to both North America (88 per

particularly attractive to this industry. In the past, foreign firms often supplied

cent of the land area) and Central Amer-

their Mexican sites with discarded, outdated equipment. ‘That’s a thing of the

Pre-Columbian monument: A Mayan pyramid in Chichén Itzá

Mu sical ent ertainment

: A traditional mar iachi band

MOTION 01/10

L_22-25_Mexiko_E.indd 23


29.03.2010 14:10:41 Uhr


The UGT Team from Miamisburg (from left): Chris Stine (VP Surface and Profile Sales), Dean Tackett, Parts Manager; Rodger Pinney, President / CEO; Don Geiger, Applications Engineer; Larry Marchand , Aerospace Accounts Manager, and Baltz Kloeti, Project Manager Surface and Profile Division

past now,’ says Rodger Pinney, President of United Grinding Technologies (UGT), the SCHLEIFRING Group’s US competence center. ‘More and more companies are using the latest technology in their plants.’ If companies are to be successful in emerging economies, they need to follow certain rules of conduct. Quick reactions at local level and cultural expertise are needed to meet customers’ more demanding requirements. ‘Deals are concluded much more slowly in Mexico than in the USA or in Europe,’ Germán Gordillo adds. ‘You need time to build up personal relationships. Moreover, companies here prefer to deal with partners whose local em-

Support from Frederick sburg: Markus Stolmar (left), General Manager Tool Division, and Rick Brown, Technical Support Manager

ployees speak fluent Spanish.’ The SCHLEIFRING Group is currently managing the Mexican market from its North American competence center with its sites in Miamisburg (Ohio) and Fredericksburg (Virginia). In Mexico it-

Abraham Segura deal directly with customers. Rodger Pinney believes this busi-

self, Regional Sales Manager Gordillo

ness model will have to be modified if the group is to increase its market share:

and technical staff Hector Chora and

‘United Grinding is working flat out to open a branch in Mexico in 2010, which will be extended by 2012 into a full competence center,’ explains the UGT president. Based on the results of a market survey, the site will be located near the manufacturing town of Querétaro. The company has sold 55 machines

Ext reme sport: La Quebrada clif f divers in Acapulco

worth a total of 27.2 million US dollars in the past fi ve years. Its main customers are Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Goodrich, Honeywell, Tremec and Volkswagen.

` In the right place at the right time SCHLEIFRING’s activities in Mexico date back to 1992, when the group first began developing this market. Germán Gordillo (45) has been involved from the beginning and has a vision for the Mexican market: ‘Lots of important machines are not maintained well enough these days. Our short-term aim is to build up a powerful service network. That is the key to success. We want to offer our local customers the latest grinding technology and excellent customer service. In the long term, we want to expand our range of services and increase the number of sales staff in Mexico.’ The experienced sales manager is confident that, if the Mexican economy continues to grow this year as experts are predicting, and prosperity increases, ‘the SCHLEIFRING Group will be in the right place at the right time to offer expertise, service and technology.’ So it is not just corn and cotton that flourish under the Mexican sun: slowly but surely an industrial nation is emerging that is trying to catch up



with its northern neighbor – and is

+ + + r o d g e r. p i n n e y @ g r i n d i n g . c o m

going the right way about it.

+++ w w +++

MOTION 01/10

L_22-25_Mexiko_E.indd 24

29.03.2010 14:10:46 Uhr


Guide to business etiquette


usiness travelers and tourists who are familiar with the customs of the country they are visit-

ing have a clear advantage. Find out what is important in Mexico.

General: In Mexico, successful business deals are built on good personal relationships. Try to gain the sympathy of your business partner before getting down to business. Mexican punctuality means not arriving until at least 15 minutes after the agreed time. Formulate criticisms carefully and don’t get personal if things don’t go your way. Knowledge of the local language will earn you Brownie points. Even if you speak only a few words of Spanish, you will certainly make a favorable impression.

Greeting: Men shake hands on meeting. Women usually greet each other with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek. This type of greeting is not uncommon even between men and women.

Body language: Putting your hands on your hips or in your pockets is seen as impolite.

When clamping becomes critical … Extraordinary applications demand extraordinary solutions. Many workpieces cannot be properly clamped by virtue of their unique characteristics. We develop targeted customized chucking systems.

Eating and drinking: If you are invited to a private meal, you should wait to be shown a seat before sitting down. A polite guest always leaves a little bit of food on the plate. Restaurant guests are expected to leave a tip. The usual amount is ten to 15 per cent of

FORKARDT SCHWEIZ GMBH Industriestrasse 3, CH-8307 Effretikon Tel. +41 52 355 31 31, an ITW Workholding Company

the bill.

