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May Seminars in New Orleans, Chicago To Feature Plant Tours  ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 8, 2011—“ Wash Aisle Safety: Semi-Automated Solutions” and “Developing and Facilitating Effective Sales Contests” are the subjects of TRSA half-day seminars that will be held May 10 in New Orleans and May 25 in Chicago respectively. These events will take place in TRSA member laundries: the first hosted by a Cintas Corp. plant and the second by The Roscoe Company at its headquarters operation in Chicago. Both are older facilities that were recently renovated. The seminar at Cintas is set for 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 10. Participants will learn how to costeffectively enhance wash alley safety for semi-automated industrial laundry facilities from managers, engineers and safety staff responsible for ensuring occupational safety and health at the plant level. Topics to be covered include: • Policies and procedures • Employee engagement and ownership of the safety process • Training • Equipment manufacturer partnerships Cintas recently earned "Star" certification in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program, the first industrial launderer in the United States to receive this recognition, OSHA’s highest for worksite-based safety and health. The Wednesday, May 25 seminar at Roscoe, conducted with the Midwest Textile Services Association, will take place from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. This independent commercial laundry operator will help seminar participants learn to positively impact business development and profitability through sales contests. Attendees will also take a handson tour of Roscoe’s recently upgraded facility and speak with the company’s staff regarding production and performance improvements that provide direct return on investment. Roscoe recently enhanced its competitiveness by completing both an image makeover and a $4-million plant consolidation and overhaul. The company committed to its downtown location by filling a 100-year-old building with cutting-edge technology. A new logo and color scheme was adopted that greatly increased the visibility of the company’s fleet. Other short-format meetings are planned for Boston (August 9), New York (September 7) and Atlanta (November 9). TRSA members are welcome to invite colleagues from non-member companies to attend. Meeting formats will feature expert speakers while enabling operators to network with local colleagues to discuss issues important to the industry in their regions. Topics will soon be determined for the Boston and New York presentations; the Atlanta meeting will feature a tour of the Cintas plant there that contains a fully automated wash aisle. For more details, contact Salita Jones, 703-519-0029, ext. 108, or visit more

May Seminars in New Orleans, Chicago To Feature Plant Tours  Textile Rental Services Association of America / March 8, 2011 Page 2

About the Textile Rental Services Association of America  Based in Alexandria, Va., TRSA represents a $16-billion industry employing nearly 200,000 people at more than 1,500 facilities nationwide. These independent and national companies provide laundered, reusable textiles and other products and services that help businesses project a clean and attractive public image. The industry reaches every major business and industrial region and municipality in the country. Most Americans benefit at least once a week from the cleanliness and safety provided by the industry—through its laundering and delivery of reusable linens, uniforms, towels, floor mats and other products for the healthcare, hospitality and industrial/manufacturing sectors. TRSA member companies’ services minimize environmental impacts on air, water and solid waste disposal while reducing costs for millions of customers. #################  

May Seminars in New Orleans, Chicago To Feature Plant Tours  
May Seminars in New Orleans, Chicago To Feature Plant Tours  

These events will take place in TRSA member laundries: the first hosted by a Cintas Corp. plant and the second by The Roscoe Company at its...