Don’ts: Never end a conversation saying that you have other meetings to go to – people can fi nd this insulting. A direct ‘no’ is also seen as an insult, so al-

Earning Brownie points: Good manners and language skills make a good impression

ways package rejections politely and give good reasons. WWW.FORK ARDT.CH Highest quality and precision within the μm range

L_22-25_Mexiko_E.indd 25

29.03.2010 14:10:50 Uhr



Research lab for industry

Before brazing: An Engineered Grinding Tool (EGT) with diamond grains in a predefined pattern

The scientific staff of the Competence Center for Mechatronic Production Systems and Manufacturing Technology (inspire) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich are developing innovative technologies. The SCHLEIFRING Group is an important partner of the Institute.


here is hardly another economy anywhere else in the world where

manufacturing technology is as signifi cant as it is in Switzerland. The country

gineering pioneer. Tomorrow’s specialists are trained here under the leadership

is an important machine tool manufac-

of Prof. Konrad Wegener. inspire sees itself as the central research laboratory for

turer within Europe. Swiss citizens are

the industry and is developing special interdisciplinary skills and the competence

continually developing highly effi cient

to apply them. Areas of special interest include:

machines for the world market. This cannot be done without the highly


Grinding and machining with geometrically defined cutting edges

trained engineers and specialists who


Erosion and laser machining

are continually developing innovative


Dynamic and thermal simulation and analysis of machine tools

solutions and bringing competitive


Virtual reality

products to market. The inspire compe-



tence center at ETH Zurich is a real en-


Generative processes and medical manufacturing technology


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L_26-29_Hochschulp._E.indd 26

29.03.2010 14:01:25 Uhr

What grinding machines are made from: A Granitan machine bed

Research for industry: Doctoral students at ETH Zurich working on the STUDER S31


` Meeting place and platform In very close co-operation with its industrial partners, inspire generates know-

Polymer concrete: For the past 30 or so years machine beds and also some components have been produced in polymer concrete. STUDER was one of the pioneers. The advantages of polymer concrete are better damping, faster availability and a more attractive price. Designing the material for long-term performance and creating structures for mounting and connecting to other components present considerable challenges. The Institute sees great potential in design engineering that is appropriate for the material involved. EGT: The idea behind engineered grinding tools (EGT) is to produce a grinding tool with superabrasives and with substantial grain height over the bond and a large chip pocket. A chemical bond is needed to ensure that the grains adhere sufficiently to the substrate. An active brazing process ensures this. Because of the heat transfer problem due to different conduction coefficients of grain and substrate material, the process chain as well as suitable materials have to be carefully selected to achieve a good accuracy. The tools must be designed in such a way that the grains can absorb the grinding forces. At the same time sufficient chip removal and cooling space must be provided together with acceptable surface roughness.

how and research results that are used directly for new products and processes. ‘In production technology, research is only profi table when it is implemented in industry,’ says Professor Wegener. With its cooperative networking and events with industry, inspire is also a hub and platform for production and manufacturing technologies of the future. Since its establishment in 2004 the Institute has been working together with the SCHLEIFRING Group, among others. STUDER, for instance, has made a cylindrical S31 grinding machine available to the Competence Center. The researchers mainly use metal-bonded grinding wheels with superabrasives when working with this grinding machine. The focus of the research is to work on diffi cult-to-machine materials such as oxide and nitride ceramics. There are also interfaces to MÄGERLE and EWAG. Together with other industrial partners, MÄGERLE and STUDER participated in a research project for

‘Research must be put into practice for it to be profitable’ Prof. Konrad Wegener, Head of inspire

the development of engineered grinding tools, i.e. brazed grinding tools with predetermined arrangements of the abrasive grains. inspire supported the companies as a consultant as well as offering the measurement services to improve the accuracy and dynamics of the grinding center. With EWAG and STUDER, the Institute is researching on a hybrid grinding process in order to machine the diffi cult-to-machine materials easier and more effi cient. inspire is developing and testing new methods and components for grinding machines.

MOTION 01/10

L_26-29_Hochschulp._E.indd 27


29.03.2010 14:01:26 Uhr


` New dressing unit A highly promising process is Wire Electrical Discharge Dressing (WEDD). Metal bonding is predestined for grinding tools with superabrasives because of its tight bonding to the grain and its good thermal conductivity. However the application of such bonding is restricted due to the diffi culties in dressing. A new dressing unit based on wire erosion has therefore been developed on a STUDER S31 cylindrical grinding machine, enabling on-the-machine dressing. Since this dressing unit has two independent moveable axes, it can be used to dress the grinding tool parallel (simultaneously) to the grinding process. Wire erosion allows practically any desired contour to be produced without the need to rework the electrodes. This is continually regenerated by feeding the wire longitudinally. Precision is achieved by constant wire feed speed and accurate guiding of the wire. In the project, the grinding process generating the part has precedence. The erosion dressing is subordinate to it. In

Wire Electrical Discharge Dressing (WEDD): Developed in cooperation with STUDER

spite of less-than-perfect conditions in the working area of the grinding machine, all the important requirements for

contour edges when profiling, and also produces a higher grain height over the

the dressing process are met. The WEDD

bond when sharpening. The grinding wheel is very efficient after WEDD because

process gives very high material remov-

of the greater chip pocket. Using WEDD-dressed grinding wheels, silicon nitride

al rates of up to 100 mm3 /min and sharp

was ground at a specific material removal rate of 15 mm3 /s. G values of more than 2000 were achieved with lower process forces compared with the convention-


al dressing method. The grinding fluid The Swiss Competence Center for Mechatronic Production Systems and Manufacturing Technology, inspire, at ETH Zurich, started its work in 2004. The Head of the Institute is Prof. Konrad Wegener, who is also Head of the Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing (IWF) at ETH Zurich. As a center of innovation for the Swiss machine industry, the 60 staff, together with the IWF and also other university institutions, conducts research for industry in a very wide range of different fields. The results are transferred directly to their industrial partners. inspire keeps up a lively exchange with other R&D laboratories both within Switzerland and further afield. It is an important part of the infrastructure and a key asset for Switzerland as a manufacturing location.

was used as the dielectric. The very promising results on the WEDD prototypes gave the Institute the impetus to industrialize this new dressing technology together with STUDER. The intriguing question is the extent to which the WEDD can be applied for other electrically conductive bonding systems and grain types. FURTHER INFORMATION +++ wegener@ i w f.mav A practice-oriented Institute: The inspire Center at ETH Zurich

+++ kuster@ i w f.mav +++ w w +++


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L_26-29_Hochschulp._E.indd 28

29.03.2010 14:01:29 Uhr

Make A Quality Decision

Meister Abrasives


MOTION 01/10

L_26-29_Hochschulp._E.indd 29


29.03.2010 14:01:36 Uhr



All around the world Spectacular delivery Sweden: Sewing machine manufacturer Husqvarna Viking in Jönköping is part of the SVP Worldwide Group. A STUDER S30-1 had to be maneuvered through the roof when it was delivered.

Highest Hi h t HELITRONIC POWER PO in Europe Switzerland: The highest HELITRONIC POWER in Europe stands in a 250-year-old building belonging to Peertools in Moladüra. Here, 1,650 meters above sea level in the middle of the Alps, Peertools grinds precision rotary tools and other products.

Tradition and machinery USA: The Nicodemus family is part of a traditional Old German Baptist Brethren community in New Carlisle, Ohio. Their company, True Cut Tool, uses WALTER and STUDER machines to make cutting tools for a number of different industries.


CHLEIFRING Group machines are in use all over the world. Some of

them are in unusual and out-of-theway places. MOTION presents a selection of special locations around the

America’s most southerly machine

globe – from a kibbutz to a location

Argentina: ISCAR Tools Argentina in Buenos Aires grinds customized tools on a STUDER S33. This machine is the most southerly STUDER machine on the American continents.

1,650 meters up in the mountains, to the fifth floor of a high-rise building.


MOTION 01/10

L_30-31_Standorte_E.indd 30

29.03.2010 14:07:43 Uhr

Way out in Siberia Omsk: Omskagregat uses a STUDER S21cnc and a WALTER HELITRONIC MINI POWER to produce power units for aircraft engines. The site is around 2,500 kilometers east of Moscow.

China’s most northerly machine Mudanjiang: Heilongjiang North Tools in north-eastern China grinds machined parts for industry on a STUDER S33.

Highest in South-East Asia Singapore: This HELITRONIC VISION was hauled up to the fi fth floor for SCHLEIFRING client Express Tools. The ‘highest’ VISION in South-East Asia is used to produce and re-sharpen special-purpose tools.

Border zone Israel: On the kibbutz of Merom Golan in the Golan Heights, Bental Industries operates a STUDER S40-12. The company is part of the KMN Group and is an important supplier to the aircraft industry among others.

Most southerly STUDER in the world

In the land of the World Cup

Australia: With its ferry terminal, Devonport is the gateway to Tasmania. Delta Hydraulics’ STUDER S50-4 from 1987 is the most southerly STUDER in the world. The company uses it to grind hydraulic parts like cylinders and pistons. p

South Africa: The specialists at Spec Tool and Die in Jacobs, a suburb of Durban, use two STUDER machines – an S31 and an S33 – to produce plastics and packaging.

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L_30-31_Standorte_E.indd 31


29.03.2010 14:08:17 Uhr



Precision saves gas

Optimized combustion: The finer the structure of the injection nozzle, the better the atomization of the fuel

Mahr measuring machines are among the most accurate in the world. SCHLEIFRING technology is helping this metrology specialist to make substantial reductions in alignment costs when assembling its instruments.


asoline passes through the nozzle of the injection engine at an unbe-

lievable 2,000 bar and is ignited there. The surface structure inside the nozzle

whether the nozzle structure meets the customer specifications. They examine

determines how finely it atomizes the

not just the contours of the workpiece but also the surface microstructures.

fuel. The finer the atomization, the more complete the combustion and the lower

` Every nanometer counts

the vehicle’s consumption. Mahr measu-

Mahr measuring technology is in demand all over the world and is chiefl y used

ring instruments can check with abso-

for measurements in the nanometer range. The permanently lit air-conditioned

lute precision, down to the micrometer,

inspection rooms contain some of the most accurate measuring instruments in


MOTION 01/10

L_32-35_Blohm_E.indd 32

31.03.2010 12:38:05 Uhr

Mahr LD 120 measuring system: All workpiece contours and peak-to-valley parameters are recorded simultaneously

ufactured extremely accurately. The Mahr LD 120 measuring instrument (shown above) is an example of this. Mahr has been relying on STUDER cylindrical grinding machines and BLOHM surface grinding machines for more than 30 years. Until now, the metrology specialists had been using conventional machines only, but their existing fl eet was no longer able to cope with the volume of orders. In the world. ‘The tolerances given in

addition, Mahr wanted to upgrade its technology. Since the start of 2009, this

many technical drawings are smaller

Göttingen-based company has had the benefi t of the latest generation of SCH-

than 1 μm. Our measuring systems can

LEIFRING CNC grinding machines. A STUDER S31 has replaced its conventional

actually measure even this,’ explains

predecessor and the new BLOHM PLANOMAT 620 CNC has catapulted Mahr into

Dr Thomas Ardelt, Head of Metrology

a new era of grinding technology. ‘BLOHM was the only company that could

Production at Mahr. ‘This is what makes

guarantee a surface grinding accuracy of less than 10 μm over a run of two me-

us stand out from the competition.’

ters for us. The second spindle also gives us options that we cannot find else-

Customers in the automotive sector in

where. Now we can machine components up to 900 millimeters in length

particular lay great emphasis on preci-

accurately to 3–4 μm,’ says Ardelt.

sion. In other words, the more precise the manufacture of critical automotive

` Programming with their eyes shining

components, the lower the ultimate fuel

After Mahr had taken over Helios GmbH it became necessary to purchase the

consumption of the car. Measurements

PLANOMAT. The core components of this measuring instrument manufacturer

in hitherto unimaginable orders of mag-

have highly precise V-shaped grooves along the sides. ‘Until then, components

nitude of 35 to 50 nanometers require

like this had to do without grooves. Hence we were not in a position at first to

the measuring instruments to be man-

grind the Helios component to the required precision without inordinate time

MOTION 01/10

L_32-35_Blohm_E.indd 33


31.03.2010 12:38:08 Uhr




[1] Checking for accuracy: Mahr grinding expert Torsten Przyborowski (left) shows Joachim Degner (BLOHM JUNG, center) and Dr. Thomas Ardelt a component that has been ground on the PLANOMAT 620 CNC [2] Two process stages instead of five: The machine design with an additional vertical spindle reduces manufacturing costs at Mahr

and trouble,’ explains Ardelt. With the new machine Mahr developed a grinding process for the production of the Helios component and this is now entirely ground on the PLANOMAT. ‘The greatest challenge was how to grind the grooves to fi t the reference surface perfectly,’ describes Ardelt. ‘Now we are in complete control of the process.’ At first the grinding operators had res-

DOUBLE PRECISION PACKAGE: PLANOMAT 620 CNC Electromechanical drives, precision ball screw and linear guideways on all axes Linear measurement systems for Y and Z axes Controller: either Siemens Sinumerik 840 D or GE-Fanuc as desired Grinding range: 600 × 2,000 mm X axis feed: up to 30,000 mm Y or Z axis feed: up to 6,000 mm Grinding wheel diameter: 400 mm

ervations about the new machines. The programming was new, and at first it was more awkward than setting up the old machines. ‘But in the meantime our employees have recognized the advantages and are programming with their eyes shining,’ explains Ardelt. Mahr

MarSurf LD 120 Contour recording; determination of variable measuring force. High resolution in the nano range for peak-to-valley measurement Dynamically stable and vibration resistant Interchangeable contact points and calibration methods Measuring stroke: 10 mm vertically (20 mm with extended contact points) Measuring length: 120 mm; resolution: 2 nm

now grinds the core components of its measuring instruments on the BLOHM PLANOMAT 620 CNC in two stages instead of fi ve, thanks to its numerical

dle, not only saving a good 75 per cent of the original grinding time but also

control and the additional vertical spin-

eliminating the alignment requirement during subsequent assembly. The machine first grinds the reference surface of this exacting component, then the workpiece

A challenge overcome: Helios component with a V-groove in the side

is turned and all the side faces and the highly accurate V-grooves are ground without having to stop and re-clamp it. ‘The new machine has reduced our production costs. We can pass this



advantage on to our custom-

+ + + t h o m a s . a r d e l t @ m a h r.d e

ers,’ says Ardelt.

+ + + w w w. m a h r.d e + + +

MOTION 01/10

L_32-35_Blohm_E.indd 34

31.03.2010 12:38:09 Uhr





10 Years Production 0 Failures 100 % Availability Maximum machine availability: with CNCs from FANUC Our CNCs are the most reliable controls in the world: because statistics have demonstrated that the first failure may not happen till 10 years have passed. This will save expensive services and reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to a minimum. Your benefit: highest reliability for maximum availability.

Just one of our strengths.

FANUC CNC UK Ltd. / 15 Basset Court - Loake Close Grange Park / UK-Northampton NN4 5EZ Tel.: 01604 7441 30 / Fax: 01604 7441 31 /

L_32-35_Blohm_E.indd 35

FANUC CNC Europe S.A. Zone Industrielle / LU-6468 Echternach Tel.: 0727 979 213 / Fax: 0727 979 315 /

31.03.2010 12:38:12 Uhr



The next best thing to flying Renato Pfeiffer holds an unusual title: he is the European remote control glider aerobatics champion. The STUDER electrician devotes all his spare time to his expensive hobby.

Perfect conditions: Blue sky and sunshine

Aerobatics: The red smoke trail draws figures in the air


he clear blue sky and light breeze offer the best possible conditions

for a remote control glider aerobatics championship. Around twenty contestants are waiting at the edge of the airfield to launch their homemade aircraft. Bravely, Renato Pfeiffer takes up the remote control unit for his model glider. He takes a deep breath, hooks the tow rope onto the towing plane, and the glider with its 5.6-meter wing span starts to move. The plane and glider are flown up to an altitude of 500 meters, while Pfeiffer watches on intently. The towing pilot gives him the signal to unhook the tow rope. Now acro glider SoloFox flies on its own without power. Although the glider has launched successfully, Renato Pfeiffer carries on staring intently at the sky over Switzerland. He has been practicing for months for this moment. Now he needs to perform the aerobatic figures without any mistakes. ‘The worst thing that can happen is that the glider does not fly straight. That means that it has a constructional flaw,’ says Pfeiffer (40), a Swiss national. In that case, months – sometimes years – of work will have been wasted. But luckily, Winners: Renato Pfeiffer (left) and Tim Schärer proudly display their acro gliders and trophies


Renato Pfeiffer does not make this kind of mistake anymore.

MOTION 01/10

L_36-39_Hobby_E.indd 36

29.03.2010 14:27:14 Uhr

He first joined a model flying club when he was nine. At that time he used to do his fl ying in Aarberg; these days he launches his gliders in Berne. He was

Christen Eagle: The scale of the gliders is evident even in the preliminary building stage

thrilled the very first time he took the controls, but fl ying the models is not everything: ‘It’s a complex hobby. Every stage builds on the one before – from building the models to practicing and taking part in competitions,’ Renato Pfeiffer explains. ‘Working with the different materials like wood, fiberglass and Kevlar fiber, and programming the controls provides constant challenges,’ he adds.

` Accurate replicas Building model gliders is an extremely time-consuming hobby. Renato Pfeiffer can spend anything from six months to Acro plane: Scale 1 : 2 (top)

two years making his gliders, which are accurate replicas of original aircraft.

Parts: It takes from one month to two years to build a model

Then there is the time he needs to practice the aerobatics. From March to October, he practices aerobatic fi gures

clude powered planes as well as gliders, although he does not take part in com-

twice a week for three to four hours.

petitions with the powered versions. The cost of the finished models is between

Then he sits down in front of his com-

EUR 3,000 and EUR 6,000.

puter at home and tweaks the flight paths using a simulator. Luckily,

` Freestyle – the cherry on the cake

his wife is very understanding

Renato Pfeiffer’s absolute favorite is his 15-kg competition glider, SoloFox. It was

and likes to watch the competi-

with SoloFox that he won the European Championship (sports class)

tions. So far, Renato Pfeiffer has

last September.

built around 100 aircraft. He

The aerobatics competitions are divided into three parts. Contestants start with

uses ten for his practice

a set routine. This is followed by a series of fi gures that the model pilots do not

sessions. They in-

find out about until just before the start. The final part of the competition is a freestyle routine that each contestant puts together for himself. Model flying involves a huge number of different acrobatic elements, and the fl yers are expected to know all of them. ‘I have to be able to do all of the figures. And if I can’t, I practice until I can do them in my sleep,’ says Renato Pfeiffer. ‘In competitions, the freestyle part needs to be as varied as possible.’ He practices loops, rolls and

Proud winner: Renato Pfeiffer at the award ceremony for the European championships

flick/snap rolls. Figures in which the wings do not support the glider (e.g. spins, stall turns and snap rolls) are particularly challenging. Sometimes a demonstration includes some very slow fl ying. Pfeiffer has to focus all his attention for this. ‘If the figures have to be performed low over the ground, there is a high risk of crashing,’ he says. But it is not for nothing that Renato Pfeiffer is European champion. The last time one of his models crashed was four years ago: ‘It hurts, of course, when months of work are wiped out in an instant. But we learn from our mistakes,’ he says. His next challenge will come in the spring, when he will be competing against people in the highest category – the international sports class.

FURTHER INFORMATION + + + r e n a t o. p f e i f f e r @ s t u d e r. c o m +++ w w +++

MOTION 01/10

L_36-39_Hobby_E.indd 37


29.03.2010 14:27:20 Uhr


Safe journey: Wheel sets of rolling stock are important safety-relevant components of the suspension and must therefore be manufactured with precision


Helping trains run properly and safely Whether wheel set axles or railway axles – machining particularly large and heavy parts is also a specialty of SCHAUDT MIKROSA.


enterless grinding is instantly associated with extreme-

chining operation.’ Complete machining of one axle only

ly productive, high-precision machining of small and

takes fi ve minutes including turning.

medium sized workpieces. The cylindrical grinding experts at MIKROSA have now demonstrated that the centerless grinding process is also suitable for unusually large workpieces. Railway axles for the Russian rail car building indus-

Almost 500 kg: Machining a railway axle on the KRONOS L 660 takes just fi ve minutes

try will be machined on the KRONOS L 660 centerless grinding machine by MIKROSA in the future. The broad-gauge axles are 2,200 mm long and weigh almost 500 kg. The bearings have a diameter of 150 mm. The KRONOS L660 is part of a German-engineered automated production line and grinds the workpieces with tolerances of ±10 μm. MIKROSA Project Manager Steffen Gammisch: ‘The customer uses the machine to grind bearing seats and the adjacent end faces on both sides of the axle in two separate operations. In between these two processing steps, the railway axle is turned round outside the machine. An in-process measuring device controls the entire grinding process during the ma-


MOTION 01/10

L_36-39_Hobby_E.indd Abs1:38

29.03.2010 14:27:26 Uhr

` Optimized production process The engineers in Stuttgart are providing another example of cylindrical grinding competence: the machining of wheel set

SCHAUDT FlexGrind M 3000 UNN: Many process steps on one machine

axles on the SCHAUDT FlexGrind M 3000 UNN. At Bochumer Verein Verkehrstechnik GmbH (BVV), the partly molybdenumcoated steel shafts are completely machined in a single clamping. Two different grinding spindles – one for machining steel, the other for machining molybdenum – make it possible. The in-process measuring system with Diatronic 22 ensures optimum grinding wheel infeed during the entire grinding process and thus utmost precision. An elaborate coolant supply system that automatically adjusts the coolant temperature to the ambient temperature eliminates dimensional variations due to temperature fluctuations.

` Direct quality control ‘With the new machine and its measurement technology, we are now able to perform quality checks directly on the ground wheel set axles,’ says Detlef Lehmann, Machine Operator at BVV. In this way too, the SCHAUDT FlexGrind M makes a signifi cant contribution to increasing the effi -


ciency of the production


process at BVV.

+++ w w +++

MOTION 02/09

L_36-39_Hobby_E.indd Abs1:39


29.03.2010 14:27:29 Uhr


S T U D E R M O T I O N M E E T I N G 2 010

All pulling in the same direction

Fan tast ic scener y: STU DER machine s from Thun go all over the wor ld

Three Swiss peaks: The Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau (from left to right)

At the 2010 MOTION MEETING, STUDER sales partners and staff received intensive training – to give even better quality advice for customer support and service.


ello and welcome. How are things?’ Frank Ilg is pleased that his col-

league has managed to arrive on time in snowy Thun. It has become a tradition

friendly sales reps from the whole of North America arrive and greet him warmly.

for the managers and staff of Ilg + Sulz-

‘How’re you doing? What was the journey like?’ they ask good-humoredly. They

berger, the company representing

know each other. Davis has already been here six times before. Many of the other

STUDER in Stuttgart, to get together the

sales representatives and STUDER managers have become friends over time. But

evening before the MOTION MEETING

other reasons bring them to Switzerland year after year: ‘It’s very motivating to

and usher in the annual gathering of the

experience at close quarters the strength and commitment of the company that I

Grinding Family. At the same time, Jay

represent 14,000 kilometers away in California. Every MOTION MEETING gives me

Davis from Long Beach, California, is sit-

technical insights that I can pass on to my customers.’ For the 57-year-old, traveling

ting in the lobby of his hotel in Interlaken,

to Switzerland is like returning to familiar surroundings. Previously, he spent a year

19 kilometers away. In ones and twos,

working in the east of this alpine country.


MOTION 01/10

L_40-44_Motion_Meeting_E.indd 40

01.04.2010 15:04:50 Uhr

Training: The representatives learn all about STUDER innovations

Technical discussion: An exchange of experiences on customer requirements

` Getting fit for the future Around a total of 150 sales partners came to the wintry Bernese Oberland to get fit for the future. ‘Regular exchanges with colleagues are important. Otherwise you stand still,’ says Ilg. Now 48 years old, it is the 13th time that he has taken part in the event and he can look back over some 20 years of experience in the machine tools sector. Jay Davis adds: ‘The MOTION MEETING is particularly important for us because it ensures that all STUDER agencies have access to the same level of knowledge. In this way we can guarantee a high level of consultancy for our international customers.’ By this, the President of the DMARK Corporation means to say that in addition to the purely technical aspects, colleagues exchange notes on their experiences in their countries. ‘It can be very good that customers in the

in: STUDER A pleasur e to mee t aga d W. Managing Director Fre is Gaegau f (lef t) and Jay Dav

US have similar concerns to those in Japan, Russia or Italy,’ says Ilg. ‘We are all in daily contact with users. We would be negligent if we did not speak to each other on a regular basis. This is how we

They know each other: Frank Ilg (right) with his colleague Christoph Straller

enhance our ability to sense our customers’ wishes.’

` Time well spent There was also a lot of discussion about current developments in the sector and how STUDER is preparing for the future. ‘The crisis cannot deflect us from our objectives,’ noted STUDER Chairman Stephan Nell. He therefore affirms that STUDER is looking confidently forward,

MOTION 01/10

L_40-44_Motion_Meeting_E.indd 41


01.04.2010 15:04:57 Uhr


even in stormy times. Not for nothing was the strength of the St. Bernard the recurrent theme of the event. These were some of the main points that are central

Impressive: Machine expert Frank Ilg is highly impressed with the new STUDER warehousing and logistics center

to STUDER’s strategy for the future: Production : Economic production with

short cycle times – by expanding manufacturing and assembly capacities, STUDER can react even more flexibly to customer requests. There are also firm plans to extend the production range Logistics : Part of the optimized process

chain at STUDER is the new warehousing and logistics center. It increases the availability of materials and leads to faster response times and shorter delivery times. Innovations: The budget for R&D remains stable. This is the only way that innovations like the S33 can be brought to market.

` A night of surprises ‘Once again, the ideas and targeted ac-

In addition to the workshops and the training, participants attended the tradi-

tivities of STUDER are impressive,’ says

tional country evenings when the individual language groups get together for an

Ilg. Jay Davis was above all impressed

enjoyable evening meal. The high point was the ‘Surprise night’, which lived up to

by the assembly hall, only completed the

its name. ‘Right up to the last minute, nobody knew what STUDER had in mind. At

year before, and the new S33. ‘This ma-

any rate,’ said Frank Ilg, ‘the “Surprise night” is a bonding event that strengthens

chine is a true all-rounder. Customers in

team spirit.’ The individual country teams finished by bringing an end to the Ice

the US will willingly go for such a versa-

Age as they competed to release STUDER machines from blocks of ice. Once again

tile piece of equipment.’

the ‘Surprise night’ was the crowning glory of this ‘family gathering’.

A recurring theme: The St. Ber nar d dog represent s strengt h in a crisis

Wielding the hammer : Fran k Ilg (cen ter) and colleagues free STUDER machines from the ice during the ‘Surprise nigh t’

Fascinated: Jay Davis is enthusiastic about the new assembly hall and STUDER machines


MOTION 01/10

L_40-44_Motion_Meeting_E.indd 42

01.04.2010 15:05:06 Uhr


Practical Production Tips Forthcoming issues of MOTION will use this page to introduce useful offers from the SCHLEIFRING Group for your day-to-day production – from the ‘upgrade’ newsletter to technical features like the new STUDER String Trick Chuck and useful service features like Care Kits.



Fully informed

Technically ingenious


he ‘upgrade’ newsletter regularly provides information on new products and innovative grinding ap-


he STUDER team from

plications of the JUNG brand. It can be downloaded or

United Grinding

ordered free of charge from


the BLOHM JUNG website

has developed a

under the heading ‘News’

new chuck for

(see also MOTION 2/2009).

workpieces that

The recently published

are supported by

fourth edition covers the

a center on one

topic of ‘Automated multi-

side and a steady

axes machining’ on the

rest on the other. It pulls the workpiece against the cen-

JUNG C740D with a 2-axis

ter without radial force and ensures optimum support and

dividing device. All previ-

safe rotation. The revolutionary system is the first of its

ous editions are also avail-

kind to make automated machining of such parts possible

able online.

O i i chuck h k Optimum support: Th The new automatic

and is available directly from STUDER. Edit ion 4: The ‘upgrade’ new slet ter from the JUN G brand


New – Care Kits™


nnecessary shutdowns are costly. Sometimes a contaminated filter is all it takes to cause loss in pressure

and consequently unscheduled downtime. To prevent this happening, SCHLEIFRING SERVICE has been offering so-called Care Kits™ since March. The Care Kit™ 5,000 and the Care Kit™ 15,000 include parts that are subject to normal wear and tear and which may fail after 5,000 or 15,000 operating hours. The Care Kit™ range has benefitted from a great deal of SCHLEIFRING expertise. The kits are professionally replaced

Well serviced: SCHLEIFRING SERVICE technicians make it possible

by the SERVICE technicians. Preventative maintenance of grinding machines increases planning and process reliability,

suddenly break down on the freeway.’ The ‘Care Kits™’ allow

as it minimizes the risk of unexpected shutdown. In addition,

customers to take preventa-tive measures to avoid unexpect-

it improves durability and maintains the value of the machine.

ed interruptions to production and the consequences thereof.

‘The principle is the same as for cars,’ says Sandro Bottazzo,

The machines continue to be efficient even after longer

Marketing Manager for SCHLEIFRING SERVICE. ‘You take it

operating times. For further information:

to a garage regularly for servicing; you don’t wait for it to

MOTION 01/10

L_40-44_Motion_Meeting_E.indd 43


01.04.2010 15:05:17 Uhr

Blohm Jung GmbH Kurt-A.-Körber-Chaussee 63–71 21033 Hamburg, Germany Tel: +49-40-7250-02, fax: +49-40-7250-3287, Jahnstraße 80–82 73037 Göppingen, Germany Tel: +49-716-1612-0, fax: +49-716-1612-170, Ewag AG Industriestrasse 4 4554 Etziken, Switzerland Tel: +41-32-61331-31, fax: +41-32-61331-15, Fritz Studer AG 3602 Thun, Switzerland Tel: +41-33-439-1111, fax: +41-33-439-1112,

Körber Schleifring Machinery Shanghai Co. Ltd. Beijing Branch Office Room 202, Bldg. 18, Tower B, Universal Business Park No. 10Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District Beijing 100015, China Tel: +86-10-8526-1040, fax: +86-10-6500-6579 Körber Schleifring UK Ltd. B13 Holly Farm Business Park, Honiley Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Great Britain CV8 1NP Tel: +44-1926-4850-47, fax: +44-1926-4850-49 Körber Schleifring Italia Srl Via G. Garibaldi, 118 22073 Fino Mornasco (CO), Italy Tel: +39-031-926-262, fax: +39-031-926-261

Körber Schleifring GmbH Nagelsweg 33–35 20097 Hamburg Germany Tel: +49-40-21107-03 Fax: +49-40-21107-13

L_40-44_Motion_Meeting_E.indd 44

Körber Schleifring Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. No. 1128, Taishun Rd, Anting Town Shanghai Jiading 201814, China Tel: +86-21-39587333, fax: +86-21-39587338 United Grinding Technologies, Inc. 510 Earl Boulevard Miamisburg, Ohio 45342, USA Tel: +1-937-859-1975, fax: +1-937-859-1115 5160 Lad Land Drive Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407, USA Tel: +1-540-898-3700, fax: +1-540-898-2811

Mägerle AG Maschinenfabrik Allmendstrasse 50, 8320 Fehraltorf, Switzerland Tel: +41-43-3556-600, fax: +41-43-3556-500, Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH Hedelfinger Straße 137 70329 Stuttgart, Germany Tel: +49-711-4014-0, fax: +49-711-4014-290, Saarländer Straße 20 04179 Leipzig, Germany Tel: +49-341-4971-0, fax: +49-341-4971-500, Walter Maschinenbau GmbH Jopestraße 5 72072 Tübingen, Germany Tel: +49-7071-9393-0, fax: +49-7071-9393-695,

Schleifring Service AG Thunstrasse 15 3612 Thun, Switzerland Tel: +41-33-439-1212, fax: +41-33-439-1514 Körber Schleifring Asia-Pacific PTE. Ltd. 25 International Business Park #01-53/56 German Centre Singapore 609916 Tel: +65-6562-8101, fax: +65-6562-8102 Körber Schleifring France 2 bis, Avenue du Président François Mitterrand 91385 Chilly-Mazarin, Cedex, France Tel: +33-1-697921-21, fax: +33-1-697921-10 Körber Schleifring GmbH – India Branch Office No. 99, Spencer Road First Floor, Frazer Town Bangalore 560 005, India Tel: +91-80-412504-25, fax: +91-80-55658-99 Schleifring Brasil Ltda. Av. XV de Agosto, 5.060 Sorocaba, Brazil, CEP: 18085-290 Tel: +55-15-322457-26, fax: +55-15-322813-66 Schleifring Service GmbH Hedelfinger Straße 137 70329 Stuttgart, Germany Tel: +49-711-4014-100, fax: +49-711-4014-207

01.04.2010 15:05:21 Uhr


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